tagExhibitionist & VoyeurExquisite Humiliation Ch. 2

Exquisite Humiliation Ch. 2


I barely felt the bump as we landed, still torturing myself about the imminent reunion with Steve. Surveying other passengers nearby, they seemed grateful to be safely on the ground, ignoring me. I checked my stocking tops warily. As the heel of my palm rubbed against my shaven vulva my nipples reacted immediately, pressing noticeably against my blouse despite the bra. After removing my seatbelt, I buttoned up my jacket and arranged my short, pleated skirt covering my thighs more modestly. The only choice was to use the ladies toilet after I got my luggage back, to dress decently again.

Knowing that my other pairs of panties were packed in an overnight bag I was fully aware of the high risk of exposure till then. My pulse raced wildly. When our hostess walked the aisle on the way to the terminal building I turned my head away, unable to look her in the eye. Burdened with guilt, the trip to the terminal seemed to take longer than normal so I utilised the time to refresh my makeup. It was hard to keep my hand from shaking. I had butterflies in my stomach by the time the aircraft ground to a halt. Weak kneed, I eased myself into the aisle as soon as the captain made the disembarkation announcement, praying not to get caught up amongst the crowd and glad that Alf wasn't with me.

In the confined quarters of the aircraft companionway the difficulty of preventing physical contact with nearby passengers became all too real. It became apparent that there were people ahead of me that were just as keen to leave the plane. They hemmed me in, front and rear. Sandwiched into the crowded aisle, the man behind me exposed me for a short-lived moment. I felt the back of his hand brush the inner cheek of my bottom, under my skirt. I let out a gasp, blushing while I spun to face him. Meeting his eyes, I knew instantly that the well dressed businessman was fully aware that I wasn't wearing so much as a thong under my skirt. For several seconds I remained speechless as I fought to come to terms with the intimate way he had fondled me, glaring.

The man, who appeared to be travelling alone, recovered immediately.

"Whoops! I'm sorry Miss. A complete accident, I assure you." He gave me a wry, knowledgeable grin. "Please forgive me, will you?"

"Oh, alright!----It is crowded in here." I stammered awkwardly, not believing him for one second. He beamed with unrepentant delight.

I smiled shyly back at him, inwardly hoping to bring the incident to a close. The man attempted to continue the conversation. Feeling that my face was still flushed with humiliation, I hastily turned away and continued to shuffle toward the exit. It was difficult to ignore the explosion of sexual tension within me. Although the man had withdrawn his hand immediately and apologised for his mistake, the concept that I had just shared an intimate part of my body with a total stranger haunted my thoughts. My early fears had finally been realised and Alf had been proved right, I guess. My lower body continued to tingle.

Eventually I made it off the aircraft, trying to look as nonchalant as possible. I mumbled my thanks, passing the hostess, moving briskly through the ramp into the terminal building. The man was still a few paces behind me when I glanced back. I wondered if the pleating in my skirt was gathered well enough to prevent my fellow passengers from seeing through the fabric. Facing a sea of bright lights up ahead it was hard to be sure in the circumstances. With some distance to walk to the baggage carousel, I could feel myself getting wetter. My erect nipples ached with the familiar desire I normally felt when I dressed for Alf. He had speculated about how it might make me feel if I was seen in public without panties on. Of course, we had never considered that it might happen whilst I was on my own, in such a sexy revealing outfit. Imagining I could be seen as encouraging the man to make yet another pass at me, I increased my pace to put more distance between us. Denied Alf's reassuring presence, my brow dampened with nervous trepidation and my engorged nipples now felt like golf balls.

"Whatever must he think of me?" I muttered to myself.

Fully aware that I could have let the man overtake me by slowing down or even halting to catch my breath, I decided to use the moment as my latest personal challenge. As I walked on I couldn't help reflecting on the last occasion that had caused me to react so excitedly;


If ever I refused Alf, there had to be compromise involved. Mostly it meant posing for his camera but the night before I left for Brisbane, Alf manoeuvred me into having anal sex with him. Alf had had longed to try it. I had misgivings but once Alf began to lubricate my virgin rosebud the pleasure was unmistakable. It had never occurred to me that the anal opening had quite so many nerve endings in common with a vagina. It realised opportunities for sexual variety, improbable as it felt when Alf attempted entry. The defensive reaction to clench my sphincter muscle prevented pleasure on my part, at least initially. Despite liberal lubrication being applied it hurt me like blazes. "It's not going to work this time, Tiger.---Ouch!" I protested, pulling away from him. "Let's do more photos instead?"

"Just relax those muscles Tricia, my darling." Alf persisted. "Remember who's in charge!" He nibbled at my neck and ears, doing his best to relax me. "Now, let's try it again shall we?"

