tagNonConsent/ReluctanceEnjoying The Sins Of The Son

Enjoying The Sins Of The Son

bykayce 69©

Crime and Punishment.

The smoke hung low in the boardroom, the lights dimmed as a middle aged man pressed the remote pad making the screen at the end of the room flicker in to life.

A strong deep voice filled the smoky room, “Gentlemen I took the liberty of installing the extra surveillance camera in the vault, I’m not going to apologise for the secretive way I did this, I take sole responsibility and as you are about to see, I think I was right as it has paid off.”

He continued, “We are here to resolve the loss of the Gilcrist family diamonds, 370,000 is a lot to claim from our insurers, but I don’t intend to do that, with-in the next ten minutes I will solve all our problems and give you an idea for a very enjoyable bonus, I ask you all to watch and then let me explain.”

The screen lit, the film showed the firms large vault suddenly flooded with light, they saw a small chubby figure enter, his long curly hair bounced on his shoulders, they knew who it was as they watched him slide along the wall and tamper with a box, it left no doubt in any ones mind, it was him, it was obvious he would have to have known the code to do this.

They watched as he checked his watch before moving to the security boxes, he went to one and opened it, pocketed the contents and retrieved his footsteps, leaving the room how he had found it.

The screen went blank, the lights returned to the boardroom, the man at the end of the table rose and lit another cigar.

“Well gentlemen, you have just witnessed my son trying to ruin this firm.”

He took a long draw from the cigar, “He is now in Amsterdam selling the diamonds to some-one who will pay him and ask no questions, fortunately that some-one is my old friend Eidur Gudjohnsen and he will return them to us.”

There was an audible sigh of relief around the room, “I take it gentlemen you feel a little better now, that is part one of our problem removed,” there was a polite round of applause.

“Thank you, part two is to return the money to Eidur, this will come from the sale of my son’s house to me, I all-ready own the deeds and the trust fund left to him from my father will be transferred to us, but that will take time, It is my duty to cover everything from our accountants until we have straighten things out.”

They looked at him, “Gentlemen you look quizzical could it be the enjoyable bonus I spoke of. You all know my son Desmond, I propose to keep him with us, we will show him the video and he will do what ever we say or we will inform the police, to make sure we have total control over him he will of course sign certain documents.”

The men in front of him looked at each other, “Gentlemen, please I haven’t finished. You have all been to marketing and know the management, my daughter-in-law Toni?” there was a lot of coughing and shuffling, “Yes, yes she gets me like that, she is everything a man could want, maybe a little down to earth and homely but far to desirable for a stupid thieving ass-hole like Desmond, but just think of this, if she was instigated in the robbery she too could be totally under our control, and I have an idea how that can be arranged.”

As he put the cigar out he looked at the 8 men, “Desmond will be back on Sunday, and George, my driver, will pick him up and bring him to us at about 6 in the evening, if I get it right she will already by ours.”

There were loud murmurings from the room, “I take it you like the idea, so I will expect you all at my country house on Saturday, Gerald you will need to bring some clothes for 3 days and trust me when I say your gay days may be in for a lift, same goes for you Charles but you will have to wait, the rest of you just pray I get it right.”

Her Entrapment.

“Hello Toni, it’s Randolph,” Toni took the call from her father-in-law; he was asking her over to the country house, he was holding a small evening party.

The board and their wives would be there and he was very incessant she should be there, he thought it was time she met the higher members of the company on a more personal bases.

There would be swimming, cocktails, an unusual lavish high tea and something special after, he made it sound so nice, no point in sitting at home alone when there was a party, yes she agreed she would be there.

Her Jaguar 4.2 sports pulled in to the driveway and parked by the conservatory, she walked past the row of high-class cars already parked there.

Toni rang the bell and George answered, told her the men where in the study while he went to fetch her overnight bag.

Randolph met her half way down the hall, after the greeting he told her to go to her usual room and change for swimming, the ladies were already down at the pool.

Toni tied back her long auburn hair while she waited for her bag to arrive, then quickly changed, she looked at herself in the mirror, she was concerned she didn’t show too much as she did have large breast’s compared to her trim waist and hips, yes that will be alright, the cups may have been full but they covered everything.

She made her way down the hall and through to the corridor that led to the pool, there was silence, she pushed open the door, the pool was disserted, had she got it wrong? She retraced her steps and went to the study; perhaps they had rejoined the men.

