tagBDSMFace (Sex, Power, Love) Ch. 18

Face (Sex, Power, Love) Ch. 18


Eric: Let the Healing Begin

It was to be a long cold night, with flashes of searing anger. When Gina picked Eric up at the company loading dock, all she said was "Get in." She said nothing at all driving him home.

Eric was driven to talk, to explain, and to lie. He denied that he had sexually harassed his secretary, claimed the whole thing was a misunderstanding, and even denied he had been fired. These were not quite lies, more misconstructions. He'd only been suspended pending discharge. He skipped the part about the cunt diving, which was left an unspecified misunderstanding. After all, how could obliging the girl's request to lick her pussy be sexual harassment? Everything would be ok.

Gina responded with wordless sidelong smirks, and nothing more. When Eric's excuses petered out, icy silence set in. The second thing Gina said was as they enter Eric's condo. "You stink. Shower."

When Eric returned wrapped in towel, he attempted a joke to lighten the mood. "Bastard!" Gina screamed and slapped Eric across the cheek. Until that afternoon, a woman had never struck Eric. He was shocked. Even from the diminutive Gina, it hurt. Eric expected tears next, but Gina laughed at him instead. She tore his towel away. Eric was erect again. Gina scornfully mocked Eric's cock, "What a joke."

Then Gina let lose an irate tirade that ended with her laying down the terms of Eric's house arrest. He was not to touch her, he would sleep on the couch, he was not to leave the condo (the company security guards had taken all of his keys), he was to listen, do exactly as he was told, speak only when spoken to, and no sex, in particular no masturbation.

"No sex, none, you horny cunt eating sicko. What an embarrassment. I had to listen to a lecture from that nauseating lawyer, what's her name, Claudia, telling me that poor Eric must be ill. He must have had an emotional breakdown; we have to help him; he needs medical attention; he needs to heal. Boohoo. What a load of crap. You're just a filthy pervert. I'm going to cure you all right. No sex, no whacking off, none, not even cunt licking for you. You sure as hell will heel when I'm done with you."

Eric took Gina's harangue in naked silence as his erection disappeared. By the time she was done the last thing Eric wanted was sex. It wasn't until Gina walked out to have drinks with a friend that Eric realized he couldn't think about anything but sex. Eric stared at the walls and waited. He couldn't leave without locking himself out (Gina had taken the spare keys), TV, music, reading, internet, friends on the phone (no time for friends since Gina), not even sports talk radio interested Eric in the least. It was all stupid and boring. All Eric wanted was to eat pussy.

Eric was asleep on the couch when Gina returned in the middle of the night with a tipsy girlfriend. The girl kicked Eric waking him from a dark, erotic dream. "That's the bastard?" Eric awoke staring up the hem of a polyester miniskirt wrapped tightly high on shapely thighs. The Gina's girl was done in Goth, black on black—on skin so white, it seemed a vampire had drained it. Her eyes were black smudges, her lipstick a black stain. Still, she was hot in freaky, whorish rebel sort of way, a goddess of gloom.

She slurred, "Get up and get me a drink, asshole." Eric stood to obey, still half asleep. The drunken stranger looked lustfully down at the raging erection poking against Eric's boxer shorts and laughed. "He's cute." She pulled on the elastic band of Eric's underwear and looked inside, "That's cute too."

Gina, bottle in hand, took the girl's hand and said, "Leave him be, he doesn't get any. He's been a bad, bad boy. He is on the cure. Eric, not word out of you and don't touch that thing. Lie down. Good dog."

"Sweet." Gina's rebel slut showed Eric her ass as she sauntered off to the bedroom with Gina and a bottle of fun. Eric returned to his disturbing sex dreams.

When morning's light heated, Gina came out of the bedroom with an evil mood. The girl was gone. Had that been a dream? It seemed real, but it fit right in with the weird, sexy nightmares Eric was having. Besides, Gina wasn't bisexual, was she? He did not want that conversation and didn't get it.

Gina said nothing about the girl and instead immediately began berating Eric. She repeated the new rules. Eric was to shut up and obey. No lip. Eric would cook and clean, but he was not permitted to leave the condo even to shop. Gina declared Eric grounded. It was actually house arrest but Gina was enjoying the mode of talking to him like a disobedient child rather than a convicted adult. Gina warned Eric not to waste his time beating off. "Don't even think about touching that peni-weenie. You kissed your secretary's pee pee? Caught, fired? Awful. Pervert." Then Gina showed Eric her ass, walking out and, leaving her contrite, devastated boyfriend home alone.

