tagBDSMFace (Sex, Power, Love) Ch. 16

Face (Sex, Power, Love) Ch. 16


Without a knock or warning, Ashley shoved Gina through the door and into the office of Dr. Edward Fish, Professor of English and Comparative Literature. Ashley stepped back to observe her experiment in human chemistry. The fiery fusion of opposites lit Ashley's imagination. When the clash was just right, when two people were different enough that conflict was inevitable, but each was strongly attracted to something in the other that might fill some gaping hole in their own personality, friction might ignite an explosion of amalgamation, passion, and pain. Human experimentation intrigued Ashley, fireworks delighted her, and the smell of conflicted obsession smoldering and sintering in her crucible set her creative urge ablaze. It was a matter of advancing scientific understanding. Who said the humanities could not be a hard science?

Ashley threw the pathologically shy, naïve Midwestern schoolgirl into the den of the womanizing, sociopathic professor. He looked up. The carnivore in him smelled meat. The great Professor appraised the wild, raw beauty Ashley had flung at him to feed upon. This looked too simple. Edward liked easy young women, but this one was different. What was it?

The girl stood trembling, drenched from the autumn deluge pounding the campus. Her dripping tee shirt revealed a sinuous young body and firm maturing breasts. Her black hair fell in slick streaks down her face into deep, frightened eyes.

Edward usually sniffed out his prey carefully while patiently stalking it through the jungles of academic pretension. That was half the fun, waiting, letting it reveal its inferiority, and finding the weakest place to begin to feed.

However, this was a different animal. This dumbstruck girl washed up out of the flood could not even pretend pretense. She was openly in awe of him, and she offered up no resistance. The girl's haunting eyes dominated her perfect face, but her gaze fearfully avoided Edward, flitting about like a trapped bird. Her breath was shallow and uneven. The girl clenched her hands at her sides and her fingers fidgeted. Otherwise, she did not stir. She did not utter a sound, though her luscious lips pouted an open invitation to Edward's lust.

The worldly Professor was leery; this must be one of Ashley's malicious tricks. Was this bait for some sort of trap? Edward leaned back into his big chair behind his wide desk in the warm comfort of his office. The leather exhaled a crinkling, satisfied sigh as the chair embraced its master. Edward carefully assessed what Ashley had left for him. What was this thing? It was more than a pretty, shy girl. This was not just a simple easy treat. There was something wild, an enticing elemental vitality about this thing, something dangerous. Then the answer occurred to him; this object Ashley had offered to him was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.

Ashley poked her head back through the door, "Well guys, I promised to introduce you. Gina, Edward; Edward, Gina. Have fun. Gotta go." Ashley disappeared but her sly departing smile seemed to linger, floating on the intense silence reverberating between Gina and Edward. Edward found words first. "Gina, I have been most impressed with the work you have been doing in my class. Your little paper on Chaucer's Miller's Tale was most insightful. I have been looking forward to an opportunity to discuss it with you."

Why had Ashley abandoned her like this? Gina felt as though she had lost her grip on the rock that had been saving her from the floodwaters. She was being swept away. "He wants me to speak, but I am drowning." Gina tried to shake her head to break the spell of panic. She managed a crooked smile, and said, "...". Nothing came out. She thought, "I am floundering. He will think I am a moron. I am a moron. I am drowning; I can't breathe. It's all spinning...away..."

Edward was transfixed by the untamed loveliness of the feral child standing before him. "How feeble artifice; how potent nature; its mindless forge has wrought this exquisite faultlessness in so simple a thing. She is slim and muscled, her eyes dark and mysterious, her mouth full and giving. She will speak. I didn't hear. Her mouth is moving but...she is falling." With that, Gina fainted away.

Gina awoke on a couch in Edward's office. He was leaning over her offering tea in a Japanese cup. "Are you better?" Gina could breathe now, but words still would not come. She attempted a fleeting glance into Edward's eyes, but she blinked, and her eyes fluttered off into the distance. Gina wanted this man but she could not concoct a word of social camouflage.

