tagExhibitionist & VoyeurExquisite Humiliation Ch. 5

Exquisite Humiliation Ch. 5


"Good evening Mr. Hawthorne. Would you like me to serve your drinks now Sir?" The voice behind me casually asked.

"Thank you Carlos. I'm certain my lady friend would like a good stiff drink about now." He paused. I think we're ready now?" His eyes returned to mine. "Ready Trish?"

I nodded slowly, uncertain what to do but anxious not to upset Nigel. It was the second time that day I had obeyed him without attempting a compromise of any description. I wanted so much to please him.

Carlos was a perfect gentleman, appreciating his position of trust by treating me as though I was fully dressed and speaking to both of us as we ordered, as though women dining practically topless was a every day event at his restaurant. I remained as I was, still displaying my thinly clad breasts, making no attempt to hide my engorged nipples.

He didn't waver from his duties, serving Nigel with a large cognac as he spoke before he directing his attention back toward me. The drink trolley contained a variety of liqueurs, including some cocktail mix equipment on board to satisfy individual tastes. I watched him as he approached, noting his unblemished olive complexion. His darker East European skin reflected Italian or perhaps Greek origin but there was no foreign accent in his speech. He seemed to be Australian by birth.

He was well dressed in modern, formal attire but beneath that Carlos appeared to have been gifted with a supple, athletic body, not at all unlike Steve's. I admired his appearance but felt more self-conscious than ever about wearing a transparent blouse right in front of him.

"Still the same, Madam?" He looked directly at my eyes without making me uncomfortable in any way.

"As you see, we do have other choices here should you prefer." His teeth gleamed when he offered his range of suggested choices with a welcoming smile. Carlos was gorgeous.

I looked to Nigel for guidance before speaking. He merely nodded.

"Thank you." I smiled. "But I will have the exactly the same."

"I was telling my friend that this was a theme establishment." Nigel sipped his cognac. "Could you and Sylvia serve our main order late.----Say, half an hour or so later than normal?" He winked at me.

"Of course Sir." Carlos smiled at me. "Would you like both of us dressed according to theme?" His face betrayed no hint of emotion while he began to pour my cognac.

"I believe so, Carlos." Nigel appeared indecisive, watching me closely. "Take a good look at my lady friend's breasts. Tell both of us what you think of her hidden assets. I'm sure she won't mind."

I froze as Carlos stopped pouring to stand back and look, not daring to look the waiter in the eye any longer, staring straight ahead at Nigel. He appeared to be highly amused by my astonished reaction.

"They are quite magnificent Sir, from what I can see." Carlos said at last. "I think your lady might make an excellent subject."

"Take your blouse off for me while Carlos finishes pouring your drink." Nigel instructed me, casually. "Carry on!" He snapped.

I took a sip of cognac as Carlos offered the partly filled glass for my approval, looking into my embarrassed eyes, no hint of a reprieve.

His eyes drifted down to my nipples as I handed the glass back to him but his features remained expressionless. Nigel nodded impatiently.

My mind raced as I fumbled with the buttons and Carlos began to pour again, totally unperturbed by Nigel's unusual request. I could hardy believe what was happening, far less that I was actually obeying his instructions without a murmur. It was as though I had become another person. Over half the buttons were undone before my fingers steadied and a new excitement took over. Was this a test? How far should I go? Why was I blindly obeying Nigel while refusing similar demonstrations for Alf's friend so many times in the past? The blouse lay open and I had to make the decision. Nigel waved his hand in a circular motion.

The atmosphere was electric as I leaned forward, removing the blouse and holding it above my head like the subject in the painting, doing my best to imitate her smile. As the blood pounded though my veins I felt my breasts tighten, aware that the nipples were fully distended. Although it felt humiliating to display myself in that way, for the waiter's benefit, I was unbelievably excited at the same time and was almost too embarrassed to speak.

