tagLesbian SexEmily's Home - Ginger's Out Ch. 09

Emily's Home - Ginger's Out Ch. 09


Emily Goes Home - Ginger Comes Out Ch. 09

By A Vixen Literally©

*** April 2nd -- 14th***

Monday, April 2 -- Ugh! I was alone, groggy, and desperately horny. You're amazed? There are months, just after my flag goes green, that I'm like this. (I borrowed that phrase from a friend) Yip, you would think that a day like yesterday would have tamped out that fire. I think they use the term 'rebound' in some over-the-counter remedies like nasal spray. Well, our lovemaking yesterday left me with said rebound. It took two gloriously debilitating orgasms to put out the fire. Yes, visions of red hair, hot blue eyes, and that fabulous figure filled my head. I lay breathless, with tears in my eyes, missing my honey. I finally staggered out of bed to the bathroom. The shower ... well, it started as a shower. Then I thought of Reenie shocking me when she joined me and the intimate hijinks that followed. Let me put it this way: I wanted to go back to sleep (yeah, I typed bed) when I was (sly smile) finished.

My work clothes were the very definition of propriety. I did put a protective pad in my panties. I hear some giggles out there. Good, you know what I mean. Before I left the parking lot I reached into the console and put on my shades. Sure it was sunny. I didn't want everyone to see how soft my eyes were. Damn! Tammy laughed when she saw me as I got off the elevator. I knew I shouldn't have taken them off! I got her back when I said that was just from this morning -- alone. She gaped; I turned and headed to my new office.

My assistant asked if I wanted coffee. "Jodi, let's get this straight. I get my own coffee. You're very sweet for asking; thank you." I did ask her to help me move the stuff from my desk to this one. We got all that straightened away. I asked Jodi to close the door. "How are you feeling?"

She smiled. "Wonderful. The doctor says I'm fine, the baby's fine. Kerry is over the moon happy. We're keeping our fingers crossed. Thanks for asking."

"When are you due?" I felt like a jerk for not remembering.

"The doctor says late September is the likely due date. This being my first, I guess it's hard to know." It was so sweet; her hand moved to her belly. I wonder if she even knew, or if it was already an unconscious act. "I suppose you're going to want to know about my maternity leave plans."

"Well yes, but no rush. I'm sure you and your husband have at least chatted about it."

"Yeah we have. George, Mr. Dillon, was such a great boss and I'm so excited that you're our new boss Ginger. I want to stay home with my baby for a while." There was that tug on my heart as she talked. "Day care is so expensive. We just don't know yet." Jodi's eyes had a wondrous, far away look. She looked at me and said, "You sure were amazing Friday. Did you have a good weekend?" She's a woman. Did she recognize the look in my eyes? Oh just tell her.

"Jodi, I'm going to share something about my personal life. You already know I'm divorced." She nodded her head. "I've been seeing someone pretty seriously for almost a month and a half. She's a Dayton police officer; her name is Reenie ... Maureen." Jodi's eyes got real wide. "Once we get it furnished, I'll be moving into a house I'll probably wind up buying. Reenie will help me pick out furniture." I left the rest unsaid. Let her digest what I'd said.

Jodi sat quietly for a bit, looking at me as if figuring out exactly what to say. "Ginger, I've been here for four years. You're a really good person and so much fun to work with. If you're happy, I'm happy for you." I smiled.

"Thank you Jodi. I really, really am. What do you say we try and get some work done huh?" She smiled and nodded. We both walked out of my office -- geez that still felt odd to say. Monday, so the 'Marketeers' were in the small conference room. I knocked on the door and walked in. All four heads turned.

"Hey boss." That was Nick. "How does it feel?" We all laughed.

"Weird and great; I think that about sums it up. How are the Marketeers doing this morning?"

Kayla chimed in, "We're kickin' it, Ginger. It's a lot of fun working like this. You want to listen in for a bit?"

"Kayla, ya know what ... let me check in on the Townies, get a fresh cup of coffee, then I'll come join you for a bit. Craig is with Deanna's team today huh?"

"Townies ... I love it," said Bryan. Three other heads nodded.

"Careful or I'm going to call you the Mouseketeers." A couple of faces showed confusion. Oh my god; some of them were too young to remember.

Tammy was the one who piped in with, "From the old Disney show." She winked at me.

"Sheesh, I'm getting old. I'll be back in a few. You guys have fun." I left, got a fresh cup, and headed to Deanna's group. I knocked and headed in. "How are the Townies this morning?" That got a few laughs and a few groans.

