tagBDSMFace (Sex, Power, Love) Ch. 15

Face (Sex, Power, Love) Ch. 15


"You will do. Come knell at my feet."

Arms and balls bound, I stood naked in the unbearably high window of Anna's tower above the city as she determined my fate. Accepted? I was reborn. I turned away from the world to joyfully stumble to the supreme bitch goddess and fell to my knees.

"Do you like these shoes? Put your head under my skirt. Lean forward between my legs and breathe. Suck my air. Is this what you need? There are just a few details, some things for you to sign. Sign away your life to Gina, and you be accepted."

Anna's scent spun into me. Memory of how I had come to be in this place faded to an indistinct haze. I gratefully accepted her grace.

With my arms strapped behind my back, I struggled at Anna's feet. Her scent overwhelmed me, enthralled me. I was lost in a fog-swaddled sea. Anna's beauty alone could have commanded my absolute surrender, but she wanted more. She wanted nullification, then transformation. And so she made me breathe the vapors of a magical preparation she wore as a perfume. I bowed to the ground before her like a savage worshiping a smoldering pot of sacred fungus. The intoxicating narcotic dazzled, enchanted, and charmed a hazy obligation to Anna's dominion more profound than any bullying coercion could enforce. One by one, the connections in my brain abandoned their posts and turned to salute Anna. I knelt stripped naked as the unifying weave of my oneness loosened and came undone.

Numb, drunk, and awed by Anna, I fell hopelessly under the spell of the mysterious pheromones wafting from the temple of her body. My world disintegrated into a crumbing collage of sensation. Stupefied, I lovingly caressed the pieces—her shoe, her petite and perfectly formed foot, her toes.

Thoughts mumbled through my mind like exhausted, muffled thunder bumping around in a saturated, spent sky, "The Goddess's foot is snow white; her nails blood red; the delicate articulation of her bones is a marvel. Her shoe is a pedestal wrapped in straps of white leather and embedded with sparkling diamonds. The heel is a dagger. Her ankle, her calf, the back of her knee...a voice, no the aria of an angel is floating down upon me from heaven. It is warm snow whispering a secret, 'Breathe. Take the scent deep into your lungs'. Yes, anything, thank you Goddess."

I could not speak. Rather, an odd paralysis froze my capacity to summon any act independent of the Goddess's command. She said breathe; she did not say speak. I dreamed, "Thank you mistress. Let me absorb your bouquet. This air is not air, nor water, earth or even fire, it all at once and more—quintessence. More? Of course dear goddess. She is permitting me to put my head under her dress." My thoughts and emotions wobbled an idiot's reel. The warm pastel tent of Anna's full, flowery skirt enveloped me.

Judgment buckled into muddled musing, "Ah, here is my center. This is what I live for. My heart aches for her taste. The smell is new, like, but not, Gina. Are there words to describe that difference? If I could taste, if I could run my tongue across the slick, smooth folds, if I could reach to lap the sweetness deep within, perhaps I could discover the language of her pussy, perhaps the mysterious sacred words would form upon my tongue. Anna's legs are lovely, sturdier than Gina's, but perfectly formed and white as snow. Would she permit a kiss? Would she grant the blessed honor of tasting the back of her knee? It is so soft. Yes, it is scented, dabbed with that perfume. The fragrance is strangely, powerfully enervating—at once flowers and sex. The drug calls the way the love lure of flowers calls the worker bee."

Anna uncrossed her legs and opened her thighs, such perfect, encircling softness. The aroma of novel pussy wafted down upon me from her inviting crease, flooding my mind. Her perfume, her sex, her governance fogged and negated my sanity. My mouth watered, but my throat was dry as an ache. I did not dare further approach toward the mouth of her holy body, but my heart's core was drawn out of my flesh toward her essence to fall exhausted beneath her supremacy.

"Anna is speaking. She seems so far away. Her voice is a heavenly chorus and I float in ethereal clouds. Please madam, let me stay here, here within the tent of your dress, here at the mouth of the cave of love, here at the portal of paradise. Let me linger." Anna softly pushed me out, back into the light. Half-formed images, forgotten dreams, and insubstantial wafts of lost wishes floated through my mind only to evaporate. I was too weak to speak; thoughts could barely form or adhere to meaning.

