tagBDSMEducation of Chelsea: Distraction

Education of Chelsea: Distraction


Master had hardly had a moment to breathe much less any time to really pay attention to or dote on me ever since he had gotten back from vacation. Vacation … what kind of break is that if it causes your whole life to turn upside down once you return home? Now Master stays busy, don't get me wrong; he works way more than eight hours a day. In fact, there are most days that he isn't even finished with work until around eight in the evening and even then he has to make himself stop. But lately, he hadn't even been able to do that and it was beginning to take its toll. I missed him … desperately.

I'm not a whiner or complainer; I'm really not. What difference would it make any way? That's exactly the kind of girl that Master doesn't want involved in his life and that's exactly where I want to be … where I need to be; in his life. But even I, after a while, can't help but wonder if he even thinks about me during these longs hours and days that I don't even get a chance to curl up at his feet. It hurts so much that I can feel it welling up in my chest like a hurtful lump that I can't swallow past.

But one day I couldn't take it any more. I needed to just be with him, even if it was only for fifteen minutes. So I decided it was time that I took matters into my own hands. Master needed a distraction and I was determined that I was going to be it.

That night I took special pains while he was locked away in the office that we shared, so engrossed in his work that he barely had a spare minute to breathe. I took a long, leisurely bath with scented oils and spent the time necessary to make sure that my body was rid of any hair, working body lotion in afterwards and blow-drying my sun-kissed fiery curls into long, soft waves. I applied very little make-up, only to enhance my natural beauty and dabbed Master's favorite perfume behind my ears, in the hollow of my throat, behind the bend of my knees, at my wrists and just above the inward curve of my navel. Donning the pretty pink collar he had purchased for me, with the heart-shaped tag that had my name engraved on it in small cursive letters, and nothing else, I was ready to help Master relax and take a much needed break.

Quietly I crept up towards the open door of the office and peeked around the door frame. I could see that he was just as busy as ever with a frown on his face and it only steeled my determination to take his mind off his troubles, even if it was for only tonight. Slipping back away from the door, I spied his house shoes beside the couch and I quickly ran to pick them up. With a devilish glint in the depths of my sapphire gaze, I dropped to my knees and pushed the slippers together flat before inserting them into my mouth sideways, carefully holding them with my teeth before falling forward gently onto my hands so that my long mane parted and fell over the curve of my bared shoulders.

I could only hope that this would work.

Quietly, beautifully I crawled through the open door of the office, his house shoes clamped delicately between my moist, glossed lips, blue eyes resting on him as he worked. I could hear the barely audible jingle of my tag swing against the loop of my collar and knew he wouldn't be able to hear it either unless he stopped typing. At times like this I was grateful for the carpet beneath my knees but even if it had been dried rice scattered across a hardwood floor as a form of punishment, I would have gladly crossed it just to get to his feet once again.

Just when I thought I would get to his feet without him even noticing me, there was a lull in his typing as he sat back in his chair and just stared at his computer screen before stretching his arms and closing his eyes. He must have heard the bare sound of my collar because suddenly his chair rolled back some and he swiveled around to see me near enough to reach out and touch my hair. I felt my heart suddenly take flight as I saw the frown and the stress etched across his brow suddenly fade and give way to a huge grin as his teak-brown eyes swept appreciatively over my form just before I reached my destination before him. He didn't need to say anything; it was all written across his face as clearly as if he had posted it on one of those signs along the highway; He was glad to see me.

Stopping just before him, I sat back on my heels that were beneath the curve of my ass, silken tanned thighs blooming open before his gaze that darkened as I recognized the lust that was written within their depths. My back arched slightly, pushing my full creamy breasts forward towards him in silent offering, the sun-kissed orbs tipped with hardened nipples that cried out silently for the claim of his mouth. My hands fluttered down to the tops of my thighs, fingers splaying naturally over the flesh before gently raking my nails along the skin as if it were a promise of what was to come and what I so longed to do to his back as he fucked up deep inside of me.

His hand reached out to gently, lovingly touch my face; his fingers brushing over the soft blush that had kissed my cheeks. They traced the contours of my cheek before sliding into my soft, thick tresses. Despite my obedience and my will power to stay displayed before him like this, a soft purr rumbled from deep within my throat at the touch of his hand in my hair. That was one thing that always got to me. It was a direct line straight down between my thighs. Still holding his house shoes in between my lips, I whimpered softly and pressed my head more into his hand.

He didn't say anything but instead just toyed with my hair for a while before slowly slipping a hand beneath my jaw, his gaze locked with mine. "Release." That was the only command that was given. It was short, soft and directly to the point. I instantly obeyed and gently dipped my chin as my lips slowly left the leather of his shoes, allowing them to drop down into his hand which he promptly moved and tossed the shoes across the room with a grin. I knew that he wanted something else which meant that I had succeeded in doing what I had set out to do … distracting the man that I loved.

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