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Everybody Loves Debra: Seducing Amy


Author's Note:

I've gotten some positive response to my other two Debra stories, and figured I'd write on more as my own little Debra trilogy. Many people wanted to see Debra get it on with her sister in law Amy, so that's where this story goes. Many thanks for the support, everyone, and enjoy.


Debra Barone sighed in contentment, rolling over in bed and enjoying the warmth left behind by Stephanie, Allie's new teacher and Debra's first lesbian lover. It had been a long and glorious week, with Ray and the rest of her family (including her pesky in-laws who lived across the street) out of town visiting relatives in Pennsylvania. During this week, Debra had barely left the house...and neither had Stephanie.

Stephanie had asked Debra to come to school one day to talk about Allie's lack of assertiveness, and had immediately been attracted to the older red-head. She'd stopped by Debra's house a couple of weeks later, ostensibly to discuss Allie's improvement, but in reality to get closer to Debra. The evening had gone better than she'd ever thought possible, even in her wildest dreams. Debra had not only accepted her advances, but had shown a hunger for the touch of another woman Stephanie had never seen. She'd done everything Stephanie could want, and quickly -- too quickly -- learned how to please her new young lover just the right way.

In the following days, the two had grown almost inseparably close. They almost never even left the house, except for when Stephanie went to the gym to work out. And, not only did the stay in for the week, during that time they were almost never dressed, but instead enjoyed the days as naked as they were born, with a comfort level Stephanie had never experienced. They relaxed, watched movies, cooked together, read books, talked about any and everything, and of course, made love.

Stephanie was amazed at Debra's appetite for love. Any reason was good enough for Debra to have sex, from a scene in a movie to the sound of March rain on the windows. And now that she'd grown more comfortable with lesbian sex, she was more assertive about it and more open to experimentation. And, she'd found her need for sex had grown tremendously; Debra not only made love to Stephanie two or three times a day, but would also take the time to please herself when Stephanie was away at the gym. She was becoming insatiable, and it bothered her not at all. Stephanie, of course, was delighted to find that this beautiful older woman had such appetites, and indulged her every want. The first time they'd had sex that night she'd come over, she had discovered, unsurprisingly, that Debra had a great need for penetration. As it happened, Stephanie expected that; most women DID need it, and she had daringly brought along a strap on for that purpose. Since that realization Debra had become more and more needy of penetration, and Stephanie had bought some new toys to help give her what she wanted, including an enormous double-headed dildo made of the very finest, softest latex. It was every bit of 20 inches from tip to tip, and had a unique feature; it was expandable. By squeezing the middle, gel filling the latex mold would squeeze into the ends, thickening them appreciably. When fully expanded, the ends were as thick as Stephanie's wrist, so thick she couldn't get her hand completely around it. Debra hadn't cared, and routinely took the thing in her as deep as possible. How her husband would ever manage to please her again, Stephanie had no clue. But, that was for them to work out.

It was funny; Debra clearly loved her husband and kids, but also realized she had her own needs that Ray wasn't going to fulfill. Part of her acceptance of lesbian sex stemmed from the knowledge that she was just getting what she needed. In her mind, Debra had not betrayed her husband, and had no intention of ever leaving him. One night, lying in bed covered with a mix of sweat and each other's fluids, Debra had told Stephanie of how she'd once recorded an answering machine message for Ray, promising him she'd never leave him. Stephanie could tell from Debra's tone that she meant that promise, and intended to keep it. How such an oaf as Ray could inspire such devotion in a woman like Debra puzzled Stephanie to no end, but she admired it, and was envious of Ray's luck in winning a woman like Debra to share his life with.

For her part, Debra had fully accepted that sex with Stephanie had awakened her to what she needed, and she wasn't giving it up. It wasn't Ray's fault, really, that he couldn't satisfy her; it was just how he was, and how she was. Still, she was worried that when the family returned, her new found appetites would not diminish, but the opportunity to indulge herself would. With Stephanie back in school and the family home, she'd never be able to find time with her new lover.

