Early Morning


Monica's day had started 'well'. She had been noticed by three guys as she went to collect her mail. It was 7 a.m. and they had been taking a walk drunk from last night's party in the neighborhood which still hadn't ended for them. She didn't see them at first else she might have never had the courage to go out. For days now she had been fantasizing about this. She had never been an exhibitionist as such, but the thought of strangers looking at her body aroused her. Finally she had decided to do something mild to see how she felt about it. That's when the idea of walking to the mailbox in the buff came to her. She had it all planned. She would not check mail the previous day, and then go out early. That way hopefully nobody would see her but left that small window open for being caught. She just wanted to see if she was aroused by being naked outside. Being seen could come next.

She was wide awake and lying under her covers naked when she had decided now or never. She had gotten out of her bed and walked to the front door. The mailbox was at the end of the driveway. A good 10 yards or so. She walked outside feeling the cool air on her body. Not daring to look around, she focused on reaching the mailbox and coming back in. Now that she was outside, she felt more fear than excitement. Just as she reached the mailbox she heard noises. Turning to her right she saw 3 guys walking towards her. Her initial reaction was of utter fear and disbelief. She had not planned on this. She turned around quickly and was ready to run back in. But for some reason she didn't do it. She started walking back slowly-feeling their eyes boring into her behind. She felt embarrassed but it was making her wet. Half way down, she dropped a couple of envelopes. Without realizing, she bent down, keeping her knees straight to pick them up. Shit, she thought suddenly realizing that they could probably see her pussy now. As she looked from in between her legs, she saw them standing there, gawking at her nude body. Slowly she straightened up and walked again. As she approached the door, she decided to give them a treat. Raising her hands above her head she did a slow turn. They had seen all of her now.

Getting into the door, she closed it quickly and just stood there, taking in the audacity and the deliciousness of what she had just done. Her legs were jelly and her heart was pounding so hard, she thought it would fall out. She took her hand down to her pussy and felt her wetness. She had never been so wet without anyone even touching her. This was fun! She wanted more. Hoping the guys were still outside she peeked through the blinds but didn't see anyone. Drunk idiots, she thought. They were probably so drunk that they thought they were hallucinating. Oh well, their loss.

But this didn't solve her problem. She still felt the urge to do something crazy, something exciting. What now? A plan began to form in her mind. The corner store would have just opened. A mischievous smile adorned her lips. She walked back into her room and to her closet. Finding the white shirt she was looking for, she put it on. Just the right length. Only 3 or 4 inches below her ass. Long enough to cover her but short enough to reveal her assets when she wanted. She put on a pair of sandals and walked out of the house.

Walking towards the store she questioned her decision. Do I really want to do this? In her mind she knew this was crazy and probably dangerous too. But her body told her otherwise. She had not felt like this ever before. It was embarrassment, arousal, fear and sexual at the same time. She reached the store and stood outside just for a second contemplating. Here goes, she thought and pulled the door open to step in. There was nobody else in there except the guy working at the counter. He had probably just got in and was dusting the counter when he saw her walk in. His eyes almost popped out of his head, seeing this gorgeous woman walk in dressed like she was. And he had thought this was going to be a boring day as usual.

Monica walked towards the back of the store and stopped in front of the freezers. She opened one and stood there as if she couldn't decide what to get. All this while she could feel the cold air on her nipples and they were getting rock hard. She looked down and could see them poking out, ready to drill a hole in her shirt. She closed the door and turned around but didn't look at the guy as she let her gaze wander towards other shelves. He was still at the counter. She was sure he could see her nipples straining against her shirt.

She walked into the aisle right in front of her. Pretending to reach for the magazine on the highest shelf, she reached up. She knew it was pretty high and she would have to get on her toes. As she did, she could feel the shirt ride up her ass. She felt the material as it grazed the bottom of her cheeks first and then kept going up, letting her know how much was exposed. There, she had reached it and now half of her ass was on display. She was in no hurry. Taking her time, she got the magazine out of the shelf, giving the guy a nice look at her ass. Next she turned back, away from the guy and started walking into another of the aisles. All the while she could feel his eyes following her.

Entering the next aisle, she made sure she was not in clear view of the guy and undid the top couple of buttons on the shirt. It had only five to begin with. He would be able to see the curves of her tits as she walked and a lot more if she decided to bend. And now he would know this was all intentional. Moving into his view, she squatted down to pick up a paper from the lower shelf, bending forward at the same time.

Oh shit! The guy's jaws almost hit the floor. He could not only see her tits and nipples as she bent forward, but all of her pussy was in full view too. He was frozen at his spot and was in a daze. He could not take his eyes of her. Neither could he decide what to focus on- her beautiful tits or that smooth, clean pussy. Meanwhile, Monica was looking right at him. She knew he would not meet her eyes. How could he when he was in another dilemma, she giggled inside. She knew she was being a tease and liked it. Her pussy was so wet, her juices were starting to drip down her thighs and now, maybe onto the floor.

She got up and walked towards him with the magazine and paper in her hand, looking right into his eyes. He was flustered. Surely it wasn't all an accident, but he still felt shy to meet her gaze. "Is that going to be all?" he asked, trying to sound casual.

"Yes," said Monica, trying as sexy a voice as she could.

"Six dollars and eighty cents," he said.

Damn it, she thought. She didn't have any money. And to think that she had been trying to be all sexy and confident in front of him. This is going to be so embarrassing, she thought. "Umm... I forgot to get my purse" she said, her face turning red. She could no longer look at him. Hearing a stifled laugh she looked up to see him smiling at her. It wasn't mocking, but more like understanding. She smiled back and started walking towards the door. Why not, she thought and quickly undid the rest of the shirt buttons. Reaching the door, she turned around. "Hey..." she called, as her hands reached for her shirt.

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