tagExhibitionist & VoyeurExhibitionism Discovered Day 04

Exhibitionism Discovered Day 04


(... read more about the start of my introduction to exhibitionism in Exhibitionism Discovered -- Day 1,2,3)

* * * * * *

The following day I was having a late breakfast and in my mind going over the previous night's experience. I never would have guessed that exhibitionism could be that exciting. My body still pulsed at the thought of exposing my breasts to one of my husband's colleagues. The more sober side of my thoughts were that I really should now stay out of Sven's way. He had a way of making me do things, and doing things to me that I would never have accepted previously. He had a way of making erotic experiences seem everyday and normal.

It was not to work out that way. Sven came drifting into the breakfast room and sat down at my table. Feeling guilty I looked around to see who else was there. Fortunately only one other table at the other end of the restaurant was occupied.

"Today's conference topics don't interest me so I thought I would find something more pleasurable to do today. We should meet at 10 o'clock in the lobby," said Sven with a glint in his eye.

"What do you mean Sven? How can you assume that I want to join you?" I said, again feeling rather affronted at his forthrightness.

Can somebody with this manner really be the man I willingly (and thrillingly) exposed myself to last night? Again, my feelings were quite confused.

"Oh, of course you want to be part of the fun Sally. You will find it very exciting, I assure you."

"What will I find so exciting?" I asked indignantly.

"Well last night you felt the thrill of showing me your tits. Today you are going to get even more excited when you show me your pussy."

"WHAT??" I exclaimed, stunned once again by Sven, but feeling an involuntary shiver of excitement at the possibility of being naughty again.

Unabashed Sven continued. "Meet me in the lobby at 10. We are going to go for a little outing on the lake. We will explore some more of your hidden erotic desires. Can you resist the thrill of being naughty again?"

Sven walked off not waiting for an answer. It was clear in his mind that I would join him. My own mind was in total confusion. I was already getting a tingling thrill in my body at the prospect of another erotic experience, but really felt that things were getting out of hand.

I went to my room and found myself preparing for the outing. I was feeling a strong sense of guilt but I nevertheless put on some really sexy underwear under my shorts and tight cotton top. Sven had really exposed a hidden side of me and the desire to explore that side some more drove my actions. I tried to work out if I had voluntarily suppressed these sexual desires before, or if Sven had just brought them out in me.

Sven was waiting for me (he knew I could not resist) and we set off on the short walk down to the lake. Sven did not talk much leaving me to contemplate what might happen over the next hour or so. Knowing that it would be something erotic and sexual, but not knowing exactly what, added to the build-up of sexual tension in me.

Sven hired a rowing boat from the boathouse and we set off across the lake. We had not gone far when Sven started preparing me.

"Sally, we are going to have lot of fun today, and you are going to explore some of the erotic side of you. You are going be really naughty and get very excited. Does that sound good?"

I was committed and already feeling a bit horny, so I replied, "Yes. What are we going to do?"

"We are only going to do what your desires tell you to do. So do you want to show me your tits again?"

"But Sven we can be seen from here," I said looking nervously around. There was nobody on the lake other than the attendant at the boat house.

"Come now Sally, you know you get a thrill from exposing your tits. I think you will enjoy being topless in the sun while I row to the other side."

The memory of last night and the thought of exposing my tits again got me going. I sat in front of Sven and pulled my T-shirt over my head. Sven smiled as he saw my very sheer, see-through bra, through which he could see my nipples quite clearly. Reaching behind me I unclipped the bra. Suddenly nervous again, I glanced around to make sure that nobody else was around before I let it drop. As I did so that familiar erotic thrill ran through me and my nipples hardened in acknowledgement. I could not believe that it felt as exciting as the night before.

"Wow Sally. Your tits look even better in daylight. You are really sexy. Squeeze your nipples -- I want to see how you create your own pleasure."

I was already quite turned on and groaned at the pleasurable sensations I felt as I followed Sven's instruction. Sven urged me on saying I looked so good playing with my tits and nipples. My pussy was starting to get moist from both the physical pleasure I was giving myself, but also the eroticism of doing this in front of Sven.

