tagGroup SexExcuse Me Ch. 01

Excuse Me Ch. 01


"Excuse me? You're not serious, are you?"

"Dead serious." Tania giggled; standing between Jay's spread legs as he sat in his boxers on the edge of the bed. Slowly her fingers traced lines from his ears, over the morning whiskers on his cheeks and under his jaw line. Her eyes stared into his with that "I want you" look. He let out a soft appreciative sigh feeling Tania's fingernails scrape across his chest.

She bent over and gave him one of her soft moist kisses. Their tongues played and teased one another as his hands ran up along the back of her thighs. The softness of her skin against his callused hand and the moistness of her lips pressed against his had him wanting more. His hand wandered higher, under the shirt of his that she liked to wear, his hand being instantly warmed between her legs. Tania let out a soft moan before grabbing hold of his wrist, pulling it away.

"I want more than a kiss babe... a kiss won't do me this morning." The look in his eyes told her he readily agreed. Her nails dragged down the center of his chest. They both knew his cock was hard, tenting his boxers, forming a wet spot.

"I'll be late for work again Tan. I want to, you know I do," he moaned feeling her hands wrap around his cotton covered dick.

"I'll make it fast and all about you," her breath blew warm air over his nipple as she spoke, making it hard and causing his cock to jerk inside his boxers. She continued on, scraping his hips with her fingernails as he lifted his ass, his boxers sliding down his thick thighs, his cock springing free, slapping his stomach before Tania had time to grab hold of it.

"Promise me you'll think about this Jay." Her hand stroked an upward motion from the base of his cock to the head, pinching his precum from the slit and forcing his hips to squirm.

Jay's fingers were already running through her golden hair, his eyes fixated on her mouth and his cock. He listened to what she was saying but didn't comprehend. He had more urgent needs.

"Don't tease babe...suck my cock. I want to feel your lips smother me, your mouth accept me. Pleasure my cock and feel it explode in your mouth Tania, now...I need it."

Her eyes locked on his, her little coy batting of her eyelashes made him only more in need of her mouth. Jay guided her lips to his dick; Tania licked her lips before accepting the head. She sucked nipped at the spongy skin.

"Ughhh...babe, you either get down on me like I know you can or I'm rolling you over and fucking your mouth my way."

"But you didn't promise. Promise me and I'll suck your cock sooo good..." Tania smiled. She held his cock in her hand, the hot moist air from her mouth causing his cock to jerk...

"I will...I will think about it Tania. You know it's something I want. It's just the 'who'..."

She began slowly taking him in her mouth, twirling her tongue along the underside of his cock. Pulling off it slowly, letting a mixture of saliva and pre-cum extend from his cock to her lips.

"C'mon babe," Jay's tone became more emphatic as he held her head and lifted his hips, pushing his cock into her mouth. "Oh yea, babe, suck me, suck my come from my balls."

Jay's hips were thrusting and Tania's mouth sucking, he wanting a release, she wanting a deposit. She didn't need to bother sucking and licking his nuts, he was too needy, too ready to spill his cream. The room filled with the scent and sounds of sex, their moans timed with their actions. Her hands gripped his thighs hard and his ass lifted higher off the bed. The sounds of her mouth sucking his cock made him thicken more, made his balls tighten. Before long Tania was kneeling back on her heels, licking come from her lips.

"You really need to get going baby or you'll be late. We'll continue this tonight, I promise."

She straightened her body, and headed to the bathroom as he watched her round ass sway, Jay was a definite ass man. He stretched out on the bed catching his breath, his mind mulling Tania's proposal. It wasn't until Tania came out from the bathroom that Jay's thoughts came back to reality. He stood, pulling his boxers and jeans up, stuffing his cock in enough to get the zipper closed. He pulled a tee shirt over his head and moved over to her. His body pressed against her back as he moved her hair to the side and lowered his mouth to her neck. She squirmed and tilted her head to the side giving him full access. Her body turned around inside his arms, taking his face in her hands. Their lips met for a long goodbye kiss. She pushed his chest away telling him it was time he head to work.