Trying to hide the fact that she was only in her swimsuit she put her head round the study door, she asked where the ladies were as they weren’t at the pool. “Come in Toni and take that seat,” Randolph pointed at the large leather chair that had been placed in the middle of the room; it faced the large screen on the wall.

Toni was a little embarrassed in her swim-suit as the nine men were all dressed but she did as she was told and sat, Randolph lent back on the desk, “Toni, I take it Desmond has told you of the Gilcrest affair,” Toni looked at him and nodded before a quite, “Yes.”

He blew his cigar smoke towards her, “Tell me Toni what do you think would happen to the person or person’s who took that amount of property if and when they got caught.”

She cleared her throat, “I would think prison,”

Randolph stood up, “For how long?”

She shook her head, “I don’t know, say about 10 years.”

“Yes 10 years is a good guess, look at this,” he started the film clip, every body watched in silence until a quite, “Oh my god,” came from Toni, the clip finished, Randolph bent and put his hands ether side of her on the chair arms, bringing his face close to her.

“How do you fancy 10 years in a grey stinking cell?”

Half in tears half in disbelief she blubbered at him, “No, no it can’t be, it’s not him, I don’t know anything about it, believe me, I, I,” then she dissolved in to tears.

Randolph never moved, “Very nice display of innocents but we know all about it, and we can make sure you had a part in it. Now I am going to tell you what we are going to do. We are going to cover all the problems, but in return you and that little shit of a son of mine are going to sign your lives over to the firm.”

He could see the fear in her face, but he carried on, “The firm will own your house and all your trust fund has been impounded, any future pay will be controlled by me, you both belong to the firm or you belong to the state for 10 years,” his face was almost touching hers, “Do you understand,” she was in total panic.

“No, but please I don’t want to go to prison, what have I got to do?” Randolph clicked his fingers and two documents were put in his hand, “Sign these.”

Hoping she was as naïve and scared as he thought, he wasn’t going to give her time to read the small print, and he thrust a pen at her, “Sign,” she lent the paper’s on the arm of the chair and signed, he took them and stood up.

“Thank you, now Toni you have worked out that the ladies aren’t here and you are and so are we, now as we are the firm and the firm now owns you, why don’t you show us just what a good asset you will be by taking that silly swimsuit off.”

She stood up, “What, no never, I won’t, and you can’t make me.”

She turned for the door, only to stop as the words, “You just signed a confession, you walk out this house you walk straight in to jail, and I promise you, I mean it.”

She stood in front of them looking gorgeous, her magnificent chest heaved up as she started to plead, “You can’t mean this he’s your son, we are family please no.”

He was in no mood to let her go, “You should have thought of that when you tried to ruin me, now get that fucking swim-suit off.”

Toni grabbed at the door knob and pulled, the door opened but George blocked her path, he entered pushing her back in to the room, she turned back to the leering men, Randolph looked at her in triumph, “You take it off or we will, you have no choice, with in the next two minutes you will be naked.”

She bowed her head, shaking it they heard her pitiful voice say, “No, you can’t, you don’t mean this,” Randolph walked up to her and grabbed at the shoulder straps, “Oh but I do.”

Toni looked up him, “Please no, I, I’ll do it.”

She slid the straps down her arms and then pulled the rest of the suit down, her breast’s sprang out as they were released from the cup’s, she heard three of the men say, “Oh my god,” as the swimsuit slid over her hips dropped past her knees and lay at her feet.

Randolph hadn’t moved, he stood in front and told her to keep her arms by her side, then he walked round her, she cringed as he said, “Now that’s a fine ass------et if ever I saw one,” he walked back in front of her, “Blow bubbles from your mouth,” she looked at him, “Now please Toni,” totally humiliated and with tears streaming down her face she tried to obey, “Mmmmm nice, I thought you would look nice with white juice bubbling from your mouth.”

Toni brought her hands up to her face the tears became crying, “No, no,” Randolph slapped them away and grabbed her jaw, “You have a magnificent body, it has to be worth, shall we say a quarter of a million and you will give us our monies worth or some dyke in a prison cell will take it.”

He still held her jaw as she said, “But what about Desmond he’s your--.”

Randolph squeezed her jaw, “What will happen to you is a picnic to what we have planned for that bloody fairy, now why don’t we adjourn upstairs so our new asset can entertain us.”

