tagExhibitionist & VoyeurEJAX-472: Ch. 03

EJAX-472: Ch. 03


There must have been over 300 people packed into that room and I struggled to secure an unobstructed position for myself amidst the self-absorbed, rowdy group. I noticed with some consternation that most of these women had been drinking and didn't seem to care one bit as they bumped into me, other people, and various pieces of furniture in their attempt to get a clear view of the screen. As I slowly maneuvered my way across the room, I had to fight to maintain my balance at every step, even to the point of rudely grabbing onto various pieces of human anatomy along the way. Finally, just as I was about to lose my balance, a hand reached out to me and pulled me forward into a small vestibule out of harm's way. I literally fell into the woman's arms.

"Christiana, are you okay?"

I looked up into Michelle's smiling face. "Oh, it's you! Yes, I think so. What the hell is going on here?"

"Take a look for yourself."

Michelle pointed toward the screen behind me. I turned completely around and my jaw dropped. There in full color, and taking up the entire area of the screen, was Barney's enormous black cock. And on it were three sets of stroking hands, one of them mine.

"I can't believe this!" I said. "How the hell did this video get out?"

"I think you'd better ask your sister," Michelle replied. "If you can get to her."

I followed her gaze to the far side of the room. There was Bonnie, standing next to Rebecca, Maria, and Cheryl, oblivious to everything except what was unfolding on the screen before her. There was no way I could possibly work my way over to them. I felt betrayed. I had entrusted Rebecca with the care of the video and she had given a copy to Bonnie in defiance of my orders.

"Rebecca had no right to give that video to my sister. When I get my hands on them I'm going to wring both their necks!"

"Calm down, Christiana," Michelle said. "I'm sure she didn't mean anything by it. It's all in fun. Enjoy it."

"Calm down?" I replied, angrily. "This is my experiment! It was not meant to be a form of amusement for a bunch of drunken women!"

Michelle didn't even look at me. She just kept staring at the screen seemingly oblivious to my comments.

"Look, Christiana! There you are!"

For an instant I didn't recognize the leering, half-crazed woman on the screen, but there I was, alongside both Bonnie and Rebecca, our hands encircling the massive tool that was Barney's cock, itself on the verge of imminent orgasm.

"I'm not supposed to be in the video," I said, shaking my head. "They were supposed to edit me out."

Michelle couldn't take her eyes off the screen.

"I think it's great," she said smiling. "You can see everything close up. God, he's big."

The thick slab of black meat filled up the screen, only moments away from relinquishing its heavy load.

"Did you hear what I said Michelle?" I shouted, trying to be heard over the noise.

"What are you worrying about?" she replied. "You and I are the only two doctors here. The rest of these people are Bonnie's friends. It's a private showing. Relax!"

Slowly overcoming my initial resentment, I began to realize that Rebecca would never do anything to intentionally hurt me. Coupled with the fact that this was indeed a private screening and that no one in the room knew who I was besides my own sister and my friends, I felt my anger somewhat assuaged. There was no doubt about the prurient value of the video, and this is what drew Bonnie's interest to it. It was her birthday and she simply saw the video as a form of entertainment that she could not do without. The thing that really bothered me was the fact that she didn't feel comfortable enough to ask me for the video directly, preferring instead to circumvent my authority and work her persuasive charms on my softhearted friend.

"Oh fuck," the sweating image of Barney shouted. "I'm gonna cum!"

It was strange witnessing Barney's climax from the vantage point of the camerawoman on the opposite side of the stage from where I had stood. She had pulled the camera back at the moment of his first spurt and was able to capture the immense eruption of sperm as it shot out of his cock and into the audience. I was thrilled to see that the camera caught Barney's wife's reaction as the creamy rope of cum shot past her—hearing her exclaim for the second time, "sweet Jesus," as the pearly white blast whizzed by her at lightning speed, traveling some 20 feet or so before splashing into the women seated in the middle row of chairs. The women around me reacted with joy as they witnessed the voluminous display of white cream that followed, ejaculations unsurpassed for their volume and distance traveled.