"Anna's hands are soft and kind. She is warm and tender. What can I do to return to the warm, silky shelter of your thighs? What can I do to earn the privilege of sucking on the sweetness of your sex? Sign? What is it that all they want? Sign? Of course I will sign, if my hand can grasp the quill. I am too weak even to speak, too weak to beg. It is her face. Anna is floating above me. Her hair is long—strawberries cascading in slow motion. Her smile—her lips are sweet cherries, her skin still sweeter cream. She leans toward me. Her milky throat, her fair shoulders, and the white bulge of breasts swelling within whiter lace billow about me. I am drifting in a cumulous sky of Anna. Ah, she kissed my forehead. I will cry. I am feeble; this scent of Anna compels blessed fondness. Her legs are so beautiful. Her face...I cry."

"Eric, please listen. I will let you lick me. If you do as you are told, you may taste my femininity. Here, let me reach down and get some on my fingers. There, now you may have a taste, just a little taste. Suck it from my fingers. Is that better? Now listen. Are you awake now? We want you to sign some documents.

"It is nothing really. They just say that you agree to be Gina's slave, and that you are granting full control of your care and custody to Gina. The papers simply state the obvious: that you will let her, that is that you yearn for her to do whatever she desires to you. You give your body, your person, and your life to her. That is what you want; right, to be of use to Gina? The documents state that you recognize your perversions, and so you seek, desire, and accept healing, treatment, and whatever cure Gina deems necessary. The papers state that you acknowledge Gina's control is required to prevent your perversions from menacing women, and that to control these dangerous impulses, you wish that Gina subordinate concern for your personal welfare to the greater good of making the world safe for women. Safe...it's a good thing. You want that, don't you?

"The documents list things you propose to Gina to do to you. You ask that she, or her designee, punish you regularly, that you may be whipped daily regardless of any apparent need to punish, that she may mark your body for identification, even with a hot iron if need be, that may she insert body ornaments into you as it pleases her, that Gina will use you for her pleasure and profit, that you implore her to forge you into an implement for pleasuring women, and that Gina may dispose of you however and whenever she deems appropriate. Oh my, this list goes on. It says Gina may have sexual commerce with whomever she likes, but that you will be permitted relations only as she orders. Any income earned will be hers and you give everything you own to her. She may delegate her authority as needed, and so on and so forth. In their essence, the documents are quite straightforward and unambiguous. Did I mention the branding iron? What is the matter sweet boy, you're trembling. Is the room too cold? You may speak."

I moaned, "Please madam, a hot iron, please, must I be...be...branded? I have been good. I obey. Is it necessary to... to...?"

Anna laughed gaily, "Oh, calm yourself. We have no immediate plans to brand you. You are such a baby. This is just one item from several lists in the Designation of Authority to Direct Medical Care and the Trust and Estate Agreement. The lists are set forth simply to set parameters; it does not mean that we actually will brand you, just that we may brand you. It is your proposal to Gina that if she thought it appropriate that you be marked with a hot iron, that you agree...so that you may be cured and rendered harmless. You propose a long list of possible actions, but we have no specific, current intention to do all of these things. For instance the permanent cock ring and other ornamental piercings, Gina said she would like to avoid superfluous mutilations. Gina's attorney simply wanted to prepare for all contingencies. You've met Gina's lawyer. Claudia has quite the imagination. You trust her don't you?

"Now, Gina needs to video the signing of the Agreements for her latest effort in performance art. I want you to stand up and walk over there into the light so that Gina can record everything. She is an artist, and you will become her Art. Let me lead you by your leash." Anna took me by the chain dog leash that hung under my ball harness. "Up boy." She casually tugged my chain. The sweet pain of the jolt relieved my lingering fear that my numb balls had died in their long constraint in the harness. I stumbled to my feet and followed my purple, bulging balls into a bright light before a camera.

