Perhaps it's because my first real sexual experience was committed outside, or perhaps it's because at times I want, I need, to be the center of attention. Maybe it's because I'm just free spirit at heart, at home with herself and with her sexuality... then again perhaps it's just because I'm a kinky little bitch... but I often fantasize about sex in public or public exposure.

I'm not just talking about sex in an empty cornfield in the middle of nowhere, or a romantic evening on a deserted beach. No, my public fantasies always take place in busy, even crowded places. Buses, trains, parks, even shopping centers or on the street itself.

A Quick Note on Dogging

Dogging doesn't really count to me as exhibitionism or outdoors sex, more a swingers party for people too lazy to tidy up their houses first so they do it outside...

Sadly I've yet to live out anything which comes close to approaching these deliciously dark dreams. Partly due to my own reserve, partly due to the... shall we say, unadventurous nature of my partners so far when it comes to this particular area. The thought of what I'd be capable of given the right encouragement and situation does make me wonder what might happen in the future.

In the meantime tho, for now, I'll have to live with the fantasy of public sex, and this has been one of my favourite ones over the last couple of years. I ran through it in my head this morning after I woke up and I found that it certainly still has the power to excite me...


It's set inside a pub or a bar, somewhere busy-ish, fairly open planned but with some cover in way of posts and pillars, a few nooks and crannies. It's early evening or night and the room is getting a little darker and busier when I enter alone.

In this fantasy I'm usually dressed fairly conservatively but smartly, maybe bare legs or stockings with cute but not to OTT shoes, always a skirt, the length of which depends on my wickedness of thought whilst I'm imagining this. Over that my hair is usually up, or back and I have on either a blouse with a bra or a tightish tank top with a open top over it. For the following I'll go with the stockings over the bare legs and the blouse.

I order a soft drink (I don't drink ever I'm afraid) and look for a table to sit at. I'm due to meet either friends or a boyfriend here, but they're still to arrive as I spot someone, a guy, who I know vaguely. Usually it's a friend of a friend, a passing acquaintance or an old class mate I've not seen for a few years. Either way he's sat alone and I join him at his beckoning to me, I sit back to the room opposite him and listen as he tells me that he's sat alone waiting for friends too.

We talk and catch up and I notice his eye dropping to my chest or to my lips subtly every so open and it makes my nipples harden and my thighs tingle under the knee length skirt I'm wearing. Whilst he fetches me a new drink I undo a button more on my blouse revealing the beginning rise of my breasts with a hint of cleavage and his slight double take when he returns makes it very worthwhile.

We talk some more, his eyes straying to blouse more often that before, I'm enjoying teasing him so much, wondering if he's hard under the table at just this merest hint of flesh on display from me. I'm so tempted to just reach out and discover how far his arousal has gotten but I restrain myself. For the time being anyway.

He gets a text on his phone and on checking it, tells me that his friend's going to be late and might not show up at all. Whilst he gets himself a new drink again I text whoever I'm supposed to be meeting that I can't make it and then undo the next button on my blouse and let it hang open just a little, more of my cleavage and a lil of my bra on display now.

I look around the room, turning back to see it all, and although far from crowded, there's a dozen or two people in, we're sat at a false corner, one side a wooden divide, to the other an empty table.

The guy sits back down and openly smiles at the extra flesh I'm showing almost studying it as he takes a sip of his drink before he tells me that he always thought I had good breasts. He's clearly heading towards drunk and his openness and his eyes on me make me eager to see exactly where this will go, so I tease him some more, leaning forward, letting the opening gap widen, showing him a little extra pale creamy skin.

I ask quietly, seductively if he'd like to see my breasts, I mean it hypothetically, but he misunderstands and simply nods, adding a moment later that I wouldn't dare show them to him right there.

In my fantasy I blush at the thought of such an action, exposing myself, displaying myself here with so many people so close, all around me. He pushes a little, asking if I dare to do it. Without thinking, half of me not even wanting to think any more, I ask if he's daring me to flash him. He drains his drink and as he stands to get yet another he nods again, his grin plastering his face with an almost incorrigible attraction.

He leaves me to stew for a few moments and returns to the table with fresh drinks for us both, my smells strongly of vodka and he knows I don't drink. He points at it and that grin returns, mirrored in his eyes with a sparkle which defies any turning back. Dutch Courage he says, lifting his own glass as I try to resist this game I've suddenly found myself in.

After trying to wait my hesitation out a moment or two he pushes again, I dare you to flash for a whole minute no matter what happens. The playful, almost taunting desire in his tone finally hooks me. I push the drink away untouched as I take a deep breath before undoing the penultimate button, pushing the blouse open more and scooping my breasts free from their cups, all within a few seconds.