Spurt after spurt followed one after the other: the camera at one point focusing upon my reaction of incredulity at the unceasing cascade of white. Rebecca's pretty, but determined face sprang into view as she assiduously milked Barney's huge tool. And then Bonnie's laughing face moved into the frame as she held up her hands to the camera, her long, delicate fingers dripping with Barney's thick white cum. Most men's orgasms normally lasted only several seconds, but Barney's ejaculations continued for well over one minute—an astonishing feat that earned the admiration of the women in the room and served as a testimony to the efficacy of my fertility drug. At one point the camera panned to Barney's face, his eyes shut tight, his forehead dripping with sweat. Then it was over. The last scene showed Bonnie and Rebecca laughing and playing with the long, gooey strands of cum as Maria, Lynette, and Cheryl helped the exhausted black man off the stage.

There was a tremendous round of applause at the culmination of the video and the women started to move off into other areas of the house, most seeming to gravitate toward the patio, commentating excitedly about the video they had just seen.

Michelle was elated. "I was there and it was amazing. But seeing it on video is even more spectacular. Don't tell me you're still mad?"

"No, I'm not mad. Just a little disappointed that my sister didn't come to me for my approval."

"Maybe she just wanted to surprise you. You know how Bonnie is."

I stood there with a dour expression on my face.

"Oh, come on Christiana. Smile! It's Bonnie's birthday. Let's say hello."

Michelle and I walked toward the other end of the room where the girls stood. Upon seeing me, Bonnie rushed over to me and threw her arms around me, giving me a big hug and a kiss. She was a little tipsy but not drunk.

"My little sister, the big, big, doctor who makes big, big money making big, big, erections! How come you're so late sis?"

"I overslept. I'm sorry."

I reached into my purse and withdrew a small gift box.

"Happy birthday Bonnie," I said, placing the small object into her hand.

"Thanks sis," she said cheerily. "That was very thoughtful of you."

"I see you got your hands on my video," I said flatly.

"Don't blame her," Rebecca interjected. "It was my fault Christiana. Blame me."

"I blame both of you," I replied. "This is an educational video, not a porn movie."

"Bonnie wanted to surprise you," Cheryl said, trying to be diplomatic.

Michelle looked at me knowingly. "I told you," she said.

"Well, seeing it is your birthday, and seeing no harm was done, I'll let it go. But in the future, if you want anything from me, ask me first, okay?"

"I promise, sis. Anything you say," Bonnie replied with mock contriteness.

Maria offered me a glass of champagne. "Drink up, boss. It's time to celebrate."

I took the glass in my hand and took a leisurely sip. I knew it was useless trying to get through to these women, all of whom had been drinking for several hours before I had arrived and who were now acting completely uninhibited. I would have to let it go for now and confront this issue at a later date when they were in a more rational state of mind. But I was determined not to let the lesson go unlearned.

I turned to Bonnie. "I guess my first question would be: where are all the men?"

She looked at me nonplussed. "Oh, them. They'll be here in a little while."

"And Philip?"

"Him too."

I could tell by her evasive attitude that she was hiding something from me.

"Okay, Bonnie, what's going on?"

She leaned toward me to whisper into my ear. "It's a surprise. I can't tell you anything more. You're gonna love it!"

Her mischievous grin alerted me that something was up. In Bonnie's case, that could mean anything. Without further explanation, she walked out toward the patio with my three friends in tow.

"You're sister is something else," Michelle noted wryly.

I nodded in silent agreement.

Michelle and I found seats at a table on the patio and spent the next half hour talking shop. It was a pleasant day, the late afternoon sun beginning to cast long shadows on the lawn around us. The champagne was beginning to take its effect on me and I was beginning to relax and enjoy the festivities.

"I don't mind telling you this Christiana," Michelle began, "but that tape really turned me on."

Her face took on a radiant glow as she recounted for me the scenes I had missed.

"I'm not surprised. That experiment had the same effect on a lot of women, including myself."

We both laughed.

"I'll bet you were shocked when you saw me, miss goody two-shoes, masturbate that little punk Luis!"

"I couldn't believe it. What made you do it?"

"I don't know. Call it temporary insanity or maybe I was just overcome with lust. All I knew was that I had to wrap my hands around that fat penis of his and make him cum."

Her eyes twinkled as she recalled the experience.

"You always seemed to me to be so demure and unassuming, so when you grabbed Luis' prick out of Cheryl's hands I nearly had a fit."

Michelle grinned. "Let me tell you, I took a lot of ribbing from some of our colleagues about that incident. Personally, I think they're jealous."


Michelle lingered over her drink, looking pensive. "What do you think Bonnie has planned?"

