tagSci-Fi & FantasyEmberlene Ch. 01

Emberlene Ch. 01


Marcus did not consider himself to be a very popular or attractive person. He had spent the majority of his high school life spending time on the computer and playing games that involved a set of dice. Since graduating from high school and being accepted into college little had changed in his life or his self image. He was actually quite the attractive sort of guy, a little over six feet tall with a little more muscle than would be average for his frame. His hair was a light brown and his eyes were an interesting shade of green. Unfortunately none of these occurred to Marcus as being attractive, and the styles of dress he wore and the way he carried himself usually masked all his attractive qualities.

During high school Marcus had tried dating a few times. None of these experiences lasted more than a few dates though. Truth be told he didn't know what he was doing wrong nor how to go about it differently. Whenever he tried to build up his own self-esteem something would remind him of how he didn't really have what he wanted in life. This all only applies to his sex appeal and love life though. Marcus was very happy with other things going on in his life. He had been accepted into his first choice of colleges, he was pursuing a career in a job he loved, he enjoyed all his classes and professors and the job he currently held was always fun and interesting. The only part of his life that brought him sadness was his complete lack of a sex/love life.

For Marcus sex was always one of the major topics of thought. At least half of every class he was fantasizing about one of the girls that sat around him. For years he had used masturbation as a form of control on his sex drive, but for some reason recently he had to jerk off more and more frequently in order to keep focused on his studies. On the worst of days he had to go to the bathroom and masturbate between each of his classes. Maybe it was the fact that girls seemed to be much more attractive at college than when he was in high school. Or maybe it was just that his sex drive had shifted into a higher gear now that he felt more on his own and living in the world.

Today was no different for him than any other. It was Monday and he was returning to his classes for the week. It had been a very relaxing and enjoyable weekend for Marcus, he had spent the majority of the time finishing his classwork and playing on the computer with friends he knew on-line. Getting into class about ten minutes early he picked a spot near the back and off to the side. His first class of the day was a business class that he had taken because it was linked with a history class that he enjoyed a great deal. The subject matter in this class wasn't very interesting to him but he knew that a basic understanding of business would probably come in handy sometime in the future. Another good thing about this class was that at least half of it was female, including the professor.

It was then that Marcus realized his terrible mistake, because he had been so relaxed that weekend he had completely forgotten to masturbate since Friday. A sudden wave of hormonal arousal swept over him at the realization, his penis twitched and swelled slightly. As if on cue that was when Cindy walked into class and came right over to Marcus and sat down next to him at the two person table. Cindy was definitely one of the more potent females around Marcus in school. She was pleasingly short, around 5'6, with dirty blond hair and an athletic figure with pert B cup breasts that shifted deliciously whenever she moved around. She had brown eyes and was wearing a pleated light blue skirt that ended just above her knees with a simple long sleeved shirt of matching color and fabric. Marcus would routinely help Cindy out with classes and notes, she had been absent for Friday's class so he assumed she was going to ask to look at his notes.

"Hey Marcus, it is a wonderful day outside isn't it?" Asked Cindy.

"Hello Cindy, yeah it is really warm out. Hardly a cloud in the sky when I came in." Marcus responded.

"Yeah it is a lot warmer than I expected it to be this late into fall." And with that she stood up and removed the long sleeved shirt she had been wearing. She had on a small tan tanktop underneath that displayed her slightly muscular arms and shoulders. "I had expected it to be chilly today but I suppose I can't complain now can I?" She said with a smile and began tying the long sleeved shirt in place around her waist.

Marcus's eyes followed her movements with animal precision. Her skin was slightly tanned and looked as smooth as silk. A subtle fragrance of roses and strawberries flowed off of her with her movements. As she worked the over shirt into a knot over her crotch he noticed how it accented her hips and figure. The weekends worth of unspent hormones surged forward through him. He felt like he could feel it in his breath as he concentrated on his breathing, making sure it seemed natural and probably failing. The organ in his pants began growing with the slow rhythmical beat of his own heart. Cindy continued on as if she was completely unaware of Marcus's plight, as indeed she probably was.

