Extreme Enema Expulsion


"Oh no! Oh no! Oh my god!!!!!!" Tina wailed, her desperation greater than ever now, no longer able to stand, crumbling to the floor, clutching her frankly round and swollen tummy with her handcuffed hands, groaning, shrieking.

"I can't stand it anymore, I can't! I cant!" She wailed beseechingly looking up the two women with a tortured gaze. "Please, please, PLEASE!!!"

But all Denise and Margaret did was stare down amusingly, thoroughly enjoying the escalating spectacle of utter desperation that Tina presented, writhing on the floor now like a trapped animal, naked and twisted.

"Tell us again what you need to do?" Denise said, more mockery in her voice.

"Oh god, I need to shit, I need to shit SO bad, I need to SHIT, SHIT, SHIT!!: Please, oh please, let me shit, PLEASE!!!!"

She was beyond shame and humiliation now, in a world of utter desperation, this slender, pretty 20 year old, with a tummy that now made her look pregnant, begging to be allowed to empty her shockingly bloated bowels. She'd been sweating for a while, but now she broke out in a profound sweat, so soaked that you could smell her sweaty body. And if that wasn't enough, she suddenly and uncontrollably began to piss, a stream of piss streaming down her thighs, forming a puddle, the scent of her sweat now mixed with the scent of her urine.

"OH NO!" she cried out in horror, aghast at the new humiliation, her face contorted in desperate anguish, turning an even deeper red from the endless embarrassment of her ordeal. Here she was, an ordinarily well-groomed, rather demure, unusually pretty college sophomore, writhing naked and howling in agony in a pool of her own piss, her tummy obscenely swollen by the massive enema which had been injected into her bowels and then prevented from being expelled.

"I guess her bladder had to make room, huh Margaret? Damn, this bitch is really beginning to reek," Denise said, smiling, making in the pungent aroma of Tina's pouring sweat mixing with her piss. "Maybe we should hose her down."

"No, I rather like the scent," Margaret said, revealing herself as the toilet devotee she was. "And by the way, Denise, watching all this has made me want to shit."

"Be my guest," Denise said, pointing to the open bathroom door, the toilet plainly in sight only a few feet away. So Margaret seated herself on the toilet, pulled up her uniform and began to shit, Denise turning to look, Tina still howling and squirming like an eel on a hook.

"Take a look," Denise said, reaching down to turn Tina's head so she was facing Margaret seated on the toilet.

"Mmmmmmmmmh, feels so, so good," Margaret said, dropping turd after turd into the bowl, relaxed and content, shitting away freely as a desperate Tina looked on enviously, despairing. To her it was like someone in the desert suffering from extreme of thirst, watching another, just a few feet away, sipping from big glass of cool water. Denise, of course, was quick to notice the irony.

"Look at her, Tina, look at Margaret shitting," Denise said, turning to Margaret now, "Hey Margaret? Does it feel good to shit?"

"Mmmmmmmh, yes, it feels great," Margaret purred like a contented cat, "there's nothing like a good shit."

"Oh fuck, oh god, oh fuck, oh fuck!"" Tina cried out, "I need to do that, I need to shit!" Let..... me.... SHIT!!!!"

"I think I'll shit too," Denise said, as Margaret casually wiped her ass, then got up off the toilet, Denise taking her place.

Denise, seated now, hitched up her uniform and spread her legs, flashing pussy at the other two. Then she began to shit. Like Margaret, it aroused her to shit right in front of other women. Except when she was finished, she didn't bother to wipe herself clean. No, Denise had something else in mind. She walked up to Tina, looking down at the pathetic, bloated victim. Then she reached down and pressed hard on her taut, swollen tummy.

"Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!" Tina shrieked as she endured this unbearable new torment, the hand pressing down on her tautly swollen, balloon-like, enema-filled tummy.

"I'll unplug you and let you shit, but first you have to wipe my ass clean. As you saw I just took a shit and my little shithole is dirty and still unwiped. I want you to use your tongue to wipe it clean and then I may just let you relieve yourself."

