Duplex Ch. 03


After putting away my folded clothes, courtesy of Mary, my mature neighbor, I laid down on my bed to think about what had happened. I had to lay on my front, since my bottom was still an achy red from my first spanking, also courtesy of Mary. I found myself alternating between the humiliation of being spanked and the excitement I felt now, an excitement that had kept me erect since Mary sent me back home to my side of the duplex.

As each moment passed, the humiliation gave way to an ever increasing amount of excitement. Deep down I had to admit that being punished by her was the most sexually exciting thing that had ever happened to me. I kept thinking about Mary's mature body in that swimsuit, her voluptuous curves stretching the fabric. I thought about lying naked over her lap, her hand hitting my naked bottom.

The excitement became so strong, I slid off my bed and kneeled on the floor. Spreading my legs and closing my eyes, I took my small erection in my hand and began stroking. All I could think about was Mary spanking me. Every now and then, I'd sit back too far and my sore bottom would hit the heels of my feet, sending a shock of pain through me that would cause me to whelp. Strangely enough, this made me even more excited. I stroked faster and faster, feeling the pressure build deep inside me. It didn't take long until I was shooting cum all over the side of my bed. All I could think about was being over Mary's lap, getting spanked so hard I cried, but then wishing for only one thing: That she would do it again.

I wanted her to spank me again. I really did.

I had no idea why at the time. The spanking had hurt. It really hurt. It took a few hours for the redness to fade to a dull shade of pink. I stayed naked the entire night, fearing that clothes would make it hurt more. I also masturbated two more times, always thinking about Mary taking me over her lap, feeling her spank me, punish me, and wishing for it to happen again.

Eventually I fell asleep.

A soft tapping woke me up. I hadn't bothered getting dressed, so I was still naked. I found a towel and wrapped it around me, slipping one end into the top so I didn't have to hold it. Walking out of my bedroom, I found the source of the tapping to be Mary, smiling as she tapped her fingernails on my sliding glass door.

I smiled back and opened the door. Even with my floor being a few inches higher than the patio, her 5'10" height still dwarfed my 5'1" height. She was wearing a white robe over her red flannel pajamas, showing only her cleavage. At that moment, she was more sensual to me than any of those fake-breasted airbrushed nude models on my computer.

"Well, good morning, sleepyhead," she greeted me. Her hand reached out and stroked the hair on my head. "How did you sleep your first night in your new home?"

Without thinking, I answered, "On my front."

Then I realized I had just referenced yesterday's spanking. I felt a panic rush over me. What did I just do?

She laughed. "Speaking of which, why don't you turn around and let me check out the damage?"

Her reaction made me feel better. I turned around and felt her hands on my shoulders, pushing me to bend over. As I did, her hands moved down to the towel and pulled it off.

"Still a few pink splotches, but no bruises or red marks," she said behind me. Then her hand slid across my naked bottom, she squeezed the curve of my right cheek. "How does it feel under the skin though?"

My moaning and wincing told her all she needed to know.

"Good," she said in response, "the lesson you needed should take a few days to set in."

She turned me around and gave me the towel back. It seemed kind of odd since she's already seen my naked, but I took it and wrapped it back around my hips.

Taking my hand, she led me outside in the backyard. The sun was shining through the tall trees and there was the smell of roses and lilac in the air. Mary showed me her flower garden in the corner of the yard.

After a few moments of small talk about flowers, she turned to me and asked, "Jason, why were you naked in the hot tub yesterday?"

I told her that I couldn't find my swimsuit and thought she'd be gone for hours shopping with her friend. I also told her that deep down, I always wondered what it would be like to sit in a hot tub naked. It was the truth and something told me that Mary Hayes was someone you didn't lie to.

She gave me a quizzical look, tilting her head and raising her eyebrows. "So it wasn't because you wanted me to catch you naked, was it?"

"No, ma'am," I told her. "I was so scared you'd call the police or the property management." I paused for a moment, building up my courage to say what I needed to say. "I'm glad you didn't do that but instead punished me yourself. Thank you for spanking me."

Embarrassed by what I'd just said, I leaned in to hug her and she opened her arms to hug me back. Her body was soft, warm and she squeezed me to her.

"You're very welcome, Jason." She held onto me for a long time. "I had a feeling you were a nice boy, especially after you took your spanking so well. Other boys would have cursed and fought me, but you took it like you were supposed to, just crying little tears and whimpering in the cutest way."

She moved me back a few inches and leaned down to look me right in the eyes. "Because you're such a nice boy, I've decided that anytime you want to use the hot tub or when we're alone together, you can be naked, the way you want to be. No silly swimsuit or needing to be embarrassed." She smiled, her green eyes sparkling. "After all, I've seen everything you have anyway, right?"

I nodded. "Right," I agreed. Feeling a little mischievous, I slipped off my towel and put it around my shoulders. "It does feel better."

Walking with me back to her side of the duplex with her arm over my shoulders, she whispered in my ear, "Besides, it gives me easy access should I ever need to spank your naughty little bottom again!"

My penis sprang into an erection. When Mary saw this she started laughing. "Looks like someone wants another spanking!"

Her arm that had been on my shoulders slid down and I felt her hand on my bare bottom. It was big and strong, cupping my cheeks, squeezing just enough to remind me what had happened yesterday.

"However," she whispered in my ear, "for now let's just have breakfast, shall we?"

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