tagExhibitionist & VoyeurFlashing at the Hospital

Flashing at the Hospital


I'm definitely not your typical exhibitionist. I don't enjoy openly flaunting myself or flashing just any passerby. I prefer what I call "discreet," or "accidental" exhibitionism.

I really enjoy giving an unsuspecting male an "accidental" peek down my blouse, especially when I'm braless. I'll pretend to be unaware as I give a show, as long as the guy behaves and goes along with it.

If a guy let's me know that he is looking at me or tries to come on to me, I end the show immediately and behave as if everything was unintentional.

I've always been a little insecure about my looks, but this type of attention gives me a feeling of validation while allowing me to be in control of the situation.

My father is Spanish and my mother is Filipino, but I think I bear a stronger resemblance to mom. I'm petite, standing 5'1" and weighing approx 120lbs. I have long, wavy, jet black hair, which comes down to just above my nipples when I'm not wearing it up in a ponytail. I'm 30 now, but most people think I look like I'm in my early to mid 20's.

Most pinay, or Filipino women, usually have slender builds with smaller breasts and narrow hips. However, my Spanish heritage has blessed me with slightly larger than average breasts and hips, as compared to other filipinas.

My measurements are 32b-24-34. I don't have large breasts, but they're firm and full, with large, dark brown nipples. I'm not so happy with my areola though, which are large, irregular ovals with little bumps and wrinkles around the nipples.

As a matter of fact, I used to wear 1 piece bathing suits as a teen because most of the tops of my 2 piece bikinis still revealed the upper portion of my areola. I was self conscious then about people actually seeing my nipples.

I work as a floor nurse and float between different units, but spend most of my time in med-surg, rehab, and skilled nursing/assisted living.

One of my early, "accidental" flashes, happened while I was working on the rehab unit. I was assigned to an older male pt in his late 60's. I had just placed the pt in a sitting position at the edge of his hospital bed so I could assist him with putting on his socks and shoes.

He was recovering from abdominal surgery, so he was unable to lean forward, much less bend down to put on his own socks and shoes. He'd been very patient and considerate during his stay, so I wanted to show him my appreciation and do whatever I could to help.

I squatted down in front of the patient and placed his left leg on my right thigh to put his sock on. I was leaning forward towards him when I glanced up to ask him how it fit. I caught him looking straight down the front of my scrubs!

I was wearing a v neck style top and it was quite loose fitting, so he had a clear view all the way down my top. I glanced down and noticed that the light brown edges of my areola were visible just outside the top edges of my bra. I was wearing an old, worn out demi bra and it wasn't as snug as it used to be.

It appears that my bra had shifted down slightly, exposing the upper part of my areola, just above my nipples, and now this patient was enjoying the view.

I looked up at the patient again and asked him how the sock fit. He finally pulled his gaze from my breasts long enough to look at my face and make eye contact. He said the sock was too tight and would like a larger size. He also thanked me for taking the time to assist him, all the while shifting his view to look down my top now and then when he thought I wasn't paying attention.

I noticed that he now had a small erection under his hospital gown. I felt sexy knowing I was having this effect on him, so I decided to see how far I could go. I removed his sock and got up to grab a larger pair.

I returned with another pair of socks and resumed my squatting position in front of him, right between his legs. I squatted a little closer to the bed this time and leaned forward again as I placed his right leg on my left thigh to try on the new sock.

My bra continued to shift slightly each time I moved my arms, and when I looked down again I saw that both nipples were now partially visible just above the lacey trim of my bra. I behaved as if nothing was wrong and continued. I looked again at the patient and saw that his erection was larger now, it was pointing up and to his left.

The patient made small talk and told me he wished all nurses were like me! I thanked him and told him we try to do our best. It took me about a minute to finish with his socks and shoes. He said he was still feeling dizzy and weak and asked for help transferring to his wheelchair.