I dart my eyes around to check no one else can see as his eyes are fixed firmly on my bare breasts, the nipples taut and raised. He brings his phone up and at first I think he's using it to time the minute before I realize he's actually taking pictures of me showing myself to him in such a public place so wantonly. I start to pull my blouse to as he does this and he shakes his head. No matter what, remember?

I'm trapped and I love it.

He puts the phone down and reaches forward and strokes my right nipple with his finger tips making me bite my lip and close my eyes for a second until he tells me the time is up and I almost reluctantly recup myself and pull my blouse too, leaving only that last button in place still.

I grab my glass and down it in one, the unfamiliar taste of the vodka coursing through me as I feel its affects hitting me in an instant. Easy I say, somewhat foolishly and all this does is give him the opportunity to ask if I'd like something a little more difficult as my next dare.

I feel my head swimming slightly from the drink I just finished in one gulp as he looks into my eyes and tells me that he wants my underwear. I return his look with interest, with alot of interest as my hardening nipples encourage me to do exactly as he wants. I stand, turning my head to look for the ladies room where I can safely remove my bra and panties. He shakes his head and tells me that I should sit back down and I cannot leave the table until my undies are in his hands.

I smile, despite the small knot of fear in my gut, enjoying the blatant nature of this contest now. A battle between us, but a battle for what? Why to find my limits of course. What he doesn't know that how I'm feeling now means that my limits might be quite a way off yet.

I sit back and look him in the eye, not even caring to look around the room as I reach back to unclip my bra through my thin blouse. I shrug the shoulder straps down and pull one past my hand, then pull on the other to slide it out the short sleeve of my top.

I hand it to him and all he says is now its time for my panties. Just him saying that, in a voice loud enough that anyone passing can overhear, just that makes my panties just a lil bit damper and I can hardly wait til he gets to feel how wet they have gotten in so brief a time. Or maybe even smell... Oh my...

My eyes have still not left his face as I lean forwards slightly, my now braless breasts pushing to the table top, the nipples rubbing against the firm wood. Rubbing more than is strictly necessary I might add. My hands dip under my skirt as I slip the french knickers I have on down my thighs, the gusset held to my crotch a moment with its dampness. Then they're down over my knees as I slip out of my shoes and tug them free before handing them over the empty glasses on the table and into his waiting hand.

Only now do I look around the bar, so I can determine if anyone saw what I just did. I honestly can't work out if I want people to have seen or not. A few men from various tables are looking at me out of the corners of their eyes. An older guy in his late 50s, sat drinking alone, nods at me with a broad grin on my face and motions down with his eyes. I slip my gaze to below his table and in its shadow can barely make out the movement of his hand over his trousers. I bite my lip and resist the urge to mirror his motions and start touching myself right there and then.

Instead I smile politely at him and turn back to my new friend to find him looking over my black panties and touching the gusset lightly. He just has them laid out there on the table in the open.

So you're enjoying this he says, smirking a little, clearly enjoying the fact that I'm enjoying be so slutty for him. He continues, telling me that the previous 'dares' were easy. I gulp and tell him to bring it on and that I've never left a dare not done. I'm pushing him to make me wilder, to make me sluttier that I would ever be left to my own devices.

He finishes his drink in a long slow movement of his arm and tells me to get another one for him. I shrug and rise off my seat and step away from the table. I turn and return as he says my name. HE beckons me to him and I stand at his side facing into the room as he unbuttons my blouse fully. the sides of it only covering my nipples by the virtue of their friction. More than a few of the guys in here are staring now.

I stand there blushing before asking if i might go now, he nods and I can feel his grin on my back all the way to the bar, where I'm served immediately by a guy about my own age who has no concept of tact as he stares at the opening in my top through out our entire transaction.

He hands me my change, eyes still fixated at chest height when I feel strong hands on my hips, looking round, my new friend is there. He looks past me to the barman and asks him bluntly if he'd like to see my breasts. The barman nods a lil nervously, half expecting some kind of trick. But there is no trick as those strong hands twitch my blouse fully open, my bare breasts and hard aching nipples exposed to the barman and anyone else who happens to be looking.

The guy behind the bar stares like he's never seen breasts before as I stand on show for him. Then my friend gives him permission to touch if he likes. His hands are not gentle on my poor boobs as he squeezes them hard almost the instant the offer is made.

My cunt is on fire by this point. This strange man's hands all over me at the request of a man who I hardly know whilst other strangers look on. I moan quietly, so keen to ease the desperate need between my legs. So ready to do anything that's asked of me. I'd not refuse my friend if he offered my body to every guy in the place one by one. I want that, I long to be used and displayed, my slutty side on show for everyone to see.