His hot member moved more easily, once the bulbous head passed though my virginal opening. Gradually Alf buried his throbbing member inside me. The weird feeling of helplessness diminished. It wasn't as bad as I thought. Alf stroked very slowly and gently to begin with, groaning with ecstasy. I enjoyed a deliciously wicked orgasm, despite earlier apprehension. I convulsed unashamedly, squealing with delight trying to encourage faster movement. Alf gripped my hips tightly, stiffened and sighed. The sensation in my bowels brought feelings of tremendous accomplishment to me once I understood that he, too, had ejaculated. Together, we'd overcame another of life's sexual taboos, enjoying it.


I quickly discovered that it was impossible to retreat to the toilets after I managed to claim my overnight bag. Airport security was much stricter and an official was marshalling all the arriving passengers directly toward a vast array of health and customs people. There was really little choice but to take the risk and accompany all the other passengers through the newly enhanced and usually lengthy immigration procedures, with no pants on. I calculated the odds of getting though to reception without causing a scene, shuddering involuntarily.

At the carousel all the passengers were trying to get their bags at once, jostling to reach their luggage, most of them with scant regard for others trying to do the same thing. It was absolute bedlam.

"Any minute now." I hissed inaudibly under the hypnotic effect of watching the luggage passing before my eyes, half expecting to be humiliated again. I leaned over to retrieve my bag, wobbling slightly in my heels, bending my knees modestly. The man that had followed me steadied my arm, causing a further adrenalin rush. However, this time his help was more than welcome, assisting me until I was balanced.

"Sorry if I startled you again, Miss. I was only trying to help you." The man explained. "I'll even get your next suitcase for you if you'd like to point it out for me?"

The intoxicating perfume of his aftershave cologne almost overwhelmed my senses. My expensively dressed admirer stood beside me, seemingly anxious to atone for his earlier misdeed. He looked rather pensive in a distinguished sort of way, as if silently waiting for an irritated reaction from me. I put him at ease with a grateful smile, trying to make the best of a thoroughly embarrassing situation.

"Very kind of you, Sir. I only have the one bag this time,--but thanks anyway." I quavered, acknowledging him.

There was an oddly alluring quality about the man. I lingered longer than I should have, evaluating my new friend. The gentleman exuded a contained sense of power, invigorating my strength of purpose for the difficulties that lay ahead of me. He noticed my fascinated smile and seized the opportunity to flirt with me, yet again.

"Here's one of my bags now, Miss." He grabbed his expensive pig skin briefcase and hurriedly handed me his business card. "I'd like to apologise to you properly, perhaps over a drink or two, once we get though to the airport bar?" He broke into a grin. "I'm extremely sorry if I embarrassed you before, by the way." He whispered. "Can't say that I didn't enjoy the experience though." He winked knowingly.

It seemed that this grey haired, wide shouldered businessman in his immaculately tailored suit was trying to pick me up. When I reflected upon the way we first met, that incident had generated far more of an aphrodisiac effect on both of us than I first realized. My heart beat faster as I considered his offer. Unlike an encounter at home, it was improbable that we would meet up again. He was giving me the perfect opportunity to test my inexplicable infatuation with danger. Inclined to accept yet torn between lust and responsibility, I shook my head.

"I'm being picked up by my son-in law, I'm afraid. In fact he's probably waiting for me." I forced myself to back away. Still smiling softly, I held up his card, tucking it securely into my bra. "Perhaps I'll ring you later?" I held my bag up, teasing him. "It's a pity I'm only here for a few days."

"Later then! I hope you do get in touch with me soon, at least before you leave Brisbane." His steely grey eyes narrowed with a new authority. "Look! Here comes another one of my cases now." He smiled regretfully, before turning back toward the carousel.

I was on the verge of remaining with him but my thoughts were rudely interrupted by the echoing tone of an airline announcement.

"Will all passengers please proceed toward the arrival lounge, the moment you have all your luggage in hand."

Compulsively, I decided to ring my admirer at a later time and left, hoping the suave businessman would catch up to me again, annoyed that I hadn't been able to agree to his intriguing proposal.

"This way, Madam." A grey uniformed man pointed the way.

I acknowledged the big, grim faced security official, ignoring panic for the moment. I acted courageously with renewed spring in my step, swinging my overnight bag casually while approaching the first in the long line of desks. At the first opportunity, I examined my admirer's gold trimmed business card, placing it into an airline folder with my return ticket, impressed by the letters after his name.

"Well, Nigel Hawthorn, you must be well off!" I hissed softly, wondering whether if he would remember me when I rang to make contact with him. I realised that I hadn't given my name and an anticlimactic sense of frustration haunted me. I felt thwarted that I hadn't seized the opportunity to get to know the man better while I had the chance. I had never been unfaithful to Alf but was a changed woman, eager to explore new horizons whilst away. Searching behind me as I moved on, it appeared that I had lost my new admirer amongst the crowd. Nobody noticed my state of undress by the time I reached final checkpoint.

A wave of relief swept over me, like having a win a the casino. I had actually made it through, undetected. Even the customs officer smiled back at me, not bothering to check my overnight bag.