Marcus knew he was in trouble, but damn it he would not let his baser instincts control him. He fought against the raging torrent of sexual desire building in him and decided to take the academic road, long proven to crush the sex-drive of men.

"You missed Friday's class, I take it you would like to see my notes?" Marcus interjected into Cindy's activity of securing her shirt to her hips, which she apparently just finished.

"Thanks but I got them from a friend over the weekend." She answered with a smile.

Marcus was confused, if she didn't need help with her notes than why had she sat next to him?

"Oh... So why did you sit over here?" He said.

Cindy looked almost shocked at the question, then a friendly and welcoming smile spread quickly across her face as she sat back down.

"Well because you're a friend and I like talking to you thats why." She answered.

"I am?... I mean... yeah I suppose but I hadn't really considered us friends I guess." He rambled.

Cindy leaned over and gave a slight shove against his shoulder with her own in the 'oh you're silly' kind of way friends do. "Well of course we're friends. So tell me, how did your weekend go?" She inquired.

Marcus had been thrown off balance and the sudden classification of Cindy as a friend somehow locked his mind from sexual thoughts for the moment. It was not like the hormonal pressure had subsided, it was definitely still there. For now though, he just wasn't affected by it.

"I had a great weekend, I finished up several assignments and got to spend a lot of time with some friends on-line." Marcus welcomed the subject matter and hoped that he could hold out for the whole class and quickly find release somewhere afterwards.

"Cool, my weekend was so tiring. I had to go to a competitive meet on Saturday and I'm still tired." And with that Cindy leaned over and rested her head on Marcus's shoulder.

Cindy was on the schools swim team and was here on a scholarship. She took her sport very seriously and spent the majority of her free time practicing or helping out the team. It was one of the main reasons she usually needed help with her studies and assignments. Right now that was the furthest thing from Marcus's mind though. With her head against his shoulder he had a perfect view right down her small tank top. And from here it appeared to him that she was not in fact wearing a bra.

Marcus was suddenly aware that his dick was stiff and pulsing. He wanted to cum with a primal need so strong he felt it across his whole body. He wanted to cum on Cindy. He wanted cum all over her face, her breasts, her thighs. He wanted to fuck her from behind right here on this table. He wanted to slam his hips against her ass and make her feel his manhood drive home into the heart of her sexuality. He wanted to take her against a wall, to feel their bodies writhe against each other slippery with their own sweat. He wanted satisfaction and he wanted it now.

He looked away from the sight of her supple cleavage and tore into his hormones with all the self-control he had. It was not like he was in danger of actually forcing himself on her, but he just could not think of anything but fucking her. She was a friend and she deserved resepct. It was rude to think of her like this. She is just being friendly and he needed to respond in kind otherwise he was a terrible person.

With enormous force of will he turned his thoughts away from ravaging the small young woman leaning against him. "I'm sure you'll be alright. You are as strong as anyone I know and train harder than anyone on your team." The response was automatic, something he didn't actually think about.

Cindy leaned back into her own chair. "Yeah I know. I'm a strong girl I can take it." And with another of those friendly and welcoming smiles she started taking out her supplies for class.

Marcus let out a silent moan at her words and set about busying his mind and body with preparing for class. It didn't take him that long since he had already started earlier, but he dragged things out longer than normal because he wanted to avoid conversation with Cindy, lest he be drawn into another hormonal attack. He felt worse and worse the longer he didn't speak with her, partly because he wanted to be a good friend and partly because he was ashamed about his sexual urges having so much control over him.

Shortly before he was finished Ms. Robertson the business professor entered and moved to the front of the class to begin her lecture. Ms. Robertson was the main reason Marcus had so regreted not releasing before coming to school. Out of all the females he encountered on a daily basis she was the one that had the most impact on him in the realm of sexual desire. Standing 5'10" with DD breasts, deep grey eyes and hair of scarlet fire she definitely made a lasting impression with everyone that took her class. She was always dressed in a very professional looking business suit complete with a skirt that showed off her impressive legs. She gave off the impression that she could be running a fortune 500 company and had chosen to teach instead because she valued the education of youth.