"I think you should stop that now Sally. We still have more to explore."

I sat back enjoying the feeling of the warm sun on my tits as Sven rowed us to the other side of the lake. It was quite a long way from the other shore and clearly nobody from the boathouse could see us. I was still a bit anxious that there might be other people about but Sven did not give me chance to object as he pushed the boat onto the shore and reached his hand out to help me out.

He looked me up and down with that lecherous look, his eyes stalling on my tits and my crotch. I felt another shiver of excitement, still not knowing what was going to happen. Taking my hand he walked along the shore to a small level piece of ground covered in soft grass. There he turned me to face back across the lake and moved in behind me.

I shivered with pleasure as Sven hands slid up over my tummy and starting gently fondling my breasts. He kneaded my hard nipples and got me moaning as the tingling sensations arched through my body.

Leaning into my neck Sven said in a soft seductive tone, "So Sally what erotic thrill do you want to get next? Are your desires telling you to be really naughty and show me your pussy?"

I had thought I would have the will power to stop at this point, but the eroticism of the moment and Sven reminding me of the thrill of being naughty made me nod my head.Sven stepped back and sat down on the grass.

"Just as I thought -- you are a naughty girl who likes to expose herself. Well then let's start with you undoing your zipper and slowly sliding your shorts down."

I did as instructed, feeling very naughty as I exposed my brief thong and all of my legs. I felt a little self conscious as Sven asked me to turn around slowly so that he could enjoy seeing the thong pulled tightly between my butt cheeks.

My pussy was starting to get quite wet with anticipation. This lecherous man was instructing me how to strip and making me show off my nearly naked body to him. I never would have dreamed that showing off to a relative stranger could turn me on like this.

Sven seemed to understand how turned on I was when he instructed me again.

"Sally now stand with your feet apart, and slide one hand in your panties and finger your pussy."

Sven stared at me with those steely, blue eyes as I obeyed him. God I was wet and despite the embarrassment of masturbating in front of Sven I could not resist pleasuring myself. I was starting to get short of breath from the pleasure surging through my pussy and tits.

"Stop Sally! You must not cum now. You still want the thrill of showing me your pussy. Now pull your panties off and then turn around and bend over so I can see your cunt totally exposed."

As I tugged my thong off, I noticed Sven rubbing his crotch. It gave me an extra thrill to know that I was turning him on as well. I tepped out of my panties and bent over with my legs apart as instructed. WOW!! -- what a rush of pure sexual thrill to be so completely exposed to another man like that.

"Hell Sally you are so sexy. Lots of men would get really turned on to see you wantonly exposing yourself like that. Now come and stand next to me."

As I stood next to him he looked up at me and our eyes locked. I am sure that my eyes gave away the feeling of total lust that was creeping over me. Sven caressed the inside of my thigh moving upwards till he touched my clit. I roaned and shivered as he circled my rock hard button. I had been faithful to my husband for years but I just could not control my desires anymore. All too quickly Sven stopped his erotic touch.

"Now Sally you are going to experience the final bit of erotic exhibitionism. You will now make yourself cum in front of me. Work your pussy one hand and use the other for your nipples. Show me exactly how you pleasure yourself. Just think how naughty that is to bring yourself to orgasm while a man watches you. I want you to look me in the eyes while you fuck yourself."

Sven just had me so incredibly turned on, that I parted my legs and quickly went to work on pussy and nipples. The sensations flowing through my body were amazing. I was rapidly approaching my climax. I was panting and my whole body shuddering. I could sense that this was going to be a huge orgasm. At this point Sven pulled his raging hard cock out of his pants, and that just pushed me over the edge.

"OHHHHHHHHH SHIT!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. OH GOD" I yelled as a climatic wave of pleasure engulfed me.

Sven caught me as I started to collapse from the huge orgasm. He eased me down onto the soft grass and put my head on his high. Slowly I got my breath back as Sven caressed my back.