"We're doin' great Ginger. Hope you had a good weekend."

"Yeah, it was most excellent. So what's your floater been doing?"

"Floating," quipped Natalie. Craig blushed but everyone laughed.

"Anybody have any questions?" Five heads shook. "Okay, I'm going to spend a little time with Nick's group. Come get me or bug Jodi if you need me for something. I'll be back later."

I stopped at Jodi's desk. "Do you think I should call George? Or is he likely to be in a meeting?"

"My guess is he's in a meeting. I can call upstairs and ask if you like." I thought about it for a minute.

"Nah, we can wait. What do you think? Will he come down here to meet with me or call me up to his office?"

Jodi laughed, "That's a no brainer. He'll be down here the moment the meeting ends."

"Hey, would you mind doing me a big favor? I need to get a mammogram. Could you check for a clinic near work that takes our insurance, call, and make an appointment for me?"

"Absolutely, I'll get it done right away." She followed me to my desk, took the papers I handed her and went to her desk. I headed back to the Marketeers. The morning passed by quickly. Nick's group was fabulous. Everybody contributed ideas, laughs, stories; it was wonderful. I pitched in here and there but really, in truth, I wasn't needed. Tammy and I had done our little thing apart from the rest of the team. It was only in odd moments every now and then we interacted with everyone. I was very glad to get the chance to see them all in action. Yes it was work, but I also was able to get a measure of each of the members.

There was something I hadn't mentioned Friday. It might have been the best idea. No team leader could lead the next project. That would keep the decks clear, keep everybody on their toes, and best of all, give everybody a chance to lead. When the new hire came through the floater would go away. What I would need to find out with this project was when to bring everybody together to finish. I had a feeling it would become evident as we went along.

As I walked to my office, Jodi came out. "I just left the papers on your desk, Ginger. The date, time and location are on the Post-it note. If it's okay, I'm going out for lunch."

"Thank you Jodi. Unless I tell you ahead of time that I need you to stick around take your lunch whenever okay?" That brought a beautiful smile to her pretty face. Since she didn't mention it I just assumed she hadn't heard from George. I decided to go out to lunch. The bell rang on the elevator and there he was! "Hey boss!"

"Hey boss. Are you going out to lunch, Ginger?"

"Is that the punch line to a joke Mr. Dillon?" He laughed at me using his formal name.

"No, I just thought if you are on your way out I'd ask if I could join you -- my treat." Oh?

"Sure, that would be great."

He had been the only one on the elevator and held the door as I stepped in. "Did you have a good weekend?"

"We did. I got the keys to the house Saturday and Reenie and I took a tour on Sunday. We did some shopping and some looking. It was a very good weekend. How about you and Janet?"

"With this Friday being Good Friday, we're taking the kids on a vacation to Disney World. The kids have never been there and pretty soon they'll be old enough that we won't be able to take them out of school."

"How fun! Are you going for a whole week?"

"We leave Friday morning and come home the following Saturday evening. So it's eight nights and the better part of nine days." Good lord, that had to be expensive -- but fun.

We were outside and I was so busy listening to George I had no idea where we were going. It was a place I'd never been -- First Watch. It was nice. The menu said they served breakfast and lunch. I had a Pesto roast beef, hold the onion, and ice tea. George had the Monterey Club and a Coke. The Monterey Club did look good; maybe I would come back and try it. We talked during lunch, some work and some general. In the back of my mind it registered that this was the first time George had invited me out to lunch. I guess I really had gotten a promotion.

"Was there anything specific about your meeting this morning that applies to us, George?"

"Well, other than the general shock and awe everyone was very complimentary. There was some banter about how quickly you'd pass me up. How was Monday for your team?"

"George, it was fabulous. Everybody was percolating, ideas were flying, spirits were very high. I'm going to spend the afternoon with Deanna's team. Were you able to make any headway on getting the walls taken out of your old office?"

"Well, that might take a while to work its way through channels but yes, it's been mentioned. And I think after your showing Friday with Ron, there's a pretty good chance it's likely to get pushed along." He signed the credit card slip and said, "Let's head back."

"Thank you for the invite. This was a very relaxing way to have a meeting."

"This from the fabulous meeting idea woman ... you're very welcome Ginger. It's a pleasure to get to chat."

