Erika's Vow


Erika Reynolds kicked off her three-inch black heels under her oversized mahogany desk as she leaned back in the large leather desk chair and took in a deep sigh. Her feet ached; she was exhausted. It has been a long day, putting a notorious sex-crime kingpin away for the rest of his worthless life. Countless law enforcement agencies had tried unsuccessfully to nail him for years; he made the mistake of expanding his empire into hers. She would be celebrated for her extraordinary success and bulldogged determination to get that scum off the streets, shutting down his operation. Television cameras and microphones were shoved again into her face as she left the courtroom after the verdict. She did everything she could to avoid the attention and public relation media circus. Unfortunately, it came with her job as the District Attorney of one of the fastest growing suburban communities on the edges of a major urban metropolis. She knew the reality was that just as one low-life was put away, ten more were moving in. She preferred to stay out of the limelight. Let the police chief do that. She had too much to do.

The clock on the wall read 5:45. She sighed again in the rare solace of her dimly lit quiet office. A small decorative lamp on her desk provided the only light for the moment. That's the way she wanted it. The entire rest of the top floor of the government justice building was also dark. Everyone had gone home for the day; as usual, she was the last to leave. The last thing she wanted to do was hurry to join the slow-moving rush hour crawl on the interstate. She found the phrase "rush hour" ironic. It was moments like this she wished she followed the practice of other district attorneys to keep a bottle of her favorite scotch in a cabinet for a private celebrative or therapeutic drink. She would not risk her reputation or the fall out of the DA being pulled over for a DUI.

Erika unfastened the top button of her blouse to loosen it's binding as she reflected on the rough day in the privacy of her quiet office. Her job had grown with the fast-paced unprecedented population growth of the city. The development brought with it exponential rise in serious crimes, including gangs, drugs, prostitution, sex crimes, theft and with it all, violent crimes of murder, assault and rape. The increase in these serious crimes was stretching the already strained resources of the District Attorney's office. Government funding always lagged behind population growth. The rise in serious crimes made the law enforcement community and neighborhood action groups all the more grateful to have Erika Reynolds as their hard-nosed, no-nonsense DA. Her tough-on-crime reputation in the community and demanding expectations in the office were quickly earned. Her days were increasingly filled with the non-stop demands of intensifying high-level decisions affecting people's lives.

Erika surprised people when they saw her for the first time. Her formidable manner and indomitable reputation didn't match her attractive model-like appearance. She was every bit as beautiful as she was intelligent, strategic and determined. She was 5'8" with a slender fit build, highlighted by ample 34D breasts and tight round ass. Her shoulder length blonde hair was usually pulled back for court days, otherwise left to softly frame her high cheekbones, translucent sky blue eyes and broad smile. If she wasn't the top of her class in her Ivy League law school, she could have fallen back on being a model.

Erika Reynolds's interest in law enforcement stemmed back from her childhood, watching her father rise through the ranks of the city police department. She would watch in awe as he'd leave each morning wearing his badge of authority on his impressive uniform and return each evening, shedding his belt holding his handcuffs, restraints, club and holstered firearm. He was a loving but strict no-nonsense authoritarian. His discipline was always firm with consequences. His high expectations were clear and unwavering. For Erika, his demanding nature was ironically liberating. There was a safety and freedom in her obedience to him.

Those days were long past. At 35, she was now the one in charge, with all the stresses that came with responsibility. She was the one in authority at the office and protector in the community. The weight of it all was heavier than ever.

If she couldn't have a drink, there were other ways she knew to help her relax in the seclusion of her office before driving home after a brutal day like this. She reached deep into an inside pocket of her purse and retrieved her small, trusty but explosive vibe. She pulled her knee-length black skirt up around her waist, pushing her right hand with the vibe under her panties until it rest between the folds of her labia, and on her clit. She looked up to make sure all of it was hidden behind her large desk in the relative darkness of her office. She pushed the button. The vibe suddenly came to life in all the right ways. She could feel her nipples instantly tighten, pushing through her white bra beneath her white button-up blouse. "Gawd yes," she thought. Her breathing quickened with the arousal.

