tagBDSMExploring Tabbi Ch. 03

Exploring Tabbi Ch. 03


For a third time in as many weeks we enter a monotonously anonymous motel room together. The same motel, just another different room, though it would be difficult to know that except for the number on the door. But it is the very sameness of motel rooms that helps us to ignore our surroundings so easily and concentrate upon each other. We are developing a ritual. We go into the room, stand in the middle of the floor, embrace, and kiss. It is our way of saying to each other that we are both willing to take the next step along Tabbi's road of self discovery. We do it this time, our arms wrapped tightly around each other for a few long seconds, soaking up each others emotional warmth and reassurance. I am seeking confirmation of your trust before proceeding, and I find it in the tenderness of your embrace and the openness of your kisses. You are giving yourself to me and I accept you into my care.

It is particularly important from now on that you are wholly trusting of me, for we will soon enter realms of sexual pleasure where you must put yourself entirely into my care. You have learned to trust, but now you must also learn to obey, for obedience will keep you safe and allow you to enjoy things that you would normally reject. You will rely on me to keep you out of harm's way as well as give you new pleasures. I intend to test your obedience today. I disentangle myself from your arms and speak.

"Take off your clothes please, Tabbi." My tone of voice allows no question of refusal.

You look at me in surprise, and then with a little anticipatory shiver you begin. This time you are wearing a long, white, front buttoned, summer dress, and you look so innocent as you begin undoing the buttons. For a few glorious moments I stand and watch, admiring your beauty as it is revealed, your full breasts cupped in a white silk bra, the smooth pale skin of your stomach, slightly rounded and gorgeously feminine. You are truly beautiful.

Tearing myself away I reach into my bag and place one item on the little table in front of you. It is the only item I wish you to see for the moment, it is a blindfold. The blindfold will enable you to accept and enjoy new and unfamiliar sensations without knowing their cause, pushing back your boundaries little by little. It will also help you to follow my instructions unquestioningly, forcing you quite literally into blind obedience. And it is blind obedience that I will require, and that I will enforce if necessary.

I see you gazing at the blindfold with some trepidation as you reach around to unhook your bra, but I offer you no explanation. You say nothing and your bra joins your dress at your feet. You hook your thumbs into the waistband of your panties and, with another quick look at the blindfold you slip them down, stepping out of them to stand naked in front of the little pile of your clothes.

I cross to the table, pick up the blindfold and place it over your eyes, adjusting the elastic strap for comfort and to ensure that you are completely without vision. Now I stand before you silently for several long minutes and gaze at your nakedness. I enjoy gazing at your body, you are exactly my type of woman, but this inspection has a more serious intent. I wish to make you feel vulnerable and exposed. It will increase your reliance on me and enhance your feelings towards me as your protector and keeper. That is why I have so far remained clothed while you are naked.

Having made you wait and wonder for a few minutes I quickly and quietly slip out of my own clothes, then taking you by the hand, I lead you to the bed and press you gently into a sitting position on the edge. I stand directly in front of you and move slightly forward until the tip of my erection is presented to your unsuspecting mouth. As you feel the end touch your lips you automatically recoil, drawing your head back and raising your hands towards my cock.

"No, Tabbi, keep your hands away and take it into your mouth."

You do as you are told, but I sense a little reluctance. Is it just inexperience or an unwillingness to cooperate? I will need to be ready to counter it.

Your hands now rest passively on your naked thighs, but your mouth is far from passive. Your reluctance seems to have passed and you are sliding your mouth up and down my shaft as far as you comfortably can, your tongue busy circling my head and glans. The pleasure you are giving me is intense and I need to resist the temptation to thrust deeper into your mouth. For all your inexperience it will not be long before you bring me to orgasm.

As soon as I feel my balls begin to tighten as my climax draws near I withdraw from your mouth, - again a slight and unwanted reluctance, this time to part with my cock!

I am still close to cumming, so I pivot you around to lie on the bed before climbing on top of you, parting your legs with mine and pushing myself into your pussy. You are wet, aroused by having my cock inside your mouth, and I slide in deeply in one thrust. This is the first time I have entered your pussy and you feel moist and warm and welcoming. I must fuck you more often, where it can be justified as part of your education.

You automatically draw your legs back to admit me deeper, and I plunge in hard and deep, thrusting faster and harder as my climax looms. It is only a matter of a minute or so before I explode into you, shooting my cum deep inside your pussy in spurt after heavy spurt. You have not cum yet, but you will become accustomed to waiting

"You could have come in my mouth!" This is not a comment I expected and I frown a little to myself at your words.

"Yes, I know."

You are lying on your back on the bed, your legs still open and a little trickle of my cum seeping from between your pussy lips. You look even more beautiful.

"Put your hands behind your head with your fingers interlaced and then lie back on them."

A puzzled look crosses your face but you comply immediately and without comment. Perhaps you don't realise that the position makes it much more difficult for you to react with your hands.

Pulling my bag within reach I sit beside you with my back to your head and take something from the bag. It is a vibrator. Nothing special, just a standard, white, plastic, variable speed, seven inch vibrator.

You have said to me that you have never used a toy, but would like to. Today your wish will be granted, I have with me a number of different ones, but the standard one will do to begin with.