Her eyes followed his body as he left the room. She loved the way his jeans hung from his hips, giving just a hint of his round ass. His shirt rested just above the waistband exposing the sparse hair on the small of his back. Silently, she licked her lips and hoped her day would go fast, not wanting to wait to get him naked again and feel his skin against her.


Jay's drive to work was consumed with thoughts of Tania's inviting body and what he'd do to pleasure her that night after work. She excited him more than any women had before, and her teasing playful way could keep him hard for hours. It was her joy for sex that taught him how to extend the frolicking; she showed him that sex was more than just the orgasm.

Tania and Jay weren't officially living together yet, both still maintained separate places, but most nights found Tania staying at his place. It had taken several months and few fights to get to where their relationship stood. Both treasured their independence but seemed to be moving towards being together more often than not.

He knew he would agree to what she had suggested that morning. Hell, what man wouldn't jump at the chance to have two women in bed. He only wished he could convince Tania of inviting someone other than Karen. Karen was an old friend of Tania's, a friend Jay was willing to put up with to keep his relationship with Tania copasetic. She had a nice body but her personality just rubbed him the wrong way. He couldn't put his finger on exactly what bothered him, but there was something about her he didn't like. He resolved himself to do his best to suggest someone else; maybe she'd agree to invite Kelsey. She seemed like should would be open and fun in bed and Tania always joked around with her, sometimes in a sexual way.

As Jay pulled up to the construction sight he saw his fellow carpenters already setting up for another day of framing the walls and roof on the large home. He jumped out of his pickup and glanced up toward the sky, it promised to be another sunny hot day. His close friend Kevin yelled out for him to quit dragging his ass and come help him lift up the already framed wall.

When the pair first met, Jay's family had just relocated to Crystal Lake, a move across country that his Dad's job dictated. Kevin had lived in Crystal Lake all his life; he was the easy going, easy to make friends with kind of kid. They both played on the varsity baseball team and were together more often than not. The girls all vied for their attention and could often be seen giggling and fawning over the two.

At first it was Kevin that would instigate the trouble. He was the one always ready to party, ready to experiment new things, bend the rules if necessary. It was Kevin who first got Jay invited to the weekend parties. As time went on Jay took on many of Kevin's characteristics. They became competitive in trying to one up the other in practical jokes. Often betting each other as to who would be the first to bed the girl.

After high school neither one felt the need to head off to college. Both decided they had their fill of education, both telling the other they could always go to college later in life. Instead they opted for construction work, physical labor that also allowed for playtime. They worked their butts off and were soon known as the pair to hire if one wanted a good quality framing job done quickly. They didn't waste time at work preferring to joke and play outside of work.

It was lunch time and Jay's thoughts turned back to Tania and what she had suggested that morning. The sun was bright and the humid hot temperature had his bare chest wet with sweat. He gulped the cold water between large bites of his sandwich from the Al's beef shop. When his lunch was gone, he leaned his head against the stud on the newly framed wall and closed his eyes. He daydreamed of her naked body, her pert breasts perfectly sized for his large hands, her silky long brown hair flowing over her shoulders, her smooth shaved pussy that glistened with wetness whenever they were together.

The ringing of his cell phone brought his thoughts back to reality. Checking his caller ID he wondered why Karen would be calling him. Maybe she was looking for Tania, or maybe Tania was with Karen.

"Hey," he answered.

"Hi Jay, I'm sure you're wondering why I'm calling."

"The thought crossed my mind." Jay stated matter of factly.

"I'll be quick; I know you're at work. I just wanted to let you know how much I'm looking forward to tonight. Tania and I have spent the last hour on the phone coming up with all sorts of delicious plans for the three of us." Karen ended with a giggle.

Jay wasn't sure what to think. The knowledge of the two women conversing about a threesome with him had his arousal piqued for sure, but why had Tania not waited until the two of them could talk. He was never given the chance to make his objection towards Karen known.

