Emma Ch. 37



Amna was sitting on the sofa in the living room, when Salim entered after her long day at work. As always, she was naked apart from the curiously ornate ebony dildo she had strapped around her waist. It was Amna’s current favourite, and one she hardly ever took off. Salim had examined it at length and was impressed by the subtle markings which formed the bodies of women writhing about, their hair and limbs making up the shape of the massive glans and the heavy round balls. It must have cost Amna quite a lot. Salim herself dressed as seductively as she could in an attempt to stimulate her niece’s interest in her. She wore a bra which supported her round apple breasts but didn’t hide her nipples, and knickers which had a very wide slit which slightly opened as she walked to reveal the short trimmed hair of her vagina. She greeted Amna, who was distractedly watching a soap opera on the television where the main character, a young girl was passionately kissing another woman, who was nearly totally naked. She sat on the sofa next to her niece, put an arm around her and kissed her on the cheek. Amna turned her head and kissed her aunt in return on the lips. She then turned her gaze back to the television where a young man was removing his leather jacket but keeping on his dark sunglasses.

Salim gently stroked her niece’s long hair, and studied her beautiful naked body. Her breasts had been further enhanced on Fatima’s advice, and her nipples stood up even prouder on the firm mountains of her chest. Her thighs were slightly fuller, giving her a more Negroid body than anyone with her genes would ever normally have. The crotch which had once been such an irrepressible tangle of dark hair was even smoother as the result of some hormonal treatment that Fatima had organised for her. What had happened to all that hair? Salim wondered. Distasteful as these ‘enhancements’ were to Salim, they didn’t disturb or upset her as much as the small tattoo that Amna had done on her shoulder, which portrayed an erect penis spurting realistic globules of semen and had the ornate letters Fluff written on them. What had that slut done to her niece? Her parents would be horrified if they knew the depravities her ward had descended to!. Not only was she a professional sex actress, but her lover was the most repulsive slut anyone could ever hope to meet. Not that Salim loved her any the less. She knew that it was as much to do with her jealous passion as her disapproval of Fluff which made her so unhappy with how things had changed.

She and Amna still shared the bed together, and still made love. And Salim still insisted that Amna should never use any of her sexual aids on her. But she felt that her niece was becoming more distant, as she so often made her passionate proclamations of love for her sluttish friend. If only they’d never met! Salim wished. If only their love could return to where it had been! The only compensation was that now she had Fatima as a lover too, although she was unhappy to discover that she shared her best friend not only with her niece (which was bad enough!) but also with Susan and many of Susan’s friends. She agreed though to collaborate with Fatima in keeping Amna unaware of this relationship, believing as did Fatima, that Susan was best loved from afar. It still seemed ironic to her that Susan had slept with both her and Fatty, but not with the one who was arguably her greatest admirer, even now. Amna’s room was still adorned by pictures of the oriental girl, and there could be few films in which she’d performed which Amna didn’t now possess in her extensive if also obsessive library of videodiscs.

Salim persuaded Amna to stroke her bared nipples and gasped appreciatively as her niece’s fingers traced their aureate edges, while her own fingers gently massaged the length of Amna’s dildo, enjoying the curves and contours of the carved naked figures. Perhaps she could bring Amna’s mouth to hers, and feel again the hot moistness of her tongue against her teeth. Perhaps she could enjoy again Amna’s tongue pressing against her hard erect clitoris. Perhaps Amna could remove her gaze from the lovemaking on the screen and indulge in more real lovemaking. But as Salim’s mind focused more on her fantasies she heard the front door draw shut. Who could it be? Her heart jumped. Could it be Fatty back from a day of promotion and selling? That would be welcome. Or could it be the only other person besides herself and Amna who had a key to the flat?