I lean across you and lean on my elbow, opening your pussy lips with my fingers to expose your clit. Then, with my other hand I turn on the vibrator and bring it close to your body. I look around, wishing to see your face as the vibrations course through you, and touch the tip of the vibe against the tip of your clitoris. A look of shock crosses your face and you jerk back in alarm, slamming your legs together.

"Take it away." Your voice is loud and troubled.

This cannot long be tolerated.

"Tabbi!" I begin. "Have you not agreed for me to introduce you to all the things that you wish you had tried, but never have?"

You nod behind your blindfold and I continue. "And have we not already taken steps down that road without any harm befalling you, only considerably more pleasure than you ever expected?"

Again you nod. "Then how can I take you further if you react negatively to what I intend to do? Do you expect me to do anything to hurt you?"

"No, but..." I don't let you finish your answer.

"Then open your legs and we will continue." I didn't expect you to obey and you do not disappoint me.

"But I can't see what it is you're going to use!"

"What I use is irrelevant beside the pleasure it will bring you, now open your legs please."

You shake your head. "Not until you show me what you are going to do."

I have been patient long enough. I have deliberately pushed you to see if you would become obedient, and now I find you rebellious I must correct that.

Without warning I lean over and grab a hold of your far leg, hauling it towards me and tipping you over at the same time. The movement is too sudden for you to counter it and, before you can regain your wits you are face down across my knee. I then wrap one arm around your waist and hook a leg over yours, effectively immobilising you as one would a child.

Your shout of surprise is followed immediately by one of pain as my hand lands hard across your bottom. You struggle wildly at first, kicking and thrashing in an attempt to regain your freedom and dignity, and to avoid the slaps of my palm against your flesh, but eventually you realise that you cannot break free and that I intend to discipline you regardless. Now you begin to sob, tears streaming down your face from under your blindfold, and you slump across my knee, accepting the inevitable but crying out as each blow lands.

I pause for the moment. "Tabbi, it is necessary for you to do as I say. I cannot be your teacher if you are going to try and choose what you wish to learn. If I am to continue as your guide you must accept that, and this lesson is to make that clear to you. Now, I am going to continue to chastise you until I believe the lesson has sunk home."

With that my hand descends once more on your reddening cheeks and you howl with anger and pain. I disregard your cries and pleas in the same way that you wanted earlier to disregard my wishes, and I continue to smack your bottom hard until the anger disappears from your voice leaving only distress and contrition. Even then I carry on spanking you, intent that you should not forget. You are lying across me submitting to my discipline, sobbing heavy, shoulder wracking sobs of pain and humiliation, no defiance left in you.

Eventually, your buttocks hot and red, I stop spanking you and leave my hand resting gently on your bottom as a sign that all is over. Then I lean down and speak softly into your ear.

"I'm sorry that was necessary Tabbi, but gave me control of your body and you cannot try and take it back whenever you wish."

You nod through your tears; your crying is still shaking your body as you lie draped across my knees. I kiss you gently on the neck, whispering reassurances and endearments in your ear and very gently caressing your tender bottom. Slowly your weeping subsides into mostly sniffs and snivel, so I unfasten your blindfold and pass a tissue that you might dry your eyes.

"Come on, Tabbi, move over onto the bed, though I should stay lying o your stomach if I were you!" Your bottom is clearly sore.

You shuffle over, remaining face down but turning your head sideways to look at me suspiciously through red rimmed eyes. I move onto the bed alongside you, lying also mostly face down, but slightly on my side to face you. Again I lean over to kiss you, this time on your tear-stained cheek, my free hand now tracing affectionate circles over your back. I can taste the salt of your tears on my lips.

For some minutes we remain this way, neither speaking, the only movement my hand still tracing lazy and gentle meanderings across your back. Then, believing it is time to continue, I raise myself, looking for the vibrator I dropped earlier. Fortunately it had remained on the bed near your feet, out of sight to you. I have taken the decision that the other toys I have brought for you to experience can wait for another day, but it is necessary for you to experience the vibrator today. I reach down and pick it up, carefully concealing it from your blindfold free vision. I still intend that you should accept my actions unseeing.

Your legs have fallen a little apart, making your pussy just visible and just about accessible from above. I gently push your thighs slightly further apart and touch the vibrator to your pussy. You start at the cold plastic, but this time you make no protest, even parting your legs a little more in helpful compliance.

I turn the vibrator on low, so that it is just humming softly, and slide it slowly back and forth along your slit. It seems along time before there is any discernable effect, so long that I am beginning to believe you had set your mind against it, though you must now realise what it is I am using. But eventually your breathing begins to deepen and your eyes close. I turn up the vibrator a little and you react by spreading yourself wider, your glistening pussy, wet from my cum and your mounting arousal, now openly displayed. Now I am able to concentrate the vibrations on clitoris, pressing the tip of the vibrator under its little hood and intensifying the sensations. Your breathing is now getting ragged and your hips are beginning to move, raising your body slightly from the bed and pushing back against the vibe. You are nearing the point of no return.

Your orgasm, when it comes, is short but very powerful. You suddenly call out loudly, grip the bed in outstretched hands and raise your bottom into the air, momentarily dislodging the vibrator from against your clit before I accommodate your movement. In that position you stay rigid, your jaws clamped, a keening noise coming from between them, your knuckles white from their grip on the bed, and your thighs and buttocks trembling with effort. Then, just as suddenly, it is over, you collapse back onto the bed where you remain, shaking and gasping, half crying, half laughing; the intense emotions of the afternoon finding sudden release.

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