"Hard to say, but knowing her as I do, the video was just the tip of the iceberg."

As soon as most of the women had been seated, Bonnie gave instructions to one of her attendants to bring out the food. In short order, 30 men or so filed out of the back door of the house dressed in nothing more than a black bikini, a black vest, and a black bow tie. Each one was carrying a tray containing bowls of mixed salad and assorted bottles of salad dressing.

The first thing I noticed was that all of the men were rather young, muscular, and tanned. The crowd expressed their appreciation of the sight by whistling at the men and making overtly sexual gestures and comments. The men, in turn, smiled good-naturedly as they stepped gingerly on the hot cement, trying to maintain their balance as they made their way to the various tables. I found the sight highly amusing.

"Nice, Bonnie," Rebecca said, eyeing the attractive male specimens. "Very nice."

"I aim to satisfy all appetites," she replied lazily.

"He's cute," Cheryl remarked, as a tall, blonde, boy came toward our table.

Bonnie looked straight at me as if waiting for a response. "Well, sis? What do you think?"

"Cheryl's right. He is cute."

"No. I mean, what do you think about my party?"

"I've never seen anything like it, and I'm sure I'll never see anything like it again."

Michelle laughed. "Leave it to you Bonnie. You're a true sensualist."

As the waiter approached, Maria and Cheryl playfully nudged each other as we all got a closer look at his body. I noticed that he had a sizeable bulge in his shorts and this was not lost on my two lascivious-minded assistants. They giggled like schoolgirls as the young man went around the table placing separate bowls of salad in front of each of us, his ample package only inches from our faces. After placing all the bowls on the table, he then began putting the assorted bottles of dressing in a large circular turnstile that was fitted into the table itself. I knew he was aware of the appreciative looks he was getting from Cheryl and Bonnie noticed it too. Bonnie gave him a wink and he nodded. Instinctively, I knew this non-verbal form of communication was only a prelude to something that she had previously planned: something only my sister's perverted imagination was capable of.

"What kind of salad dressings do we have here, waiter?" Bonnie inquired.

"Well, ma'm, we have Italian, French, Russian, Blue Cheese, Thousand Islands, Ranch, and Vinaigrette."

The young man bit his lower lip nervously, as if in anticipation of a task he was reluctant to undertake.

"Is that all we have?"

"No, ma'm," he replied slowly, as if trying to force the words out. "We also have something we call the 'house' dressing."

"Why isn't this 'house' dressing on the menu?"

"It's a special order ma'm."

"A special order?"

"Yes, per instructions of the lady of the house."

Bonnie looked him straight in the eye.

"I am the lady of the house."

"Of course, ma'm," the boy replied feebly.

Bonnie seemed to find satisfaction in his discomfort.

"What does this 'house' dressing consist of?"

A puzzled look came over the waiter's face.

"I thought you knew, ma'm."

"I'm asking you!" she said sharply.

"Bonnie, why are you driving this poor guy crazy?" Michelle interrupted. "Let him get back to his work for heaven's sake."

"Not until he answers my question."

"Oh, come on," I said. "What the hell is so important about this special dressing anyway?"

Even as I said those words I had a gut feeling that I was somehow playing right into my sister's hands. When she started to fidget with her hair, I knew something was up. Little did the other women at our table realize at that time, but all of us were part of an elaborate game that my wicked sister had concocted at the time plans for her birthday had been made. I felt bad for the boy and I was almost ready to tip her hand. But seeing that I had already hurt her feelings once this day, I decided the best thing to do would be to play along with her little game.

"That's a good question, sis. Answer her," she ordered the boy.

"Well," he began timidly, "the 'house' dressing is made up of balsamic vinegar and cold-pressed virgin olive oil. It also contains a little black pepper, oregano, and Romano cheese."

"That's it?" Bonnie asked.

"No, ma'm," he said. "There's one more ingredient."

"And what would that be?"

For an instant it appeared that he was going to walk away from us. I could tell he was ill at ease from being preoccupied with something he did not wish to confront.

"Well?" Bonnie demanded. "What is the other ingredient?"

He drew a long breath and looked down at the ground. "Sperm, ma'm."

We all broke out into a simultaneous fit of laughter. Even Bonnie lost her pseudo-stern demeanor for a few moments.