In desperation, Gina reached up and pulled him down, drawing his lips to hers. Edward eagerly responded with a long lustful embrace. He spoke to her again. Gina could not answer. In silent desperation she simply offered her herself up. Gina kicked off her boots, unbuckled her belt, and pulled off her soaking jeans and panties. Edward finally understood. This lovely thing was his; there would be no pretence of courtship, and no negotiation of terms of surrender. She was his.

Edward put down his tea, "Thank you Ashley." Autumn thunder boomed in the dark afternoon sky. Gina pulled Edward down into her body in a tumble.

Cups crack, hot tea flies

Fog kisses rain on cold pane:

Tea leaves scattering.

Edward entered Gina slowly. Torrents of fear and cold soaking rain had conspired to leave Gina's vagina dry. She breathed deeply and grimaced slightly; Gina bit her lip as Edward's cock slipped in, gliding on his slickness only. The resistance warned Edward of how young this girl was, but quickly heating passion thawed all worries. As icy anxiety melted, Gina's true self moved, she opened, and Edward slid deep within. The chill of the world was overwhelmed. The coupling liquefied, and the lovers entered paradise.

Gina had become her own thing. Edward had lost himself in ardor. The man was distracted, so it was safe. Gina dared to look into his eyes. She saw his wild need, a need for her, or for something within her Gina barely knew herself. Gina was no longer the battered toy of her fear and timidity. She gained possession of herself and possession of this beautiful man who needed her more than he knew he could need. Gina rocked to meet his thrusts, grabbed to hold him tight, pressed her lips to his skin and tasted the man of her dreams.

Even in his lovemaking, Edward had been guarded and self possessed, but this simple girl gave herself so completely and abruptly Edward was knocked over. When he spilled into Gina, for the first time in Edward's waking life the thinking stopped—and then he slept.

The gears engaged with a start. Edward awoke, "What...where? How long have I slept?" What had he done? He hadn't used protection; he hadn't concocted a plan. Edward had done girls in his office before, this was the real reason he had insisted on having the couch. However, he had only done it under cover of night with girls he was certain he could trust and who had conspired with him to enjoy the kinky thrill of sex in the English Department. Edward had fucked many of his students, but he usually waited until the session was over, when the girl's grade was not so obviously trade for the sex. It was a matter of decorum.

Edward propped himself up and looked down on Gina. This girl had not spoken a word to him. She could be mute for all he knew. What had he done? Why had he taken this chance? Had anyone heard? Will she talk? No, this one was silent as a ghost.

Her eyes opened and for the first time truly met his. Gina glowed with contented adoration. Her lips pouted bliss; her sharp features bewitched; with each breath, her stiff nipples heaved temptation against the thin wet cotton of her tee shirt. Edward thought, "Ah, yes. That is why I did it. She is the most beautiful woman in the world. For her, empires would fall, a thousand ships sail and all that. Edward, you were perfectly justified."

Edward began calculating. "How do I get her out of here? Will she play the game; can she play the game? Ashley brought her; is this a trick? Please, just go quietly; pretend I just gave you an A on that paper. We can walk out together talking about Chaucer. Damn, I'm supposed to meet Anna in a half hour. Will she smell this girl on me? I think she's already suspicious about the other one. Anna is not the kind to forgive the smell of strange pussy on her fiancé.

"Oh, this girl is beautiful. And she is so easy, so simple and so willing. I have always wanted one like this. I bet I can get her to do anything. I'll bet this girl could be trained to take it kinky. She wouldn't know any better. I could start with a playful pat on the butt, just soft-core fun. I wouldn't want to scare her off. Look at that face. She adores me. Look at that ass; it begs to be used. This might just work. And in the end, I can let Anna have some. She likes girls, and this one's so pretty she would thank me for sharing. Anna won't play slave to me, but she has her kinky side. I'll train this girl and then let Anna use her. I can't be trapped in monogamy. Anna will take my gift, and I will have both Anna and my beautiful slave. Exactly how to do it is the question. Edward, don't get ahead of yourself with these fantastic schemes. Just get this girl out of here safely. Then find a way to see her again."