As she lay in bed, smelling the scent of Stephanie on her pillow -- a mix of strawberry shampoo and a green-tea based body soap -- Debra pondered her dilemma. She could, of course, go back to what she'd always done; half-hearted sex with Ray and the use of her own toys to please herself when the kids were away at school. But that really wasn't quite enough anymore. She wouldn't just miss the sex; she'd miss the companionship. She really enjoyed spending time with Stephanie, and looked back with fondness at the week they'd spent, a week that would be over in a few short hours. The family was due back this afternoon, and Stephanie would have to go before then so that Debra could straighten up and remove any sign that she'd had a visitor.

So, what to do? As she lay naked in bed, Debra thought about it. She wished she could talk to someone about it, but who? Her closest friend was her sister in law Amy; they'd been friends in college and were still very close. But she couldn't very well tell Amy about it, could she? Then again, maybe she could.

Debra lay on the top of the covers, and began to trace her fingers over her nipples, beginning the process of pleasing herself as she always had, and thinking of a fantasy she'd long since repressed and forgotten. She imagined that Amy, too, was unsatisfied and would turn to Debra for advice. Using the same skills Stephanie had, Debra would comfort Amy, and that comfort would turn to the physical, eventually letting Debra make love to her friend in much the way Stephanie had with her. Certainly Amy wasn't as fit or attractive as Stephanie, but so what? She was closer to Debra's age, and Debra knew her far better. And, most importantly, she didn't work either, and was always hanging around the house with Debra. Her being there would be seen as perfectly normal, and even beneficial to the stability of the family.

Debra's hands moved more quickly over her breasts as she warmed to her story. Amy would come by, distraught over her mediocre sex life, asking Debra about her and Ray's. Debra would comfort her, telling her that she and Ray weren't exactly rocking the house, either, and that she completely understood. Debra would give her friend a warm, close hug, holding her and rubbing her back, her senses tuned to Amy's response. She would then kiss her cheek, and as Amy looked at her, she would lean in...

Debra's hand had moved to her now wet lips. A side effect of her new, raging hunger for sex was that she became extremely wet. At her most excited, she literally dripped like a leaky faucet, and when she came would gush fluids in a way that amazed her. One evening, she'd been riding Stephanie's strap on, sitting astride the younger woman's hips and bucking like a mad woman. As she came, she could feel liquid squirting past the velvety smoothness of the latex cock inside her, soaking the leather harness it was fixed to and flooding her sheets. Now was no exception, and Debra could feel herself leaking onto the bed as she rubbed her clit, exciting herself.

She continued to think about Amy, and what it would be like to make love to her friend. What would she taste like, she wondered? Would she enjoy fucking with a strap on like Stephanie did, or would she prefer the manual use of a dildo? Or, maybe she wouldn't want anything like it, but would prefer just oral sex? Debra quivered with excitement just thinking of the possibilities. Suddenly, she rolled over in the bed and reached beneath it, finding the dildo Stephanie had brought home. Squeezing the center and forcing as much of the gel filling to the ends as possible, Debra slowly inserted one end inside her stretched lips, pushing it as deeply into her as it would go.

Filled with ten delicious inches of vinyl ecstasy, Debra moaned aloud, and began to speed up her strokes, fucking herself hard and relishing the slurping sounds her soaking wet pussy made as she drove the dildo in and out. She'd done this daily this week, and loved every second of it, and had even tried holding it different ways. Once she'd used a c-clamp from the garage to clamp it to a table, and had backed into it, using the bed to hold herself steady as she drove it inside herself from behind. Another time, she'd knelt and sat on her feet, and used her ankles to hold it up as she rode it, enjoying the feeling not only of riding the thing and getting it so deeply inside her, but of spraying her own feet with cum as she orgasmed; a unique experience, and one she thoroughly enjoyed.

Debra continued fucking herself with the dildo, and even began saying Amy's name...sort of trying it on for size, she thought. She continued to fantasize about her sister in law, and all the things she could do with her, like sixty-nining her, kissing her on the mouth while fucking her with a strap on, or teaching her to use it on Debra herself, fucking her from behind. As she considered these pleasures and their possible reality, Debra began to furiously fuck herself, raising her hips from the bed as she drove the dildo inside her with both hands, he pussy gushing as she did so.

