Exhibitionist Niece Moves In


"It's nice having you here with us, Lauren." I say, breaking off the embrace, before my stiffening cock gives me away. "Good night, sweetie." I tell her, turning back to the couch and taking Cindy's hand to pull her up.

"I'm glad to be here too, Uncle Jim." Lauren stammers. "I can't thank you guys enough."

"Your welcome." Cindy says as we head down the hall to our bedroom. Cindy has her hand back inside my shorts before we close the bedroom door.

"She is something else!" Cindy says, as we scramble out of our clothes. "I think you really threw her off her game when you stood up and hugged her." She laughs, grabbing my cock and leading me over to the bed. "This is going to be an interesting few months."

"You've got that right." I say, both of us meaning more than we are saying.

The next morning, after Cindy and Lauren leave, I log onto Lauren's website to read more of her blog. I also want to put in motion a plan that could get Lauren to do more than tease me.

I scan through her blog, reading her detailed description of exposing herself to their next-door neighbor. Starting with glimpses down her blouse and up her skirt, just like the professor, she progresses to more risquŽ views of her body. She always waits until his wife is gone and he's in his front yard, and then strolls to the mailbox, or gets something from her car, innocently stopping to visit with him. She writes about how excited she is that he always has a bulge in his pants by the time she goes into her house. She imagines him in his bathroom jacking off, thinking about her body, as she masturbates.

The entries get hotter when she describes washing her car in a bikini bottom and a thin halter-top, while her neighbor is mowing his lawn. First, she makes sure her bikini bottom rides up into the crack of her ass, giving a thong-like view of her ass cheeks. Then, she leans against the car on her tiptoes to wash the top. Not only does this give her neighbor a great view of her nearly naked ass, but it also soaks her halter-top, making it nearly transparent. Getting two beers from the refrigerator in the garage, she rubs one of the cold bottles across her nipples before taking it to her neighbor, who thanks her and downs half of it while wiping the sweat from his face. His eyes are glued to her wet halter-top, stretched across her tits, giving him an almost transparent view of her hard nipples. They talk about how hot it is, as she rubs the cold beer bottle across her stomach and up between her tits, to cool down. Her neighbor's bulge is the largest she's ever seen it by the time she goes back to washing her car.

She writes about plans to let him see her naked, through her bedroom window. She even adjusts her blinds to allow him to see from his bedroom to hers, but before she has a chance to implement her plan, her dad gets promoted and she moves in with us.

My cock hardened while I read about my niece flaunting her body at her next-door neighbor, but when I get to the entry she made last night, I actually pull it out and stroke it.

BBBarbie: Sorry I haven't written in a while... a lot has happened! My parents moved, so I moved in with my Aunt and Uncle. They're only in their thirties, so it's great living here. My uncle is a well hung, hunk and I've already started showing him what I've got. The first night, I gave him a pretty deep, down the blouse view of my tits and a barely covered shot of my pubes. Afterwards, I watched my Aunt give him a blowjob on the living room couch! They thought I was in my bedroom, but I left the door cracked because I wanted to see my uncle's reaction to my show. Man, was I surprised. It was so hot, watching her kneel on the floor between his legs and suck him off. But that was nothing compared to today.

VoyGirl: Did you see his cock?!

BBBarbie: Hold on, not yet. I started by giving my uncle a great view of my tits while we were home alone. He pretty much brushed me off, but I could tell he was struggling with it. I kept teasing him all through dinner and afterwards as we watched TV. Then I said I was going to take a shower, but I took the fastest shower in the world. I left the water on, so they'd think I was still in the shower and then crept into the hallway to see what they were doing. Ohmigod! You won't believe it! First my Aunt gave him another blowjob, then she sat on his lap and he fingered her to an orgasm. I turned off the shower and made sure the towel didn't quite cover my ass when I walked to my bedroom. When I peeked out, my aunt had straddled him and was riding his hard cock. I was so fucking wet!

VoyGirl: Did you see his cock? Describe...

BBBarbie: Not really, it was hard to see from where I was.

VoyGirl: Hard is good! lol

BBBarbie: Anyway, when I got back into the living room, I could smell my aunt's pussy and there was a wet spot spreading across her crotch.

VoyGirl: That is so hot! You need to get a look at his hard cock!

