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DVD - Ultimate Guide To Anal Sex


For those of you only interested in whether this film is any good or not, and if you should see or buy it, the answer is yes, it is excellent. It does the seemingly impossible of being two things at once; an intelligent, informative and insightful instruction aid for all those wishing to learn the practicalities of anal sex, and an amazing orgasm-fest of a hardcore porn film for viewers seeking that special relief.

I cannot recommend it highly enough.

For the rest of you, here is what will follow. I will give you the details of the film first, then a brief overview, and finally an in-depth description of each scene of this amazing cross-over film.

+++++ Details +++++

Film Title : Tristan Taormino's Ultimate Guide To Anal Sex For Women

Released by : Evil Angel

Main Topic : Anal Sex / How to...

Num. Scenes : 7 on scene menu, but actually 10. (includes title, credits and the Chandler / Sydnee lesbian toying act stretched over two scenes)

Length : Main Feature, approx. 3 hours, 16 mins

Starring : Tristan Taormino, Ruby, Jazmine, Nina Hartley, Jewel Valmont, Inari Vachs, Chloe, Chandler, Sydnee Steele, John Stagliano, Nacho Vidal, Kyle Stone and Tony Tedeschi

Blurb On The Box : Author Tristan Taormino has dished out advice to Howard Stern, Dr Drew and the Playboy Advisor, but she finally meets her match when she approaches John "Buttman" Stagliano to produce the video of her bestselling book, "The Ultimate Guide To Anal Sex For Women".

Buttman challenges Tristan to pop Ruby's anal cherry to earn his support, and she does - right there in his office. When Tristan invites her favourite porn stars to an anal workshop, Buttman's camera captures an incredible mix of true confessions and intense escapades.

Before the class even begins, Nacho can't wait to get his huge dick inside real-life girlfriend Jazmine's delicious round ass.

After an enema skilfully delivered by Ernest Greene, Chloe seduces Kyle, who fucks her ass until she comes, then makes her come again.

Always the naughty schoolgirl, Chandler arrives late to class, but Sydnee reviews what she learned as the two girls go at it with enough sex toys to satisfy an army.

Tony takes on blonde beauties Inari and Jewel in a jam-packed three-way, complete with butt-licking, eight fingers in one asshole, and gapes galore.

After a day of assignments, Tristan's students surprise her with an "extra credit project". It doesn't take long for the teacher herself to surrender: she makes her porn debut - as the object of a ten person anal gangbang! When the pros get their hands on their teacher and each other, what follows is a wild orgy with no holds barred.

The DVD contains the following special features:

Full Linear Transfer

Motion Chapter Index

Star Biography (John Stagliano, Tristan Taormino)

No Regional Coding

Behind The Scenes Documentary


+++++ Brief Overview +++++

I don't really need to add anything short here to explain what happens throughout the film because the very concise blurb on the box gives you a quick idea of everything. It mentions a little of each scene, except for the one where Tristan, Jewel and Inari use Nina as a display tool, sucking her pussy and fingerfucking her asshole.

What it doesn't convey is that this film is a half-breed. Half educational instruction film in how to have anal sex safely and enjoy it; half fully fledged porn film with some truly wonderful hardcore sex taking place. Scenes so good, in fact, that this film has won two awards;

Best Anal Themed Tape - AVN

Best Group Sex Scene - AVN and XRCO (Which is pretty remarkable considering this is Tristan's first time on film!)

During the film, Tristan gives all the information about anal sex you could possibly want to know, and does it in a very easy to understand manner. This actually adds to the sexiness of some scenes where her casual demeanour of chatting to them while couples get down and dirty proves surprisingly arousing. (Take her questioning Jazmine about her anal history while boyfriend Nacho strips her and suckles her nipples and pussy in scene 2 for example, or talking to Chloe while the redhead is being rimmed.)

The information passed on is suitable for everyone; first timers can have the myths exploded, and long time fans can still learn lots from the details explained.

The "Behind the scenes" documentary is monochrome, and a little superfluous, but does have its moments. I had to laugh when they had caught real-life lovers Nacho and Jazmine sneaking a fuck while they waited to film!

Anal sex is one of my favourite acts and so I've seen more than my fair share of it in porn. This means that I can definitely say that this is one of the best films for an anal lover to have in their collection.