Finally, as she envisioned herself on her knees sucking a strap on worn by Amy as her friend learned to fuck her mouth with it, she came explosively, crying out as her muscles clamped down on the dildo as she buried it inside her, riding the wave of her orgasm. As she slowly relaxed her trembling body, panting with exertion and sweating as if she'd run a race, Debra had one thought: she was going to make it happen. She didn't know how, but one way or the other she'd have her sister in law in her bed as her new lover. But, for now, she had to get busy. Stephanie would be back shortly, and they'd have time to make love once more before she had to leave. In the meantime, Debra had clothes to wash, and things to do.


Ray and the family came home, of course, and Debra was surprisingly happy to see them all. She might miss Stephanie's attention, but having mind-blowing sex three or four times a day for a week had put her in an expansive mood, and she was willing to listen to the kids go on and on about the trip, and to talk with Ray about the antics of his parents, particularly Frank (who'd managed to get them all tossed out of a fancy restaurant because he kept badgering the waiter for free bread). After putting the kids to bed, she indulged Ray in sex, giving him what he wanted in a perfunctory way...what she disdainfully thought of as the "quick lick and stick", Ray's only method of love making. He, of course, was happy with it, and had no idea how little she put into it. She didn't even come, but faked it out of sensitivity to his ego. She had no wish to hurt or embarrass Ray, or to un-man him by telling him he didn't satisfy her. She knew that would kill him, and would take that knowledge to her grave. Indifferent lover or not, and annoying or not (and he certainly could be), Debra knew Ray was a good man and a good father, and that he didn't deserve to be mistreated. Oh, she had her flares of temper with him, but that was different. Cheating on him, though, would kill him, and she wouldn't have any part of that...at least, not with another man, which somehow seemed wrong, while sex with another woman did not. As she lay in bed listening to his even breathing as he slept, she was surprised at how strongly she felt about it, given what she was planning to do (and, what she had done, both with Stephanie and Marco, the boy from the A&P she'd had a torrid one-night stand with earlier this year).

But, Ray's feelings aside, she had to do something for herself. Really, what she was doing actually helped Ray, thought he'd never know it. Being sexually satisfied, as she'd found tonight, made her much more amiable; Ray had even commented about how nice she was, and how they should take more short breaks if they were this good for her. He had no clue, of course, what the real reason for her mood was, but that was okay; he was happy, and if things worked out, she would be too. But how to do it, she mused. How could she approach Amy, and try to seduce her? Amy was her closest friend, and her one ally against Marie. Worse, she was in the family since she'd married Robert. If this blew up, it would ruin everything. She was willing to risk it, though, and was determined to be careful and do it right. Tomorrow, Amy was supposed to come over and catch up. They'd talk then and Debra would see if she could steer the conversation how she wanted to. She had none of Stephanie's confidence, but was pretty sure she could read Amy well enough to do what needed to be done.

The next morning, the kids all went off to school and Ray left for work, leaving Debra alone. She masturbated quickly, laying a towel on the bed underneath her so she wouldn't need to change the sheets again. She thought of Amy, Stephanie, and Marco as she pleasured herself, using her fingers only. Stephanie had graciously left the two-headed dildo she'd bought behind, telling Debra she knew how much she enjoyed it and that they'd get together again soon, anyway. Debra had agreed, secretly please not only to have the thing (though she'd have to hide it away somewhere Ray would never find it) but also that Stephanie still planned on seeing her, and kissed the young teacher passionately as she'd left.

After making herself come, Debra took a hot shower, and took some time to spruce up. She shaved her legs, under her arms, and her bikini area, leaving only a thin strip of hair above her lips...what Ray always called her "racing stripe". She took great pains to make the area around her pussy as smooth as possible, using a brand-new blade and her best shaving gel, as well as a mirror to get things just right. Just in case things worked out today, she wanted to be ready.

Later, after a quick breakfast and cup of coffee, she went about the daily routine, washing the clothes the kids and Ray had taken on the trip. Amy was due at 10 or so, and she wanted all the work done. As the hour approached, Debra began to get nervous. Was she sure she should do this? Or was it a mistake? She'd know soon enough, she thought. Sure enough, the doorbell rang and there was Amy. Debra looked at her, gauging her mood (and determining how easy it would be to get her clothes off if it came to it). Amy looked like her normal self; jovial enough, though always with that slightly confused look on her face. As they hugged in a quick greeting, saying hi and how nice it was to see each other, Debra closed the door behind Amy and led her to the couch.

