Everybody Loves Debra: Seducing Amy


Amy's orgasms finally ground to a halt, and Debra gently and softly kissed her wet lips, licking her clean and nuzzling her nose into her sister in law's wet lips. Amy tasted clean, Debra thought, almost like water; she had no real taste at all, and that was a change from Stephanie, who tasted vaguely of roses. Debra placed one last lingering kiss against Amy's lips before resting her head on the exhausted woman's thigh, looking up at her face. Amy looked utterly spent, but also completely satisfied, and, more importantly to Debra, completely comfortable.

"So," she asked, kissing Amy's thigh softly, "how was that?"

"Oh, Debra," Amy said, her voice shaking. "That was amazing, honey, truly amazing. I had no idea it could be like that." Amy sat up, and Debra climbed onto her lap, straddling her and taking her head in her hands.

She looked Amy in the face, and said "I know just how you feel. It was like that for me, too. And you want to know the best part?" Amy silently nodded, her eyes locked lovingly onto Debra's. "It just keeps getting better," Debra whispered. "It always does, really, especially as you learn what your lover wants."

Amy was stunned to think anything could be better than what she'd just experienced. But, there was no lie or exaggeration in Debra's eyes, and she believed her. And, to her surprise, she found that she was bursting to experience more and see for herself.

In that second, years of anxiety and uncertainty fell from Amy like so many leaves from a dying tree. She'd never been sure of herself sexually, and had in fact once believed she was actually a lesbian. But, her parents would disown her had she ever mentioned it. They were good people, but had repressive views...doubtless a big part of why she was so reticent about sex. Now, however, thanks to Debra's actions, she felt like a woman for the first time; she felt reborn. No more did she feel that she was unattractive or that she had no real need or desire for sex. She'd lied to Debra about what she did to herself at home; the fact was, she'd tried but had never been able to really enjoy it, because she felt guilty about it. Now, though, her guilt had dissolved like a sugar pill in a glass of water.

She looked Debra in the eyes, and whispered a heart felt word of thanks to her friend. Debra could see the passion and gratitude there, and was sure at last that she'd made the right choice. "It was my pleasure...believe me, it was," she replied gently, kissing Amy's brow and holding her head to her breasts, stroking her hair.

Amy relished the feeling of Debra's soft, warm breasts for a moment, then pulled away. She stroked Debra's arms, and said with a confidence that she felt for the first time "Well, it's my turn now. I've never done this, so do you have some pointers?"

Debra felt a bloom of excitement in her belly. She wasn't sure that Amy would be ready to reciprocate oral sex yet; she'd hoped so, of course, but it was a big step. But she knew the answer to Amy's question, because it was what her own first lesbian love had told her. "Amy, all you have to do is what you'd like done to you. That's the great thing about loving another woman; you know what she wants, because it's what YOU want."

Amy nodded, and Debra slipped from her lap, kneeling forward with her arms resting on the back of the couch, her knees just on the edge with her ass hanging out over the seat. Amy dropped to the floor behind her, gazing in admiration at Debra's firm, round ass and thighs. Debra's body was much different than hers; fuller, somehow, and curvier. Where Amy was more athletic and trim, Debra was more sensual, with fuller breasts and strong, curvaceous legs. Amy ran her hands across Debra's ass, encouraged by the moans of satisfaction and pleasure she heard from her friend. She also noticed that Debra was soaking wet, wetter than she'd been herself. She was, in fact, leaking her wetness so that her thighs were already coated; she wouldn't be surprised to see her drip in moment.

She ran her hands over the soft, full mounds of Debra's cheeks, lightly scratching her nails along them, leaving faint red furrows as she did. Debra purred in appreciation, arching her back and wiggling her hips in invitation. Amy kissed the backs of Debra's legs, enjoying the sensation of being in control; she knew Debra was letting her take her time and do this her way, and she was not only grateful but also determined to give as good as she got. She kissed up the red head's thighs, noting the slightly salty taste of her sweat, and moved up to her ass. She kissed all around Debra's cheeks, licking and nipping them, enjoying the anticipation. As she licked around her she couldn't help but notice that Debra's anus looked a bit, well, odd. Amy's own was nearly watertight; it was small and puckered, and she doubted a pencil would fit in it. Debra's, however, looked oddly stretched; just kneeling like this with her knees apart and ass high in the air had it open a good bit, enough for a finger to slip in it with ease. As she moved towards Debra's wet lips, Amy wondered just what her friend had been doing "back there," and for how long she'd been doing it.

