tagBDSMEvelyn's Debt Ch. 03

Evelyn's Debt Ch. 03


It was a difficult first few days for Evelyn as the weather had changed and the warm winds blew. She had thought her long hair would cover the statement her ear lobes were making but the wind took away that protection. Every now and again someone would walk by just as the wind blew and see her ear lobes. They would read the words and then smile at her and giggle. She was completely humiliated. The only saving grace was that no one she knew had seen them.

By midweek Evelyn had almost forgotten the words in her ear lobes and settled in to diligently work on her school assignments. One night however she was in the library with her friend Amy when she absent mindedly ran her hands through her hair exposing her lobes to Amy. She could see Amy mouth the words and a quizzical look came over her.

Amy has been Evelyn's friend for years now, probably the one friend who she could count on whenever she needed anything. The two girls looked like sisters, some type of hair and both bodies slim and both B cup breasts, though Amy's looked fuller. Amy was also almost two inches taller then Evelyn. While they looked a lot alike they were merely similar not identical. In fact Amy was more outgoing and seemed to breeze through her studies while Evelyn sometimes felt as though she was just plodding along.

Amy looked away when Evelyn glanced her way she seemed to be avoiding having to tell Evelyn what she had seen. Amy was very non intrusive and generally did not ask a lot of personal questions she waited for her friends to want to tell her things. Evelyn was grateful for that because she could not tell anyone about the degradation she has endured, the abuse she seemed to enjoyed. Just knowing that she was in some way reacting positively to the punishment and pain embarrassed Evelyn and she was not ready to talk about it, even with Amy.

Other then that incident in the library Evelyn managed to keep her 'Slut Slave" earrings a secret. As she left her apartment one morning when she had no classes she wandered the streets of the city thinking about all that had happened to her in the past few weeks. She had her virginity taken brutally, sold actually. She had been pierced in her nipples and pussy lips, tattooed on her thighs and abdomen had a slave collar permanently attached to her neck and of course the billboard earrings. She reviewed the whipping she received at her Mistress' hands and the huge butt plug implanted in her ass. She thought of all of this, she tried to determine if it was time to end her rebellion and just acquiesce to Mistress.

The thought, that Mistress planted in her about her need to feel pain, troubled her. She too was not sure if her rebel streak was truly that or just a way to get the pain inflicted on her that she wanted. She was determined to somehow find out and if it was the pain she really wanted she would have to learn to deal with that. She hardly noticed where she had walked but when she looked up she was in front of an adult novelty store and she quickly decided to go in.

She looked around and saw lots of different sex toys and clothing but she was drawn to the area of devices that were for those for whom pain was candy. She looked at the BDSM section. She decided that she would buy some things from this area and try to inflict pain on herself and see what happened. She picked up a device that was used to inflict torturous pain on a woman's nipples. It looked like a vise or something and you attached one end to your nipples then screwed it open causing the device attached to your nipples to pull them away from your body, stretch them to whatever limit you could. She also picked up another butt plug, this one even larger then the one Mistress had rammed into her ass. And as a final thought she recalled Mistresses advice to use a lubrication to prevent tearing and injury to her anal canal.

She walked home gingerly excited to try out these devices, eager to learn more about her. She quickly rushed into her apartment and locked her door behind her taking her purchases to her bedroom. She lit a candle and after reading the directions for the lube and the nipple device she lowered the lights and stripped naked.

She first lubricated the old butt plug planning to use that one to open her ass before the new larger one was inserted. She took the old plug and placed it beneath her ass and sat down on it. The initial penetration was painful but nothing at the level of the first time it was used. Once she had it seated and was able to accustom herself to the fullness she walked about her apartment feeling the tremendous acceleration of her excitement. She could feel her pussy moistening and her nipples tightening. She went back to her bedroom and assembled the nipple device and reviewed its operation.

After sufficient time had elapsed she reached behind her and fished the plug out of her ass. The plop as her ass released its grip on the plug only further advanced her on coming orgasm. She took her time with the new plug making sure the lubrication was on and then as she did before she set it beneath her and slowly sat down. Getting this monster into her ass was going to take a bit more effort so she gritted her teeth and pushed her self down trying to ram it home. She succeeded and the plug forced its way into her ass and she smothered a scream, as her ass seemed to be ripping apart from the width of the plug.

Evelyn had to lie still and get control of herself, slow her breathing and give the monster time to settle in her before she could do any more. Soon she felt herself accepting the pressure and was able to move a bit. She reached over for the other device and attached it to her nipples. While one end rested on her chest, the other side of the vise like thing was about six inches away. The chains now clamped to her nipples would slowly pull away as she screwed the bars further apart. She took the time to accept the pain in her nipples from the clamping before she worked the screw.