Gina met Ashley and they went together to the office to check on Ashley's latest experiment in human combination. Ashley bubbled about the merits of alloying Claudia, Attorney-at Law, and plain, over-educated, dried-up scholastic, with Shyanne, the beautiful dropout prostitute. "Maybe they will just explode in my crucible, or, if the chemical valence is just right, they will smolder and fuse into an amorous couple, each dependant on the other to fill some gaping emptiness in their beings. The crippled couple will be obliged to serve me." Gina knew Ashley's affinity for playing with people all too well. Her friend's penchant for creative, bizarre meddling was always a ready source of appalling amusement.

When they entered Ashley's office, Shyanne was sitting behind Ashley's desk sipping coffee. Shyanne was naked except for thong panties. She was bleary eyed and bedraggled, but beautiful as always. Shyanne started, and leaped out of Ashley's chair. Her firm silicone breasts bounced and her long blonde hair flopped in her face. "Oh, good morning Ashley. I was just, just..."

"Just lounging behind my desk, I can see. Did you sense the power and authority that sitting in my place confers? Nice isn't it? But I'm not sure I want Shyanne the dirty whore sitting in my chair wearing nothing but her dirty whore's thong. I'll probable have to have it fumigated. Oh relax, Shyanne, I'm just kidding. My doctor checked you out and cleaned you out thoroughly.

"But speaking of power and authority was Claudia obedient? I assigned you the oh-so-tricky task of giving Claudia her first orgasm. How did that go?"

Ashley brushed Shyanne aside, looked suspiciously at her chair, brushed it off, and took the seat of power. As if a delinquent schoolchild called to explain her homework, Shyanne stood at attention in front of Ashley's desk. Ashley adjusted the hem of her skirt as she ran her eyes over Shyanne's naked body. Shyanne self-consciously tried to cover her bare breasts as she struggled to find her voice. Gina sat off to the side appraising the bashful stripper's body and grinning at outrageous performance of her best buddy. Ashley really could push things to the limit. This Shyanne was a looker, just Eric's type.

Shyanne fidgeted and stuttered, "Well ah, Ashley, I mean boss, or...ah, b...b...but.... Please f...f.... I mean yeah, yes, I mean like, like, I finally like did it? M...mistress? It took all night, but got her to do it. I sucked awesome orgasms out of her. Really. You should of seen. It took like forever, really, but when she finally cracked, like she was a fucking volcano. Oh, please I am sorry, you told me not to swear. Sorry, I can't kind of like think of like the right words."

"That's ok Shyanne, you are a filthy whore, with a filthy cunt and a filthy mouth, but we like you just the way you are. We'll deal with the swearing and the sitting in my chair later. Where is the lucky girl?"

Claudia was curled up on the couch sleeping. "It was a long night for her, please, let her sleep. And forgive me for the way she looks. I had to do it. I tried being nice. Really, I sucked her for at least an hour. For a while, I thought that'd do it. But then I started losing her, and my tongue was so tired. I tried finger fucking, but you're right she is a virgin. I guess she'd never even stuck a finger up her cunt. I didn't want to break her; I thought I should save that for you. So I turned her over and finger fucked her ass. Just touching her ass set her off. She got hot. What a dirty mouth for such a tight ass bitch. And she is a real tight ass; I mean like I couldn't get more than two fingers up there.

"But I still couldn't get her to come. Then she started begging to be whipped. I tried to be nice, but it wasn't enough. You told me her fantasy was to be whipped. Of course, you were right; there was just no other way. I only thing I could find to use was a coat hanger. That's why she looks like that. Even with that, it wasn't easy, but I could feel it was coming. I kept at it. I never was much for that brutal sort of sex. I never understood why fucking and sucking weren't good enough. Now I think I kind of get it; at least while I was doing her I was really getting into it.

"I made her eat me; I made her get me off. She hadn't done that before either, but she must have been dreamed about eating pussy. She was a clumsy cunt sucker, but she was starving for it, and she begged for the coat hanger all the while. She kept swearing and begging for more, 'Harder, harder, hurt me you dirty whore.' The bitch. Call me a whore?