I looked up at him as I finished and realized he was now looking at my crotch! I looked back down to find that my scrubs had been pulled up tight into my vagina and ass from the repeated squatting. He was staring at my now obvious camel toe! I stood back up to get his wheelchair, but made no attempt to fix my scrubs. I felt my panties pulled up between my ass as well, so I knew I had a camel toe in the front and a severe wedgie in the back!

It was an uncomfortable feeling, but it was worth it knowing I was turning my patient on. It was an intense thrill. I imagined my patient masturbating to thoughts of me after I left.

I placed the wheelchair at the side of the bed before starting the transfer. He was sitting at the side of the bed, but his feet were still dangling off the floor. I asked him to scoot forward towards the edge until his feet could touch the floor, but he was too weak to do it on his own.

I stood in front of the patient, between his legs, and leaned forward and placed my arms around his body, just under his arms. I told him to place his arms around my body as well to make it easier to slide him closer to the edge of the bed.

The patient was about 5'9" and weighed approx 190lbs, so he was very heavy. I told him I wasn't strong enough to move him and he needed to help a lot. I started to pull him towards the edge and I felt him slowly scoot his butt forward.

I suddenly felt his erection pressing into my body as he neared the edge of the bed! I also felt him shift his arms from hugging me to placing each of his hands on the sides of my upper body, just below my armpits.

He continued to slowly slide his hands until I could feel his palms pressing into the sides of my breasts. He left his hands there as we finally stopped at the edge. He placed his feet on the floor and started to stand as I felt his grip on my body tighten.

I was still hugging his body for support as he stood and again I felt his erection pressing into my stomach, just below my breasts. He looked down at me and said "thank you again for helping me." I turned to pivot so I could sit him down in his wheelchair when I felt his hands move again.

His hands slid from just under my armpits to just above my ribcage so that his palms were now cupping most of my breasts. I told him to sit down in his chair as I tried to lower him slowly. I could feel his thumbs on the outside of my scrubs, following the outline of my bra until He found my nipples! He moved his thumbs over them lightly a few times as we moved into the chair.

He was turning me on! I told the patient he could let me go once he finished sitting down. I released my grip and stood up. His hands had been resting on my bra and his thumbs had moved to rest on my nipples, so he actually managed to slide my bra down even more as I stood.

I immediately felt both boobs pop free underneath my shirt. I continued to behave as if everything was normal. I looked down at the patient and saw that he was fully erect. He asked me what else I had to do as he smiled at me. I told him I still needed to put the footrests on the wheelchair.

He told me they were in the bottom drawer of his cabinet and he motioned to the cabinet right next to us. I was facing him as I bent over at the waist to open the drawer. My top billowed open and my breasts dangled freely, my bra having been pulled down just enough to release them completely.

The act of pulling the drawer open, grabbing the footrests, and closing the drawer made my breasts jiggle back and forth. When I looked up at the patient, he didn't bother to make eye contact, but just kept staring at my swaying tits.

I squatted again and leaned towards him as I attached the footrests. I took a peek down my shirt and saw that he had another clear view of my breasts and nipples. I looked back up and from my angle, could now see his erection under his gown. His penis appeared to be approx 6 inches long.

I found myself quite horny after all this "accidental" foreplay! My bra was also starting to feel uncomfortable as the cups were now pulled below my breasts and bunched up underneath, pushing my breasts and puffy nipples upward.

I stood up after placing the footrests on his wheelchair and glanced at the mirror above the dresser. The outline of my nipples was easily visible under the thin fabric of my scrubs. I turned to face the patient and watched as his eyes went straight to my chest.

I looked at him and asked if there was anything else I could do. His eyes darted back and forth, from my chest to my crotch, as he replied that he would like to watch some tv. I turned his wheelchair to face the television, which was mounted high on the wall, just above the entrance to his bathroom. He said thank you again as I leaned forward to engage the brakes on his wheelchair, giving him one more peek down my top.

I leaned over his lap as I reached for the brakes, and I was so close I could feel his warm breath on my neck. His face was was less than 12 inches from mine, so he now had a clear peek at all the details of the light brown areola encircling each of my hard nipples . I also had a close look at his erection!