Erika's mind instantly went to thoughts of her husband Tom. They had met in college. He was a tall muscular 6'5" with brown hair, and striking Irish blue eyes that had a way of penetrating her soul. He worked in a totally different world as a high school social science teacher and football coach. Even more than his gorgeous physique, Erika loved that he was the kindest and (other than her father) the strongest man she had ever met. She felt safe with him. Erika knew that she could go home and ask anything of him, including fucking the stress of the day out of her, and he would gladly do so. She still might, but she couldn't resist enjoying the quiet moment by herself with the pleasure of her vibe. Thoughts of Tom's naked body wrapped around her filled her mind as she slid down lower into the plush comfort of the large leather chair.

Erika's breathing became faster; her mouth went dry as the orgasm grew within her. "Oh gawd," she said to herself as she pressed the small bullet harder against her. The intense stress of the day, and build up to it was all focused now on her pussy. She instinctively reached her other hand up to her breast, squeezing it before pinching her nipple that had grown large enough to capture through her blouse. "Oh shit!" she said out loud. The orgasm was growing like a tidal wave ready to break over her. "Oh gawd, Oh Gawd!" she screamed, trying desperately to keep her voice down as her ass squirmed in the leather seat.

Just as the climax was about to wash over her, her cell phone buzzed alive on her desk. Erika looked down at the glow of the phone and saw Tom's smiling face and his name emblazoned across the front. She tried desperately to regain her composure and normal breathing to answer the phone before it went to voicemail.

"Hiiii Tom," she said in a breathy voice, desperately wanting to return the still buzzing vibe to her soaked tender skin.

"Hi Erika. Congratulations on the case. Twitter is blowing up about it," he complimented.

"Thanks," she said. "The son-of-a-bitch will be behind bars a long time," she said with satisfaction, her voice still breathy.

"Are you on your way home soon? We can celebrate. I have everything ready here."

Erika knew that meant he had drinks poured, dinner ready, soft music playing and knowing him, even a bath drawn for her.

"Yeah, just about to leave," she said.

"What's that sound? Is that your vibe?" he asked, knowing the familiar sound well.

Erika couldn't lie to Tom. She knew better anyway. He had the hearing of a cat. She also felt safe, never having to hide anything from him. "Yes," she admitted, a bit sheepishly.

"There in the office?" he asked.

"Everyone's gone home," she said. "I thought I'd tie up some loose ends, let rush hour die down a bit. The day's been so stressful, I thought..."

"Come home," Tom interrupted with a loving firmness in his voice. "I'll make you cum all night long if you want," he promised. She knew he could.

"OK," she said. "It'll just take a couple minutes to finish things up and I'll be on my way."

"Come now Erika," Tom said, knowing her well enough that what she was going to finish up was the orgasm ready to overwhelm her.

There was something about the firmness in Tom's voice that made her even more aroused. "Oh Tom," she said. "I'm so close."

"Not like you're going to be," he said. "Don't you dare take yourself."

Erika felt torn with her pussy so close to glorious pleasure yet Tom's firm voice telling her not to. She couldn't turn him down. "I'm leaving now."

During the fifteen-minute drive home, Erika couldn't help reflecting on the experience of the brief phone call with Tom. It took her back to something primal in her. As aroused as she was by her favorite vibe in the dark solitude of her office, there was something more irresistible about the firmness of Tom's command to not take herself. Maybe her response was heightened by her exhaustion after the long intense buildup of the big case in addition to the increasing weight of responsibility at her high-powered job. She knew Tom loved her; she trusted him more than anyone. She couldn't wait to fall into his arms. Her pussy still tingled from the attention she had given it in the office; she couldn't resist fingering herself as she drove the last stretch through neighborhood streets before pulling into the refuge of her garage.

As she opened the door, her senses took in the welcome of what felt like an otherworldly retreat. Candles lit every room in the house. The aroma of dinner filled the first level of the house. Tom stood in front of her holding two glasses of their favorite wine. He was wearing only a pair of slacks and a tight grey V-neck shirt that showed off his muscular physique. He had no shoes on. Soft music played in the background.