Amy remembered Debra's admonition to do what she liked, so she rolled her tongue and made it into a point, and slowly ran it up and down each of Debra's swollen and soaking lips. She could hear Debra's groans of appreciation, and worked faster, now using her tongue in a point, and then flatting it out to lick her entire, wet sex, from her clit to just below her ass. She flicked her tongue over her clit, and then took it between her lips, sucking it, and was rewarded with a cry of pleasure from Debra. "Oh, yes, that's right, Amy, just keep doing that, honey," she said dreamily, clearly enjoying what Amy was doing. Emboldened by Debra's praise, Amy took her hands and, placing them on Debra's ass, used her thumbs to spread Debra's wet lips apart, exposing her pink canal to Amy's touch. It was lovely, Amy thought; a bright pink, though now covered in cream as Debra's excitement grew. Amy plunged her tongue into her friend's wet hole, loving the taste of her and the feel of her muscles as they contracted on her tongue. She made her tongue into a point again, sticking it out as far as she could and burying it deep inside Debra. One thing Amy could do that Debra couldn't was to stick her tongue out further than normal; she wasn't Gene Simmons by an stretch, but she could put her tongue further inside Debra than most any other woman, and Debra was thrilled to learn this fact as she felt Amy fucking her with her tongue. Amy bobbed her head back and forth, slipping her tongue in and out of Debra's wet opening and listening to the sounds of Debra's pleasure. Unable to help herself, Debra took her hand and put it between her legs, rubbing her dripping clip furiously as Amy tongue fucked her. She loved the feel of Amy's tongue inside her like this, as well as how her hands felt on her ass, and how her nose would bump into her asshole when she went a bit deeper with her tongue. Debra started to shake, and as she rolled her clit with her hands, she cried out that she was coming, and for Amy not to stop.

Amy gripped Debra tighter and, forcing her mouth onto her friend's pussy as hard as she could, opened her mouth wide. She covered Debra's wet sex with her mouth and forced her tongue as far in as she could, until it felt like it might be torn out. Her nose was in Debra's ass, and as Debra came, screaming her name in pleasure, she felt her mouth fill with her wetness. It ran down her throat, and out of her mouth over her chin, coating her cheeks and running down her neck and chest, over her stomach and finally mingling with her own from when Debra had made her come before. It was incredibly erotic to think of their juices mingling like that, and she continued to hold on until Debra stopped shaking.

Debra was stunned at how skillfully Amy had made love to her this first time, and hoped she wasn't put off by how her body reacted. She'd felt how her wetness had poured from her body; her own hand was as soaked as if she'd dipped it in water. Panting and shaking from her orgasm, she turned over and dropped to her knees in front of Amy, looking into her eyes for a sign of her feelings about this. Would she be excited? Or, maybe embarrassed and ashamed? Debra needed to know. As she knelt in front of her friend, she saw her anew. Amy still looked like Amy, but now had lost that perpetually confused look she always had; she looked confident, Debra thought, and it suited her. But also, Debra noticed (much to her satisfaction and relief) that Amy looked content and excited, with no hint of regret. On the contrary, she looked like someone who'd just discovered some new and exciting thing they'd never heard of but that answered all their problems, and who was eager to try out all it's features. She was also, Debra noticed in chagrin, covered in wetness; her face was awash with Debra's juices, and it looked as if Debra had come all over her friend's body. She realized it must have simply flowed from Amy's mouth down her chin, but my God, she thought, what a mess.

"Let's clean you up a bit," she said, leaning forward and kissing Amy, working around her sweet face and licking her clean. Debra loved the taste of herself, and knew it was a great turn on for any lover to see their partner taste their own come. Amy closed her eyes and smiled, and groaned lightly in pleasure as Debra kissed her. But, as she moved lower, Amy stopped her. "What's wrong, Amy?" Debra asked.

"Nothing, but just leave that for now. I kind of like how it feels," she added, blushing crimson.

"That's fine, honey," Debra said soothingly. "I like it that way, too; I love to be wet, and I love to have my lover's come on my body." She was surprised she'd admit this so openly, but why not? It was true, and Amy obviously agreed.