"What's the matter Jay? You're not afraid we'll be too much to handle are ya?"

He wasn't sure if Karen was trying to challenge him or was just kidding, but he knew he was no different than any other male.

"More concerned I might be too much for you. You better relax this afternoon Karen; I doubt there'll be much sleeping tonight. I gotta get back to work. I'll see you later that is if you are still up for it." He hit the end button without giving Karen a chance to reply.

Jay smiled; he really was looking forward to having two gorgeous ladies in his bed. Hell, it was a night of sex he told himself, he wasn't going to have to marry Karen, simply fuck her brains out. He was confident in his ability to do that well. His mind began envisioning the three of them naked together, watching two sets of moist lips vying for his thick rod. He could almost feel their breasts pressed against his legs as their fingers and tongues raised his arousal. He wondered who would turn out to be the better cocksucker. He already knew Tania had her own special technique. He chuckled thinking of a contest between the two of them to see who could get him off the quickest.

"It's time to get back to work loverboy, time to stop dreaming of dipping your dick in her pussy." Kevin chuckled, knowing Jay well enough to know where Jay's mind had been focused.

"I was dreaming of something much hotter than that Kev." Jay grinned over towards his friend before gulping down the rest of his water . "Ah, you dreaming about watching me as I fuck your girl again? I've told you loverboy, anytime just ask." Kevin slapped his friend's butt playfully and headed back over to the pile of lumber waiting to be framed into a wall.

"I'll tell ya over a beer after work, and trust me, you're gonna be envious."

"Yea, yea...whatever, c'mon let's get some work done."

The afternoon sun and heat served to make the carpenters' naked torsos perspire more; turning their muscled bodies a deeper darker tanned color. They often joked about getting paid to get a tan for the ladies. Both men enjoyed showing off for the ladies and both had bodies built to attract the sexiest of females. Before Jay and Tania had become an item the two often spent nights together at clubs chasing women.

The workday of carpenters began early in the morning and ended around 3:30 or 4:00, depending on how much had been accomplished during the day. This afforded the two a couple of hours to have a beer and still make it home before sunset.

They drove separately to Bill's Tap as usual, taking a stool at the bar that provided the best view of the ballgame on the plasma TV. Their shirts clung to their bodies, wet from sweat, causing glances from the few female waitresses. They both nodded and smiled towards the ladies before turning to the TV and the game as they enjoyed their beer, refilling each other's glasses from the pitcher. Having finished their assessment of why the Cubs would never make it to the World Series, Kevin ordered another pitcher.

"I'm only staying for one more. I need to get cleaned up before Tania gets there." Jay grinned.

"Oh yea, you were going to tell me something, what's up? "

"Tania wants to experience a three-way, Kev, and she's told me who she wants in bed with us."

"Shit, Jay, I dunno, I dunno if I could be naked in the same bed as you."

"Fuck you Kev; it's not you she invited into bed." He hesitated, taking a sip of beer, his face smiling, "its Karen. And it's tonight!"

Their conversation was interrupted by the ringing of Jay's cell phone. He could see by the caller ID that it was Tania.

"Hey babe," she said, "Hope you're ready for your fantasy to become reality. I'm bringing Karen with me after work. Get your sexy body home and showered, I'm horny as hell." The phone clicked before Jay could respond. He gulped down his beer and stood up from the bar.

"Damn, you must be real pussy whipped Jay. She calls and you run on home?"

Jay placed his hand on his friend's shoulder. "Funny guy. But, while you're enjoying your hand tonight, I'll be enjoying two, not one but two women Kev. Not to worry, I'll give you all the sordid details; you'll have fantasies to last you for months."


It was to be a night of hot sweaty sex. Jay had long wondered what it would be like to watch two women together. The vision in his head of their naked bodies rubbing, their tongues kissing and playing had him hard as a rock as he maneuvered through traffic. Surely he could ignore the fact Karen was a bitch if it meant he could feel her tight cunt grab hold of his cock, while he fucked her.