BBBarbie: I know. I'm working on it. cya

Fuck! I didn't realize she'd seen all of that. My cock is rock hard! Time to put the next part of my plan in motion. I click on the home page for the website and register for a user name and password. For my user name I choose HippieGirl, because I want to come across as an older version of Lauren. Once I'm a registered user, I sign in and leave a message for BBBarbie.

HippieGirl: You sound like you're as much of a voyeur as an exhibitionist. You young girls think you're controlling something by making guys get hard. If you really want to control a guy, and have him eating out of your... well, let me know. You haven't even scratched the surface of possibilities.

I log off the exhibition website and log into work.

When Lauren gets home, she comes down to the basement looking as sexy as I've ever seen her in a short skirt and a low-cut top. The top loops around her neck, covering only about half of each creamy, white breast, and ties in the middle of her back. The rounded sides of her breasts are visible, as the material stretches down the middle of her tits, barely covering her nipples. She asks about my day as she stands behind my chair, massaging my shoulders. Is it my imagination, or can I smell her pussy? Nonchalantly, I turn my head to each side and breathe in, as I answer her. Definitely it's her right hand. Jesus! She's just had her right hand in her pussy. I try to ignore her, but my cock hardens at the image of her fingers in her pussy.

"That feels nice, Lauren." I tell her, trying to sound casual. "But I've still got another half hour of work to do." She leans down, pressing her tits against my shoulder, as she kisses my cheek. Her right hand passes just under my nose and I get a strong whiff of her fragrant pussy. She can't miss seeing the bulge in my pants, as my cock pushes against the bottom of my keyboard tray.

"Okay, Uncle Jim." She says perkily. "I've got some homework to do anyway." I watch her ascend the stairs, and just as I suspect, she's not wearing any panties. I watch the sway of her firm, round ass cheeks and catch a quick glimpse of her naked pussy, as she slowly climbs each step. She knows I'm watching her and I'm sure it's having as much affect on her as it is on me.

I don't really have any more work to do. I log onto Lauren's website and stroke my cock as I wait to see if she'll respond to my statement. I don't have to wait long.

BBBarbie: Today was fun! I just got home; my uncle was in the basement at his computer. I went to my room, took off my panties and fingered myself until I was soaking wet. Coated my fingers with my juices, left my panties off and put on a wrapover top, that barely covers my tists, then went down to say hi. He could smell me right away and I rubbed his shoulders, so my hand would be near his face. His cock was already aching by the time I gave him a cunt shot, going up the stairs. HippieGirl - what are you talking about?

I answer her right away, typing a response as HippieGirl.

HippieGirl: You're amateurs! What are you getting for your time? A wet pussy that you finger yourself. If you really want control, send me an IM and I'll explain it to you.

I want to address my comments just to her. If I can gain her trust, I can turn the tables on her right here. I get an IM from her almost immediately.

BBBarbie: So what do you mean control?

HippieGirl: First, thank you for being interested in an old woman's perspective. Back during the original sexual revolution in the sixties, we didn't settle for turning guys on and leaving them to their own devices. We fucked!

BBBarbie: Yeah, and you all got fucked! So what? Where's the control in that. You don't know how it feels to have guys lusting over what they can't have.

HippieGirl: Of course, I do. But think about the control you can exert over someone who's had his dick where it doesn't belong. I once fucked a married guy who ended up doing whatever I wanted, just so I'd keep our little tryst quiet. I orchestrated his sex life from then on. I told him when and how often he could fuck and with whom. I controlled what he did with his wife in bed. I even made him fuck his wife with me hidden in the closet, watching. Is that control?

BBBarbie: Interesting idea. How did you know what he was doing with his wife?

HippieGirl: She was my best friend and we shared everything! You seem to have an ideal situation with this uncle of yours. You just need to get his dick in you. Well... first I agree with voygirl, you need to see it, to make sure it's worth it. Hide in the closet, under the bed, something. You also need to let him see you completely naked, get his blood boiling.

BBBarbie: I guess I could leave my bedroom door open while I'm changing. That seems a little obvious.

HippieGirl: For an exhibitionist, you're not very creative. Forget the shampoo, or a towel or something the next time you shower, stand innocently behind the door, but make sure he has a clear view of you in a mirror or something. I'm sure you can pull it off so it's innocent looking.

BBBarbie: Thanks, I'll think about all this. I'm not sure he's ready for it. Looking is one thing, incest is something else. Besides my aunt seems to keep him pretty satisfied.

HippieGirl: Okay, reality check... what do you look like? Are you enticing enough for him to want it from you?