He was wearing only his hospital gown in the wheelchair, and it was a bit short. The bottom of the gown only covered to his mid-thigh and his erection was poking straight up out of his lap, just under his gown. His feet were now on footrests, so his knees came up a bit and apart.

I was having fun exposing myself like this! It was safe and I could end it at any time, but I did have other work to do. I wanted to go to the nursing station to adjust my bra and pants, but it was at the far end of the wing, so I decided to use the patient's bathroom.

I approached the bathroom and glanced into the vanity mirror that was mounted on the outside of the door as I opened it. I watched the patient's reflection as he stared at my ass. I could also see that he was stroking himself under his gown as I walked away!

The bathroom door opens inward and to the left, and the bathroom sink and mirror are to the right as one enters the bathroom. I closed the door behind me, but it failed to click shut. I turned to face the mirror over the sink and noticed the bathroom door slowly swing partially open behind me.

It stopped at about 45 degrees, with the outside vanity mirror now angled towards me. I could see the reflection of my backside from the bathroom mirror, as well as a partial view of the patient in his wheelchair just outside the bathroom door. His chair was facing the tv on the wall, but his head was turned to his left, his face visible in the mirror behind me.

We could see each other's reflection clearly, but I continued to move as if I wasn't aware of being watched. I removed my top, slowly pulling my scrubs over my head. I looked at my reflection in the mirror above the sink. My breasts were now fully exposed, my bra pulled just below them.

I noticed movement in the reflection of the mirror behind me. The patient had turned his wheelchair to face the mirror on the door, however, he could only see my exposed back. He did not have the angle to see into the bathroom mirror in front of me.

I was so turned on by his peeping that I wanted to give him something more. I moved away from the sink and turned to my left until the front of my body was completely visible in the mirror. I stood off to the side and faced the mirror at angle, still pretending to be unaware of my exposure.

I reached behind my back and unclasped my bra, removing it altogether. I glanced into the mirror to see the patient with his right hand under his gown. He appeared to be masturbating slowly, judging from the slow movements under his hospital gown. I turned my back to the mirror again and placed my bra on the sink.

I untied the drawstring of my pants and pulled my scrubs down to mid-thigh. My ass was visible in the mirror as I pulled my panties down to clear the wedgie and camel toe that occurred from the repeated squatting.

The dark stubble of my pubic hair and the light pink folds of my labia were clearly visible for a few moments before I pulled my panties back up along with my pants. I could see his reflection moving as he continued to stroke himself while he watched me.

I reached for my bra and took my time putting it back on, turning to both sides in front of the mirror so that he could see my body from different angles. I noticed him turn his wheelchair back to the tv as I finished getting dressed.

He appeared to be watching tv as I came out of his bathroom, and I caught a glimpse of his penis from under his gown as I approached his wheelchair. His gown was pulled up to his thighs and the lower part of his shaft and scrotum was visible between his open legs. I didn't want to have sex with him, but the sight of his penis made me wet!

He smiled at me as I walked up to his chair, making no attempt to hide his obvious erection. He looked at my face, trying to gauge my reaction. I tried to look surprised as I asked him if everything was ok. He took a few moments, then explained how he watched my reflection in the mirror as I undressed in his bathroom.

He thought I noticed at some point and was sure I'd be upset with him for peeping. I smiled and told him I had no idea he could see anything. I told him I knew the door was ajar, but I wasn't aware that he could see me in the mirror.

He surprised me when he said I had beautiful breasts! He figured he might as well tell me since he already admitted to peeping on me. He then apologized for his erection, joking that it was completely my fault. I was not prepared for his honesty, but I really appreciated him for it. This encouraged me to continue flashing my future patients.

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sexy fun

wow wish i could witness you , very erotic xx

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Superb Flashing Story

I know this is quite an old submission but have come to the start after reading one of your later stories, just love your writing, very honest, informative and so hot and horny.
Whilst not wanting to bemore...

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