tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersEdie's Journey Ch. 03

Edie's Journey Ch. 03


Part 3 -- Off to Grandma's House

The next morning Anne helped me make a fabulous Sunday breakfast and my parents were pleasantly surprised when they made their way down stairs. Anne and I were still in sleepwear, tees and sweatpants and very warm wool socks. I wore my favorite fleece sweat pants with the word Pink emblazoned across my butt. I think my dad was not quite used to my appearance yet but he said nothing.

After we ate and did the clean up, Anne and I went upstairs and showered, dressed and made ourselves presentable. I borrowed my mom's car and drove Anne home, a 20 minute trip. She insisted I come inside and say goodbye to her mom and dad. I had not yet been seen by my uncle as Edie but I knew he was a nice man so I said ok.

My aunt and uncle were both in their living room and Anne ushered me in as my aunt rose to greet me and give me a hug. My uncle also rose and stayed back a little and I could see that he was taking me in with his eyes. It had to be somewhat of an adjustment to see your nephew, now niece, standing before you dressed in tight black stretch jeans, pink cotton blouse, wearing wedge strap sandals, makeup on, earrings, nails with pink coral polish and styled shoulder length brunette hair.

My uncle smiled and said, "Hi Edie! How've you been?". He said it easily enough but my aunt must have coached him a bit. I told him I was fine and then he came over and shook my hand, getting a whiff of my perfume I'm sure. So I instinctually stood on my tip toes and gave him a kiss on the cheek. I think he was surprised but I was pleased that he did not flinch.

We sat and had small talk, primarily about my leaving the next morning for grandma's and how wonderful it was that I could help them. As we were talking I heard the back door open and close and saw my other cousin Christopher coming through the kitchen. I had not expected to see him and before I could even react he saw me and blurted out, "Eddie? I don't fucking believe it man!" I must have blushed crimson and my aunt and uncle both yelled at him to watch his language. My uncle got up and pushed Christopher into the kitchen and I could hear heated words and warnings. My aunt came to me and hugged my shoulders saying it was ok and that Christopher didn't mean anything by it. I said it was fine but Anne was really pissed.

I truly did not blame Christopher at all. I mean it is different to meet your male cousin dressed as I was and looking totally female. After a few minutes both my uncle and Christopher returned from the kitchen and without prompting Christopher said, "Eddie, er, I mean Edie, I'm sorry if I upset you".

I think Christopher was even more shocked when I replied in my new feminine sounding voice that it was ok and that I was not offended. He sat down quietly but I saw he was really scrutinizing me as we all continued with the visit. After another twenty minutes I rose to leave and we all exchanged goodbyes. I even hugged Christopher and he was totally speechless. I promised to keep in touch with Anne via email and phone and I pulled out of the driveway for the ride home.

I had driven about 15 minutes and was only a few miles from home when a car pulled up behind me and started to flash its headlights. I thought maybe it was an unmarked police car and I couldn't figure out what infraction I had committed so I pulled over to the side of the road. I kept watching in my rearview mirror and then I saw my cousin Christopher emerge from the other car and walk over to my front passenger door. I unlocked the door and he opened it leaning inside.

"Is everything alright Christopher?" I said alarmed.

"Yeah, yeah, um, I just wanted to talk!" he said getting in and closing the door.

"Listen, uh, Edie I just really wanted to apologize again. I wasn't ready for this, you know?" By "this" he was referring to my new appearance obviously but I let him continue.

" I mean you are one gorgeous looking babe now and of course I'm in shock but what else could you expect?" he continued as he shifted himself to face me in the front passenger seat. I sat staring straight ahead with my hands passively, or perhaps subconsciously folded in my lap as if protecting myself.

I felt it was important to respond and so I turned to him and said, "Chris its ok! I understand how different this must be for you. I hope you understand that I am doing what I feel to be important to my life -- my existence!" As I said this my voice rose in passion and small tears formed in my eyes.

"Oh sure I understand now, really! You shouldn't get upset with me -- I'd never hurt you Edie!"

By now I was sobbing quietly and Chris reached over and started to hug me. I let him pull me a little closer and I tried to calm myself as he held me, my head resting on his shoulder. I started to settle down and the tears stopped as Christopher said, " You smell so nice! You feel so nice too!"

With that said his hand slid down my back and started to caress my ass. I began to struggle but he was too strong for me and his other hand was now reaching inside my top fondling my breasts.

"Chris, stop, stop!" I yelled. But he continued and I began kicking my legs but could not move them adequately to try and pull out of his grasp in the small front seat. I opened my mouth to scream again but he forced my head up and began to kiss me, sticking his tongue into my open mouth.

I was struggling and losing ground. He was older than me by five years and as with almost everyone bigger and stronger than I was. I tried to think and I started to scratch at his neck with my long nails but he easily grabbed my free hand and held it tightly.

