I lay there in the darkness as I attempt to let sleep wash over me. Just as the veil of drowsiness approaches I feel fingers, like feathers brush across my cheek. I do not know whether to open my eyes and break the dream or keep them closed and enjoy. My head screams hey shouldn't you be afraid here? What the hell is touching you? But common sense says that my doors and windows are always locked, (I am perhaps too cautious there) and I hear not even a speck of dust move.

Again the fingers touch me but now I feel a brush from my cheek to my neck. I shiver while goose bumps dimple my skin. I feel no heat, only energy coming from this silent admirer. Then the sensation runs from my neck to the crevice between my breasts making my buds instantly spring to life wondering what will happen next. Even though it is warm in my room, my body is behaving as though it is chilled, with goose bumps and shivers running through me.

Just as I was beginning to enjoy this feeling, it stopped. Still no sound, no footsteps, no breath, nothing and then both of my calves pick up the sensation, these fingers sweeping all the way up to my heat, brushing tenderly the folds of my core, my flower if you will. (I have never been good at using those words that come so easily to others) I feel as if the shivers turn to fire and I am on the edge of a storm. Then it stops, damn it! I wait hoping that like before it will return, but in the midst of waiting my body begins to relax, my heart slows and sleep begins to overtake me again.

My mind suddenly becomes clear and I know where I have felt this energy before. In my meditations I walk this forest path, and find my sacred space. I kneel in this open circle amongst the trees my knees touching the silken grass. The sun falls around me turning my brown hair to a fiery auburn, and my pale skin to a shimmering sunset pink. In this meditation I open my eyes to behold a pair of the greenest eyes I have ever seen inches from my face. I tried to keep my bearings and see to whom they belonged, but before I could, I was taken in by a rather delicious kiss. The kiss was long and slow burning like the embers of a dying fire. He smelled as lovely as the grass on which I was kneeling and tasted like summer mint. When he wills the kiss broken, for I would not dare to do so I open my eyes again to see whom has now captured my heart. Alas he has vanished from my sight. I hear only a name in the wind, "Erskine," it snaked its way through the trees and brushed into my ears. I meditated till the sunset turned to moonlight and when finally I was bathed in the silver of moonbeams I rose and walked back into consciousness.

I knew after that memory that this was the man I felt tonight. I still lay with my eyes closed wishing for him or at least sleep to visit me again. But before I could fall into the folds of my dreams, I feel the hair around my ear shift away and two simple words spoken in that same vapor of a voice "My love." Then as if he had never left, my body lit on fire again.

Even with my eyes closed I could perceive the glow around him, feel this incredible light that he was giving off. I wanted so badly to see him yet was afraid to open my eyes that he might disappear into the mist. So I squeezed them closed in fear of breaking the sweet dream I was in. I feel him lifting me for a kiss and again he tasted of mint and now lavender and something a bit earthier though I could not distinguish it from the other tastes. The sensations reached below me now, the back of my head tingled and burned under his touch, yet all the while light as air. His other hand lifted my hips to meet his, I could feel my nightgown move, and his touch on the skin of my cheeks. Kissing, kissing, never stopped, I thought my tongue would fail me from exhaustion, but no the fire drove me further. The room lit up even more under the skin of my lids. He whispered for me to open my eyes and go with him, though I did not know his language, my heart knew what to do.

My breath was knocked out of me when I actually beheld this beautiful man. His hair as green as the grass we now lay upon, with skin a pale blue, it shimmered in a light I had only guessed at when my eyes were closed, his touch now as real as any man's made my heart and lust grown to depths I did not know were possible. He reached around me and pulled me close and kissed me so deeply that all knowledge and sense were plundered from my brain. He laid my head down on the grass and looked at me for what may have been minutes but seemed like hours.

"For years you have been coming to my grove, tempting me from afar. I prayed for your meditations that you would return to me. But you have been so long in coming that I pushed past the veil that separates our worlds and took you for my own."

I could barely speak at these words but I managed to whisper "I was so sad when you went away from me the first time that I could not bear to let my heart come back here. I did not know what I had done to offend you and could not risk doing so again."

"My darling you never offended, just puzzled me as to how to bridge our worlds, I knew that there had to be a way for us to be one, without ripping you from your home permanently."

"How then did you manage it? How will this work? Do you not want me with you always?" I had so many questions but one kissed silenced me.

"There is time for all to be explained, but for now we must love."

Oh and did we love, we loved till the sun became moon and back till the wind became our song and the moonbeams our blanket. He pulled me so close whispering words that revived my soul and lit me from within. He laid me upon that grass that had been our meeting place and then met me in a whole new way. As he entered me I felt every inch of him melding with me and yet offering sweet contrast. Our skin glowing in creams and blues, we lit up that forest with cries of bliss. Neither of us sweating for the wind blew it away keeping us in comfort. When he finally spent himself and saw to it that I was spent, I had wondered if he had planted a seed that may grow. I secretly wished that he did, though being of two different worlds I knew the improbability of it all. But reading my mind he just smiled and winked at me. I could only wonder at what this all meant. My mind did not have too long to race for we fell asleep in that sweet grass to the lights of the fireflies.

Mmmmm what a beautiful dream I thought as the sun let me know that it was well past time to wake up. But as I stretch my arm to shake away the sleep I see a bracelet of green vines imprinted on the skin of my wrist. I can barely breathe as I realize that my dream has become my new reality. Ooh I can not wait to meditate and dream again, I know there is more to learn and can not wait to do so.

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