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Faculty Meeting


The Usual Disclaimer: This is a work of fantasy. All characters featured in sexual situations are over 18. The characters in these stories are fictional. Any resemblance to actual persons living, dead or undead is purely coincidental. Do not try this at home.


I couldn't believe I had let Donna talk me into taking this job. You married guys probably know what I mean when I say that my wife could pretty much talk me into doing anything she wanted. So I had taken this job teaching at an elementary school. It wasn't the kids or teaching them math that was the problem. It was the annoying parents and the obnoxious faculty. The principal, assistant principal, and office manager all acted like I worked for them and that I should be grateful that I even got the job.

All three of them were grossly incompetent to my eyes. Worse, they insisted on taking up hours every week with useless 'faculty meetings'. The only purpose that I could figure for all these meetings was to give them more opportunities to hear themselves talk.

Now, I think that the real reason my wife talked me into this job was that her sister taught at the school. The two of them probably got their heads together and Sally convinced Donna that her school needed a competent math teacher. I sat through meeting after mind-numbing meeting and regarded Sally with some measure of annoyance. Four weeks into the school year, she finally took me aside after one of those meetings.

"I'm really sorry, Glen," she whispered. "I know you're mad at me, but I have no control over all these lousy meetings."

I should mention that Sally is my wife's 'hotter younger sister'. You know, the one you never admit that you notice at all because your wife would have your balls if you ever got caught? Yeah. Sally had slightly darker brown hair than my wife. It was probably the shade my wife's hair would be if she didn't color it. Sally had bigger breasts, hadn't let her waistline slide like my wife had, and she looked prettier overall. Not that I ever noticed any of that or would admit to it under torture, of course.

Don't get me wrong, I love my wife to death and rarely cheated on her. We'd met in college and she had started raising our kids while I was off being a naval officer. Since I had been enlisted before college, and had stayed in the reserves while going to school, I was able to retire after only ten years and making Lieutenant Commander. That retirement check didn't cover all the bills, which is why I was looking for work.

Donna was used to being the boss at home, and it created some friction when I was there more often. I was the unquestioned boss at my job for the last four years I was in the service. Neither of us were used to being questioned when we made a decision, so we had some hurt feelings to deal with when we had to share the leadership role.

Then there was the adjustment in our sex life...

When I was at sea regularly, we had sex every chance we got when I would get back in port. Now that we were around each other every night, my wife was just not as interested as she had been. The most tragic part from my point of view was that my wife lost all interest in letting me screw her tight backdoor. It had been my absolute favorite, and it was suddenly and completely off limits. Donna refused to explain why and got really pissed off whenever I would ask or hint at anything regarding her sweet bottom...

I realized with a start that I had completely spaced out. Sally was still standing in front of me, waiting for some sort of response. I regarded my sister-in-law and nodded. I knew these pain-in-the-ass faculty meetings weren't her idea. I just didn't want to be there and felt trapped.

"Let me make it up to you," Sally whispered. "Some of us are going out for drinks after this. I'd love to introduce you to some of my friends here. Please, Glen? I'll buy."

She gave me a smile, and of course I couldn't resist. I forced a smile. "Sounds good," I replied.

It was a mistake. The faculty meeting dragged on for another half hour. After that, the meeting with Sally and four of her friends at a local Chili's turned out to be a bitch session about work. It was just as bad as the faculty meeting had been, except there was beer. I kept my thoughts to myself—probably because I was indoctrinated to keep myself under tight control whenever I was around Sally. I smiled, nodded, drank, and occasionally gave a one-word answer when I was asked a question.

After that second, informal meeting, Sally seemed disappointed when she followed me to my car. "I thought you might be able to loosen up and enjoy yourself," she said. "I'm sorry, Glen. I thought it was a good idea."

I chewed the inside of my cheek for a bit before answering her carefully.

"I'm sure your friends are fine," I sighed. "It's just that I don't know what I can say around you, Sally. If I actually speak my mind, I know it will get back to Donna and if she doesn't like it, I will hear about it for years." I shrugged. "That isn't your fault. It's just how things are."

