Earning Forgiveness Ch. 05


Without a word, he climbed into the car and started the engine. Emma was privately relieved. If he was going to spend most of his time ignoring her, she thought she might be able to cope. She smelt the food and realised how hungry she was. She hadn't eaten since the morning, and already the sun was starting to set. Emma glanced nervously at the man, but she was no longer with James and William, and no-one had told her that their rules would still apply. She reached out to the food and started to eat it with her hands. She was comforted when he didn't tell her to stop.


At the auction house, James and William were counting their money, pleased with the day's work. Another man pushed the door open and entered with a smile. He appeared charming and attractive; the kind of man that might be able to tempt a girl to infidelity. They turned and greeted him warmly, and William handed him some money. "There's your share," he said genially. "Feel free to count it."

The man nodded and sat down to check his pile of cash. "We did well," he said, sounding pleased.

"Yes, and next time you can do more to earn it," James said. "You've been the catalyst twice in a row now. It's your turn to take part in the training."

"Fair enough," the man said comfortably. "I've got my eye on someone, anyway. She's quiet, unassuming, pretty; exactly the kind of girl that will be easy to break. You'll like her," he told William. "She's got a great arse."

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