"Is this what you wanted, Master?" A quavering voice broke the silence as I steadied my voice, swallowing my pride, afraid to falter with both men looking directly at me. They appraised my naked breasts with intense expressions, from the other side of the table. I averted from the waiter's intense dark eyes, looking to Nigel for approval. His face lit up and he nodded as our eyes met, giving me confidence.

"The lady has been in the sun today." Carlos commented softly.

"You may leave the drink trolley here." Nigel answered, looking at Carlos and rising to his feet to dismiss him. "Well! What do you think of her now? I love sensual, submissive ladies, don't you?"

"Your lady friend has convinced me, Sir. With no blouse on, her breasts look far more inviting that way." He commented. "Your request is perfectly understandable now." He added, smiling enigmatically.

"Thank you. I won't be a minute." Nigel turned to me. Just hand me your blouse, if you would. You enjoy your cognac and relax by the fire while you wait for me. I won't be very long, my dear."

He reached over with a warm smile and took the garment off me, before following Carlos to the door. I picked up my cognac and drank a large mouthful, spluttering slightly as the liquid burned at my throat then warmed my insides. The men were talking quietly at the door behind me while I remained in my chair, too stunned to move. I couldn't prevent touching myself. God! I was so hot and horny. I realised that Alf had probably been right about the exquisite nature of humiliation but was certain that I could never display in front of our old friend Dave in the way Alf had required. What an unbelievable rush though! My pussy lips were wet with my juices, I took another swig of cognac after the door closed, expecting that Nigel wanted to ravish me beside the open fire in the room. After all, he had ordered the main meal for half an hour later than usual, anxious not to be disturbed. More than willing to chance it as well by then, I stood with my drink in my hand, ready to follow his earlier suggestion to pose in the nude for him.

He was outside the closed door, making excuses, I presumed. On my way to the open fire, taking my drink with me, I wriggled out of my skirt and placed it next to my jacket and purse. I removed my heels as well before scampering off to the fireside rug, nude but for stockings.

Alf usually loved to peel my nylons off for himself, while he watched me masturbate before his eyes. At first I found it embarrassing to do but Alf assured me that men found the vision of a woman playing with herself sexually stimulating. It certainly got my husband in the mood every time. I expected Nigel might enjoy it too so I convinced myself to surprise him. All I thought about was sexual pleasure, fantasising about the sensation of having his manhood inside me the moment he got back, as I got down on the floor next to the flickering flames.

It was pleasantly warm on the rug. the thick pile stimulated my blood swollen labia lips as I sat, curled in front of the fire with my legs laying out to one side, carrying my body weight on my left hand still sipping at cognac, acquiring more courage with each succeeding sip.

Having sex with my friend Nigel, in a semi-public situation, promised new thrills. He had admitted being impulsive and I looked forward to spending the night with him, sensing that he would be a fascinating lover, either here or at his home. Rich, powerful men were legendary lovers. I had often been told that they were, in earlier years.

I drank cognac while I waited, relaxing like the female model in the masterpiece on the wall. Would Nigel find my body as erotic as hers? Like the older woman, my body was smooth and hairless although not as plump as hers. My glistening clitoris was equally visible. I checked. Was Goya her Master, or perhaps her husband, in addition to being the artist? She was expecting to be made love to, judging by the sensuous look in her deeply expressive blue eyes.

Mellowing, getting even more into the mood. I recalled the sensations when Nigel traced his forefinger, following the contours of my smooth labia, out in the car park. He would have quelled any objection with his gentle touch but as his submissive that had not been my option in any event. I gave myself freely at that time, any thought of stopping him melted by the fantasy of Nigel and I making love, after dinner.

I drained the glass, putting it away and closing my eyes while I used my own forefinger to retrace the same route as Nigel. Shuddering with pre-orgasmic anticipation, I neared the sensitive cleft of my valley of pleasure. It drove Alf wild, when I reached that point for him. I lifted my hips to meet my finger, bucking wildly, gasping audibly as I neared orgasmic bliss and began to convulse. Although listening for his return to the room, I opened my eyes only when I heard coughing.

My fingers flew like a startled rabbit when I actually saw him there.