"Damn," she said softly. "I don't know why that didn't even cross my mind." Her hand reached out and lightly cupped my cheek. "I really did want to make it up to you. You may not realize it, but you have been an absolute godsend to our school and these kids. Seriously, Glen, you have no idea how bad the math teachers we had before you were. They were just awful. You, on the other hand, have surprised all of us. You are really good at this and we appreciate the hell out of you."

"Thanks," I said, reaching up to gently disengage her hand from the side of my face. Her wrist was warm in my hand, and I held it for a moment before letting go. I gave her a smile. "You'll just have to think of another way to make it up to me."

I meant it as a joke, but the thoughtful look on her face said that she wasn't taking it lightly.

"I need to get going," I told her. "Donna and the kids will already be wondering where I am. Are you coming over for dinner tonight?"

"I wasn't invited," she smiled. I smiled back.

"Consider yourself invited," I said.

I worried about that as I drove home with my sister-in-law following me. I called Donna to let her know that I was on my way, and that I had invited Sally. It was probably a bad move on my part. The last thing I wanted was for my wife to think that I was getting close with her little sister.

Now, to be fair, Sally is only two years younger than my wife. The difference between a 36-year-old and a 38-year-old shouldn't be that big a deal, but my wife always accuses me of shit that hadn't even crossed my mind. Once she put the idea in my head, though, it was tough to get it out of there. That was why I was so aware of Sally's breasts and shapely ass, really. My wife accused me of "lusting after my little sister's big tits and tight ass," and I honestly had not taken notice of Sally's body. After she said that, though, I couldn't help but take note of those features every time I was around Sally.

When we reached the house, I gave my wife a kiss and then spent time playing with the kids before dinner. Donna and Sally chatted in the kitchen. I wasn't eavesdropping, but my wife's voice carried out to the living room. I almost dropped my six-year-old.

"You want to make it up to him? You should just let him have your ass, Sally. Then you'd both be happy and I'd be off the hook," her sardonic voice caught me completely off guard. She wasn't drunk, either. Donna was just prone to saying stuff like that. I managed to set my son down after recovering, but my eyes were drawn to the kitchen. Sally's face was red when our eyes met.

I'm sure that somewhere in my wife's mind she thought she was being funny. I was embarrassed, but Sally seemed even more embarrassed than I was. I felt like I needed to apologize, but Sally shook me off when I tried. "She's my sister," Sally whispered. "You'd think I would be used to it by now."

That blush remained on her face for the rest of the evening. It got me wondering and then it hit me: Donna brought it up because Sally apparently liked it in the ass. My cock gave a lurch in my pants when that thought got stuck in my brain, and I was semi-erect until Sally left after dinner. Even though I tried my hardest not to, I still stared at her shapely backside as she walked out our front door.

* * *

I really try to be a complete professional when I am at work. When I was still in the service, I was careful to avoid even the appearance of impropriety with my coworkers. It was a real minefield that sunk many an officer's career. I carried that same approach to teaching. I was married and everyone knew it. I was careful never to flirt, and even avoided telling jokes. Let's face it, though, most of the jokes I heard in the Navy would be completely inappropriate to tell in an elementary school.

For the next two weeks after Sally had been over for that dinner, the two of us were even more awkward than normal around each other. She came over for three more dinners with our family. By now I knew her well enough to read the tension in her body language. Fortunately, my wife seemed to miss it.

I have no idea how long that would have gone on, but then fate intervened. One of the obnoxious things that the principal at our school was prone to doing was sending out e-mail memos throughout the day. I tended to spend every minute of class time teaching, and only checked my e-mail when my students were taking a test and at the beginning of my planning period and lunch. Far too often, she would get bent out of shape because I had taken hours to respond to her memo.

So one Thursday afternoon, I released my students after the final class period and gathered my things to hustle to the teachers lounge for another pointless faculty meeting. I had to wait on a trio of students to leave, and locked up my classroom. I grumbled under my breath as I crossed the length of the building. My classroom was all the way at the end of the Math and Sciences wing, pretty much as far from the front offices and teachers lounge as it was possible to be.

When I arrived, I was surprised to see that only Sally and one of her friends were there. I took a seat across from Sally and nodded. I was still catching my breath after jogging all the way from my classroom. Sally's friend swore softly when she checked her e-mail on her notebook.

