tagCelebrities & Fan FictionEmmerdale A Very Sexy Village Ch. 02

Emmerdale A Very Sexy Village Ch. 02


Nathan Wylde pulled on a pair of boxer shorts and tied his robe loosely around his waist. It was 6.30 a.m. and he has just received a text message from his sister Masie, telling him to come to her room, now.

"This has got to stop," Nathan said to himself, sex with your sister, no matter how beautiful she was, or how satisfying, it was plain wrong. So why did he keep on obeying her wishes? Easy, he was weak and she was an incredibly sexy person.

It started just after his 18th birthday. Masie came into his room and caught him masturbating. Instead of leaving she said "want some help with that?" Slowly moving over to his bed, she lay beside him and took his cock in her hand and began to gently run her fingers over the erection. As Nathan lay back in pure ecstasy of the first female hand to touch his genitals, Masie continued to rub, with more vigour, until Nathans cock gave out it white sticky fluid that ran down its length, coating his sisters hand.

She licked the cum, from her hand and fingers, got up from the bed and casually said "see you at dinner, bye" and left the room as if nothing had happened.

At dinner Nathan could hardly look at his sister, but she teased him by rubbing her hands sensually around the ketchup bottle, and taking an extra portion of white sauce, which she licked seductively.

Nothing happened for a few months, until one night when their parents were out, Masie suddenly grabbed Nathan and kissed him, her tongue finding his and instantly arousing him. Within a few minutes the were both naked and making love. It was the first of many encounters over the next few years. Each one had its unique point, Masie was always the instigator.

Now as Nathan made his way to Masie's bedroom, the old urge to stop and say no, kicked in, but as he opened the door and saw his sister, lying naked on the bed, they turned into another kind of urge.

"What kept you?" Asked Masie as she played with her left breast. "I'm as horny as hell, come on get those things off and eat my pussy."

Nathan was soon naked and lay between his sisters thighs. He started by kissing and sucking on her toes, licking around her ankles an trailing his tongue up and down her inner thigh.

"For gods sake, get to the important part" said Masie angrily, "my slit is almost sealed up, it needs a good tongue lashing."

Not daring to comment, Nathan moved his mouth to her hole. Taking in the musky aroma emitting from her, he plunged his tongue deep inside.

"Yes, yes you bastard, give it to me, eat my pussy, eat all of it."

Nathan was always amazed that Masie, would say things like this, as she was always so refined in her daily life. However as he licked and fingered her soaking hole, she continued to urge him on, using not very ladylike language.

Masie was very noisy in her orgasms, and Nathan often worried that his parents or younger bother might hear and investigate, but the advantage of a big house was the space between rooms, so no interruptions were forthcoming.

Masie not only came noisily, but often. Nathan was impressed both with his sisters orgasmic pattern, but with his ability to cause them.

Finally after a very large and extremely wet climax, Masie finally was through.

Nathan crawled up to kiss her, but she turned her head away. "OK you can go now, and thanks, that was quite nice." Quite nice, he has made her come many times, made his fingers ache masturbating her and all he got was, quite nice.

Nathan held his still erect cock in his hand and offered it to Masie. "Don't I even get a blow job for my efforts?" he asked.

"Nathan you know bj's are for special occasions, its not your birthday yet, but you can have a little rub." with that she took hold of him and rubbed for a few seconds, before saying "that's it, now toddle off to your own room, you can finish yourself there,"

Reluctantly Nathan left his sisters room, vowing that the next time she wanted him, he would say no, knowing that in his heart of hearts, he would go and slurp away at her amazing pussy. He was such a weakling, but a very fortunate one.

Meanwhile in another bedroom, the parents of the incestuous couple were themselves just waking up.

Mark Wylde looked down on his wife of over 20 years and still was beguiled by her. He kissed her gently, Natasha opened her eyes and said "morning darling, I love you."

Mark kissed her again and slid his hand inside the jacket of her black silk pyjamas. "Want to make out/" he asked, like a lovesick teenager.

Natasha replied, "of course, but can we watch it first?"

Mark sighed, "must we? Why cant we just screw like we always have?"

"You know how turned on I get, watching it. Please, you will get your reward, I promise." Natasha said huskily.