Both Tania and Karen sidled up to him, pecking at his neck and licking towards his ears. That alone was enough to get his cock hard and he was well aware this was quite minor compared to what was about to happen.

"Let me watch you two kiss." Jay asked as his hands wandered over their soft shoulders and down the back. Tania looked and Karen and giggled before pulling away from me and moving in closer to Karen. Karen placed her hand on the back of Tania's, much like I do. Tanis tilted her head slightly before pressing her lips to Karen's. Damn if it wasn't one of the sexiest yet softest things I'd ever seen. The bodies barely touching, their lips soft as they each took turns probing each other's mouths. I sat on the sofa to watch and enjoy this show of theirs. My hand rubbed my erection through my pants as these two beautiful women took their time undressing each other. The soft curves of a women's body is so beautiful to view and to see two ladies together was more than any man could hope for.

Their lips rarely separated even while their hands softly caressed and explored. The scent of female arousal filled the room. I knew without even being able to touch that both were wet and in need of attention. I moved of the sofa and knelt at their sides. I ran my hands up the back of each ladies firm calf to gain their attention. With my face at their hips the scent was more powerful, an aphrodisiac like I had never experienced before. I took turns kissing hips and butt cheeks hoping one would turn enough to let me taste the nectar between their legs. I could feel their fingers running through my hair, encouraging my kisses, licks and nibbles.

Without warning Tania grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled backwards. "Oh no Jay, we can't have you eating pussy completely clothed. It's not fair we don't get to see how excited we're making you." She pulled upward until I got up off my knees and stood along side their nakedness. Tania was first to kiss me, pushing her tongue into my mouth more forcefully than usual. When Karen took her turn, the kiss was slower, more exploratory. It was, after all, the first time her and I had ever kissed.

"Take off your clothes Jay; I want Karen to see what I get every night. I want her to see how hot your body is naked."

Who was I to argue that logic? I pulled the shirt up over my head and reached to unsnap my jeans when I was stopped my Tania's grasp. "Slow down babe, we've got all night. Show Karen your chest, arms, back. Use your hand and fingers to highlight parts you want her to see."

Reluctantly I found my hands wandering over my own skin, feeling the hair at the center of my chest that ran down the center. At Karen's request I fondled my nipples feeling them stiffen under the touch. Karen moved in closer and ran her hand over my forearm and biceps, squeezing and touching as if she was in the produce market. Tania asked me to turn around so my back was facing them. Their warm soft fingers slid over my shoulders, and down my back. Along the way I began learning the difference in their touch, but I was still feeling very much like a piece of meat.

I let out a yelp when I felt a hand grab my ass hard. The two women laughed and playfully swatted my butt a couple of more times before telling me it was time to lose the pants. They stopped me when I moved to face them; they wanted to see my backside first. I released the snap and zipped down the zipper, my erection finally free to spring out. Taking hold of the sides of the jeans I slowly slid them to my knees, giving my ass a wiggle for the girls. Again, they laughed and again I felt their hands slapping my cheeks.

"Take the jeans all the way off Jay, then turn around for us." As I bent to get the pants off my legs I felt fingers run along the crack of my ass until they teased my balls. This was not fair is what I was thinking. But when I turned around to face them I forgot all about fairness. There Karen and Tania were kneeling in front of me, both pairs of eyes staring up. I took each head by the hand and guided the lips towards my cock. It was Tania who slipped the cock ring on letting me know they didn't want me to lose it too soon. Her hand slowly stroked my cock to full extension as I waited to feel their moist lips. "Please ladies, let me see you kiss over my cock, let me see which one of you want it more."

"Oh, we both want it Jay and we'll both get it too. But it will be under our terms, not yours." Tania voiced seemed cruel as she let go of my cock to let me watch it bounce in the air, feeling both their warm breath on it.

"C'mon girls, let's not tease now. Just let me see how it feels to have two very pretty women fawning over my cock. Let me know how it feels to have two sets of lips paying attention to my dick. I know you both want to taste it."

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