Marcus's crotch ached with needed release, but despite Ms. Robertson's natural inclinations to arouse she always had a very stern manner and forceful voice that kept you focused on the matter at hand. It helped get Marcus through the class, but he was certain his notes wouldn't be terribly useful later. As the end of class approached he was more than a bit fidgety to get out and go blow several loads of cum in the bathroom. No matter how much of a preference he would have had for blowing those loads onto a girl.

Ms. Robertson was writing an assignment due at the end of the week on the board and making her closing statements. Marcus quickly wrote down the assignment without even reading it and exited the class as fast as he possibly could. He muttered a brief statement to Cindy about needing to use the bathroom before making he escape out into the hall. Cindy was confused and slightly insistent about something before Marcus went through the door but he hardly noted this as he got into the hallway.

There were two bathrooms for this building and both of them were on the far end from where the Business/History class was. Marcus had a full on erection to deal with but luckily he was wearing very baggy dark black pants today and they mostly hid the evidence of his arousal. He made his way as quickly as possible down the hall and to the bathrooms but at the end he was given terrible news. Apparently the near bathroom was closed for repairs/cleaning and the other had a line that Marcus knew would not disperse before the next class. The Business/History linked class used the same classroom and he knew that the History Professor would already be coming in and setting up his lecture. There was no time to try for a bathroom in another building, get release and then return to class on time.

With infinite self-control and poise Marcus turned around and returned to the classroom as quickly as possible, reentering the room and taking his seat in a single motion. His erection still throbbed and pulsed with needed release, but at least now it was under the table and out of sight.

"That was fast." Cindy commented.

"There was too big a line, I'll have to wait until after class." Marcus responded.

"Are you sure you can wait that long? I'm sure Mr. Stevens wouldn't mind you taking a few minutes to go use the bathroom during class." Cindy inquired.

Marcus ached with her words, he wanted nothing more than to ejaculate all the cum he could muster onto her. However, he was very dedicated to his classes and enjoyed History more than most. Fortunately History was also the least sexually distracting class he had. Mr. Stevens was a short man at about 5'6", with peppered grey hair, brown eyes and a slightly overweight build. He was the spitting image of what you'd expect a History Professor to look like, and he was very good at teaching.

"So would you mind if we partnered up for the assignment?" Cindy asked.

"What assignment?" Marcus responded.

Cindy shot a very quizzical look at Marcus. "The assignment you just wrote down." She pointed directly at the assignment Marcus had written on his paper before fleeing the classroom in search of a private place to ejaculate.

Macrus looked down at the paper and finally read what he had written. Apparently the assignment was suppose to be done in groups of two. The groups were suppose to choose a business and make a comprehensive business analysis of it. In his earnest Marcus had not even comprehended the words he had written down, and was more than a little embarassed yet again about being so distracted by his raging hormones.

"Oh... that assignment... sorry I guess I was in a rush when I needed to use the bathroom." Marcus finally said.

"Heh yeah I guess you were, are you alright? You seem really... distracted... Are you sure you don't want to use the bathroom now?" Cindy inquired.

"Oh yeah I'll be fine..." He said.

"So what about being partners? I told Ms. Robertson that you and I would probably be partners but I'd let her know tomorrow." She said.

Marcus turned to look at Cindy, and took in a lot of her features that he might not have noticed on a normal day. Her skin was only a few shades lighter than her hair, probably a symptom of all the time she spent working out in the pool, and looked as soft as silk. Right now Marcus wanted nothing more than to touch her, and feel the soft features of her body. She still had on that quizzical look, as if she was expecting another weird reaction from him. It made her look quite remarkably cute, and Marcus felt more than just sexual attraction towards her. But in his present state of mind he did not notice, or was too distracted by other feelings to register it.

"Uh... yeah that would be great. I'd love to work with you." Marcus finally responded.