"So, Amy, how was it? I heard Frank put on quite the show," she said, trying to get the talk started about family.

"Oh, it was okay. We missed having you there, Debra, but I can't say I blame you for staying behind. In a way, I wish I could have; Marie can be such a B sometimes!"

They laughed at this together, both knowing what an understatement that was.

"Yeah, I know it, believe me. I have to say it was nice not having her around for a week."

"Did you miss Ray and the kids? Ray said you really told him off about the trip," Amy said.

"Did he?" Debra replied, slightly angry at Ray's distortion of events. "Well, it's not true. I wasn't angry about the trip, I just didn't want to go. Ray always gets so bent out of shape if I don't want to do family things, but he's not the one who gets all of Marie's crap all of the time. I just wanted to stay home, and it was my turn to say 'no' for a change, that's all."

"I thought it might be that. I love Ray, you know; he's good to Robert, and me too, but he's so...well, gutless when it comes to his mom. I hope that doesn't offend you," she added anxiously, with that classic Amy look of worry on her face.

"No, not at all. You're right, of course, and I've said it many times. Ray is such a momma's boy sometimes, and just can't tell her no like he should. I just didn't feel up to it this time," Debra replied, hoping to soothe Amy's fears.

"Oh, well, that's good," Amy replied, looking relieved. "I didn't know for sure why you didn't go. Marie, of course, hinted that you and Ray were having 'trouble'; you know how she is, and how she hints at things. You'd have been proud of Ray, though; he told her off and said 'things' were fine between you two. Even Robert was surprised, and Frank actually told Ray 'Atta boy' for saying it."

"Really?" Debra asked, her feelings teetering between anger at Marie for her insinuations and pleasure that Ray actually took up for her for once. "I'm surprised. I didn't think he had it in him."

"Well, at least she was saying it about you two, and not Robert and me," Amy said, looking sad and a little abashed.

Debra's antenna perked up a bit at this; was it an opening? Surely not this quickly, and this easily? "What do you mean," she said, with just the right touch of concern in her voice.

"Oh, it's nothing really," Amy said, the look on face giving lie to her words.

"No, really, Amy, what is it? You're my best friend; you can tell me, and you know I won't say a word," Debra replied, feeling like a heel. What she said was true, though she knew she had other motives than friendship and altruism in mind.

"Well, it's just that Robert and I...well...I don't know how to explain it," Amy replied in classic confused-Amy manner. Debra waited, knowing Amy would get it out if left to her own devices, and gently took her friend's hand in support (wondering in the back of her mind how that hand would feel on her body...)

Amy smiled gratefully at Debra, and gathered her thoughts before continuing. "It's just that Robert, well, isn't very good in bed. Oh, and please don't tell him, okay?" she pleaded, looking anxiously at Debra as if wishing she hadn't spoken. "I don't want to hurt his feelings, it's just that I can't talk to him about it."

"I know just what you mean," Debra said, her heart pounding in her chest. 'My God,' she thought, 'this is going better than I'd hoped. I can't believe this came up so fast!'

"Do you really?" Amy asked. "I thought you and Ray were fine."

"We are," Debra said quickly. "But it took a long time to teach him what to do right," she lied, not wanting to say anything against Ray. Amy didn't always know when to keep her mouth shut, and if she ever mentioned to Robert that Debra had to 'teach' Ray about sex, Ray would surely hear of it, and be crushed and justifiably angry with her...especially since it wasn't true.

"Really?" Amy asked in surprise. "How did you do it?"

"Well," Debra began carefully, thinking that this was like walking through a minefield, "it's just a matter of knowing what you want and how to get your partner to give it to you. It might help if you can tell me what's wrong."

This was dangerous ground, Debra knew. She was asking Amy to divulge her deepest marital secrets under the pretense of helping her; she might do it, but she might also see it as nosy and wonder what Debra was up to. Debra held her breath waiting for Amy's reply.

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