When she was ready she slowly turned the screw. The pain as her nipples stretched was exquisite and although her eyes were watering her pussy was literally dripping. The corresponding pressure form the plug was working to put her over the edge. She continued to turn the screw and the pain intensified yet she went on. When she felt the pain unbearable she turned the screw a full turn and while she screamed continuously she also orgasmed at the same time, it was a huge orgasm and it caused her to actually shake so hard on the bed that the screw to her nipple vise fell out and she had no way to release the device.

Her screams continued as her nipples burned and her ass squirmed while her legs bounced up and down on the mattress. She was so far gone all she could do was ride the orgasm. It was so strong she stopped feeling any pain. All she felt was the pleasure as it ripped through her body again and again. At some point she passed out from the pleasure.

She awoke to a searing pain in her chest and realized that the nipple device was no longer attached. Instead she felt a warm damp feeling and she opened her eyes and saw a washcloth on each of her tits. She glanced up and through her sleep coated eyes she saw Mistress and she mumbled.

"I'm sorry, Mistress."

She was startled to hear.

"Who is Mistress? It me Amy!"

Evelyn's eyes now open wide and yes it was Amy. She was sitting on the bed with a bowl of water and she was using it to refresh the washrags on her tits. Amy must have come in while she was passed out. That meant that Amy has seen everything, all the piercing, the tattoos, her collar and the padlock on her pussy. Panic of sorts hit her and she visibly cringed as Amy asked.

"Evelyn, who is Mistress? And what happened to your body all the piercing and tattoos when did you get all of this? Not to mention I find you passed out on your bed with your breasts pulled so tight by that device and this big black thing you had in your ass."

Amy held up the butt plug. She must have removed that too. Evelyn figured out that she would have to explain everything to her. She said.

"Amy I will tell you all about it but first I want to get dressed. I feel a bit embarrassed to be here all exposed to you. Please go put on some water for tea and let me cover up. OK?"

Amy gave Evelyn the privacy to dress and she busied her self with making tea for them. It wasn't long before Evelyn appeared dressed and looking a bit embarrassed still. Once the tea was ready they each took their mug to the living room and sat on the couch together. Evelyn took her time and first sipped her tea before saying.

"Amy the short answer is that my parents financed my tuition by selling me to a woman named Mai Lyn. I am to be hers to use as she sees fit until graduation. She comes for me when she wants me, well she is supposed to call but that's another story. Any way about a month ago I was taken from my door way drugged and carried to her mansion. There I was told what would happen, watched a video from my parents explaining what has occurred what to expect and generally threatened if I did not comply."

Amy just stared at Evelyn, mouth open as she listened to the story at one point she just shook her head and then as Evelyn continued she grabbed her hand and held her as Evelyn said.

"Well I have not been the most submissive slave in her stable and she has been punishing me in many different ways. After allowing my body to be thoroughly used that first weekend she has not allowed me to masturbate or find any relief. And with my pussy locked, I could not get fucked anywhere anyway. I tried to masturbate and relieve the itch, as I call it, but not being able to penetrate my self I have not had great success. I'm sorry is this all bothering you Amy, I have been fairly graphic?"

"No, I 'm not bothered by the language but I am bothered that something like this still goes on. Is there no way out for you Evelyn?"

"If I refuse to do this they have promised to take my little sisters and bring some level of physical torture to my Dad and Mom. It's really not all that bad once you get passed the first stage and I think I have discovered that I really like the pain, that it gives me tremendous orgasms. I'm no longer a virgin and I can never get that back, but I enjoy being used that way especially since I have no responsibility for it. So no I am going to see this through, but I will do it my way as much as I can."

"So, that in the bedroom you did that to yourself just to get off?"

"Well yes and no. I had to see if I was rebelling so I could get Mistress to give me pain or if I was rebelling and just accepting the pain. I thought that if I could inflict pain on myself and see what happened I might know."

"Well what did you find out?"

"I found out that at some point the pain becomes intense pleasure for me. I did not find out anything more than that. I still think, however, that I am rebelling to be more myself and not allow all of me to become her possession. I'm only sure that in my way I will continue to rebel."

"Evelyn, I never knew that pain could bring that kind of pleasure. I don't know if I could handle half of what you told me tonight. I saw how your breasts were stretched so unnaturally. They hurt me just looking at you and when I undid them you cried out in your sleep I felt like I had hurt you."

"No, Amy you didn't. When you clamp your nipples like that you feel the immediate pain, of course, but when you undo the clamps and the blood flows back in there is more pain, sometimes even greater pain."

The two girls talked for a while. Amy asking questions and asking to see Evelyn's nipple rings. Evelyn told Amy how all of her piercing are permanent and can't be removed with out cutting the metal. Amy touching Evelyn's chastity device and asking how it felt. The girls talked about all of it and did not notice when the door opened. They did hear the woman speak to them though.

"Well Lillian I see you have a friend!"

Evelyn looked up to see Mistress and just behind her the twins.

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