"Did I hear you right?" Bonnie asked. "Did you say sperm?"

"Yes, ma'm," he replied, his face turning a deep crimson.

"I see," she said. "Tell me, how do you prepare it? Do you freeze-dry the stuff or do you jerk off into the bottles?"

I almost thought my sister was going to break out in hysterics, especially after the rest of us exploded with laughter at her funny comment. But she managed to restrain herself as she and the boy acted out their preconceived scenario. I think our laughter served to make the young man feel a bit more relaxed, seeing that he had pleased his mistress.

"Oh no, ma'm, nothing like that," he assured her.

"Well then, how is it done?"

"Well ma'm," he stammered, "the sperm has to be fresh you see, and..."

"I think I get the idea," Michelle said interrupting him.

By this time the women at the table next to us were completely absorbed in our conversation with the young man. Bonnie was aware of it too and spoke louder to make sure everyone could hear what she was saying.

"Fresh?" she inquired. "As in fresh from the tap?"

I almost choked on my drink.

"Yes, ma'm," the embarrassed boy replied.

"I would like you to show all of us how it's prepared."

"Right now?" he asked, abashed.

"Right now."

He looked at each one of us in turn, noting with increasing dismay our expressions of anticipation.

"As you wish, m'am," he said, surrendering to Bonnie's authority.

Cheryl couldn't seem to take her eyes off the boy. It was apparent to all of us that she was lusting after him, and she made no effort to disguise her feelings. Seeing this, Bonnie decided to include the raven-haired beauty in her impromptu performance.

"My friend Cheryl likes 'house' dressing, don't you Cheryl?"

Cheryl was caught off guard by Bonnie's remark. Unsure of how to answer the question, she simply giggled her response. "If you say so Bonnie."

"If I say so?" Bonnie asked surprised. "Don't you have a mind of your own?"

Giving in to her lust, the young girl looked at the waiter and said boldly, "I would like some 'house' dressing please."

"Oh, this is too much!" Maria said jokingly. "You are one nasty girl!"

Bonnie was delighted. She ordered the boy to walk over to Cheryl and stand between her and Maria.

"What are you going to force this poor young man to do Bonnie?" Michelle asked.

Bonnie simply smiled. I noticed that the women from the other table had given us their undivided attention, ignoring their own salads in the process.

"You may proceed," Bonnie said to the waiter.

"Ma'm I..." the boy said, his voice faltering.

I don't know if his response was a part of the act or not, but Bonnie simply gave him an intent stare, and without another word he began to take down his shorts.

"Is this really necessary?" Michelle asked, feeling embarrassed for the boy.

Bonnie shot her a look that said 'shut the fuck up please and don't ruin my birthday'. Michelle took a sip of her martini and said nothing more.

The boy proceeded to pour the vinaigrette dressing on top of Cheryl's salad. His penis, now exposed to all of us, was semi-erect and only inches from Cheryl's face. She and Maria giggled at the sight of it but I could tell she was turned on.

At Bonnie's command he began stroking his cock using a small amount of olive oil for lubrication. Cheryl pulled her chair back slightly to watch his masturbation, making sure not to block Maria's view. In a matter of seconds his cock grew to its full length of about nine inches. It was actually quite beautiful to behold.

"She likes her salad dressing thick and creamy!" shouted a 30-ish looking woman from the table opposite ours. The entire table, including ours, burst out in gales of laughter.

I don't know if all this female attention and good-natured ridicule was serving to act as a sexual inducement for the boy or not. It certainly did not seem to deter his assiduous stroking of his cock, which was now fully hard and distended. I could tell that Cheryl was enjoying the sight immensely. She and Maria made lewd comments about his masturbatory technique, encouraging him with statements like, "stroke that beautiful cock," and "we want you to shoot it for us baby." He, in turn, reacted with outright enthusiasm as their verbal assaults led him to ever more impressive displays of hand to penis coordination.

Both Michelle and I sat there similarly beguiled, observing his performance with detached interest. Rebecca, on the other hand, had put her right hand between her legs and was now fingering herself under the table. She, like the rest of us, kept her eyes on his massive cock from whose slit the first tiny bead of pre-cum was just beginning to form. It seemed to me that she was waiting to time her own release at the moment of his ejaculation. Bonnie noticed Rebecca's hand movements and smiled with satisfaction. My sister was in complete control and she loved every minute of it.

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