Cindy's expression changed back into that welcoming and friendly smile. "Great, are you busy tonight? I'm going to take the night off from practice to recoup and it would be ideal if we would get started."

"Yeah that would be fine." He said.

And with that they set up the time and place. They would meet after the day's classes in front of the school clock tower. Throughout the whole exchange Marcus's erection never subsided, and pulsed adjectively several times. Shortly after they finalized their plans Mr. Stevens began lecturing about how the Magna Carta was the foundation of all modern law systems. Marcus was infinitely fascinated by history, and the class did wonders to occupy his mind. Though his erection persisted despite the healthy mental distraction.

After the lecture ended Marcus begin packing up his supplies in an orderly fashion, trying to use the routine to turn his attention away from sex. Cindy was mercifully brief in her goodbye and hurried out of the room to her next class. Marcus was not far behind her in exiting, he had a full two hours now before his next class. That was more than enough time to find some secluded portion of campus and cum as many times as was necessary to alleviate his sex drive.

Holding his backpack in front of his crotch as a shield he worked his way through the busy halls toward the exit of the building. With two full hours of time he didn't just want to use a bathroom stall for his relief, he could take more time and actually put an effort into it. Although he didn't have anything like a porn magazine or other such aid with him he was confident that he could bring himself to several powerful orgasms with just his imagination. And his sex drive was demanding nothing less than several powerful orgasms at this point. Moving out into the campus proper Marcus thought about what it would be like to not have such powerful hormones, to just be a normal college student dealing with normal urges.

Now a decision had to be made, just where would he go about ejaculating? The campus was very large and many large areas of forest could be found on it. Each forested area had a number of paths built into it. Marcus often enjoyed walking on those paths and taking in the natural beauty of the area. Finding a discrete location on one of these paths would be very easy. He immediately began moving at a quickened pace towards the nearest forested area. It was one of the less developed ones, with only a few paths that were rarely walked. Perfect for the purposes that Marcus intended.

Breaking out into a steady jog once he reached the path, Marcus took comfort from the physical exertion. The knowledge that he was about to masturbate until he couldn't feel his testicles anymore was probably another comfort to his raging desires. Moving steadily along the path he continued until he could only hear the sounds of the forest and slowed down to find an area off the beaten path. The idea of what he was doing suddenly swept over Marcus and he felt terribly childish and embarrassed, though this did not stop his feet. Here he was, a freshman college student, young adult out in the world making a place for himself. And he was sneaking away from class to masturbate in the woods like some sort of juvenile pubescent.

Moving into a small clearing with a soft layer of moss Marcus decided that thinking about how stupid he was being wasn't important. Now that he was finally alone he felt much more relaxed, his erection throbbed happily in the front of his pants. He set his backpack down against a tree and laid down on the soft forest carpet. Because the weather had been so warm lately it wasn't even damp, but inviting and warm. He took a few moments to look at the sky and appreciate such a nice spot before his erection pulsed and brought his attention back to the more important matters.

Reaching down he unzipped his pants and pulled out his throbbing cock. Being finally exposed to the open air felt so wonderfully pleasing that Marcus let out a soft sigh and just let his penis pulse in the sunlight. Unfastening his pants completely and opening them up Marcus looked up at his package. Despite being a fairly large guy Marcus did not have a large penis. It was one of the major reasons he was always so shy and withdrawn around girls. With a length of only five and half inches and a circumference of four inches he was just below average penis size.

Just then Marcus thought he heard someone and he sprang up immediately, covering himself as he looked around. There was no one in the clearing and he couldn't hear anything. He waited for a long while until his penis beat it's persistent throb, not being shy about itself. Convinced that it was only the wind Marcus lay back down and took his cock in hand. Squeezing and massaging it in his grip he slowly began stroking, taking his time. His body responded with extreme pleasure, he felt more relaxed than he had for months. He gripped his shaft tightly and began rhythmically stroking himself. He started picturing all the girls he wanted to have sex with.

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