The other men moved towards the door pushing the helpless Toni in front of them, she walked ahead her head bowed, they could hear the occasional sniffle but their eyes feasted on the gorgeous ass as she climbed the stairs the round firm mounds rolled in front of them.

Randolph shouted, “The Crescent Room, you hear me Toni, get in the Crescent Room,” she pushed open the large oak door and stopped, much to the delight of Harold who was right behind her, he let his hand enjoy a feel of her beautiful ass. She jumped in to the room to escape the finger pushing between her ass cheeks.

She found herself standing by a huge bed that took up the middle of the room, a table laden with drinks sat between nine chairs, she looked at the men as they filed in, she looked in their eyes for one hint of mercy, all she could see was pure lust.

Randolph took his shirt off and moved towards, she shook with fear, little sobbing sounds burst from her lips, her eyes closed as he moved in front, “ Stop sniffling, your our little whore, so you should smile, you just got promoted you now work to please us, and you can start pleasing me by moving your hand away from your cunt, you know we all want to see it, you will be naked a lot from now on, so get used to it,” he patted the bed, “Now you just put that pretty ass down here.”

She sat and looked up at him, he looked back at the other’s, they all had drinks in their hands, they sat and smiled back at him, he looked back to her begging eye’s, “Now you look at my cock as I take my pants off,” he stood, dropped his trousers and then his boxers, “There it is, big enough for you, lets find out if you can get your pretty little mouth round it.”

Her little hand shook as she surrendered to her fate and took the semi-erect meat and opened her mouth, “Keep looking at me,” her wet eyes looked up at him as the head of his cock slipped over her tongue and disappeared in behind her lips.

Randolph placed his large hand on her head and held her firm as his hips thrust his cock in to her mouth; they were loving the chocking sounds his cock was forcing out of her.

Randolph pushed in as far as he could, her clenched fist tried to hold his hips back, “Come on Toni, you can use your hands better than that, lets see some tit squeezing and you can start to get that lovely cunt wet with your fingers,” she tried to shake her head but his hand held her firm, she was so frightened of him, the way he looked at her she knew it was a waste of time fighting.

Her left hand rubbed over her breast and her right hand slid between her legs.

Randolph loved power and now he had it over this lovely young thing, he turned and gloated, his eye’s ran the line of men as he pumped more in to Toni’s mouth, he turned back to her, “Cunt all wet, let’s show the members of the board what my member can do to you, get on your back and open your legs.”

Toni moved back on the bed turned and lay back she looked at the ceiling, Randolph was now placing himself between her legs using his hands to open her slit he started entering her cunt, Toni closed her eye’s so tight it hurt, Randolph shoved hard, there was only a little lubrication, the pain was excruciating, tears squeezed from Toni’s eyes as the full length filled her, she heard “Toni, I want you to look at me while I enjoy fuck you.”

Toni slowly opened her eyes, Randolph’s face was almost touching hers, “Keep your eyes open, I’m going to enjoy this,” he with-drew and then pushed in again and again and again, the bed was creaking from every thrust, Toni’s gorgeous body was being pushed up the bed, she was biting her lower lip to stop herself screaming, Randolph pushed his face in to her neck and kissed her, she just gazed at the ceiling.

Randolph pumped faster; his hands on her shoulders as he dragged himself in to her. With every thrust she had to endure his grunts of satisfaction, as he attacked her cunt, he looked at her, “God I never thought you would be this tight, you are a fucking good shag my daughter-in-law and your going to take it all, get ready I’m going to do what I’ve wanted to do to you for a long time, fill your cunt.”

A loud groan came from Toni as he exploded in her; for what seemed an age he lay there, kissing her neck as his hands tweaked her nipples, before he rolled of her. As his large frame moved from the bed she saw other’s removing their clothes, Randolph smiled at them, “Gentlemen, gentlemen, come on please, no need to fight, we have until 5 tomorrow, she’s ours when ever we want her,” he turned back to her, “Nice to have men in that cunt of yours instead of that little shit’s pinkie, you were stupid enough to marry.”

Howard nodded at Raymond, “Go on you have her next, I’ll wait until you have finished then I’ll enjoy her ass,” to the sounds of pathetic whimpering from Toni, Howard poured himself another drink.

