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Educating Mistress Ebony


I had been dating Judy off and on for about a year. We had decided it was a relationship based on two things, first limited friendship and sex. I had found I could never trust her enough as a lover to have a long-term relationship with her. As far as sex went, she was a lousy lay. She gave good head, but when it came to a fuck, she wanted to lay back and do nothing. I knew she was fantasying about being tied to the bed and she claimed she wanted me to do that to her. She knew that I had a collection of BDSM stuff and had a part time slave and both ideas turned her on. BUT she had been abused by her second husband to the point that he went to jail for a few years. The guy was really sick and I just didn’t trust her to be over it, so I wanted to keep our sex very vanilla. Since we had agreed to be friends and fuck on occasion, which basically was when she was horny and willing to ask me for it. (That was as close as I would go to humiliating, making her ask me for a fuck.)

As friends we often went to a local singles club Saturday night dance. We went as friends and would dance once together and the rest apart. No strings attached and if one of got lucky the other would get out of the way. We were not living together, just driving together.

One night we walked in to find a true Nubian Goddess. Tracey was about 5’7” tall, dark black silky skin with long legs and long fingernails. What caught my eye first was the skin tight leather pants, then I noticed the silky purple blouse that made it clear she had perfect 36 C breast and no bra, only then did I see a smile that made my heart stop and eyes that revealed a wonderful soul.

As soon as Judy and I finished our traditional first dance, I had planned to try and meet Tracey, but I did not have the chance. To my pleasure she was waiting on me. As I left the dance floor, she took my hand and led me back to the dance floor. No words were spoken. It was a slow dance, “The Rose” by Bette Midler, my favorite. As we danced she kept her body applied to mine. She raised her lips to my ear with a playful bite, and then said, “I have wanted to meet you for some time. My name is Tracey and I want you to do some things for me.”

I didn’t get a chance to say a word. “I know you have trained slaves for some time. I want to be trained but not as a slave, as a Mistress. I will make it worth you time.”

As the song ended I told her I would think about. She kept my hand in hers and led me outside. I should point out the single dance does not allow any kissing or such in the building. As we stepped to a secluded area she raised her lips to mine. Before I could do more than just touch her lips her tongue was half way down my throat. Most guys never allow the woman to French back, but I love it. My hands stayed on her ass, enjoy the feeling of the leather over the firm buttocks. She worked her way down from my lips until she pulled just far enough back to unzip my pants. Then holding my hands back and using just her tongue and mouth she worked my eight and half inches out from the underwear and pants. She paused only long enough to tell me how glad she was that it was. She did express some concern that she might have trouble taking it up the ass, but hoped to try soon.

To say she proceeded to give me a blowjob is not even an understatement. She worshipped my cock; she made love to it with her mouth. Her tongue twisted and circled my full shaft. She had her mouth next to my pubic hair and yet it felt as if her tongue was jerking me off inside her mouth. She could really have done the proverbial “suck a golf ball through a water hose” – I did not even shoot a load – she drained every drop of cum my balls held, I can not even remember ejaculating, just filling her with my cum.

Eventually she freed my hands from her grasp and zipped my pants back up. She plastered herself against me for another long kiss. As we separated she told me that a friend of hers was my part time slave. Tracey wanted to learn to have that power over men and women. Before going back into the dance we traded business cards and home numbers. I was pleased to learn she was a top lawyer in Little Rock.

As we walked back into the dance, her arm was around my waist and my hand was on her ass. We danced two more dances, then took a break. I would say we did that to keep from looking so obvious, but it was too late for that. She had another guy take her onto the floor for more dancing. As the only black woman there, and the hottest woman there, lots of guys wanted her. While I was taking a drink of my rum and coke, Judy walked up to me. Basically she was pissed that I would even talk to a black woman. She gave me the standard “no race mixing” quotes, exhibiting her hatred and vile views. I quickly reminded her that we were friends and not in any real relationship, so her views did not matter to me.

Before she could say anything else, I noticed the man who had been dancing with Tracey seemed to be doing the same to her. Tracey slapped his face hard and I left Judy to rescue Tracey, even though she did not need my help. We went back to the dance floor. I learned that the guy was a friend of Judy’s and she had talked him into explaining to Tracey that she should be with her “own kind”. I asked if that meant she should be at a place that was only women? That did get a laugh from her.

As we walked off the dance floor this time, Judy was waiting for us. She started to “explain” things to us. At this point I reminded Judy that we were in her car and I did not need a ride home, and to make it even better, Tracey and I were leaving.

Tracey gave me ride back to my house. On the way we talked about finding slaves and how to train them and I answered many of her questions. But I pointed out that it was not so much of knowing what to do, it was more or less just having an attitude. I pointed out she already had the attitude and I would gladly show her the ropes – so to speak.

When we got back to my place I told her she just had to follow my lead. While I would be telling her what to do, I did not want her to think of herself as my slave, just an obedient lover.

First thing on the evening’s agenda was to order a pizza. I had something more in mind though. I called a special place where Jared worked. Jared was a neighbor in college, about 19 or 20 years old with a firm and hard body. While I had never made a pass at him, I suspected he was bi and clearly had a submissive side to him. I asked if it was possible to have Jared make the delivery – and was tickled to learn he would be on his way home and we would be his last delivery.

I stripped and put on a loose robe and handed one to Tracey. I told her what I had in mind. She not only agreed but was so turned on I swear I could her pussy getting wet. We did not have long to wait until the doorbell was ringing. I took Tracey’s robe from her and told her to answer the door bringing Jared to me. Needless to say when the door opened to this gorgeous naked black woman, which was the last thing Jared had expected to see at my house. As they came into den, I ordered Tracey to suck my cock. She quickly knelt; placing her hands behind her back and repeating the same skills she had early shown me.