"You have been a good boy Eric. One final step remains and I will accept you as my patient. Just obey Gina and sign the papers." I stood in the hot, blinding camera lights.

From behind a light so white my sight was blackened, so intense my head throbbed, Gina's voice commanded, "Eric look toward the camera. Tell us what you are." I stared into the blackness of the light.

"I am your slave."

"Spread your legs apart so that everyone can see what's going on down there in your crotch. Pick up your chain and offer it to the camera. I am zooming in on your dick, or where your dick should be. Tell our viewers what has been done to your cock."

"Gina has placed my cock in this cage. The cage is a steel thing that squeezes my penis into tiny rings, and holds it close to my body so that I cannot get an erection. Gina says I should not be allowed to get an erection without her permission. With this cock cage, I cannot. It hurts a little, but not as much as my ball harness."

"Tell us about your ball harness."

"See, here it is. My balls are strapped in so that they bulge out and stretch away from my body. Gina has attached this leash to my balls and she leads me around by it. My balls have been tied up like this for hours now. They are all purple. They ache. But Gina said it is not tight enough to kill them. I don't want to lose my balls."

"Of course not, but if I asked, you would let me castrate you, wouldn't you?"

"Gina, I am your slave, my balls are yours to use as you please."

"You are avoiding the question. Tell our viewers, may I castrate you?"

"Yes. Gina may cut my balls off if it pleases her. If she needs to, Gina may castrate me. But, I hope this does not happen. Gina has used my balls to teach me to behave. When Gina takes me by the balls, when she takes my testicles in her teeth, I know my place. I know I must serve. Without my balls, I might be cut off from all direction; I would have no compass. Now, as I stand here with my balls in my harness, I know no will but to serve my mistress who has bound me."

"Eric, that all seems quite perverted. Are you a pervert?"

"Yes, I am a sex-crazed, dangerous pervert. I have mistreated women. I need to be fixed. Gina has promised to make me better, a better pervert, a subservient, safer pervert."

"Good, and that is why you will sign these documents, because you want to get better, right? Tell our viewers what these papers say and why you agree."

"Gina wants me to sign some papers. I am Gina's slave; I don't know why she needs the papers, but she wants them. They say I am Gina's slave, that I give her everything. I will sign because that is what Gina wants."

"Eric, you must do better than that. First tell everyone why you must be controlled, and then tell them some of the things you want me to do to you. And beg, beg or I will make you walk away a free man. Our viewers need to know how badly you want this."

"I am a pervert. I have been bad to women. I need Gina to fix me. She has taught me to be a pussy-sucking slave, but Gina says there is more for me to learn. Please Gina don't throw me away. I need you. I beg you, be merciful. For anyone seeing this, dear viewer, please understand; Gina is my goddess, my only hope. If I could not be her slave, I would be nothing. I am begging Gina to take me, to make me a better slave. I am a pervert who needs to be controlled. I beg Gina to take that control; I beg that Gina heal me; I beg that Gina let me sign her papers. The papers say I give everything I own to Gina, and that she may do things to me. The papers say what I want, what I need, what I ask for. I ask that Gina use me, whip me, anything. The papers say I want Gina to brand me with a hot iron.

"Gina, I want your mark, your burning iron, please mistress. I am sorry that I am crying. Please friends understand that I want this; I need this, I am begging for this, all of it. I want Gina to brand me with her mark. Her brand would make me proud. I would show it to her friends to prove my subservience. Gina's brand would be a constant reminder of what I am and would show that I will accept any pain Gina wishes to inflict on me. These tears are tears of joy. Dear viewer, these are my desires, these are my requests to my love, my prayers to my goddess. My tears are prayers. Oh, Gina I love you, please don't send me away."

"Excellent. Now for the signing ceremony. Let me untie you arms so that you can sign away everything. Anna please, would you step behind the camera too be sure it stays framed properly? Eric get on your knees, lower, get your face flat to the floor. Spread your legs and arch your back so that your ass is high. Run your ball leash up between your legs and lay it across your back. Lick the floor. Good, that is a nice pose."