"You are a fucking horny girl Sally. I think you are going to be hooked on exhibitionism."

I turned to see Sven stroking his cock, with a far away look in his eyes.

"Here, let me do that for you. You have given me such an erotic time, I want to do this for you."

I stroked his cock for a while as Sven lay back. His cock looked so appealing I just could not resist putting it in my mouth. I eased my mouth over his cock and immediately felt theexcitement of pleasuring a man in this way. Sven groaned as he felt my wet mouth encircle the head of his cock and my tongue start licking the head of it. He clearly had been very turned on by my antics, and soon I felt his body start jerking. He put a hand on top of my head clearly wanting me to swallow his cum.

"Ohhhhhhh fuck - you sexy wench. I want to show you off to all my friends" he groaned as he cock jerked and started pumping a stream of cum in my mouth. I happily swallowed it down feeling it was all part of the exceptionally erotic experience.

As Sven's cock starting getting soft, he rolled me over on my back. He caressed me for a while and asked "Did you find that exciting Sally? Do you want to expose yourself to me again sometime?"

"That was incredible Sven. You really get me doing things that I would never have done before -- and they are all so erotic and exiting. I really would like to do it again sometime."

With that Sven got up, picked up my clothes and told me to walk naked back to the boat. I was beyond caring and just enjoyed the thrill of being totally naked in this natural environment. I did, however, baulk at Sven's suggestion that I go back to the other side of the lake totally naked in the boat. Sven accepted the compromise that I would put on my clothes without any underwear. With my tight top I was covered but it was quite clear that I did not have anything on underneath.

Although I thoroughly enjoyed the sense of freedom and sensuality experienced by not wearing underwear, I was quite pleased that we did not get near any other people on the walk back to hotel.

However, as got into the lift to go back up to our rooms another man stepped in with us. He smiled at me and from the focus of his eyes it was clear that he noticed my lack of a bra. To my embarrassment my nipples hardened in response to his stares. He also noticed the underwear I was clutching in my hand and he smiled at me again.

A Sven got out of the lift on his floor, he turned to me and with a naughty chuckle said "Don't forget to put your underwear on again before your husband gets back from the conference."

I blushed at his comment and silently cursed him for embarrassing me again. The stranger noticed and commented in a seductive French accent. "Oh I wouldn't bother. You look incredibly sexy without your underwear. You should stay like that." With that, he got out as the lift stopped on his floor.

Another little thrill ran through my body as I absorbed the man's comment. It was exciting to feel that even the hint of my nakedness under my clothes turned men on.

When Rick got back that evening I again felt I should tell him about my experiences. I did not want him finding out about my behavior in some other way. I could not help wondering how he would feel about me being naked with Sven. Would he be turned on like yesterday or would he think I had gone too far?

I need not have been concerned. I was only halfway through the story when Rick was already ripping my clothes off. He fingered me to an orgasm as I told him all the details. Rick then plunged his cock into me coming very quickly, as I told him about sucking off Sven.

"Honey --I just love it that you are so sexy. I think it is fantastic that you are discovering new excitement. Look what it is doing for OUR sex life!!"

"Rick, are you sure that you are OK with what happened today?" I checked with him as we lay cuddled together in the after sex glow.

"Honey -- anything that brings you pleasure is good with me. Did you not want to fuck Sven if you were so turned on?" Rick asked catching me off guard.

"Well, I was really horny. If Sven had pushed for it I may have had sex with him. Would you have been upset if I had done that?" I asked.

"It would be a huge thrill for me if you fucked another man. I would be very turned on and happy knowing that I have a wife that is so sensual and really enjoys sex. I want you to do what you like sexually so that it keeps you horny and wanting more sex."

WOW!! I would never have believed that my erotic antics would have ended up with my husband being so turned on by them that he was willing to let me fuck around. A great thrill passed through me just thinking of the possibilities, although I did not know I could ever bring myself to do such a thing.

(...read more about Sally's experiences in Exhibitionism discovered Day 5)

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