tagInterracial LoveEscape from Boredom

Escape from Boredom


My name is Amy and I want to tell you about my life thus far. I hope you will enjoy my story. Some of you may even have thought about you life in the same way. But, for now, just listen to it and you can tell me about yours when I'm finished.

I've been married to Stephen for the last twenty-seven years. The first fifteen were wonderful. We had three beautiful babies and they all have made it good in the world. Stephen was very much in love with me and he dotted on me constantly.

We have a beautiful home in Falls Church and are considered pillars of the community. We attend every event and Stephen always heads on or more committees. I always bake cakes and pie to share with our neighbors.

He had a good job and made enough money where I wouldn't have to work and could stay home and take care of the kids and the house. I was happy, he was happy and the children were happy too.

I don't really know what changed. Just that, one day, Stephen came home angry and has been that way for the past four years.

The kids are all grown and two are in college. One is married and expecting our first grandchild.

My days are my own and I really enjoy playing on the computer. I have met many people on the IM chats that I have almost every day.

I've made some girlfriends that I've actually met and I have talked to several interesting men. I have been talking to one man for six months and now he wants to meet me.

I've told him that I'm married and that I have children. But he doesn't really care. He just likes me for who I am and he wants to meet me. So he asked me if I would meet him at a hotel in Stanford.

I'm thinking seriously of going. I have even thought of telling Stephen that my sister is sick and needs some help. She will back me up if he calls. But I don't think that he will.

So I told Melvin that I would meet him. I'm so nervous. I can't believe that I'm going to go. If my kids ever found out they would probably disown me as their mother.

But I have to go. Something in me stirred when I started talking to Melvin and I really feel the need to be with him. I want to feel his strong arms holding me and making all of the bad things in my life go away.

I called my sister yesterday and she said she would cover for me... tell Stephen that I'm visiting a neighbor or went shopping, if he should call.

I've been packing for the last two days. I'm going to be staying for the weekend and Monday so I'll have to have clothes for four days. My pussy gets wet every time I think of the trip. I have to still myself to keep from getting giddy like a schoolgirl.

I know once I see Melvin's face, I will fall in love with him. I just know somehow. Did I tell you that he's black? I've always fantasized about a black lover; someone who can make me feel like I've really been satisfied.

Stephen's six-inches sure doesn't cut it anymore! Of course, he doesn't give it to me much either. I've never asked Melvin how large he is, but I'm sure it's bigger than eight-inches; even though he's never told me his size.

I get wet just thinking about our meeting. I wish I were leaving today. But I can wait. Saturday morning I will be dressed and on the road by six. I should be there no later than noon.


Melvin will take me in his arms and kiss me, touch me and make me feel like a beautiful woman once again.

I'm nervous, just a little but mostly excited. My pussy is so wet at the thought of his hands on my body. My lips on his. His hard cock pressing against me and pushing deep into my moist cunt.

Ahhhhhhh... I can imagine the joy of my clit as he licks me.

The drive was longer than I expected but when I arrived at the hotel, he was waiting at the front door for me.

I didn't know it was him until he approached me. "Amy?" he asked as I was pulling my bag out of the trunk.

I turned and there he stood. Maybe two inches taller than me. His chocolate skin was smooth and soft. His smile wide and white. His eyes, dark and deep with passion.

I smiled as I looked upon his kind face.

"You're more beautiful than I expected," he said softly. He kissed my cheek then took my bags. "Let me help you with those."

Melvin took the bags and with one hand on the small of my back guided me into the hotel. It was very luxurious. The elevator was gold and had a small couch in it for those who had to go to the top floor I guessed.

Melvin was on the fifth floor and the view was beautiful There was a park and beyond it a river. I watched as one slowly passed. Then I turned to this man that my heart cried out for.

He walked up to me and said, "I've waited so long for someone like you. You are so beautiful! I would like to kiss you."

"Oh please do. I haven't been kissed in such a long time," I pleaded.

Melvin wrapped his strong arms around me and pulled me close. I felt the hardness between his legs and our bodies collided and somehow fell back onto the bed. My skirt slipped up above my panties and his hardness pressed against me.

We rolled around on the bed, kissing and touching and exploring the intimate places we wanted to touch for months.

He was gentle at first. He slowly unbuttoned my silk blouse and unhooked the front lock of my bra. My heavy breast feel from their restraints and his mouth caught one as it fell.