"They cancelled the freakin' staff meeting two hours ago!" she spat. Sally and I groaned in unison. I flopped back in my chair. Sally's friend jumped up and gathered her stuff quickly. "Well, I'm getting out of here before one of them shows up with something stupid for me to do," she hissed. She was out the door in less than a minute.

"That's probably a good idea," Sally said softly. I looked at her. When our eyes met, she immediately looked down at the tabletop in front of her. Her neck reddened a bit as she fought not to blush.

"Sally," I said. She looked up at me. "Look, we need to talk. This is as good a time as any. I am really, really sorry that Donna said that to you two weeks ago. I don't know why she says stuff like that. It was inexcusable and I am sorry that it happened."

She shook her head. "She's my sister," she countered. "She's been saying crap like that our whole lives. I should have known better than to tell her..." her voice trailed off and the blush spread up her face again.

...that you like it in the ass? my mind finished for her. I think I kept that off my face, but my cock stirred under the table. I decided to take a chance, to see if we could get past this awkwardness that had been dogging us for weeks.

"Can I tell you something, Sally?" I asked. She nodded. "You have to promise that you will never say any of this to Donna, okay?" Again she nodded, but now she looked intrigued. She sat forward in her seat. "Donna used to like it when I...you know," I couldn't help but look around before whispering, "had anal sex with her."

I leaned back and resumed a soft speaking voice. "It wasn't like it was all we did, but the past two years, she suddenly seems disgusted by it. I have no idea why." I spread my hands helplessly and shrugged. "I haven't even brought it up in months. That doesn't stop her from giving me grief about it."

Sally gazed at me thoughtfully for a bit before asking, "Do you miss it?"

"Oh, god, yes," I said a little too quickly. "It was my favorite thing, and I'm pretty sure she knows it."

"Oh," she said. The tip of her tongue made a quick lap around her lips and she swallowed visibly. "We should...we should probably get out of here before someone sees us," she murmured. "Lacy was right; if one of the administrators sees us sitting in here they'll either try to find some stupid project to make us do, or they'll gossip that we were hanging out together."

I nodded and grabbed my satchel. As soon as I stood, Sally asked very softly, "Glen, could you come to my apartment with me? I really would like to talk some more...if you don't mind."

I nodded and waited for her to get her things together before we left as quietly as we could. We managed to avoid being seen. We went our separate ways in the parking lot and I waited for her to leave before I drove to her apartment. I had to call her from the parking lot to get her apartment number; I had only been there twice before, and both times my wife had been with me.

Sally looked nervous when she let me in. She looked around the parking lot before closing the door. She turned and looked at me.

"Would you like some coffee, or a beer?" she asked.

"Coffee sounds good," I replied. "Donna thinks I am at a faculty meeting. I would have to explain showing up with beer on my breath."

Sally nodded and started coffee. I kicked off my shoes and set them next to hers by the front door. We sat at her dining room table waiting for the coffee to brew. Neither of us knew where to start. I smiled at her and figured I would get the ball rolling.

"So, where shall we start this faculty meeting?" I asked. She chuckled at that. "I presume we're here to discuss Donna?" I continued.

She nodded, blushing again. "I made the mistake of telling her about a guy I dated in college, fourteen years ago. He was the first guy I was with who really preferred anal over anything else. He was good at it, and I told Donna I really liked it." I nodded and she nodded back. "Ever since then, Donna has 'jokingly' called me a butt-slut, anal whore, anal queen..." she shook her head, "that sort of thing. I hate it, and she knows I hate it."

I knew my wife well enough that I'm sure she thought she was being funny. Still, I had to shake my head. "That doesn't make any sense," I said, "Up until two years ago, she came like crazy whenever I fucked her in the ass. I don't know why she would give you crap about liking it."

Sally's eyes went wide when I said "fucked her in the ass." Then I realized that she had removed her bra. Her nipples hardened and were easily visible through her blouse. Sally caught me looking for the first time ever. That only seemed to make her nipples harder. They were very impressive jutting out against the fabric the way they did.

"Sorry," I murmured when I looked up into her eyes.