BBBarbie: Yeah, that's not the problem.

HippieGirl: Are you too inexperienced, is that it?

BBBarbie: No, I'm experienced enough. I've just never taken it that far with someone I was teasing. It'll be a change.

HippieGirl: Get a look at his dick, let him see you naked and let me know what happens. My e-mail is the same as my IM address. Cya

Now all I have to do is give her the right opportunities and see what she does. I close down my computer and head upstairs.

"How's the homework coming?" I ask, innocently, sticking my head in her room.

"Great." Lauren answers, swiveling her desk chair around towards me. Her short skirt didn't cover much when she was standing up, sitting down, if she didn't have her legs together, I'd be looking right at her bare pussy.

"Are you all done with work?" She asks, bouncing her legs together, trying to draw my eyes to her pussy, but not quite exposing it. She is really good at this!

"Yeah." I say, keeping my eyes on her face. "I'm going to take a shower before Aunt Cindy gets home." I turn to leave, but not before she opens her legs for just a second, giving me such a quick glimpse of her pussy that I'm not even a hundred percent sure I actually saw anything.

I close my bedroom door and strip off my clothes. My cock is still hard and I think about getting myself off while I'm in the shower. If Lauren reacts predictably, she'll be hiding in my bedroom when I come out of my shower, waiting to see my cock. I want her to get the full affect of my hard-on, so I forgo masturbating, for now.

When I come out of the shower, I'm pretty sure Lauren is hiding under the bed. I purposely left the closet doors wide open to dissuade her from hiding there. The dust ruffle on the side of the bed appears to be pulled up a little, creating a peephole. Just as I'm about to do a little teasing of my own, Cindy gets home.

"Hey, is that for me?" Cindy asks, looking at my hard cock sticking straight out from my naked body. "Where's Lauren." She asks, wrapping her hand around my shaft as she leans up to kiss me.

"She was in her room doing homework when I got in my shower." I answer honestly. "Was she still there when you went by?" I wonder if Cindy's presence will spoil things.

"Her door was closed, so I suppose she was there." Cindy smiles, as she closes our bedroom door. "So what was our little nymphet up to today, that caused such a big reaction?" Cindy asks, kneeling on the floor and taking my hard cock in her mouth.

"Oh, not much." I answer; choosing my words carefully, since I'm sure Lauren is under the bed. "Just the sexiest outfit yet, and..." I lift Cindy to her feet and start unbuttoning her blouse. "She smelled like she was aroused, or had been getting herself off." Removing her blouse, I unfasten her bra, and cup her tits in my hands. "It was intoxicating. You know how when you smell cookies baking and you can't wait to taste them?" I unzip her pants and let them fall to the floor. She steps out of them and it's my turn to kneel. "I could definitely smell Lauren's cookies baking, but it's yours that I can't wait to taste." I breathe in her scent as I peel her thong from her body, leaving her naked in front of me.

"Glad I got home when I did." Cindy laughs. "Who knows whose cookies you'd be tasting." She spreads her legs apart, as I run my cheek across her pubic hair. My wife's pussy is neatly trimmed, with a full triangle of fine brown hair. Her aroma is just as intoxicating as Lauren's, but with a much heavier scent. Of course, Cindy is just getting aroused; Lauren had been playing with her pussy.

Kneeling on the floor, I'm conscious of how visible my hard cock is to Lauren from her hiding place under the bed. I tilt my head back and lick all around Cindy's moist slit.

"Mmmmm." She moans, swaying a bit. "Do you mind if we take this to the bed?" She asks. "I don't want to fall over." I stand up and close the closet doors, then move over to the bed to join Cindy. The closet doors are mirrored and will give Lauren a clear view of the bed. Cindy has scooted up, with her head on the pillows, her knees up and her legs spread wide apart. I position myself between her legs and take a long, slow lick from her ass to her clit, before inserting my tongue in her juicy pussy.

"Oh fuck!" Cindy breathes, as I loop my arms behind her knees and tongue fuck her delicious snatch. "You are an amazing cunt lapper, Jim. You always know exactly where to lick?" She moans, pushing her pussy up against my face. Her thick, creamy juices are flowing steadily now and I pull my tongue out, sucking her pussy lips into my mouth. Biting and nibbling on each of her puffed lips, I run my hand over her fur covered mound and find her clit with my finger.