Melvin's tongue lapped at the erect nipple and I moaned from the pleasure he gave me. On hand found its way into my sheer panties and his fingers pinched my erect clit.

"Ohhhh yesssssss" I moaned as the stress of the past year flowed from my being.

I pulled my head off the pillow and watched as his mouth covered my wanting cunt. His tongue darted in and out of my thirsty pussy and my hips lifted off the sheets trying to force him deeper and deeper into my body.

"I want you, I whispered softly. I want you to fuck me and make me the tramp I long to be. Make me fuck you and suck you and then do it all over again. I don't want one minute to pass without us enjoy one another's body." I instructed him.

Melvin sat up on his knees. His ten-inch Johnson bouncing up and down, a drop of precum gleaming on its head.

I leaned over and licked the fluid. Then sat up, licked my lips and cooed.... Mmmmmm good!"

He pushed me back onto the bed and slipping off my panties, he spread my legs wide open.

He climbed off the bed and slowly took his shirt off. Then he threw off his shoes and dropped his jeans.

My heart beat fast as I watched him. His skin was flawless and so smooth. It felt like silk to the touch.

Melvin reached out to me. I took his hand. He pulled me off the bed and continued to unclothe me.

Standing there, in front of the open window, I felt free for the first time in years. I touched my erect nipples and then my wet pussy. I felt no shame at taking pleasure of my own skin.

Melvin knelt before me. His tongue gently licked at my clit.

My legs felt weak. I placed my hands on his wide shoulders to support myself. His tongue flicked in and out of the wetness between my legs.

"You have sweet pussy!" he whispered between licks. "I want to suck you for a good long time!"

"Oh yes, Marvin, I want that too. Then when you can go no longer, I'll suck you and fuck you and give you pleasures beyond your dreams." I promised.

"I know that you will baby, I know that you will" he whispered then pushed a long finger deep into my pool of pleasure.

When he finally took me to a level that I had never been, I was seeing purple light through the windows. Hours had past. My muscles were weak and my body soaked with sweat and cum.

"Are you hungry, my love?" he asked.

"Oh yes, I am. But first I'm thirsty!"

I rolled over and pushed him onto the wet spread. I took his dark cock into my hand and stroked it slowly at first while I licked its heart shaped head. Once it was solid I stood above him and slid down was deep as my pussy would go.

"Ohhhhhhh," Melvin sighed. "What a sweet pussy!"

His hands grabbed my waist and slowly moved my body up and down on the stiff shaft beneath me.

I started pinching my nipples; they cried out for attention.

I assisted his cock by massaging my throbbing clit. My knees were like spaghetti I had no control.

The sun had set and the moon was halfway up in the sky.

Melvin's slick dick fucked me for a long time. Stephen had never fucked me this long, even when he had loved me and wanted to make a family with me.

Suddenly, Melvin made a move I hadn't expected. He flipped me over and I lay face down on the bed.

I felt him touching the crease of my ass with the tip of his hard cock. "I want to fuck your tight ass, baby," he whispered hoarsely

"Is it going to hurt?" I asked a bit nervous. "I've never been fucked in the ass," I explained.

"I'll be as gentle as I can," he whispered as he spread something cold on my butt.

Then I felt a pressure as my butt began to burn. It was the force of his large member pushing its way through uncharted territory.

It hurt, it burned and I bit my lip so as not to cry out. Blood trickled and fell on the white pillowcase. My fingers tore into the soft pillow where I lay.

Melvin groaned, huffed and puffed as he forced his long prick deep into my anus. It hurt but he whispered softly... "You're so tight. You feel so good! I'm not gonna be able to do this for long... Oh Yeah! That's it baby. Give it to me... Ohhhhhhhhhh!" he cried as he spilled his hot seed into my tight butt.

His body shook with pleasure; he reached around and pinched my nipples once again. His shrinking prick slipped out of ass and he rolled off of me.

Breathing hard, he whispered. "Baby, that was great! Give me ten minutes and I'll pleasure you!"

He lay back onto a wet pillow and soon his breathing was rhythmic. His chest rose and fell and his eyes closed.

I rolled off the bed and climbed into the shower. The warm water soothed my travel weary body. As it trickled over my smooth skin, I followed its path to my wanton pussy...

I slipped two fingers in my cunt and massaged my clit as the warmth consumed me. Closing my eyes, I leaned against the cool ceramic tiles. I aligned the showerhead to tickle my fancy and spread my legs wide to allow it entrance.

