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Ensign Hoshi Sato


Last night I fell asleep watching Star Trek: Enterprise. I didn't watch it very much when it first came out, but I've been hooked on the late night showing of commercial filled reruns. Highly paid television executives are well aware of the standard Star Trek demographic and seemingly played a Girls Gone Wild advertisement every other commercial. With images of half naked college girls and Ensign Hoshi Sato bouncing around in my head I entered a dream world filled with star ships and little green women.

Through my view screen I could see a race of pink-skinned aliens. A male of their species first addressed me, but it was a shy looking female that caught my eye. My computers translation device quickly deciphered their crude language, but it was obvious that their universal translator couldn't understand my words. Much to my delight, the female that had caught my eye was the translation officer. These humans referred to her as Ensign Hoshi Sato.

I don't know what drew me too her, but I instantly knew that I had to have her, and their limited communicative abilities offered me just that. Over the next 10 minutes I played on the pink-skins need for understanding and exploration. I managed to lure my lady over to my ship with the hopes of a successful first contact.

When she arrived, she was even better than I had thought. Standing just five foot five, I could see a fire burning behind her shy eyes. She followed me to my terminal where she quickly began putting her linguistic skills to use. I couldn't help but catch her scent as she walked by. It was a fragrance that I have never breathed and can't describe it other than to say it was glorious.

I closed my eyes and went into an almost dream like trance as I continued to breath her in. I had increased the temperature in my ship prior to her arrival and I could tell the heat was starting to get to her. Small trickles of water started to run down her cheeks. Finally she removed her dark jacket leaving only a now moist white sleeveless shirt. I could make out the outline of her small but perky breast. Her nipples were erect and poking through her shirts thin material.

On my world we have a plant called Jehu that when mixed with water causes the sex drive of our females to heighten for purposes of reproduction. My deep space missions had taught me to keep some of the plant on hand for other reasons than reproducing. The dark brown circles of her nipples now clearly visible thanks to her shirt being drenched, told me it was time to offer her a drink. How could I have known how strongly the plant would affect this pink-skin?

That fire that I had seen in this woman's eyes quickly released itself after consuming the water laced with Jehu. The look she gave me through her narrow eyes both scared and excited me. Ensign Sato tore off her sweat soaked shirt completely exposing the most perfect little tits I had ever seen. They were a nice tan color with a slight yellow tone to them. The nipples were hard and a deep brown color that stuck out perfectly from her body.

She dropped her pants to the floor leaving nothing but a tiny white thong that ran up her ass only to heighten the visibility of her moist little camel toe. The Jehu continued to bring her closer to the edge. Way further than any of my worlds females, even further than any other alien that I had drugged. Her pussy seemingly convulsed on its on as it continued pumping her juices into her now soaked thong.

I couldn't watch any longer and moved in to help her relieve her frustrations. She tore my shirt from me with such a rage that her finger nails dug deep into my skin causing blood to run down my chest. She leaned in close enough to whisper in my ear and started rubbing at my crotch. In between her nibbling on my ears, neck and antenna, she told me of the injured Klingon in her ships sickbay.

She had an evil smile on her lips as she told me how she had snuck in while no one was around. She had always fantasized about alien cock, and decided to sneak a peek. To her surprise she found out why Klingon's are overly aggressive and warlike. This 7 foot monster of a man had a dick no bigger than her pinky finger. She whispered that she was glad I wasn't Klingon as she continued to stroke my crotch and slowly undo my zipper.

At full force my glorious blue cock leapt from the confinement of my leather uniform pants. Ensign Sato seemed pleased as she quickly dropped down and sucked my dick into her hungry little mouth. I laid back and let her expert tongue go to work. She did things to my penis that no Andorian female had even dreamt. She could only get about 3/4ths of it into her mouth but she used her hands like a vice grip on the base of my cock as if to tell me that I wasn't going anywhere until she was done. More than once I felt her bite down on my shaft.

I felt like I should have already came several times, but the grip she had on the base of my dick must have kept me from unloading into her mouth. Suddenly she looked up at me and with my cock still in her mouth she gave me a wicked smile. She slowly backed away and removed her thong revealing to me the most glorious pussy I have ever beheld. It was completely shaven, and even with her lust filled lips swollen to the point of erupting, I could tell just how tight this little cunt was.

It was very slow work getting my dick inside of her. Her pussy clamped so tight around me that it took thrust after thrust just to get the first inch in. Slowly I watched as inch after inch made its way into this master piece of a pussy until finally she had taken all of my 9 inches. She rode me into heaven and I came with more force than I had previously thought possible.

My cock was throbbing and I was spent, but she needed more. She quickly wrapped her leg around my face and thrust her freshly fucked pussy into my mouth. Even with my cum dripping from her I could have ate from between her lips all night, when just as suddenly as the drug took effect, it wore off. She jumped up obviously embarrassed. She left my ship still unable to understand my peoples language, but I decided to make sure and spread the word for my people to stay on the look out for these pink-skins.

When I woke up this morning I had a nice little wet spot in my boxers and I guess I could consider myself just as lonely as most Star Trek fans. I can understand why I would add a few more inches to my dick in my dreams, but why I was a blue alien, I have no clue.

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