Thanks to sultry siren for giving me the idea for this one.

You did exactly as I told you. You were naked before me with the black fabric tied securely behind your head to obscure your sight. As I kissed your lips, I could feel the want in you as your tongue swirls around mine. I carefully lead you towards the bed as I reach for the ties on the corner of the bed. Soon, I had your back on the bed and your right arm tied carefully to the post. As I assured you what I was doing, I slowly made my way around the bed to tie off your right ankle, your left ankle and finally your left wrist. You looked comfortable on the bed awaiting the treat I had set for you.

I leave the room so that you would have no idea of what treatment you would be in for. As I watch you squirm on the bed, I basked in your beauty in your helplessness. I then walked into the room with our guests as I hold my finger over my mouth to indicate to them to be silent. I had one of our guests take a position between your outstretched legs. You could feel our guest's tongue slide gently up your inside leg to your wetness. You could also feel two separate breathes along your nipples as one set of lips clamped onto the left one. You opened your mouth in response before feeling a presence right above your face.

You then felt lips along your jaw line. They were softer than mine and you could hear the voice moaning a little as they kissed to your lips and you shared a deep tongue kiss. It was then you realized it was a feminine tongue dancing with yours. You kissed her a little more as you could feel her striving to moan into your mouth. Her mouth was unpredictably pulled from yours before you felt a larger presence above your lips. You heard a husky voice tell you to stick out your tongue. Soon, your tongue probed above you and felt the warm moist lips of a woman's vulva above you. You could hear the sound of a woman getting impaled above you as your tongue felt the shaft of someone penetrating the vulva above you.

I could hear you warming up to the tongue along your own vulva as your hips started to involuntarily thrust towards them. You suddenly felt emptiness while licking the pussy above you until your pussy gets stretched by something phallic. You started moaning yourself as you get your own impaling while the woman above you seemed to be dripping onto your lips and face. I watched as your tongue kept probing above you as much as you could til you felt the cock above you slip out and slide between your lips. You could taste the woman's essence on his shaft and you sucked greedily to clean off his shaft. Soon, the suck toy was removed and the warm vulva was lowered down again onto your extended tongue. You started licking more as you felt your right wrist loosened from its binding.

Your right arm flew up and pulled down upon the leg above you to bring the luscious morsel closer to your mouth. Your mouth started engulfing as much of her labia as possible as you continued to get fucked. You felt the dick inside you pull out and felt him climax all over your stomach before a tongue started licking it off from you. The thought of the image in your head drove you closer to cumming. You suddenly had the fabric over your eyes loosened to see the pussy above you getting shafted. Your eyes looked down towards your pussy to see one of our mutual friends about to feast on your pussy again while I slid behind her.

Your eyes went back upward towards the couple above you before his cock slid towards your mouth again. You took his dick into your hand and started stroking him into your mouth before you slid it back into the open pussy above you. Your hand then went to untie your left wrist before you placed both hands on the woman licking you, pushing her deeper into your pussy. The couple above you moved over to beside the bed as she bent down and began to suck her partner off. You then have a good view of the man who climaxed on your stomach watching all that was going on before he climbed onto to bed and started to stroke his cock towards your mouth.

The action continued for some time before your friends cuddled next to you while all three of us started stroking furiously. Shots began to fly from our shafts onto your faces before we stood back and watched you three licked off the fluids from your faces. As I grabbed the camera to take a picture, you smiled at me for allowing you to indulge in another fantasy.

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