Edward smiled down on Gina and said, "That was unexpected and wonderful, but we don't want anyone to find out. We don't want any embarrassment. You wouldn't believe what a bunch of prudes these academic types can be if they can find an advantage in it. Let's get dressed and walk out as if nothing happened; we can pretend we were talking about your paper. Gina, you are something very special. I would like to see you again, but we have to keep it secret, you understand don't you? What about tomorrow afternoon? There's a bar off campus where we can meet without running into people from the school.

"And please don't tell anyone about this, not even Ashley, especially not Ashley. Tell Ashley we had a nice chat and became friends, but please don't tell her we made love here in the office. I'll figure out what else to tell Ashley later."

Edward told Gina how to get to the rendezvous. She still could not speak, so she nodded her assent and kissed him. Edward eased away and then escorted Gina out, pontificating noisily on desiccated literature.

Gina met Edward as planned at a hotel bar off campus in the old town's failing center. Gina surrendered to kinky sex play as planned. Gina lied to Ashley as planned.

The bar's low light hid all manner of grime. Gina searched the gloom for Edward. He called to her. The bartender approached, but Gina grabbed Edward's hand and led him to the reception desk. She was ready, she didn't want to drink, and she couldn't produce ID's. Gina at last found a voice by playing the part of a willing sex kitten. "Oh, yes Professor you were fantastic. Can we do it again?" Gina knew her only hope was to get him into bed and fuck, fuck, fuck. She could not hold a conversation with this eminent intellectual. Edward checked in and took her upstairs to a cheap room.

Gina grabbed her man pulling him down to replay yesterday. Unfortunately, Edward was not as easy this time.

After screwing Gina the afternoon before, Edward had seen his fiancée Anna. At first, she was cold, angry and distant. She scolded Edward over little nothings; it was not like her. Edward worried that Anna might have guessed something, but then she suddenly became amorous and lured him to bed for an afternoon bout of hot athletic sex. Edward's erection didn't come easily so soon after Gina, so he went down on Anna to cover his inadequacy.

Edward was confident in this subterfuge because Anna preferred cunnilingus to any of his other sexual tricks. Edward was uncomfortable performing oral sex but he did it routinely for Anna, only Anna, because she demanded it. It was imperative to please Anna; she was a great prize. He didn't go down on his secondary women because he found the act of tonguing a woman's vulva demeaning, but he endured the debasement for Anna.

Edward thought Anna's demand for this oral perversity a crude weakness, a chink in her otherwise perfect armor of refinement. Perhaps he could exploit it. Edward wanted the rich and beautiful Anna, and if she required that Edward go down on her before granting other sexual favors, he would go along. Edward became habituated to eating Anna's cunt, but his conceit resisted the subterranean seduction persistently calling him to relax, surrender, and enjoy. Edward's pride suppressed the perverse erotic siren's whispered song beckoning him to give in to the bliss of being no more than a tongue in service of the queen. This tentative reluctance did not escape Anna's notice.

However, that afternoon Edward earnestly labored to gratify Anna. His bout with Gina had rendered his cock limp, so he drove his tongue deliberately and stove to satisfy and conceal. Edward's face assiduous burrowed between Anna's thighs, but if Anna was pleased, she didn't let on. She was irritable. She scolded and berated Edward for lack of effort, though he had never tried harder. Anna got hot, but she continued to criticize him, call him ugly names, and finally she swore at him crudely while driving her cunt into his face. "Suck it up douche bag. Tongue fuck my hole."

Edward was taken aback. Anna was an accomplished anthropology researcher, a former Fulbright scholar, and heiress to one of the world's significant fortunes. "Douche bag?" Anna could be cold, but never vulgar; this wasn't like her.

Anna was angry with Edward over some unspoken offense but as hot as she had ever been with him. Edward hoped she hadn't guessed he was fucking a student, actually a couple of them. But she hadn't confronted him. Would she be having sex with him if she knew? Edward strove to please his demanding wife to be. Finally, Anna grudgingly accredited his cunt sucking efforts with an orgasmic spasm on Edward's face. That finally got his cock hard. Then Anna fucked Edward's brains out. He lay passive on his back while Anna drained her docile betrothed.

Anna was gorgeous, sexy in the discreet, elegant manner of the incredibly rich. She was a natural aristocrat. She was almost ten years older than Edward was, but her lovely white skin was perfect and her long blush-blond hair, her fit body, her exquisite face—the whole package was flawless. Everything about Anna was velvety, supple, and regal. To Edward Anna could have been a Celtic fairy queen just stepped out a romantic old oil painting.