"Would you like to go somewhere more comfortable, Amy?" Debra asked. "The couch is great to sit on, but I think we have more to do...and the bed might be a better place for it," she added reaching out to caress Amy's cheek with her hand.

Amy took held Debra's hand to her face, turning to kiss it softly as she did. "The bedroom sounds great, Debra," she whispered, rising up from the floor and taking Debra's hand. The two women walked to the stairs, their arms around each other's waists, and slowly headed up to the bedroom. Debra's mind was awhirl. She hadn't expected this to happen so quickly, and could only assume that somehow, some way, Amy had been wanting this herself, and for some time. But whatever it was, she felt like she could skip for joy. Not only did she still have her best friend, but she was turning out to be a sensational lover, and one she could readily access. Debra couldn't remember the last time she'd felt this ecstatic, if ever. As they reached the bedroom, she turned to Amy and grasped her in a hug, holding her tightly and smiling with her eyes closed, enjoying the feel of her friend in her arms.

"Amy, I just don't know what to say," Debra started, unable to finish. She was starting to cry out of sheer happiness, and her eyes were wet. Amy just looked at her and smiled in her usual, sweet Amy smile, and said "I know, I know. I feel the same way, like I just won the lottery and made a new best friend, all rolled in to one. Sound about right?" she added.

"Yes, exactly," Debra replied, wiping her eyes and nodding like a child. "That's just right. Oh, I needed this so badly, and was so afraid to say anything...you just don't know how much this means to me, Amy, you really don't."

"I do, though, Debra, I do" Amy replied, taking Debra's hands in her own. "I told you Robert wasn't satisfying me; the truth is, he never really has. No man has. In the past few months I got to thinking maybe I wasn't supposed to be with a man. And when I thought about that, I thought about you. I wondered what YOU were like in bed, and whether you ever had the same thoughts or doubts. I've always thought you were so beautiful, Debra, but was never jealous of you. And I love you so much; you're closer than anyone in my family ever was. When I realized that, and thought about how beautiful you are, it just seemed like something that could be, well, right. I didn't really know how to say anything though, and was sure you'd never feel the same. You and Ray always seem so happy," she added.

"Me and Ray? Happy?" Debra said archly, looking at Amy skeptically. "You're talking about MY Ray, right? Where have you been?"

They both laughed a little at that, and Amy conceded the point; Ray and Debra had some classic fights, no doubt about it.

"I know you too argue, of course, and sometimes really have it out. But you still stay together, and you never seem to me to have any REAL trouble. And, I know how you feel about Ray. I know he can be an insensitive idiot sometimes, and that he doesn't get you about 99% of the time, but he still loves you, and I know you love him, too. And that's okay; I'm not jealous," she said with total sincerity, looking directly into Debra's eyes as she said it. "I'm really not. I just want this, though, for us. I don't expect you to abandon Ray or quit having sex with him; I just want to know you'll be there for me, too."

"Oh, Amy, of course I will be. I wouldn't trade this for anything! Believe me, I need this as much as you do, maybe even more. But you're right about Ray; annoying as he is, I really do love him very much. He's a sweet man deep down, just a little spoiled by his mother. But I know in my heart of hearts that he'd do anything for me, including dying for me if he had to. You really can't complain about that, can you?"

"No, you can't," Amy said. "You've got a good man, Debra. And now, I hope you think you've got a good woman, too."

"Oh, no doubt about it," Debra replied, taking Amy in her arms again, and running her hands down her back to her pert ass. "I've got a GREAT woman here, and I'm going to enjoy her as much as I can, starting right now." With that, she kissed Amy again, long and deep, their tongues caressing each other as they ran their hands over each other's bodies. They moved to the bed, laying down side by side, facing each other. Amy clung to Debra, her hands on the pliant flesh of Debra's gorgeous ass, holding her close as they continued to gently kiss each other. She had an idea and was both eager and scared to try it, because she wasn't sure whether or not Debra would like it. But, she still recalled that stretched, open look that Debra's asshole had shown, and suspected she might really like what she was going to do.

Getting to her knees, she maneuvered Debra to the middle of the bed on her back. Debra went along, enjoying not only Amy's touch and kisses, but also the fact that she was starting to exert some control; to drive the bus, as it were. She would go along willingly, not only because she was genuinely curious to see what her friend was up to, but also because she had a feeling that she'd like it, whatever it was.