"Don't be," she said softly, "It's just the two of us. I don't mind."

I kept my eyes locked onto hers. "It isn't a habit I want to get into, Sally. You have no idea how hard it is for me not to stare at your body every time you are around. Donna always accuses me of lusting after your—and I'm quoting here—'big tits and tight ass.' She planted that in my mind years ago and it's been growing there ever since."

"Oh my God! She did the exact same thing to me!" Sally exclaimed softly. "When you guys had been dating for a few months, she told me to 'stay the hell away from my big-dicked boyfriend.' It's all I can do to keep from staring at your crotch ever since."

I barked out a laugh and shook my head. "You've been really good, then, Sally. I've never caught you looking at my crotch."

"Yeah, well," she said, "That's because I wore sunglasses whenever we went swimming. Otherwise you would have caught me for sure."

We shared a laugh at that, and then we heard the tell-tale burbling of the coffee pot. We got up and walked out to the kitchen to fix our coffee. We both added creamer and sugar, and in pretty much identical amounts. Both mugs had the same caramel-hued beverage. Our eyes met as we chuckled. We had both noticed. We held that gaze too long, and before we knew it we were kissing each other hungrily.

My hands slid around her back, and she moaned into my mouth when my hands squeezed her firm ass cheeks. She reached between us with her right hand and cupped my crotch. Our eyes were once again locked as we drew back for a breath. "Let me grab a quick shower," she blurted.

"Okay," I replied. She did not have to explain why. We both knew she was going to clean her asshole, getting it ready for me.

I walked into her bedroom and shed my clothes, folding them neatly and setting them on a stack on top of her dresser. I thought about searching for lube, but that seemed a little too forward. The last thing I wanted was for sweet Sally to walk in and find me going through her underwear. I lay on her bed and waited for her. I didn't have to wait long.

Sally's hair was still dry and she had a towel wrapped around her midsection. She smiled and her eyes roamed over my naked body, coming to rest on my throbbing boner. She untucked the top of her towel and opened it, letting me feast my eyes on her fantastic breasts. I could not help but groan. Her smile intensified when she heard that. Sally tossed her towel next to me on the bed and turned to her dresser. She reached into her top drawer, where she kept her panties, and located a tube of lubricant.

I had to smile at that. It was exactly where I would have expected to find it. I realized I was growling hungrily in my throat as I finally beheld Sally's gorgeous ass. It was a thing of beauty, and it was about to be mine. My dick rose in my lap when she spread her cheeks and worked the lubricant into her pale pink asshole. She looked over her shoulder at me, and then she turned and crawled toward me on the bed, setting the tube next to her towel. Her right hand was still working between her cheeks as her mouth closed on the throbbing head of my cock.

"Mmm," she purred contentedly. I propped a second pillow beneath my head so I could watch her mouth take me in. She was hungrily slurping on my dick as her fingers worked wetly into her asshole. After a minute, she pulled her mouth off of my dick and lapped around the head. "I wish we had more time," she murmured sadly.

I nodded and rose to my knees, moving around behind her. She pulled the pillows beneath her chin and moaned when my hands seized her cheeks and spread her open. I wished that moment could have lasted forever. The sight of my cock entering her sweet butt for the first time was just too good to be believed. It was slick and tight and hot, everything that makes a woman's backdoor my favorite place to visit.

Sally groaned lustily into the pillows as her rubbery ring stretched to accommodate me. I reached over and popped open the lube, adding a bit more to the juncture of her sphincter and the head of my invading cock. I used that index finger to spread a dab of the gel along the length of my shaft. I pressed my hips forward and she groaned as the head popped inside that tight little ring of muscle. It took every bit of my self-control to ease my way inside. I wanted her ass so bad, wanted to drive my length inside of her, but I knew that I had to take my time so that she could enjoy this as much as I would.

Sally's horny asshole was far more receptive than I expected. I was soon buried to the hilt inside her, and she was moaning and mumbling into the pillow. I pulled back slowly, and she pushed her hips back to drive me back inside. I worried that I might be speeding things up too quickly, but she put those concerns to rest when she pumped her butt backward and impaled her wide-stretched asshole again and again.

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