"Whore? She's the one. She'd only stop to beg me to hit her; then she'd dive right back in, all tears and clumsy cunt gobbling. When she started calling me names, she really pissed me off. Who the hell did she think she was calling me a whore when she was the one down there with her tongue up my twat? Fucking lesbian bitch.

"I always hated those bitches who thought they were so much better than me because they got good grades, because they wouldn't let anyone near their precious pussies, and because they got to go off to college when I went off to the streets of Vegas. F...I mean screw em, I made more money at eighteen than she could have dreamed of and I had fun doing it. She comes at you with all that united women bullshit, but calls me a whore. I hated her, and all of them like her. So I hit her, and it felt so good.

"I guess that's what it took. A cunt in her face, and a totally pissed off whore beating the...stuff out her with a coat hanger. Then she could get off. She came, and she came, and she screamed and she swore, and she came some more. Shit did she go on...sorry again But Ashley you should have heard her squeal. Finally, she just broke down sobbing, and she begged me to forgive her. Look at her, look at those bruises, but she begged me to forgive her.

"She deserved it, the fucking stuck up shit."

"My, my, such language. We will have to do something about that. But go on." Ashley was grinning from ear to ear.

"I can't believe I did that to her. But she kept begging for more, begging me to hit harder. She looks so peaceful now, sleeping like a baby. When she finally came, she howled. I hope nobody heard us; the doors were closed. It wasn't my fault. If she had been still, those marks wouldn't be all over like that. If the bitch hadn't begged for more, if she hadn't been so crazy, if she hadn't held out so long, if she hadn't called me those awful names...it...it wouldn't look so bad. If I hadn't hated her, I might have... I'm sorry Claudia.

"But I had to do it, and she loved it; she was so hot, and she had waited so long. Thirty something years old and she had never come? I was eleven, really eleven years old, and it was so good I kept doing it to myself every night. Oh, look what I did to her. Please Claudia, I am so sorry."

Shyanne knelt beside the sleeping form of Claudia lying quietly on Ashley's office couch, softly kissed the bruised body, and then covered her crimes with a blanket.

"Shyanne you did well. You did her a favor. And thanks for saving that virgin cherry. That's something hard to come by; I will have to think of some special way to break it. As far as whipping her, don't feel bad. She needed that to come; denying herself the things she wanted is why she couldn't come. She will be so grateful she'll agree to anything. She'll get over the bruises, and then we will see how she reacts to more beatings. I'll bet she won't be able to get enough of it. But it could be that the actual pain, not the brutality, the cruelty, and certainly not the spectacle of capitulation, but the tangible, neurological agony might put her off whippings. Not all fantasies are meant to be realized. We will see.

"When we were in college, Gina had a lover who beat her. It was my fault. Gina was into it at first, into the ecstasy of submission and the joy of receiving her lover's punishment. But in the end she decided the real cut of a real belt, the concrete pain, was not for her. For some it is better to give than receive. But Claudia is not Gina. I think this slumbering child will wake and beg for more, more, and then some more. She starved herself too long; no more daydreams for this pain slut. What do you think, Gina?"

"Well Ashley, for me, I prefer to be on top. When Edward was whipping me, the bastard was doing it every day. It hurt. He also was fucking me in the ass, just my ass, and my butt was sore all the time. I have to admit the sweet innocent in me was swept away in lust and love. I thought about Edward constantly. But would a little cunt fucking have been too much to ask for? Still, I was totally into the submission. I couldn't give enough of myself to him. I was in love, and the worse he treated me, the more I loved him.

"I loved being used, but I never liked his belt, at least not while it was really happening. I regretted each painful strike, until it stopped. Then I'd dream of more. The memory is still vivid. I'd tell myself, 'Give Gina; give everything to him. He will love you. Take his pain and make him happy. If you let him do anything he will love you.' He hit me, and I thought he loved me. I was in love with the spectacle of being used. I was in love with the spectacle of love. I was in love with hurt. But as much as I wanted Edward to love me, and as much as I wanted him to hit me, I never learned to love actually being hit. I could not love the actual pain as it happened.