I went down to the floor, spread my knees, and arched my ass. This supplicant pose mirrored my every emotion and desire. My heart, my soul and my aching balls pled, "Take me." I heard Gina step into the camera lights. Gina slipped the toe of her boot between the floor and my face. I kissed my beloved's boot.

"Now sign." Gina pulled her boot back, dropped a sheath of papers onto the floor, and then dropped a pen on top of these. I reached over my head, took the pen, and started to rise to my elbows to find the signature line. Gina immediately put her boot on the back of my neck and pushed my face into the floor. "There is no need to read the papers. You have been told what say, just sign." I reached over my head, felt for the papers, and blindly and clumsily signed for my doom. "Another." Gina dropped another sheath of papers onto the floor. I signed again, this time the pen went off the paper, and I had to start again so that my name was scratched cockeyed all across the documents. "Another." I signed again. "One more." I signed.

"Perfect, it's done. You're all mine now. Anna, does this cringing creature meet with your approval? Will you take this wad of corruption and clean it? Will you fashion this pig's ear, this pig's drool into a silk purse, fashion it into an ornament fit to hang on a proper lady's arm?"

"Yes Gina, of course. He is a lovely male and it will be a pleasure to forge him into the thing all males should be. I will wring the corruption out of him, and I will mold him into a suitable man slave. It has all fallen in place as we planned; you have prepared him perfectly. I will take on his transformation from this point."

"Thank you. I will leave him to you." The camera lights went out and I remained face in the floor, afraid to move.

"Anna, it has been a lovely evening, but it is time for me to go. Thank you for everything. As you requested he has not had an orgasm for three weeks now; he is primed. I would stay to watch, but as you know, I am little squeamish about corporal punishment. Even thinking about this insignificant male being whipped triggers memories of that college trauma with Edward. I am sorry; I'm getting over it."

"Gina, I really don't understand why you say you don't enjoy beating men. I've seen you mercilessly whip men. Edward may have abused you, but you returned that upon him tenfold. You seemed to enjoy yourself. I'm sure you intend to beat that arrogant valet I met earlier this evening.

"I half suspect you don't want to watch me beat Eric because you are in love with him. That's ok, but don't get soft. Eric is a very pretty, very obedient, and even intriguing male. If you love him, I am happy for you. But you are a strong woman. Stay strong and resolute; true love is best strict. Rest assured that Eric will beg for your whip the next time you see him. You wouldn't want to disappoint the man you love, would you? Leave the next steps to me, and be reassured that each blow, each humiliation, and each hurt will cultivate his love for you, only you."

"Thank you Anna. You are a wise women. Use him hard. Please. Do I love him? It is true that I have feelings for him. I guess that's why I haven't whipped him. Maybe it's just that he is so easy and so pathetic; maybe it's because he is so much in love with me. Look at him on his knees; he's beautiful. But I don't want love to spoil my life, to let love control me. If I am to love a man, I want total control. I don't want a whiff of obligation, guilt or mercy to constrain my life in any way. So beat him, hurt him, and abuse him. If I can enjoy knowing what you are doing to him while I am off enjoying myself freely with other men, if I can think of him as thoroughly debased, then perhaps I could allow myself to love him fully. We'll see.

"Next time we meet I will partake in some male beating. Ashley says more of that would cure me of my aversion to the whip, purge this ridiculous reluctance. I could love this man, but I will only allow myself do so if I am completely unencumbered by obligation. I will overcome this silly squeamishness about beating him.

"I beat Edward mercilessly, and I enjoyed it immensely. But he didn't deserve mercy. Mercy is the issue. I like this man a little too much. I want to be merciful to him; it's just not right. I need to separate mercy from love. Once he is permanently reduced to a contemptible whipping boy, mercy should no long be an issue. I will be more comfortable, ready to whip him without pity; ready to love him in the manner appropriate to the sort of woman I am determined to be.

"Thank you for accepting him Anna. I will report our progress to Ashley. She will be pleased. Good night. I will show myself out."

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