As she got Debra where she wanted her, Amy grabbed up the pillows from the bed and placed to of them under Debra's ass, raising her up off the bed. She knelt in between her legs, looking down at Debra's swollen, still glistening wet pussy, and ran her hands up and down the red head's lovely thighs. Then, she pushed Debra's legs up, bringing her knees to her chest. "Hold them there, Debra, as high as you can," she said, scooting back and lowering herself down on to her arms. Debra complied, her hands locked together behind her knees, has pussy and ass deliciously exposed and open to Amy's glance...and, hopefully, touch.

Amy kissed the backs of Debra's thighs again, working her way in towards her pussy. She shouldn't rush this, she thought to herself, but it was going to be hard not to. Ironic, given that she had been the one to plead with Debra not to rush it. But, that was when she wasn't sure how this would feel; now, she knew how it felt, and it was not only wonderful, but right. She continued to kiss down Debra's inner thigh, and finally planted a soft, warm kiss on her open lips. Debra shuddered with pleasure, feeling Amy's slightly parted mouth on her wet pussy, and her tongue just behind them. "Mmmmm, Debra, I love to taste you," Amy whispered, licking the length of Debra's wet slit. "It's so good, and so wet."

Debra groaned softly in response; she was getting desperate for Amy to make her come again, and would soon be reduced to begging her as she had begged Stephanie so many times this past week, often on her knees like a shameless slut. Had she thought she was going to be in control here? Clearly Amy had ideas of her own. And, it was becoming increasingly clear to Debra that her body and her desires were stronger than her inhibitions and pride; she needed to come, and would do anything to make it happen. She might feel humiliated later, but right now, she was prepared to plead and beg to get what she needed and didn't care what she said or promised, as long as she got it.

Amy judged that Debra was ready for what she wanted to try; her sister in law was panting and moaning softly, as Amy did herself when about to come. It seemed Debra was right, when she said she needed a woman's touch; no way she could get this excited this quickly if she didn't. 'Well, time to give her what she wants,' Amy thought, licking down Debra's wet lips to the little ribbon of flesh between her pussy and anus, kissing it softly, then covering Debra's asshole with her mouth.

Debra gasped in surprise. Even Stephanie hadn't done this on their first encounter! Debra had only recently learned of the possible pleasures of anal sex, first from the incredible fucking that Marco had given her, and later from the variety of ways Stephanie had of pleasing her there; fingers, tongue, and several toys. Just yesterday she had even let Stephanie fuck her there, using their favorite strap-on, and had enjoyed it immensely. She had hoped to work up to this with Amy, but had never dared hope that it would happen today, or that Amy of all people would be the one to initiate it.

Amy licked the rim of Debra's asshole, flickering her tongue over it, before rolling her tongue and plunging it into Debra's ass. It was easy, Amy discovered; Debra's ass was nowhere near as tight as she would have thought, especially not with her legs up like this. She put he hands on her friend's ass cheeks, nails gripping slightly as she forced her tongue deeper into her, twirling it around. She loved the sensations she was feeling; the soft, slick feel of Debra's rectum on her tongue, the feel of her wet lips on her nose (which was buried in Debra's pussy as she drove her tongue inside her), the slightly acrid, peaty taste of her ass...it was all fantastic, and she moaned in pleasure as she jammed her jaws against Debra's ass, trying vainly to force her tongue even further inside her.

Debra was ready to explode. Amy's tongue was a good two inches into her ass; Stephanie hadn't even managed an inch, and certainly couldn't swirl it around like this. She'd done something similar with her finger, true, but this, this was incredible! Amy's mouth was pressed so tightly to her ass that she could feel her teeth; there would be marks for certain, but she didn't care. She cried out in ecstasy, moaning loudly and telling Amy not to stop, to keep licking her ass, that she was going to come.

Amy gamely responded, placing her feet on the foot board of the bed and pressing herself forward, driving her tongue that much further into her sister in laws asshole. Once again, she felt like her tongue would soon come out by the roots, but didn't care; she only cared about pleasing the woman laying here, and giving her what she needed...and this was it. She pulled her tongue out, and drove it back in as she turned her head slightly, cork-screwing it deep into Debra's ass. She immediately felt Debra go rigid, and knew she was seconds from coming. Driving her tongue in and out as fast as she could, she willed Debra to come, wanting to feel her body explode in pleasure, and to see her gush her wetness as she had before.

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