"Edward didn't understand that, and finally I understood that he didn't get it. The great professor of everything didn't understand the simple Gina. That was the end of loving him. I couldn't love him because he was just not that smart. He was hollow at the core and I didn't want him any more. When that happened, his belt became pointless pain inflicted by a clumsy pervert. But you saved me and we fixed the bastard. Now that was fun. That was when I learned the proper use for men. And that was when I learned how to laugh. Thank you Ashley.

"As far Claudia goes, everything about her screams slave. My guess is she will love the pain for the pain, and never get enough. Ashley, it was fun doing Edward, don't you think?"

"Yes, that was exquisite, if only because he was such a pretentious jerk, kind of like Claudia.

"Shyanne, let's discuss what comes next for Claudia. When sleeping beauty awakes, tell her she has work to do, lawyer work. I want her to create documents saying Eric agrees to grant Gina absolute control over his life without reservation. I want something that would hold up in court and that a judge would find reasonable, however unreasonable it actually is—law, the land of deluded justice. I'll leave an outline of the concept. Make her write it sitting naked here at my desk. Put a towel down please.

"Look at her. She is utterly oblivious, knocked out." Ashley lifted the blanket to inspect Shyanne's work. "You really did a job on her. Look at those bruises, what a mess. Maybe it is just that pasty skin of hers, but the way those purple welts raise up is chilling. I didn't have any idea you could be such a vicious, sadistic bitch. I'm proud of you. And the web of bruises is quite artistic; oh, look at that one. Plain Jane never looked sexier. I don't think I could have done better myself.

"When she finishes the Eric papers, when she is completely satisfied that the boy is in an iron clad trap, take the papers and tell her to draw up another set giving herself to me. Claudia will be your project for a while, but make it clear that I'm in charge and that you are following my orders. Claudia will be the slave of my slave.

"I want you to mold her. Exploit her weakness and insecurities, and amplify her submissive tendencies. Go easy on the whip, but threaten her with it. Of course, it could be that she will beg to be beaten. Then withhold it entirely, just promise that if she is good she will be allowed the pleasure the lash soon, maybe tomorrow, maybe next time. Use your judgment; find the best path to lead her down. Down, and down, and down. This sort of thing is an art. You found the way to make her come, now find the way to make her follow, to follow you down. If you need advice call, but looking at what you did to her, I am confident you have the skill set for this work.

"I want you to turn this pathetic woman into something more interesting and attractive. The first order of business is to shut her up. She is a compulsive, boring gabber. I brought a ball gag. Make her wear it when she works on the papers. Make her wear it day after day so she gets the message. You can remove the gag when she comes to work or if you take her out in public. But tell her to hold her tongue between her teeth to remind herself that no one is interested in anything she has to say. At the right time, we will get her tongue pierced, and then she can wear a stud or a ring as a permanent reminder to shut up. Of course, the gag can come off for pussy eating.

"Claudia is not much to look at, but she not fat or ugly in any grotesque way. She can be improved. Take her to a tanning parlor. Take her to the gym. Buy her new clothes. She will never be a feminine beauty like you, but we can make her into something that will turn heads. She has a big, thick peasant's body; we can use that. I want to put muscles on those bones. Part of Claudia's problem is that she was never comfortable being a girl. We'll fix that by making her into a muscle-man-girl, an aggressive-submissive, self-loathing freak. I'll leave my doctor's card. Get a prescription for hormones. Hormones tend to make the patient aggressive, so Shyanne, it is up to you to control her with an iron fist. Make her pump iron. If you do it right, Claudia will become a real special showgirl. It's going to be a bucking bronco ride, so ride her cowgirl.

"Once her body is taking on some shape, we'll finish her off with cosmetic surgery. We're going to make this closet dyke fall in love with the bitch goddess she sees in the mirror. Make her eat pussy every day. Make her beat off every day watching her body in the mirror, but be sure she saves that cherry for me. Make her love her new muscles. Don't let her have any cock.

"She's hot for Eric. Tell her that when she is ready, when she has a body worth looking at, and when she can come at the snap of my fingers, I'll let her use Eric. He will be her first man.

"Thanks Shyanne, you really are wonderful personal assistant. I'm sure you won't disappoint me. Report your progress regularly. Gina and I are off to an art show now. Enjoy."

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