+++++ In-depth Description +++++

1) Tristan Taormino and Ruby (approx 13 mins 50 secs)

The film starts when Tristan arrives at the offices of Evil Angel to try to sell her idea of making a porn film out of her best selling book.

Bespectacled, she is not your usual beauty. She is petite with small, natural breasts and a lovely tight, round ass; rather Goth-like with pale skin; shoulder length, curling, dyed hair of the deepest black; black eye shadow; bright red lipstick; a wonderful, huge, curling tattoo of a tribal scorpion that covers her entire right thigh and another tattoo that encircles her upper right arm. Somehow she manages to hold both the air of a nymph and a bookworm. I adore her.

Even fully clothed she is sensational. To start with she is wearing strappy high heels; black, lace-topped stockings (which provide several very erotic moments when just glimpsed as her hem rides up to expose them); and a tight black minidress.

In John "Buttman" Stagliano's office, she pitches her desire. He is not keen on the idea of letting her direct a film for his company and decides to test if she is as good and knowledgeable as she claims. He says that if she can get one of his stars who has so far refused to take things in her ass to do so, he will let her make the film.

Tristan accepts the challenge and so John sends for Ruby, who arrives wearing a short blue summer dress. The best I can say about Ruby is that she is average to look at, a bit sultry but not my personal thing. You may find different. Some so-so acting later, she agrees to let Tristan try, right there on the sofa in John's office.

Now the film begins to display its true class.

Tristan gets her case of sex toys and says that the first thing to do is, "For people to get 'warmed up' in the usual way they warm up." So she offers to give Ruby a pussy licking first before anything goes in her butt. Ruby is very keen on this! Tristan looks very sexy kneeling on the carpet before the woman as she spreads her legs wide, exposing a shaven cunt with lips that gape wide after a few moments lapping from Tristan. It adds to the effect when you can see Tristan's lipstick smeared all over the pouting pussy.

Pulling her fair sized tits out of the top of her dress, Ruby begins to play with them as she sighs from the probing tongue. Using the tip of her finger, Tristan massages Ruby's clit while looking up and asking if she'd like her to add a vibrator. From her comprehensive array of toys, the sex expert pulls out a long, silver bullet vibe and some lube.

Once more massaging just the clit with her fingers, Tristan works the lube into it while Ruby smiles, obviously enjoying the treatment. Some direct clit tonguing follows and John takes the chance to poke the camera up Tristan's short skirt to get a view of her black panties and ass.

While Ruby applies the vibrator to her clit, Tristan dons a pink latex glove to "make everything smooth" and then starts to play with Ruby's asshole.

Ruby is now flat on the sofa, her butt on its edge, her legs spread as wide as she possibly can and angled back so that her feet touch the sofa's rear. This gives the camera a clear close up of her puckered asshole and John asks her to flex it for him.

When Tristan begins to gently smear lube all over the crinkled ring with her fingertips, Ruby asks her to "Keep in mind this is a virgin asshole." Under Tristan's tender touch the asshole blossoms and she says, "Look at that, it's winking at you."

After a shot of Ruby's blissed-out face as she vibes her clit while Tristan caresses her asshole, we cut to one of my favourite scenes in the movie. Ruby is now lying curled on her side, butt still on the sofa's edge, but with Tristan holding her cheeks apart for a very close up and detailed shot. As she does this, Tristan leans in and begins to slide her tongue tenderly all over the brown puckered flesh, making the asshole pulse with pleasure.

Once more we see her lipstick smearing, but this time it is all around the crinkled asshole. Stiffening her tongue, she prods it right into the forbidden hole, eliciting a moan of surprised delight from Ruby. We get to hear the constant buzzing drone of the vibe on her clit, and the wonderful wet squelches Tristan's mouth makes as she slides her tongue over, across, into and around the clenched gate.

At one point the camera is so close that nothing but spread asshole and tongue are visible. Tristan wriggles her pink prod into the hole and makes it flex even more.

The whole rimming scene only last for 55 seconds, but it is still one of the best I've seen! (Only the "Lady Asslickers" series does it better)

It now cuts to Ruby on her back again in the same position as previously, except now she has another toy. A large white vibrator with rotating beads in its hilt, kind of like in the famous 'Rampant Rabbit', only this thing has a cord attached to a slim, translucent anal probe with bulbous tip. It is obvious that the whole act is cut for length because Ruby now has a very excited cunt, juices and lube spilling over her lips now the vibe is buried as deep as she can.