That's enough now he tells the bar man and motions for me to pick up the drinks and leads me back to the table, my breasts on show still. Every one we pass looks at them, sees my arousal. What women are in there leave at this point, most quietly, one quickly demands her husband follows her and now I'm alone in a bar with over a dozen men and my tits out.

I notice the older guy from before and he's given up any pretence and I can see his hand wrapped round his cock under the table jerking hard as he stares at my tits. I smile wickedly at him and his face contorts and I assume he;s just cum inside his tight fist. I bite my lip to stifle a moan.

We reach our table eventually and I go to re button my top, though why, I'm not really sure. This is met with disapproval and a dare to remove it, which I do, instantly. Someone from behind me calls out that I should lose the skirt too, which is followed by a few shouts of agreement and encouragement.

My eyes seek out permission, which is given and I stand and turn and unzip slowly before letting it fall to the floor. My bare pussy is on show to so many strangers as they are all staring at me stood in my shoes and stockings as I feel something cold and hard sllide over my shoulder.

My friend is sliding an empty beer bottle down my chest, til its base is torturing my nipple with its chill. He leans in and whispers in my ear.

Well you're just a nasty little slut aren't you? You wanna give them a real show? Fuck yourself with this bottle. I dare you.

All I want right now is to rise in orgasm, to feel it fill me, I have no care for how I get it or where I am, I just need to cum. More than anything. I grab the bottle and with the first stroke the whole neck of it is filling me, my cunt so tight it stretches me a little, but Im so wt I take it easily. I watch my cunt take it for a moment as I perch on the table and spread my legs.

Looking up I see guys watching, some filming it on phones, some jerking off slyly, a few openly. One even walks right up and goes to touch between my thighs before my friend warns him off, no touching, only looking.

I moan, possibly with disappointment, possibly at the sensations flooding me as now most of the guys are openly jerking over the sight of my cunt being fucked with a used beer bottle, my fingers on my clit as a loose semi circle forms around me of guys jerking.

I start to cum for the first time, bucking hard, making the glasses on the table shake as I hit the high and I'm moaning loudly, gabbling away, talking dirty, telling them all to jerk over me that I want them to cum for me, that I want them to cum on me.

I flop back a little as I start to ease down off my high. But this isn't finished as string arms lift me under the shoulders and lay me on an empty larger table, flat on my back, everywhere I look theres a jerking cock making me instantly aroused again.

I stare up and spy the older guy from earlier by the side of my head. He looks like he;s about to have a heart attack and his hands are pumping so hard, honestly all I want is to suck on it until it cums in my mouth, filling me with his warm thick runny juice.

I'm denied this tho, firstly by the no touching rule, which I'm starting to disagree with whole heartedly, and secondly because the old guy is cumming and cumming hard. his first spurt hits the floor as my fingers find my throbbing clit. The old guy brings his hips forwards and the second load lands down my cheek and I'm already feeling my second cum building. The third lands on the table by my side and I consider this a waste as I use my free hand to scoop a little onto my fingers and suck them clean.

This, alongside the 3 fingers now filling my literally dripping and dribbling cunt seems to set off a chain reaction and one by one guys step to me and cum. I lay back, my mouth open as every inch of my face slowly gets covered. With the feel of each splatter onto my flesh I cum a little, building up to what I'm sure will be an orgasm large enough to knock me out.

There's cum all over me, in my hair, dribbling down my chin onto my neck, over my forehead, on my cheeks. Some in my eyes as it keeps on coming. Finally it stops and I wipe my eyes, my other hand still feverishly busy at my groin. Every single guy in here has just come on me, except presumably my friend who is just watching with a smug look on his face as he picks his phone up from where its been sat recording the whole incident.

I redouble my efforts on myself and feel the orgasm building as some of the men, now they've cum, now they've used me for their cheep quick orgasm, are leaving, only a few sticking around to watch me orgasm.

I start to shake, my tongue snaking out of my mouth to taste the buffet of semen on me. My wrist flicks quicker and quicker....


a hand clamps down over it and drags it free from me. I whine, i almost cry as my friend tells me to sit up. But I do, now fully under his spell, willing to do anything who can make me feel this alive, even if I feel like I'm about to burst from desperate need.

He tells me to dress, throwing me my blouse and skirt. I put both on, the blouse clinging wetly to patches of cum on my chest. I look questioningly at him. He says...

"Walk with me to my house as you are, cum all over your face and then fuck me all night... I dare you."

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