Edward harbored no illusions that Anna harbored illusions about him. She understood him completely. She even had agreed to allow limited womanizing after their marriage, but under her strict supervision. In his glee over this good luck Edward forgot to ask what Anna meant by 'strict supervision'. A rich and beautiful wife and permission for girls on the side; it seemed as close to perfect as he could have hoped. And Anna had money, lots of it. Edward, the spender, did not. He really should have asked more questions.

Anna thoroughly drained Edward throughout that afternoon and again in the morning. It was fantastic, but it took the edge off his desire to see Gina. However, he couldn't reach Gina to postpone the meeting, and so he had forged on. When Gina walked into the bar, every man's eye followed the beautiful girl. Edward's ego savored the attention aimed at his thing. Edward wanted to have a drink to show off his trophy and play for time, but Gina refused. The girl wanted to go right to the room, so Edward signed in, got the key, and up they went.

Edward needed time, but the gorgeous girl insisted. She dragged him onward. Edward ignored the room's musty odors, he ignored the bed's squeaks, but he could not ignore his cock's failure. The girl pulled him down onto her burning young body, madly kissing him, sucking his mouth, biting his lip, and seeking his tongue.

Gina pulled off her pants, reached down to put Edward's cock into her, and discovered his sagging dick. Of course, Gina took full responsibility for his failure. "He doesn't want me any more. How can I make him want me again?"

Edward, accomplished scholar that he was, had the answer. He guided Gina's head down to his cock. Gina opened and took the semi-rigid thing in. It was flaccid but large, and it was hardening, slowly. Gina abandoned herself to sucking Edward's cock. She thought of her only other sex, the motorcycle gang. It had been the cock sucking she liked best. Gina forsook hope and buried doubt in the exquisite pleasure of surrender, in the engulfing, drowning sensation of swallowing the great Professor's fat pliant cock.

"What does he think of me? This is so degrading. What does this refined intellectual think of this course, obscene act? What can he think of this low, dumb whore stooping to feast at his crotch? I love this, but he must be disgusted. I am a sick girl. He must despise this sad girl who can't even say his name to his face, but who will kneel before him and fill her mouth with his cock."

Gina convinced herself it didn't matter. The Professor would never see her again anyway so she could just give in and enjoy the moment. She could do just what she wanted. She could suck the cock of the man she loved with reckless abandon; there would be no tomorrow. Gina cried as she swallowed.

Edward was hard now. "What a great blow job. I can't believe my luck, she's gorgeous, easy, and she loves sucking cock. Deep throat the first time, there's more to this girl than I would have thought. Cock's up. Good girl. Let me push her further. Strike while the iron is hot. Turn her over and fuck her from behind. Get her on her knees, get her hot, and then fuck the bitch in the ass. Then you will know how far you can take this lovely little strumpet."

Edward turned Gina over, and stuck his cock into her cunt from behind. It went in smooth and easy. "She likes it doggy style, the hot little slut. The way she tries to stifle those soft squeals is pathetic, no, splendid. Pound her now, make her want it, faster, drive her, now she is getting hot. Slap her ass. Let her cry; that's good. Teach her to love being slapped around. Make it hurt. Yeah, she likes it. She is dripping wet; she is getting close.

Now take her in the ass. Make the whore scream. Take her up that firm, sweet ass. Just slide up to that tight dirty hole and force it in. She is trying to take it like she has done this before, but no; it's too tight. What a good little girl. She's trying to help. She's holding firm, pushing back, opening herself, and helping to slip it in. It's in. What a whore, she likes it. Push it easy. Yes, it hurts her but she still wants it. What a perfect girl. Go slow, just a little more cock each time. She is so hot, I know it hurts her, those tears are real, but she still wants it. She wants more, wants it hard right up her ass. This girl will do anything. I will make her do everything. Now hard, fast, drive her. She's sobbing, good, cry bitch. Take that cock all the way up your whore's ass. She's coming; I am coming."

The lovers collapsed into sleep stretched out in Room 1009.

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