Howard settled back and watched Ray maul the naked tit’s while telling her to pull her knees up and spread herself wide, he drew his knees up and for a moment Howard could see the tip of the erect cock push at the open hole, then with a thrust Ray pushed in and up, Toni made pitiful sobbing noise’s as she was fucked again.

Though the men were all still virile, fucking something as beautiful as Toni was more than most of them could have dreamt, and being turned on watching others fuck her, they climaxed quicker than they wanted too, Ray was no exception.

As Ray slaved all over her tit’s, Howard prepared himself, she looked over at him and shook her head, he grinned and nodded back to her as he ran his hand up and down his rigid cock, then spat on the end of his finger before rubbing it around the head, still grinning he blew Toni a kiss, “ For Christ sake Ray get off let’s have her over and on her knees, I want to see just how cute that ass is.”

Ray and Howard forced her over, “You ever been buggerd before,” a whimpering, “No” came from the pillow, “Great a virgin ass, Randolph you done us proud again,” Randolph waved a hand at him, then took another draw of his cigar and settled down to watch his pretty daughter-in-law get her ass fucked.

He enjoyed her humiliation as she squealed and cried out when Howard’s cock penetrated her ass-ring, her crying was music to his ears as Howard banged away almost lifting her off the bed, her large tit’s slapped back and forth dancing under her, her fingers gripped the pillow until strong hands held her ass steady as the cock emptied it self in her.

Randolph watched another five men fuck her, her mouth, cunt, between her full round tit’s and ass, especially her ass as two of the men lent to being gay but still weren’t going to give up the opportunity to fuck a nice ass. As the last one got off her, Randolph suggested a break for some refreshments, they agreed and Toni was forced to lead them downstairs, they hadn’t allowed her to dress and little driblets of male sperm ran down her legs, much to their amusement.

As she reached the study door, Randolph gripped her arm, “Get on the table and lay down, arms behind your head, legs open,” she was so dejected that she didn’t bother arguing and as the last man filed in she was laid as told, then George appeared pushing a trolley.

On the trolley were various dish’s of food, he stopped beside Toni, took fork and spoon and started to place the food all over her naked body, stuffed a full tomato in her mouth, placed a bowl of dip on her naval then pushed celery sticks up her cunt, turned and left, Randolph gestured at Toni, “Gentlemen, supper is served.”

The eight men gathered round the table and started biting at the food, letting their tongues enjoy the naked woman under it. Trevor enjoyed the tomato slavering over Toni’s mouth as other men pushed celery covered in dip back up her cunt before eating, all Toni could do was lay there and let the men abuse her.

As the men finished Randolph asked for two volunteers to wash the plate, Trevor and Robert were elected, there was a lot of laughter as they took great delight in slapping the tear-full woman’s ass all the way up the stairs and in to the shower room.

While all this was going on Randolph suggested that the fairest way to enjoy the rest of the time was for each man to have her to themselves for two hours at a time, this was agreed. Raymond told Robert that he would be in, in two hours and as Robert pushed Toni in to the bedroom the rest of the men relaxed with brandy and cigars.

It was four in the afternoon, an exhausted Toni sat in the same chair she had before all this started, Randolph lent back against the desk, George stood beside him holding her case, she stared at her lap, “Look at me girl,” her head rose, “Good, now as I said in the beginning you have been promoted you are now private secretary to the board, you will work on the top floor, George show her the uniform.”

The case was opened, George picked up each item, short skirts, low cut blouses, erotic under-wear, including suspenders, stockings or lace top hold-ups, ankle strap high heels, Randolph smiled at the shocked expression on her face, “There all the correct size, some of them maybe just a size to small but that will make days at work more interesting, and you should see the features in your new office, but that can wait, now go up stairs and try this on” he threw a pile of clothes at her.

George put the case in her car as he took the Daimler out. Mean-while back in the house Toni had to be called down but as far as the men were concerned it was worth the wait, before them was this beautiful woman, the high heels forced the calf’s of her legs to perfection, the hold-up stockings could be seen right up to the lace tops before the short skirt moulded tightly over her ass, the blouse pulled at the top and the bra pushed her large tit’s up almost spilling them out, Randolph laughed, “Turn around slowly, lets see it all,” as she turned for them her stomach churned to the sick perverted remarks they made until Randolph stopped her, “Can’t wait for Monday, now go home, get some rest and think about your life.”

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