Erika smiled at his thoughtful welcome. The top button of her blouse was still unbuttoned. She took the wine glass from him, pushed up with her feet to raise herself for her lips to meet his, and gave him a long kiss. There was something magical when her thick lips connected with his. She felt his strong arm around her. She was home. Her body began to relax, lost in his embrace. She stepped back and looked up at him as she emptied the entire glass of expensive wine. She licked her lips as she allowed the first of the buzz to begin. Tom refilled her glass. Danielle kicked off her shoes.

"What do you want to do first to celebrate?" he asked. "We can eat, we can relax first, we can..."

"You tell me Tom," she interrupted. "I can't make any more decisions. Lead me through the night. Take me away from it all. Tell me what to do and I'll do it," she said with a soft resolve.

"You know better than to make an offer like that to me," he said.

"I do. Try me. That's exactly why I did. It's not an offer Tom, it's a promise," she answered with a sultry look up at him as she took another long sip of wine.

"Dinner's still got some time. Let's go upstairs and start this right."

Erika immediately took Tom's hand and as he led her up the stairs. As they stepped into the plush spacious bedroom, she saw candles lit the room and bathroom. She smiled. As she looked closer she saw the large tub was filled with a hot bubble bath. The soft music continued through the whole-house speaker system. "Tell me what you want," she asked.

"Time to take these clothes off." Tom started to pull his own shirt off.

"Ah, ah," she said, reaching for his shirt herself. "Make me do it. I'm serious Tom. Tell me what you want me to do," she repeated.

Tom smiled. "Take my shirt off," he said.

"Yes sir," Erika said encouragingly as she smiled back at his order. She slowly pealed the shirt off of him, revealing his muscular chest and abs. Erika moaned with pleasure as her fingers caressed his skin.

"Take your blouse off," he said.

"Yes sir." Erika relaxed into the freedom of his commands. She slowly unfastened each button, revealing more cleavage the lower she went. Her nipples were still hard, pressing through her bra. She pulled the blouse off of her shoulders and let it drop behind her.

"Now your bra," he said.

Erika reached back behind her, unclasped the bra and pulled it from the front of her body. Her large firm tits stood still; her dark nipples stood out in front of her above her large dark areoles. Tom's hands reached out to touch the soft beauty of her breasts.

"Now your skirt," he said.

She unzipped the back of the skirt before allowing it to simply fall around her feet.

"The rest of it," he said.

Erika bent over, keeping her legs straight, and sexily pulled her panties over her tight round ass and down her long legs until they fell around her ankles. She stood up and stepped out of them, standing naked in front of Tom. She looked gorgeous in the flickering light of the candles.

"Now my pants," Tom said.

Erika knelt down in front of Tom, unbuttoned and unzipped his slacks, before reaching in and pulling his pants and boxers down. "Mmmmm," she moaned. Tom's beautiful ten-inch tool bounced up in front of her eyes, slapping his muscular abs. Tom stepped out of his pants.

"May I?" Erika asked, further demonstrating her submission to him.

"You may," Tom said with a smile. Erika couldn't resist leaning forward and wrapping her lips around his large bulby purple head. She savored the feel and taste of his dick, licking precum from the top.

"Get in the bath," Tom said.

Erika stood up and led him into the bathroom. The scent of the bath and flickering of the candles was overwhelmingly romantic to her. She stepped into the water that was still hot. Tom stepped in behind her. They sat down, buried in the thick layer of soothing foam bubbles floating above the water. Tom began by using a large sponge to massage Erika's tired body. She enjoyed the feel of the porous loofa moving across her body, and his dick pressing against her lower back. Tom reached around her body and moved the sponge between her legs. Erika dropped her head back on his shoulder. Tom's other hand fondled her breast as the sponge did its work on her love box.

"Mmmmm," Erika moaned as she took in the therapeutic feel of the warm soapy water, the emotional escape surrounded by Tom's strong arms and the arousal of the sponge's stimulation. Her breathing began to race as her orgasm began to grow. Tom stopped before the orgasm could have its way.

"Turn around and fuck me," Tom whispered, sensing Erika was close to climax.

Erika turned around in the water so she straddled his lap facing him. Tom took in the sight of her beauty, covered in the sexy suds. She rose up on her knees to press her well-endowed firm tits into his face while lowering herself onto his dick.