"Welcome to Brisbane, Madam." He glanced at my declaration form before allowing me to carry on. "Have a pleasant stay."

With one last backward glance, I advanced slowly towards the crowded reception area. As I was waved though the last door I could see Steve waiting, on his own. He seemed anxious, glancing at his watch as his eyes scanned the arriving passengers. Casually dressed with an open shirt and beach shorts he stood out from the rest as a man who didn't care what other people thought of him. It brought to mind my greatest worry. Did he have any idea about the way I felt toward him? As soon as he saw me he ran forward with his arms outstretched, his handsome face beaming with excited youthful delight. I was elated and horny.

"Over here, Tricia!" He called out in his nasal Australian accent. "Good to see you again."

I thought quickly, majestically holding my luggage out, thus dodging his attempt to hug me. Putting his hands to better use with my bag, I got a hasty peck on the cheek instead. We shook hands, reminiscent of the initial time we met, my heart rate increasing even so.

"I've left my car outside, Tricia. Is there anything you would you like to do first?" He indicated the refreshment facilities in the arrival lounge. "Are you thirsty?" He urged with a welcoming smile.

"I'd prefer to get going, away from here, if you don't mind." I wavered. "How's Kate?" I asked, trying to intimate that I was really keen to see my daughter. "Is the hospital nearby?"

"Kate's recovering well, Tricia, but we won't be able to visit her until late this afternoon though."

Adroitly, I steered Steve toward the exit doors while we talked. The humid atmosphere and garbled noise within the crowded reception area was making me squirm. I was keen to leave before another humiliating incident occurred, like the one I'd endured on the aircraft. My body tensed up like an overwound spring. It was really windy outside and I was feeling particularly vulnerable.

"Is your car parked nearby, Steve?"

"If you wait for me just there I'll bring it over right away." He pointed toward the expansive parking area and smiled. "I won't be long." He set off at a trot, obligingly indicating the space reserved for private cars to uplift passengers. "Wait there!"

I stood to the wind, holding my skirt in check, wishing I had kept my bag with me. In a foreign environment without Alf by my side, it felt like every person was watching me. Noticing a rest area near the main building with a bench seat, I was drawn toward it. The woodwork was painted and looked clean enough for me to sit on, bearing in mind my problem. Seated there, I shouldn't be so preoccupied by the breeze raising my skirt and it still left me in a good position to check the main entrance whilst awaiting Steve's return. I tingled when my naked flesh made contact with the seat, as if I had needed reminding. Every time the doors slid open I scanned the crowd, unable to take my mind off Nigel although recognising the dangers in meeting him socially.

His face displayed a look of annoyance when he emerged, with a large trundler full of suitcases. He looked along the kerb, glancing at his watch impatiently. I almost called out but stopped myself. As much as I wanted to speak to him again, I was curious to see whether he would take one of the available taxis, prepared to let fate make my choice. Within minutes patience was rewarded when he looked around and headed in my direction, expressing his delight that I was still waiting.

"So you've been let down as well." He beamed. "Come back inside and have a drink with me." He hesitated, questioning. "Perhaps you'd prefer a more intimate atmosphere? We could go to my house instead if you like?" He pointed to the taxi stand. "Just say the word!"

I didn't know whether I ought to be flattered or annoyed at him, just that I had the same thing on my mind. Infatuated, as a moth to flame, I spoke hesitantly. Blushing openly, I patted the seat next to me.

"Steve, my son in law, has just gone to get his car, Nigel. I'm so sorry.----I might have been tempted otherwise."

With his magnetic personality, his authoritative encouraging manner a big part of his attraction, Nigel appeared well accustomed to having his way with the opposite sex. He was curious about me, so during our chat I gave him my name and told him a lot more about my life than I should have. He listened respectfully but got straight to the point, leaving no doubt as to his motives. Wanting him desperately, I merely blushed and nodded when he asked if I was willing to have a one night stand with him, barely able to disguise my excitement.

"It's been a long time since I met a lady like you." He sighed.

I accepted Nigel's dare only moments before Steve arrived. He helped me to my feet and escorted me over to Steve's car, holding the door for me. He gave a wily, conspiratorial wink putting his forefinger to his lips to indicate that I should leave the talking to him.

"Don't disappoint me now, Trish. You've got my card. Ring me when you're ready and I'll pick you up if you like?" He leaned to eye level with Steve and explained. "I'm Nigel, by the way. Trish and I are old friends. You don't mind, do you?" He beamed when Steve put his hand out to introduce himself, shaking his hand.

"Can we give you a lift somewhere?" Steve offered.

"I have a car coming to fetch me later, but thank you anyway."

I stood beside him in amazement while Nigel gave the impression that he had known me for years, convincing Steve that our date was merely the result of a chance encounter, innocent in every way. I went along with Nigel's story, nodding my head where appropriate, dumbstruck by the sheer audacity of his outgoing approach, first to myself and then to Steve. I didn't stop to correct him about my name. I decided that I had told him far too much already.


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