"Ohhhhhhh! Fuck yes!" Cindy yells, bucking her hips off the bed, as I bite her lips and rub her clit. Glancing to the side, I notice the dust ruffle has been pulled open a little more, and I definitely see Lauren's eyes, before she quickly pulls her head back.

"Ohhhhhh! Ohhhhhh! God!" Cindy moans, as I push my tongue back inside her sopping pussy and pinch her clit between my thumb and index finger. I love eating pussy and I lap up as much of her delectable sauce as I can, while she thrusts her pussy against my face. She's thrashing all around, oblivious to the show she is putting on for our prick-teasing niece.

I struggle to keep my finger on her clit as her orgasm builds and she's twisting and bucking like crazy. As my thumb and finger keep up a rhythmic pinching of her clit, I suck the tip of it into my mouth, flicking my tongue across it. That's all she can take.

"Fuuuuuccck!" Cindy arches her back, slamming her pussy into my face, and explodes in a dramatic, jerking climax. Her juices gush out, soaking my chin and running down my neck. I shift my mouth from her clit to her pussy and lap up her delicious nectar.

"God! I needed that!" Cindy exclaims, as I kiss my way up her body and her breathing returns to normal. I bite and tease her hard nipples sucking each one into my mouth. My wife has great tits and I never tire of suckling at her breasts. They're larger than Lauren's firm, young, tits, which makes me wonder why I'm so infatuated with Lauren's body. Forbidden fruit, I guess.

"Your turn." Cindy says, rolling me over and kneeling between my legs. My pole is pointing straight to the ceiling, as Cindy leans her head down and starts licking it like a lollipop.

"So, in your mind, whose cookies were you eating, mine or Lauren's?" Cindy asks, running her tongue the length of my throbbing shaft.

"Just a second." I answer, licking around inside my mouth. "Uh huh, definitely yours!" I laugh.

"You'd like to know what hers tastes like, though wouldn't you?" Cindy asks, wrapping her hand around the base of my cock and licking the head like an ice cream cone. I don't answer.

"You'd like to know what her lips feel like on your cock, too. Wouldn't you?" She asks, cupping my balls with her other hand. "Close your eyes, Jim." I close them, as she's licking all around my cockhead. "Picture Lauren between your legs; Lauren, naked, licking your cock. Lauren sucking your hard, throbbing cock deep into her mouth." As she says this, her lips slide down around my hard shaft and she flicks her tongue against the underside of it. The image is in my head and I can actually imagine Lauren in Cindy's place. Turning my head to the side and keeping my eyes closed, I squint through barely open slits, at Lauren, under the bed, watching and listening. I wonder what she's making of this.

"Her tight little ass and her perky tits turn you on, don't they?" Cindy asks, taking a breath. "You wonder what it would feel like to have her young, hard body bouncing on your hard cock." She slides her mouth over my cock and it glides all the way down, burying my cockhead in her throat. She caresses my balls, as she deep throats me several more times, bringing me right to the edge. Sucking her cheeks in and pulling her lips back along my shaft, she starts a steady rhythm, using her hand to pump my cock in and out of her warm, wet mouth.

I'm bucking my ass up, trying to push my cock farther into Cindy's mouth. My eyes are closed and my mind is full of random images; Lauren's pussy as she climbs the stairs, Cindy sucking my cock, Lauren riding my cock, Cindy's hard nipples, Lauren's tits hanging in my face, eating Lauren's and Cindy's pussies. Cindy continues pumping my cock into her mouth, while she gently strokes my balls. I explode, shooting several large streams of cum into Cindy's mouth. She sucks and swallows until I'm completely spent.

"I have to go back out." Cindy says, resting her head on my chest. "We have parent's meetings tonight. I just came home for a quick dinner and I'm glad I did." She says, stroking my chest with her hand. "You be careful while I'm gone and practice a little restraint." She laughs.

"Don't worry, you just took everything out of me. I'll be fine." I answer, kissing the top of her head. I lay on the bed, watching Cindy get dressed. My cock stirs, knowing that Lauren is under the bed and has seen and heard everything. "Of course, now I need another shower." I say, thinking that will give Lauren a chance to get out of her hiding place.

"Whose fault is that?" Cindy answers, kissing me and telling me goodbye. "I wonder if I should interrupt Lauren to tell her I'm leaving." She says as she walks to our bedroom door.

"Why advertise the fact that you're not home?" I ask, knowing full well that Lauren isn't in her room.

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