"That's it," Tom said as her love box swallowed his entire length beneath the water. "Fuck me," he said.

Erika took another long sip of wine before slowly moving her body to obey. Her movements caused small waves to form in the tub, causing some to spill out of the tub. Erika continued, lost in the magic of the candles, music, hot bubbles and Tom's dick buried deep into her. Erika gasped. Her ass shook as the orgasm that had been in the making for days grew again inside her. She dropped her head back as she started to ride Tom hard, coaxing her orgasm toward the highest peak of pleasure.

Tom could hold his no longer. "Oh yes!" he yelled. His cum filled her pussy, further lubricating her for the pounding she was demanding from it. Erika kept fucking him wildly, draining him. Cold chills covered her body despite the warm water surrounding them; her nipples stood out an inch as if begging to be taken in by Tom's mouth in front of them. The intensity of the approaching euphoria felt climactic. Tom suddenly pulled out, still hard, pressing against the back of her ass.

"Oh gawd no, no," she begged. "I'm going to cum!"

Tom knew Erika well. His torture of withdrawal would only serve to intensify her orgasm when he would allow it.

"Not yet," he said in his cool voice.

"Oh gawd Tom. Please," she begged, knowing what he was doing to her. She also knew better. The more she begged, the more he would deny her. The more desperate she became, the more intense the orgasm would be from the arousal of his control.

She collapsed onto him, her cheek resting on his shoulder. Her perfect soap covered body rested on his in the bed of suds.

"Let's have dinner," he said coyly.

They got out of the tub and toweled each other off, taking their time. Erika reached for her robe; Tom stopped her. "There's no reason for that tonight," he said. "Let's go downstairs for dinner."

Erika relished the sound of that and of his control. She felt the heightened risk she might be exposed by passersby looking in, or if someone came by. Erika smiled. "As you wish," she said as she took his hand and was led to the dining room table. She felt her muscles relax, her stresses melting away. She felt free with Tom in the refuge of their home. She was desperate to give. It was an entirely different world than the intensity of her work.

They leisurely enjoyed the elegant candlelit dinner in the freedom of their nakedness. Erika couldn't help lusting at Tom as they ate. He was so kind and so strong. As each minute passed, she wanted so badly to fuck him again; she was desperate to cum. They finished off a second bottle of wine.

"I love this," Erika confessed, as they were finishing dinner. "It is a completely different world than at work; I wish the whole day was like this."

"Sitting naked eating a meal?" Tom asked.

Erika giggled. "No," she said. "Feeling so relaxed and free of responsibility."

"That's because I'm in charge," he said with a smile.

Erika knew he was right. There was no doubt in her mind that it was partly that she was feeling a little drunk and partly because she was feeling very horny sitting naked across the table from her gorgeous husband. But down deep she knew that even more than being a horny drunk, she felt most free and alive having given Tom complete control. She would do anything for him.

"I wish I could feel this way at work," she blurted. "It feels like two completely different worlds."

"I suppose I could run for mayor to be your boss at work," he said jokingly.

"I'd like that," she said.

"You probably wouldn't," he said, leaning in. "I'd be a tough demanding mayor expecting complete obedience from my DA. We'd have to have long private one-on-one meetings. There would be significant consequences for any insubordination." The sexual innuendo was strong.

"Mmmm, my boss at work and at home" she said. Erika's eyes looked up at him with a new look of discovery. "That's it," she said.

"I'm not going to run for mayor," Tom said. "I was joking."

"You don't have to," Erika answered.

"I know that devilish look in your eye," he said. Whenever she had that look, it meant she had an idea, and would not give up on it easily.

"You don't have to be mayor to have my complete obedience at work," she said, surprising them both. Erika had worked hard to rise to her elevated position as DA. It made no sense to do anything to put that at risk. However, the increasing intensity of her job's demands and responsibilities were not sustainable without some kind of release or detachment built in. "You're right," she went on. "I feel this way tonight because you are in charge. That's not true at work, but from now on it will be."

"What are you saying?" Tom asked.

"I run a demanding office because I am completely in charge all the time. I'm not just in charge during the day. What I say goes, no matter what time of day it is."

"That's true," Tom said. "That's why you get paid the big bucks."

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