When Tristan asks, "How's that?" Ruby breathlessly responds, "How do you turn it on high?" That earns a giggle from Tristan and a quick flick of a switch.

While Ruby roots the big white vibe around deep in her pussy and also holds the silver bullet to her clit, Tristan begins to tease her asshole by playing the vibrating probe around and around it. Again we get some shots so close that the asshole fills the screen as the bulb is centred on it and rotated.

Finally Ruby is aroused enough and comfortable enough to tell Tristan she can "Go in if she wants." Instructing Ruby to take a deep breath, Tristan eases the bulb end of the probe into the flexing puckered rose. As she does this, Ruby lets go of the big white vibe. It is buried so deep that it stays in place, but wobbles around under its own steam. Ruby is sighing and moaning, her eyes closed and face a picture of delight. In fact, she seems lost in the pleasure and hardly aware of the camera.

Feeding the tiny bulb-ended shaft into the twitching, wet asshole incredibly slowly, Tristan asks, "How's that?" again. Ruby can only groan that she is going to cum! To help her, Tristan grabs the big white vibe and holds it still, pressing down. Ruby makes some wonderful throaty moans, not at all like the usual fake howls that are standard, and we get a close up of her asshole opening and closing on the narrow shaft of the clear probe.

Tristan rams the big white vibe in and out of Ruby's sopping wet, gaping cunthole, while she plays the silver bullet on her clit, and the anal probe is buried to the hilt in her asshole. All several inches right up there! Moaning, Ruby cums.

When she regains her senses a little, she enthusiastically and quite genuinely gasps, "I like this toy!"

Fade to opening titles.

2) Jazmine and Nacho Vidal

We now get to the premise of the whole film.

Tristan looks almost the same, except she has exchanged the minidress for the tiniest black miniskirt and a dark blue, lacy, plunge-neckline top. She is in someone's living room, before a large stone fireplace. Beside her there is a stool and an easel with diagrams of the anatomy of the female ass on it. Before her is a large, low table upon which there are a lot of toys. All the stars of the film are seated on two sofas and Tristan begins her "anal workshop".

She gives quite a lot of facts about anal sex, ranging from, "No, you don't get incontinent through a lot of anal sex. The anus is just like any other muscle, the more you work it out, the stronger it gets," to "People often forget that there are lots and lots of nerve endings in the asshole and it is a very erogenous zone."

After some informal discussion with several of the stars, Inari showing off her knowledge of history by telling how the ancient Greeks were very keen on anal sex being part of that, Tristan asks if anybody wants to try some of the toys.

Jazmine leaps up and selects some, then she and real-life boyfriend Nacho Vidal go with Tristan out onto a sunny terrace to try them out.

Jazmine is a cutie (Spanish, I think. She says she and Nacho met in Barcelona), with black hair cut in a short, sharp bob. She is wearing black, open crotched pantyhose, black panties, a shimmering miniskirt and a black top.

While Tristan sits opposite them and asks Jazmine all about how and why she first had anal sex, Nacho lets his hands explore Jazmine, turning her this way and that to grant him access to her ass, or her breasts, or her pussy.

He pulls her nipples out either side of her top and suckles them while Jazmine tells Tristan that at first she would not let Nacho have anal, "Because he is so big." And he is too. Truly mighty not just in long length, but in thickness too. It's like a baby's arm! Jazmine says she was glad he was a porn star so that he could fuck other girl's asses and not hers. What a girlfriend!

While Tristan and Jazmine are casually chatting, Nacho turns her around so that Buttman can get a close up upskirt of her bubble ass and black panties. When asked how she now feels about anal with Nacho, she says that she has found out that, "It's not a question of size, it's a question of technique. You just have to know how to do it right."

As the two women continue talking, Nacho kneels before his girlfriend, tugs up her little skirt, pulls her panties to one side and begins to tongue her bare lipped, tiny tufted pussy.

It then cuts to Jazmine knelt doggy style and naked on a sunlounger except for her pantyhose. These are designed to look like stockings and suspenders so that her pussy and ass are bare and accessible. Her asshole is just a crinkled, tiny little slit the same golden colour as her skin. Nacho drips oil onto it and then, with no rubbing first, he pushes his finger down into her ass. She gasps quietly as he pumps it in and out, sinking it deeper each time. Buttman gets a perfect close up of this.