On the walk back to the office I mentioned to George that I'd nicknamed the nickname -- Townies. He laughed and shook his head. My cell phone rang as we approached the building. I told George I'd like to take the call; it was Reenie. He smiled and waved as he went through the doors.

"Hello gorgeous. This is a wonderful surprise. How's your day?"

"Great babe. I had some news I thought you'd want to hear."


"Yeah, umm, Nora's case got pleaded out. She got five years probation, an eighteen month suspended sentence, and a hundred hours of community service. I'm not real happy about it but the suspended sentence should pretty much guarantee she won't do something else stupid. I don't see a woman like Nora doing very well in the grey bar hotel."

I had to laugh at her slang but she was right. "Okay, well, it's good to know she'll be able to move on with her life. I'd pretty much put her out of my mind. Oh, my visit with the masher is on the sixteenth."

"Good girl, Ginger. I know it felt like you were okay but no reason to delay making sure."

"I know honey and my appointment with the doctor is for the following Thursday, the twenty sixth. So she should have any results before I see her. I miss you lover. I'm glad date night is tomorrow. Can we talk tonight about what we're going to do?" She laughed. "Brat; other than that."

"Yeah, yeah, I know. You have Kathy at six, so I'll come meet her, for real this time, and we'll go out from there. I'll call you tonight and we'll plan something."

"That sounds perfect. Thanks for the update Reenie. You be careful out there. I love you."

"I love you too Ginger. Talk to you later; gotta scoot." I smiled all the way upstairs.

I stopped to tell Jodi I'd had lunch with George. She asked how he was. I told her about their family vacation destination. I left out the details about the teasing that I would get promoted before he did. That wouldn't be respectful. I told Jodi I would be with Deanna's team if she needed me.

I heard the laughter from outside the closed door. I knocked and breezed in. "Don't let me stop the fun. That's what you're here for, kids." Good -- some laughter and some teasing. I didn't mind. A couple of days ago I'd been one of them. I hoped that, even though I was their boss, they'd still think of me as a part of them. So I pitched in. I listened, asked questions, made a comment here and there. But mostly I watched and learned about each of them. Natalie showed her smart-ass self, asking Craig (the floater) to sharpen her pencil. Everybody roared with laughter, Craig included.

Jodi knocked, entered, and said, "Sorry, but the boss has some boss things to do." I left to some good natured ribbing. I gave them a very un-boss-like finger. Jodi and I could hear the explosion of laughter as the door closed behind me. "Sorry Ginger, H.R. has already sent us a couple of resumes. I thought you might want to review them." I did, and I wanted feedback from George. I had some thoughts on how I wanted to conduct the interview process. Jodi handed me two resumes with the usual H.R. things attached in the folder. I put them on my desk and headed to the washroom. After I peed, I washed my hands and went back to my office.

Two resumes; I read them both. One was male, one female. One had experience; one was a recent college grad. I called George. "If you have a few minutes, could I come and talk to you?" Sure. I let Jodi know what I was going to do. Two floors up; George waved me back to his office. "Boss, I have two resumes. I need guidance on budget and other considerations. Plus, I have some thoughts I'd like to share about the interview process."

George said, smiling, "Ginger, with new, innovative thoughts? Consider me shocked." I could only shrug and smile. I laid out my thoughts. "I want to have each project manager do second interviews, separately. I thought it important, given my limited time as boss, to have team members give their input on a candidate they might well be working with." I stopped when I looked at George. He looked crestfallen and embarrassed. Oh damn.

"Did I do something wrong boss?" His eyes were unfocused; my words brought him back to me.

"Ginger, you rock. Your ideas are so simple and brilliant I feel a bit chagrined."

"George, please. I'm learning. I feel honored to have had you as my boss and mentor. A whole lot of this is off the top of my head. And it's still only Monday. I know I'm going to lean on you for a bunch of other stuff I don't even know about yet. Please, please, this is just me, Ginger."

"You know what? Stand up and take a bow when somebody pays you a compliment! I watched you Friday when Ron complimented you. You looked like you wanted to shrink into the chair. You don't have to preen but you can take credit when you've done something really good. And Ginger, in a couple of days, you've done a whole lot of really good."

Ginger: learning. "Thanks George. When you said that, I thought about what you said Friday about getting out in front of something. I guess that's part of the learning process; self promoting. It's really not part of my make up. But I suppose learning to stand for what I've accomplished is something I'll need to learn how to do."