It was nothing but disappointment that Salim felt, as she saw the utterly naked figure of Fluff (She never felt the need to wear a dildo all the time!) standing by the door with that disgusting tattoo dominating her face. Amna jumped up off the sofa, at last taking her eyes off the television, and ran towards her lover. Salim sighed as she saw the extent of her niece’s delight in Fluff’s unexpected arrival. “Oh! It’s wonderful to see you! What have you been doing?”

Fluff laughed. “Fucking! What do you think? I’ve just had two of them. They had the biggest cocks you’ve ever seen!” She took the lips of her cunt in her fingers and pulled them wide open to reveal her cavernous wellworn interior. “They fucked me so hard! Both of them together! It was fucking magic! Look! There’s still a bit of come. It’s real sticky! Have a taste!”

Salim watched in horror as Amna did precisely that, resting on her knees, her large buttocks sticking out far behind, her larger breasts as much in front, her dildo in a position of permanent excitement, and her tongue licking and loving the taste of semen as it dribbled down Fluff’s slender unenhanced thighs.

“It’s still pretty warm!” She exclaimed.

“I came here as fast as I could!” Fluff replied. “I just had to see you! A perfect fuck is nothing without the one I love!”

“Oh! Fluff! You’re so romantic!” swooned Amna, taking the obscene face into her hands and pressing her lips against the mouth that seemed so incongruous underneath the long shaft of the tattooed penis.

Salim sat, ignored and hurt, as the two girls caressed and kissed each other, and then went off together to Amna’s bedroom. Within seconds, Amna’s stereo was switched on, and Salim sat alone on the sofa as the insistent thump of her music intermingled with a slower equally rhythmic thump on the bed as Amna drove her favourite dildo deep inside her favourite cunt.

Salim stared into space. She barely noticed the action on the television as several people indulged in exactly the same activity as her niece was currently involved in, and her face reddening with humiliation, frustration and desire. She almost felt like leaping out of her seat, and kicking that slut out of the door. But she knew in doing so, that her niece would probably also go. And then there would be no more nights of pleasure together. Her life would become empty and no longer worth living. She sat, feeling the tears well up in her eyes and ease themselves out of the corner and down her cheek.

“Aaahh! Aaahh!” Salim heard from Amna’s room. Oh God! They were! They were! She let loose an unexpected choke of pain and misery, and buried her tearstrewn face in her hands, small tears falling hot and moist onto her bare breasts and her mouth feeling as ugly and raw as she envisaged Fluff’s cunt which she could yet again see so vividly in her mind’s eye. Why couldn’t it be her that Amna loved so passionately? What did that slut have to offer that she didn’t?

It was then that Salim heard the door close again. Was it Fluff leaving? Salim wondered with hope. But no the passionate cries continued as before. It must be Fatty! She raised her head to see Fatima in her stockings, tight dress and makeup, standing by the door and gazing at Salim sympathetically.

“I see they’re at it again!” She said, nodding towards the source of the commotion.

Salim gazed at Fatima through the salt in her eyes and nodded silently.

“They’re terrors, aren’t they?”

Salim nodded again, and then suddenly gave vent to another choked cry and let herself weep more openly. Fatima regarded her with affection.

“Oh, Sally! You don’t like it do you?” Fatima said, running up to her friend and putting her arms around Salim’s shoulders. “You feel jealous, don’t you?”

Salim nodded. “That slut!” She gasped. “Why her? Why not me?”

“Don’t think about it, Sally!” Said Fatima, peppering Salim’s face with kisses. “Amna’s a young girl. She needs friends her own age. Friends who know about what she does for a living and totally approve of it. I’m sure she still loves you.”

Salim tried to nod again, but her misery overcame her. She burst into tears again and buried her face on Fatima’s breasts. “Oh! Fatty! I’m so unhappy. I wish I’d never ...”

Fatima kissed her friend and gradually eased off her clothes. “Don’t regret anything, Sally! Whatever your niece does, you’ll always have me. I’ll never stop loving you. Whatever else, You’re still my closest and dearest friend!”

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