As the water soothed me, I closed my eyes and dreamed of being fucked by Melvin's cock. I couldn't wait for the penetration, so deep and filling that I would explode like dynamite as soon as he was deep in my pussy.

Closing my eyes, I allowed my mind to wander to fantasies that danced in my head; such as Melvin sucking my clit as I pressed his face deep into my pussy. His tongue darting in and out of my cunt while my hips fuck his face.

My hand touched a sensitive spot and I moaned aloud. "Ahhh yes... do it good baby!"

The shower door flew open. Melvin stood there, nude, his dong hanging half way down his thigh. It's head full and dark. He stepped into the warm water and knelt before me.

Using two fingers, he separated my pussy lips and inserted his tongue. I placed my hands firmly on the back of his head and guided him in and out of my hot cunt.

"Tongue fuck me baby! Give me what I need. Make me cum. Make my body wrack with pleasure. Make me cry out to you. Give it to me. Fuck me like the bitch I am!" I cried loudly.

Melvin followed my instructions, then he stood up and his fully erect penis collided with my open pussy. Deeply he penetrated me. So deep it found a stop sign three-quarters of the way in.

He banged and banged against the pleasure spot until my body whither with joy and I cried out "Don't stop! Fill me full of you. Fill the pussy full of your seed... I don't want it to end! I need something to hold onto you!"

His seed spilled over and ran down my legs. My body slid down the shower wall and I knelt before him. His dripping prick slipped back into my mouth and I suckled him as a baby does a tit.

I was ravenous. Melvin pulled me off his prick and lifted me into his arms. His mouth covered mine; his tongue darted deep into my throat. He took my wet body out of the shower and carried me back into the bedroom.

The darkness had covered the sky and the stars sparkled beside the full moon. Melvin carried me to the window. My breast squashed against the cooling glass gave me another orgasm.

He slipped his dick into my pussy and standing there, watching the moon float across the midnight sky, he fucked me hard and fast. No protection, no indication that he would fill me with his seed. He fucked me with abandon. Finally, he fell on the floor. His prick shrinking, his breath heavy.

I bent over him; my mouth covered his still spilling dick. I licked at his cum and swallowed it as it tried to escape. His body shook with pleasure and his hands pressed the back of my head and moved it up and down.

He spilled his seed once again then fell limp. His eyes closed and soon his breathing became deep as sleep consumed him.

I lay next to him, my arm around his broad chest. My hand on my pussy. I masturbated until sleep overtook me.

I don't know what time it was, but his dick being inserted into my still sticky cunt awaked me.

"I want to give you something to remember me," he whispered. "We'll always be connected that way."

"Oh yes, I want to be connected to you... You know how to please me like no man has in a long time. I want your gift. I'll treasure it and nourish it. I'll make you proud."

"I hope he's just like you, kind and gentle and loving. He will be my pride and joy." I promised him.

Melvin opened my legs wide and his prick penetrated me deeper than the night before. He fucked me slow and deep. He looked me in the eyes as his body connected with mine and when he shot his hot seed into me, he kissed me deeply. His tongue rolling around with mine as his seed planted itself deep in my pussy, insuring that it would grow.

Once penetrated, he helped me off the floor and we showered together. He licked my breasts clean then my clit. My legs shivered and he supported me. Melvin washed my back and I washed his.

It felt good to feel loved again. I was sad that I had only a few more hours to spend with him. But I was determined to make the best of it.

After our shower, we called room service. The food was delicious and we fed one another. We laughed and talked until it was time to check out of the hotel.

When Melvin placed me safely behind my steering wheel, his tongue penetrated my mouth. His hand found my uncovered pussy free for his touch.

"While you're driving home, I want you to touch yourself each time you stop at a red light." he instructed me. "And take good care of him when he decides to come home."

"I will and every time I look of him, I'll remember you and how you gave me the love I so desperately needed." I kissed him deeply and drove away.

That was ten months ago. Jeffery, my new son, is beautiful. He has his father's smile and a mixture of our skin tones. He is light chocolate.

My children love him, even though he is not their father's son. He is a happy little boy. He is surrounded by love.

Stephen found new love for me. He thinks I was raped. But Jeffery and I know that I wasn't. We know he was conceived in love.

I sent Melvin pictures of Jeffery. He is proud of his son. He wants to meet him one day. I know Jeffery will love that and love him.

I think it will be a long while before I'm bored again...

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