Jared was standing there with his mouth open and drooling. I told him to put the pizza on the coffee table. After that he just stood there. I told him to stand next to me. I put my arm around his shoulder and told him she was the best. He just nodded never taking his eyes from Tracey’s body. He was shaking like a schoolboy. “Maybe you would like her to give you a blow job too?” I asked.

He nodded. I told him to drop his pants and enjoy. Just as she started to tease his cock with her mouth I moved behind him, rubbing my hard cock against his cute bare ass and trapped his arms with mine. “If you agree to do EVERYTHING we say, she will give you a great blow job – but if you don’t want to play our game, then you can leave now.”

I must admit he was a fast learner. “Master, Mistress I will do anything you say.”

Well at this point what occurred with Jared would make a couple of great stories, but he did spend the next few hours being a great teaching tool. I taught Tracey how to tie him in many ways and helped her tease him. He watched me fuck her (my first time with her) then he ate my cum out of her. He was on his way to being a great slave for us. After about four hours of hard work, I helped her tie him spread eagle to the bed, where I video recorded him begging her to let him cum. She used only her mouth and tongue. That was late enough for us, so we sent him on his way, and she joined me in my bed.

I was really pleased she had been true to her word and worked really hard to learn everything I showed her. She asked me a few questions as we cuddled and drifted on to sleep. I woke about 9:30 the next morning to her fixing a great breakfast. Over breakfast we talked about what had happened and I agreed to show her more that day.

However, before we could do too much the telephone rang. It was Judy. She had stayed late at the dance and gone home alone. In short she wanted to make up and get laid. I told her to come on over and we could talk. I had Tracey move her car around back, so it could not be seen. Then we went upstairs and I gave her certain toys and told her to be ready to hide in the master bath when she heard me bring Judy back to the bedroom. I knew Judy well enough to know I would have her in bed within 15 minutes of walking in the door. When she was horny, she was predictable.

Sure enough a few minutes later Judy was at the door, but I was not the forgiving man she was expecting. I told I would help her get her relief this time, but it would be our last time and she had to do what I told her. She agreed. I am sure she thought once we fucked, she would have everything back the way she wanted; but she had no idea what was about to happen.

Once in the bedroom she saw the leather restraints I had used on Jared the night before. “Fasten my hands to the bed, please. I have always wanted you to use them on me.”

So I fastened her hands to the headboard then but a blindfold on her. I spent a few minutes sucking her nipples and ate her pussy until she was wet and begging me to fuck her. “Alright, but I have a new toy to use on you first.”

With that Tracey mounted her with a double-ended strap on dildo. It was all I could do not to laugh at the sight of her dark black skin with this white dildo sticking out. Soon she had Judy moaning and begging for more. That is when I took the blindfold off.

Well, the next few minutes were tense. Judy was cussing us out and moaning at the same time. She was so hot and horny she was willing to take this humiliation. As Tracey made her cum, she calmed down. In fact she was almost happy with the set up. Then Tracey took over. “Bitch,” she said slapping one of Judy’s tits, “Last night you tried to humiliate me and stop me from seeing Master Al. Now you are going to get paid back for you mouth.”

Judy was even whiter than normal with Tracey’s dark skin against her. “Fuck me doggie style Al, I am going to show this bitch how a real woman pleases her lover.”

I mounted her from behind. “You have the tightest sweetest pussy I have ever had. You make fucking so great, “ I started telling her.

Of course Judy was shocked, especially since removing the strap on dildo, Tracy had moved up on her body some. We were fucking right on top of her. Tracey started to suck one of Judy’s nipples. Judy was going wild. Tracey started to move her body up slowly. While I fucked her she moved up to where Judy could suck her titties. “Suck my nipples you slut.”

I was surprised that Judy started sucking them with out an argument. Between watching Judy’s dilemma and Tracey’s sweet pussy I came in gallons. As I pulled out, Tracey pulled herself up forcing her pussy onto Judy’s mouth. “Come on you worthless white whore, eat every drop. In fact make me cum again with your tongue.”

Soon Tracey was moaning and humping Judy’s face. I loved the sight and grabbed my digital camera and started taking photos. After a few more minutes Tracey crawled off Judy and walked over to me. She embraced me every bit as tightly as she had last night. We kissed for several minutes. It was a deep soul kiss that left both of us knowing we had a special relationship.

After we pulled apart she undid Judy’s hands. “Look bitch, you have treated my man wrong long enough. You have two minutes to get dressed and out of his house. If you ever bother him in any way, I have some black brothers that have horse size dicks and they love to rape white sluts like you. So one word or mistake out of you and they will take of you. Now get whore.” As she said the ‘now git whore’ she slapped Judy’s ass nearly knocking her to the ground.

Judy raced to grab her clothes. I think she was still pulling her pants up as she reached her car. We were laughing all the way. “She will call you again, especially when she sees us at the dance next week,” Tracey said.

“I thought this was a student and teacher relationship and that was it?” I asked.

“It is, but I just want to give her a chance to beg to eat my pussy again and I have to show the world that I took you from her,” was Tracey reply. “I just need to figure out how to humiliate her at the dance. I think she will make me a good slave.”

I could only laugh and wish her well. But I wondered how she would humiliate Judy
at the dance. As far as being a slave, I thought that would be more of a challenge than Tracey thought it would be.

“Now get dressed so we can go shopping then over to my house to get it equipped for my slaves. I don’t want to share your slaves – all the time.”

We kissed again then showered. As we dressed I hoped this was the start of a very special relationship that would last a long time. Oh, but then I had Jared now also to train. This had been a great weekend!

- - - - - - -

This story is partial true and partial fantasy - use your imagination to decide which part is which.

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