He stopped ravaging my mouth with his tongue and said in a voice that seemed that of an impassioned madman, "You know what I want bitch! So get to it!"

I knew exactly what he wanted and I think I knew that I was in danger. I said, "My father is going to kill you when he finds out!" which drew a mean laugh from him.

"Your father won't find out because the scandal will destroy your family!" he sneered. I yelled, "Then I'll call the police on you!" totally not thinking about what I was saying. He tightened his grip on my wrist and said, "Same thing but now it's an evening news scandal and I'll just say you came on to me Edie!".

I was totally deflated. I had no more anger or fight in me. He was nasty and I believed him when he said he would lie. Of course! Boy turned girl seduces cousin! That would be page one news! It would kill my mom and dad outright.

I sighed and said in a sad little voice, "Ok". He nodded downward to his pants zipper while still holding one of my wrists. I knew what I had to do so I opened his fly button and unzipped his pants. He lifted his ass high enough for me to pull down his trousers and underwear with my free hand. I saw his cock -- filthy looking thing I thought. Nowhere as nice looking as Mike's had been or even half the size. I decided to get this over with and put his cock into my mouth, Ugh! He hadn't washed today and it smelled and tasted like stale urine. I almost gagged but fought the impulse and began to suck his pathetic manhood.

He was instantly hard and I worked fast and he came almost immediately which did not surprise me. He did not secrete much cum and I refused myself to swallow any of it. He was heaving and moaning and I was just lifting my head up when a knock at the window startled both of us.

"Everything alright in there folks?" said the voice emanating from the police uniform.

"Edie you say nothing or else, got it?' whispered Christopher harshly. I knew we were in big trouble now as I lowered my window.

"This your vehicle Miss?"

"Um, no Officer, it's my mother's car."

"And is this your boyfriend?"

"Oh, yes, yes it is!"

"And whose car is that behind you Miss?"

"It's mine officer!" said Christopher speaking for the first time.

"Ok! Both of you step out of the vehicle and proceed to the rear, understand?"

We both said yes and Christopher hitched his pants up as he exited and I got out feeling sick and very scared. The police officer separated us and asked me what was happening here. I lied and said it was one of those things when the urge overpowered common sense and I acted very contrite. I was asked for my driver's license and vehicle papers, as Christopher was asked for his as well.

The officer looked at my license and apparently saw nothing suspicious. He took Christopher's license and vehicle papers, returning to his police cruiser and sitting inside. After many minutes he reemerged and came back to where we were standing. The officer handed me my license and then handed Christopher his license along with a traffic summons.

"Miss, you can leave now with a warning that this is a dangerous practice regardless of how amorous either of you become. You, sir will be issued a summons for illegally parking your vehicle on the shoulder of the road thus causing a safety hazard. You have 30 days to respond. Do you understand sir?"

"Yes officer, I do!" a clearly shaken Christopher said quietly.

"Ok, now please get into your vehicles and drive safely away! Have a nice day!" the officer said, winking while tipping his hat to me and returning to his cruiser.

As I was turning to get into my mom's car Christopher hissed, "You better not tell anyone bitch!" and I said " I won't you bastard but I'll never forget this -- ever!"

I got into the car, fastened my seat belt and drove away. I had a good cry as I was driving and noticed my right wrist was slightly bruised, A few streets from our house I pulled over and fixed my makeup and hair and put some makeup over the bruise until I could get to my room and cover it with a long sleeved top.

I managed to go unnoticed concerning the bruise but my mom knew something was wrong. I lied and said I was sad to be leaving in the morning and she said she understood. We hugged and I said I was too tired to eat dinner and wanted to sleep and I went to my room, cried some more, finished packing for the morning and then curled up in bed holding one of my stuffed animals, eventually drifting off.

I awoke in the morning, not refreshed but more clearheaded. I showered and dressed in sensible traveling clothes : a knee length tan skirt, white long sleeved stretch top that covered my wrist bruise but also let my small breast shape show nicely. Nude pantyhose and black leather 2 inch heeled loafers. Light makeup and hair tied back in a bun rounded out my look. Conservative but classy I thought.

We had breakfast mom, dad and I. Then it was time to leave for the airport, check-in procedures being long and tedious. It would be a short flight and I would have only carry-on luggage, the bulk of my belongings having been sent by freight delivery earlier the previous week. The check- in went smoothly and I had to say goodbye to my parents before I entered the restricted area.

My mom and I hugged and we cried some and she told me how much she loved me and how grateful she was that I was going to help her parents, my grandparents. I really wanted to do this and I truly loved my mom and dad. My dad hugged me too and didn't say anything other than he loved me. It was all I needed to hear and I gave him a tender kiss on his cheek which became wet from my tears.

The plane lifted off without delay and as we soared upward and onward I felt happy, sad, scared and excited. Next stop grandma's!

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