"I see you've taken my advice already." Nigel beamed. "Carry on with what you were doing, by all means."

"Master!" I squealed in mock surprise, recovering my wits. "How long have you been standing there?" I got no reply, just a wry smile.

He was on his own, fortunately. I eagerly replaced my hand, resuming my demonstration to goad him into action, paying attention to Nigel.

He was dressed in costume. The paint strewn artist's smock almost hid his bare knees. An erection was clearly outlined, growing stronger as I masturbated for him. By the time I noticed a digital camera hanging around his neck I was beyond caring, realising that Nigel's body was absolutely naked beneath the smock he wore, ready for sexual union.

I was thinking of you, Master. What would you like me to---I mean--?" I fumbled my words with excitement, not knowing what sort of stimulation he preferred.

"Just remove those stockings girl, slowly mind!" Instructing as he aimed the camera, with a lascivious expression on his face.

Rolling my stockings down, I held my legs wide open, laying backward to take the left one off, first. I was aware of the camera working as I performed but then Alf had taken more than a few shots like that in recent times. Ignoring the distraction I took the other off even more slowly while he took close up photos. My glistening genitalia was now fully excited, like slippery pink rubber, close to orgasm. I briefly held my hand over my labia. It was purely to calm myself and test his mood, teasing him into action, the way I often did with Alf.

Nigel had warned me previously that he didn't tolerate disobedience.

"Just a minute!" The voice was sharp and demanding. He pulled my hand away. "I want the camera to see all of my little slut, inside those big juicy cunt lips as well! Spread them wide apart right now!" The tone of his voice was hoarse with lust.

"Like this?" I cooed, smiling my way though his coarse language while I satisfied his curiosity but It was hard to forget the remark. Alf called me a whore and a slut at times too. It was still hurtful.

"That's better!" He knelt down and continued with his camera.

So Nigel liked to talk dirty. Alf talked like that sometimes. I had a vision of him being in the room with us. If he had been?? What I was currently doing might finally get this, 'showing off to his friends' nonsense out of his system for good. I giggled at the vision of Alf helplessly watching me make love with a stranger, afterward, proving his recent theory that I suffered from advanced nymphomania.

I spread the labia wide open for Nigel, demonstrating my inner muscle control, getting even randier by imagining the look on Alf's face. I lost all sense of shame, excited by the rising tent in Nigel's smock.

My reaction to his choice of language only served to encourage him. "You got really horny when I ordered you to remove your blouse and show Carlos your titties, didn't you?" He commented while working the camera. "I see you did! You wanted to show off your slippery cunt for him as well." He leered. "I'm sure he would have liked that."

Nigel was probably right but I hoped he wouldn't continue mocking me. I thought before I answered, hoping he'd locked the door behind him. Not wishing to dampen his ardour, I explained while I continued.

"I only did it for you, Master. Nobody knows me around here but you, of course." Using my expressive tone to warn him about my rising discomfort. I don't do this for everyone." I hinted. I rested on my back and held my ankles wide apart. "I'm really hot for you, Master." I breathed harder with exertion while I held the pose for as long as I could. "Can't you tell?" I asked, colouring up. "I need to feel you inside me. Please fuck me, Master?" My coarse language began to work. "I want you to fuck my brains out. Please Master!" I gasped, watching him. "Feed my hungry pussy, darling. It can't wait to feel you inside me. Come on, Master. Don't keep teasing me this way."

Transformed by lust, I shamelessly begged Nigel to make love to me.

Wordlessly, he snapped three more photos and then took off his smock and camera, revealing his throbbing erection for the first time. His straining member, although beautifully formed, was bigger than I was used to but had a metallic stud right through the circumcised helmet of his manhood. Devoid of hair as well, his penis looked threatening. Transfixed, eyes open wide, I gasped as Nigel approached me without uttering a sound, fully tumescent, as if to impale me at any minute.

"May I taste you first Sir?" I suggested, giddy with doubt. I had seen pierced men before but only in pictorial magazines and some medical journals. The sight, in reality, was awesome and frightening. I opened my mouth, reaching out for his manhood to swallow it orally, if I could. I almost grasped the object of my lust but he dropped to his knees and forced my legs even wider apart.

