tagNonHumanEternal Ch. 04

Eternal Ch. 04


Enough to make Contract w/me?

"Uh, what?" Harry asked. "Would that mean you'd own my soul or something? I'm still not clear on what exactly you are now."

Contract, sort of, and demon. Don't worry--won't go to Hell for Contract. Ghost attempted a smile as she flipped the page to the back. If did go to Hell, could keep other demons from getting you. But don't think you're going. Want Contract to talk w/you--comes w/telepathy.

She could not taste his fear, the way she could taste his lust, but she knew from his face that he was frightened by this talk. His trust in her, however, was even stronger than she'd realized. "This is a lot to spring on a guy who's just woken up," he told her, "but I'd like to be able to talk to you, too. What do we do?"

Ghost tore the sheet away, and wrote on a new page. Alive, so need to know & want Contract. Won't have usual "do whatever I say"--not fair while I'm dating you.

"Dating?" Harry sounded mildly insulted.

'Till death do us part. Don't think they'd let me in church again. There were other reasons, of course, but now was not the time to reveal them. Anyways. Telepathy. Want that. When commanded, numb to pain--saved my life once. Want that?

"Um, aren't you already dead?"

Sort of. Complicated. There were things she didn't want to talk about, and then there were things she really didn't want to talk about.

". . . I'll take it."

Ghost kept a running list on one sheet, while writing her comments on others. Lower body temp. if you get fever. Slow or speed metabolism--good if out of food. Control blood flow. Build muscle, slowly. Faster movement & reactions--comes free w/Contract w/demon like me.

"Check, check, check . . ."

Make you horny on command. At the look on his face, Please? Just want to be fed.

"Wait, are you saying you eat . . ."

Ghost looked disgusted as she shook her head. I eat lust. Love, too, but lust's more filling.

"I'm dating a succubus." Harry seemed to be trying out the phrase, seeing how it fit in his mind.

"Tempter." Imps, tempters, devourers, sword spiders, greater demons--weakest to strongest. Ghost realized she was getting off-topic. Be glad I'm not sword spider. They eat pain and sorrow! And devourers eat anything, emotion or not--nearly ate me once!

"But if you eat lust, that's still kind of . . . Wait, have you done this before?"

Can't eat lust from demons, and couldn't teleport to Earth--don't know why can now. In Hell, emotions flow in rivers, like water . . . Off-topic again, and running out of pages as well! I'll explain later. Do you agree to contract?

"I'm still too asleep not to agree. Go ahead, make me yours. I trust you--you're constitutionally incapable of doing anything to hurt someone."

Ghost thought that over. He was caught off guard when she suddenly hugged him. You're wrong, she wrote, once they'd finally separated, but nice to know someone thinks of me that way.

Harry carefully avoided that argument. "So, do I sign my name in blood?"

Never done it before, but demon needs to drink something. Doesn't have to be blood. Know what I'd find fun.

"So you do--"

She shut him up with a sensuous kiss.

As always, Ghost took the lead in their lovemaking. With the covers pushed aside, and Harry's pajamas pulled down, what remained of her lips soon found their way to his cock. For a moment, she felt a familiar pang of sadness--she couldn't give him a true blowjob, not with a mouth like hers--but as she took his cock inside her, she knew that he didn't care. The twin tastes of his love and his lust were like caramel on a sundae, and she could feel his pleasure running through her--

Wait, what?

My God, Leila, Ghost heard Harry think, is this what it feels like to be you? You really aren't human--I'm only getting bits of this, and I can still barely stand it.

Looking back on it, Ghost later thought that she handled her sudden feeling of male arousal pretty well. Now do you believe that you're the best lay I've had? Love makes everything so much sweeter.

The connection only strengthened as she licked and sucked at him, and pleasure soon drove coherent thought from both their minds. The boundary between them vanished in a joyous spray, and a single joined mind drank deeply of body and soul.

"You really are full of surprises, you know that?" Harry asked, when he was finally Harry again.

I didn't even know telepathy could do that, Ghost replied. Then again, this is only my second Contract. Maybe it's possible to keep that from happening if you know how.

"I don't see why anyone would want to," Harry said. "Give me twenty minutes, and I'll be ready to do that again!"

I don't think you need twenty minutes, Ghost told him. You let me control your blood flow, remember?

"Dammit, should have known--" Harry began, before she silenced him once more.

-- -- -- --

Sated at last, the two lazed in bed, the sunlight through the window warming them in the late-February cold. That's it, then, Ghost said. So long as I don't dissolve the Contract, we're bound together forever.

She had some difficulty phrasing what came next. Sex means both more and less to a tempter than to a human, because when we like someone, we like having sex with them. On the one hand, sex with any one person doesn't matter quite so much. On the other hand, when we go without sex, or only have sex with people we hate . . . It's been a long time since I've had a really good fuck, and I want you to know that this means a lot to me.

"I love you too, Leila," Harry said. "I've been saying it a lot, haven't I? I just wish I'd said it more, back then."

In a way, it comforts me, she told him. I'm not the Leila you knew, but I'd like to be, and you make me feel like I can be her someday. But Harry, don't get so attached to that idea of me that you lose sight of what I am. If you ever decide we're better off apart, I promise you that I'll dissolve the Contract.

"And that right there," he said, "is the most Leila thing you've said since you came back." He ran a finger along the edge of Ghost's mouth. "The shape of your lips is different now, but the texture of them is pure Leila. There's Leila in your smell, Leila in your eyes--your real eyes--and even Leila in your insistence that you're not Leila. You've always been the martyr type. Resist that temptation, and be happy with what you have."

Harry, there's a story I'd like to tell you. Please don't say anything until I've finished.

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