"Please don't make me do that, please! Don't humiliate me any more than you've already done, please!" Tina begged, raw despair in her voice.

"Have it your way," Denise said, starting to turn away.

"Okay, okay," Tina cried out breathlessly, "I'll do anything, I'll lick your ass clean. I'll lick your shit, miss."

Denise winked at a smiling Barbara as Denise squatted over Tina's face and lowered herself, feeling the student's tongue dig into her humid, unwiped crevice.

"What a nice way to get your ass wiped; I had to use toilet paper," Margaret said approvingly and with mock envy, watching Tina squirm and clutch her tummy with cuffed hands as she lapped away at Denise's dirty hole.

"Is it clean?" Denise asked Margaret after a while, reaching back to hold her cheeks open as Margaret bent down to have a look.

"There's still a little smudge of brown I can see," Margaret said, closely eyeing Denise's still dirty puckered anus.

"Keep licking!" Denise ordered, as Tina lapped away, her groans muffled.

"Clean now?" Denise asked again.

"Yes, it's clean."

Now Denise stood and went to the corner to retrieve a large white, translucent bucket.

"You may now shit," Denise said, helping Tina up. The poor thing almost doubled over, unable to stand from all the strain. But this time Denise was more gentle with her, helping her squat over the bucket. And then she reached down and ripped the plug out of Tina's ass.

Immediately the enema began to roar out of Tina's bowels, to rush out with such force that some splattered over Denise, who moved out of the way.

Now that Tina had found relief, sudden relief, she instantly again became fully aware of where she was and what she was doing, squatting naked over a bucket, drenched in sweat and in her own piss, emptying her outrageously copious and messy enema and all that came with it, into the bucket below. This recognition once again brought on a feeling of excruciating (and yet exquisite) humiliation, as her face blushed again, a crimson color. The hue deepened with each loud and vivid eruption from her rectum.

Denise and Margaret stood behind her and watched the expulsion of the enema, and the shitting, as gushes of the enema mixed with fat brown turds shot out of her, the young woman finally and blissfully able to empty her bowels.

"Look at her go," Denise said

"Oh my, yes, just look at her shit away,"

"Oh god, this is so embarrassing!" Tina groaned, but the embarrassment was mixed with exquisite relief. To her, the expulsion of the massive enema, the emptying of her bowels, felt like one long, drawn-out orgasm.

There was so much inside her, it looked like she might never stop expelling and shitting. And so now, as they both watched, Denise quietly slipped behind Margaret and reached down to slide her two hands under Margaret's uniform, surprising Margaret who turned for a moment to gaze at Denise with stunned, but happy eyes.

"Just keep watching," Denise softly whispered into Margaret's ear as she quickly wet the middle finger of her left hand in her mouth, then brought it down again and worked that finger into Margaret's ass. Meanwhile, she reached around with her other hand and found Margaret's very wet pussy waiting for her, expertly bring her fingertip to Margaret's engorged clit.

"Just keep looking, look at that cute little thing shitting away happily," Denise whispered again as she fingered Margaret's asshole and strummed her clit.

Margaret indeed looked, looked hard as she felt Denise's deft fingers skillfully tending to her, front and rear.

"Hmmmmmmmh," Denise whispered now, "I feel something up in there, something solid. I think after young Tina finishes shitting out her enema and cleans herself up and leaves, I'll have to give you a nice, big enema, Margaret. You feel like you may need one."

And just as Margaret heard those words whispered in her ear, a massive brown turd ripped out of Tina's shithole and splashed down into the bucket, a bucket nearly filled with muddy brown enema water, and swimming in turds. Now, with one more flicker of her finger, Denise brought Margaret to an astounding, earth-shaking orgasm, Margaret's anus quivering around Denise's probing finger as she climaxed, climaxed to the vision of the pretty, naked college student squatting and shitting her guts out, climaxed to the sound of Tina sighing in blissful relief as the enema continued to loudly cascade out of her cute little ass, climaxed to the thought that her own shithole would be next to receive Denise's expert enema treatment.

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