"Don't be frightened, Trish." He smiled reassuringly. "Trust me

remember! Now just relax and enjoy my gift to you."

Words proved useless. He placed his rigid member hard up against my lubricated entrance and drove his manhood partly inside me. He moved sensuously and I gave in, moving in unison with him as my love canal swallowed all of him and wanted more. He was an expert lover, mixing power with sensitivity as he brought me to peaks of satisfaction. His piercing stud only enhanced my exhilaration, and realising my earlier fears were unfounded, I moved more recklessly. He rested when I began shuddering uncontrollably, whispering words of praise in my ear and lightly pinching my nipples. Once he was sure I'd calmed enough Nigel moved his love tool more slowly and deliberately, stoking our passion to the next crescendo. It was impossible to imagine a time or a place that I had been with a more considerate lover. Oblivious to all else, I climaxed non-stop, moaning with impassioned delight when we changed positions, hoping that the night would never end. On each occasion I sensed his back stiffen Nigel delayed his own climax to allow both of us to subside. He probing the depths of my emotion by muttering words of encouragement, ensuring that he wasn't hurting me in any way until I urged him onward. I'm sure I made it crystal clear to him that his enjoyment of my body was entirely mutual.

When the magic moment arrived I gave myself totally to Nigel, begging him to ejaculate when I felt a major climax building.

"Please Master? I want you to cum inside me. Please?" I gasped. struggling for breath while Nigel took me even more forcefully. As we orgasmed together I screamed with joy, uncaring if anybody heard me.

He squeezed me tightly, filling me with his hot sperm. Once the both of us had our lust completely fulfilled we lay in each other's arms, exhausted and mutually satisfied.

The scent of recent sex wafted in the air, my lover completely spent.

We talked, savouring our nakedness next to the fire and touching each other with a casual intimacy, reminiscent of long established lovers. He lay back stroking my hair, contented, as I licked his penis clean, shamelessly swallowing the remaining drops of his love seed. Tasting metal, warm flesh and his sperm mixed with my own juices made for an interesting cocktail. It combined with the cognac in my mouth to make me lose all concept of time and circumstance, drunk with ecstasy. He pointed out one of the side doors, nearest us, while he wiped me dry.

"There's a washroom and toilet over there." He pulled my head away, very gently. "It has a bidet, as well. Let's go and try it out?

"We'd better get dressed?" I asked as he helped me to my feet.

"We'll talk about that later." He directed me, away from where my clothes were, with his arm around my shoulder. "If we can't have some honesty between us now---? He smiled. "Don't let's spoil it!" He kissed me with tenderness and meaning. "Agreed?"

I had a feeling that Nigel had a few more surprises in store for me. Curious as to what he had in mind I just nodded and walked with him, both of us still naked, to what I now knew to be the bathroom door.

"What's in the other room?" I asked dreamily.

"Oh, that room?" His face brightened up. "I'll show you around properly later on, after dinner." He whispered, skilfully avoiding a direct answer. "I'm getting a little hungry now. How about you?"


The scene is now set for some amazing adventures in total submission.

Well, my darling, wonderful readers! It's still only about 9pm, by my calculations. Plenty of the night's adventures still to happen? Lots of surprises, deceptions and immoral behaviour in the next few hours. [With sincere apologies to the award winning TV show, '24 Hours'] Tune in for riveting action and a spellbinding conclusion unlike any other BUT, before that I have to ask my readers the burning question; How do you like my story so far?

You all know what I'm talking about I'm sure. I'm a blatant egotist, I KNOW, but I do need to hear the truth about the way you all feel.

Emails are great, expensive gifts are magnificent, BUT, in the final analysis I would hate to bore you;

Level '5' votes by the hundreds means YES!!---She'll be back!

Fewer, lesser value votes mean NO!!---Arrividercci Tricia.

Need I say any more? With all my love, Barbara Anne. N.Z.G.S.K.

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