In the next cut, it is pulled back a little so that Jazmine's ass and cunt fill the screen. She is rapidly rubbing her fingers over her clit and they are flashing about under her body. Nacho has two stiffened fingers and is slowly pumping them into and out of her asshole. Her whimpers sound quite lustful.

When the camera pulls back again so that we can see all of her, still bent doggy style on the sunlounger, Nacho slips his fingers out of her ass and spreads the two cheeks so wide that her asshole gapes a little bit. He declares she is ready for the toys and we next see him working a red, clear buttplug into her asshole. It is narrow and tapered, and he slowly shoves it back and forth. Jazmine frigs her clit while he uses two fingers to press down on the buttplug, then eases the pressure on them so that her asshole pushes it back up. Finally he uses one finger to push it in until the thicker bottom of it pops into her sphincter and is held in place by the circular end.

Jazmine then delights Tristan by showing how much control over her asshole she has. While Nacho spreads her buttocks, Jazmine only uses her sphincter to make the Buttplug slide back and forth about an inch.

Changing the buttplug to a clear glass one, Nacho pushes it in fully and tries to show Buttman the inside of Jazmine's asshole. This doesn't work too well due to the bright sunlight glaring on the glass, but you do get a little glimpse of the pink chute.

The couple then begin to start getting themselves aroused for fucking. While still on her hands and knees, Jazmine kisses him while unbuckling his trousers, and he reaches back to finger her cunt beneath the glass buttplug. Jazmine slips out Nacho's hard, shaven cock and begins to suck quickly on it, working her mouth and hand up and down it. They seem to like a little roughness to their fucking and he spanks her ass as she groans around his thick staff. Sliding her mouth all over his meat, Jazmine laps at his hairless balls while he moans, "Oh, I love you Baby. I love you so much!"

The film then cuts to the moment of penetration. Nacho is lying on the sunlounger, Jazmine straddles him, her glass filled ass toward camera, and slowly lowers herself onto his long, fat cock. Her painful grunts as he works that massive thing slowly into her turn to moans of, "Si!" when he finally manages to get it up there. Quickly her pussy juices up enough for him to thrust faster, grabbing her buttocks and spreading them as he rolls her hips. The round, glinting glass base of the buttplug rubs up and down the underside of his cock with each plunge.

After a few minutes of this fucking, the scene cuts again. They are in the same position, but the buttplug has been removed. Also, Nacho is holding her in a very dominant way. He has her arms bent backward, not behind her back but straight out, and is grasping her elbows. Jazmine's gasps are a mixture of delight and pain and it is uncertain which she prefers.

Nacho holds her, fully supporting her upper body, and starts to jackhammer in and out of her pussy so fast his cock is a blur. He cries, "Oh God, Yeah," and folds her arms across the centre of her back, pinning her to his chest.

The scene cuts to Jazmine's ass, once more knelt on the sunlounger doggy style, and Nacho is stood beside her, feeding a toy into her oily asshole. It is a purple strand, with knots the size of golf balls every inch or so. Sort of like a dildo equivalent of 'A-beads'.

In close up we see him force each ball inside her, counting four until only two are left. She then holds the thing tight to her butt as he thrusts his huge cock into her sloppy pussy. Even Buttman is so impressed by the hardcore sight that he calls to Tristan, "You've gotta see this!"

Some wonderfully slurpy sounds escape her cunt as she whimpers while Nacho mutters in his heavy accent, "Oh, I love your pussy. I love your ass. I love everything about you."

Jazmine gasps and begins to pull the strand out of her puckered asshole. Each ball makes the sphincter distend far outward before it emerges and pops free while Nacho continues impaling her on his massive weapon.

Another cut and Nacho is once more on his back on the sunlounger. The camera is close up between his legs, his cock towering into the air. Jazmine sits across him, facing the camera and rubbing her gaping cunthole frantically. With gasps, she lowers herself onto his big cock, letting it push up into her asshole.

He reaches up around her to tug at her tits for a second and then shoves his fingers into her mouth for a sucking. Moments later, his cock flashing fast in and out of her tender backdoor, the two are gasping to each other in fast Spanish.

I can't speak Spanish, but whatever they are moaning it is loving and passionate.

The next cut finds them in the same position, except she is laid back on his chest, and twisted to the side slightly so that they can gaze into each other's eyes. He rubs her clit furiously while pounding her ass and all the time the two are talking sexily to each other before duelling tongues.

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