"Yeah, exactly Ginger, you nailed it." George actually blushed when he realized what he said and who he said it to. I thought it was innocent and cute ... very George. We would have a lot more meetings like this. I knew I had a lot to learn. I thanked him and headed back downstairs. Jodi looked; I gave her a thumbs-up. She smiled.

The afternoon was winding down. I popped into both conference rooms. They were buzzing, working, laughing. Tammy saw me and came out to talk to me. "This is so fabulous Ginger. We've done some wonderful work today. I have to say that I think we're going to have our stuff done sooner than I would ever have imagined." Good; Tammy was a trusted barometer. I knew she would give it to me -- good or bad. I gave her hand a squeeze and thanked her.

I locked the resumes in my desk, grabbed my purse and said goodnight to Jodi. I headed to the car. I called Reenie. "Lover, are you still downtown?"

"Just leaving actually, why?"

"Meet me for a drink at the club?"

"Yeah, I'd like that. It gives us a chance to celebrate your first full day as boss lady. See you in a few." I smiled. Did she have any idea how horny I was? Was she as well? I knew she'd see it in my eyes as soon as she looked at me. I was so glad I'd put the pad in this morning.

I pulled into the lot, looked around, and headed in. Candy beamed and came to me with a hug and kiss. Yeah, it was a 'more than friends' kiss, but she knew the lay of the land. I wondered, as I headed to our table, if the kiss was because of what she saw in my eyes. Yes, it was nice to see her. My redhead burst through the door, gave a smile and the finger to a giggling Candy, and smiled as she saw me at our table. Oh dear god, the need oozed from every pore. I felt it in her kiss; her fingers were busy with my taut, sore nipples.

Candy came to the table with drinks and a taunt. "Shall I order dinner or get you two a room?"

Reenie broke the kiss to say, "Yes." Candy laughed out loud as she walked away.

I could do dinner with my lover. Since date night was tomorrow ... well, we'd see. Some of you may be thinking -- hasn't some of the 'new' faded a bit. Good point! We'd talked about that yesterday. What? You think I tell you everything? Two words -- puh leez! If anything, the intimacy had grown as we'd gotten to know each other better. Yes, I knew every delicious inch of Reenie's fab form. As I learned more about her in our 'us' time, the bond grew stronger.

"I don't have a taste for pizza Reenie." The minx giggled. I shook my head and walked to Candy. "What do you have on your menu other than pizza?" She cocked an eyebrow. "God in heaven; you too?" She laughed and handed me several menus. I went back to the table. "Pick something Reenie." Damn. Her fingers crept between my legs. I moaned. She couldn't possibly know how I'd been on edge all damn day, could she? Yeah, I hadn't worn a skirt. Did that matter? Apparently not. Her fingers knew exactly where to press, tease, and prod. I did the best I could to hide the spend she drew from me. My hips lifted to meet her fingers, my head lolled, I gasped as it tore through me. Soft, wet lips pressed to mine. I met her tongue with mine. I felt fingers on my nipples and lips on my neck. WAIT! My eyes opened. It was Candy kissing me, teasing my nipples. Reenie had me pinned; my body shook as another starburst of pleasure tore through me. I shivered at the wonderful heat. Candy's lips left mine. As the devilish bliss slid away slowly, I felt Reenie's head rest on my shoulder.

"Do you know what just happened Reenie?"

"Ginger, she's had the hots for you since forever. It doesn't mean anything; I'm totally cool with it. She knows who and how we are, okay." Shit. All I could think about was Lily and Kathy. I was NOT willing to share. Then again, Candy certainly was as close to a friend as ... hmm. Candy knows Reenie and I are a couple. Plus, Reenie and Candy had been lovers. So they likely knew what was what with each other and Reenie and me. Okay, I felt better. I had to laugh at that -- talk about your 'new normal.'

"Okay. I don't want a third in our relationship Reenie. I really like Candy but I do not want anyone but you."

Reenie stared at me; I could see it in her eyes. She was thinking about something and was debating whether to tell me or not. She looked at Candy. I did too. Candy was looking back and forth from one of us to the other. I turned back to Reenie. "Okay Ginger, here's the deal. I told you my roommate was friends with benefits. I actually have two: Candy and Georgia. They're not just bartenders here. They're dancers at a couple of men's clubs here in Dayton. That's how they met. They fell in together. Then I met Candy here. She and I started up and she introduced me to Georgia. Georgia started working here on nights she didn't dance -- same as Candy. It was cheaper for the three of us to live together; convenient since we were all lovers."

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