"Oh OK, you win." Mark got out of bed and switched on the TV and inserted a disc into the DVD player.

Settling back into bed, Mark pressed the play button and as Natasha snuggled into his arms, the DVD began.

From a blank screen emerged Natasha driving their Mercedes coupe. Mark gave the commentary as he operated the camera.

"Its 12.30 and Natasha and I are driving to a secluded spot about 5 miles from Robblesfield, There for the first time, Natasha is going to have sex with complete strangers, while I film the action from a hidden location. Tonight we start Dogging."

Natasha turned to the camera and smiled.

The scene cut to a clearing in the woods. A car was parked and a woman was giving blow job to a guy , whilst someone else looked on.

Mark filmed from a distance, as Natasha got out of the drivers door and positioned herself in the passenger seat with the door open.

The light was very poor, but Mark had invested in a top of the range camera which brought the whole scenario alive.

From websites they had found out some of the rules. To indicate you were ready, a cheap lighter was ignited twice. Natasha did this and within seconds a slightly built man emerged from a copse.

Natasha did not look at his face, but still sitting, undid his belt, unzipped him and pulled down his pants.

She was not going to get a stud for her first time as the guy was quite small. However after a few rubs, his erection was big enough for Natasha to take him in her mouth and begin to fellate him.

Mark having experienced the sensation so many times, was perplexed to find himself a spectator, but he found it very exciting as he zoomed in on Natasha's mouth performing her amazing skills.

The poor guy did not stand a chance with such an artist, and within a minute he sprayed Natasha's face with him cum, and quickly retreated to the wood.

Mark continued filming as Natasha, cleared the fluid from her face, licking some from her fingers in a very sexy way.

Meanwhile away from the DVD, Mark had slipped his hand into her pyjama jacket and was gently rubbing her nipple, whilst her hand was in his boxers, and massaging his ever growing cock.

Back on the screen a second figure appeared, this man was of stockier build, some kind of farmer, thought Mark as he focused on Natasha, who was withdrawing the mans penis from his pants. This man was just the opposite of the first, he was a good 8 or 9 inches in length and already very stiff.

Again Mark zoomed in on his wife's mouth as she licked around the enormous head, her tongue emerging snake like to tease the rim, before plunging the head into her mouth. She carried on concentrating on the head, and occasionally licking down the entire length.

Slowly she took more and more of this giant cock, until the full length had disappeared into her mouth.

Back in bed, Nathan now had his fingers inside her, whilst her rubbing become faster, but neither took their eyes from the screen, which now showed the mans cock gleaming in the reflected light smeared with Natasha's saliva.

Suddenly the man grabs Natasha by the shoulders and pushes her back into the seat. Then reaching down he lifts her small skirt, to reveal a pair of tiny black panties, which he tears off in one motion.

Lifting her behind, he aims straight for her soaking pussy and drives his 9 inches of rock hard penis as far into Natasha as it will go. Withdrawing he repeats, and repeats. From his hiding place Mark can hardly keep the camera steady as he watches his wife being fucked by this enormous cock, not only being fucked, but by the cries coming from her, enjoying every minute of it.

The man seemed to have enormous stamina, but Natasha was keeping up with every stroke, her legs wrapped around his waist as she urged him on.

Eventually the man came, withdrawing at the last minute, he sprayed his sperm all over Natasha's belly and pubic hairs, before calmly zipping up his trousers. As he did so, he looked in the direction of the camera and Mark got the shock of his life and the filming abruptly ended.

By now Natasha was in a very high sexual state and took Mark into her with a longing that recalled that evening of sex in the woods with that enormous stranger.

Mark was equally turned on as he drove his not unimpressive cock into her, big, but nowhere near the size of the guy in the woods.

No Mark could not get the image out of his mind, his wife Natasha being fucked by the stranger, only it wasn't a stranger, Natasha could never find out that the man who had given her so much pleasure was Zack Dingle. Mark sent his sperm into her for the countless time, but the image would not go away, Zack Dingle fucking her far better than her ever could, the bastard.

Later that day at the Woolpack , Marlon the chef and Moira the barmaid were alone....

But that's another story.

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