tagBDSMFair Exchange Is No Robbery

Fair Exchange Is No Robbery


It all started on a hot Sydney Saturday afternoon. Lisa and Graham Richardson and Debbie and Bill Gates (no relation to you know who) were lying on the lawn by Lisa and Graham's new pool drinking and snacking as the afternoon wore on.

The two couples were next door neighbors and were close friends and all four of them were getting decidedly tipsy. Lisa and Debbie were wearing quite daring bikinis although Lisa's was by far the more daring of the two.

Lisa was the taller girl and her long legs, slim hips and sexy bottom showed off what costume there was, to startling effect. The bikini bottom consisted of a tiny white triangle of cloth which hardly covered her already drastically trimmed bush of pubic hair and the white thong totally disappeared between the cheeks of her backside leaving her bottom looking completely naked. Her breasts however were far smaller than Debbie's and the bikini top was fairly respectable.

Debbie, although not as tall, had the kind of generous curves that belonged to girls who appeared naked in popular men's magazines. Her bright yellow bikini had a respectable lower half but the top was struggling to cover and support her ample but firm breasts.

Both girls were stretched out side by side on a large beach towel. Debbie was laying face down with her bikini top unfastened and the straps on the towel on each side leaving her back bare and Lisa was laying face up and Bill could not help but notice from his position on the towel beside his neighbor's wife, that her tiny bikini bottom had somehow shifted out of position and revealed a tantalizing glimpse of curly blond pubic hair.

Graham had gone to the house, Bill assumed to get more drinks, but when he emerged he was carrying a small digital video camera. He put a finger to his lips to indicate to Bill to keep quiet as he got down on his knees and crept closer to the girls and began to video them. He zoomed in on the slightly askew bikini bottom of his wife and beckoned for Graham to move the tiny gusset completely to one side. Graham grinned at the idea but shook his head, at which Bill nodded violently again urging Graham to do as he was indicating.

Whether it was the sexy nature of the whole situation, the daring glimpse of pubic hair already on display or simply that he had consumed far too much alcohol, he didn't know, but in a moment that was to prove pivotal in changing all their lives he reached over and gently and carefully using just the forefinger of his right hand he eased the thin white gusset of material towards him leaving Lisa's pussy totally exposed to the camera and to Bill and himself.

Despite his care he fully expected Lisa to open her eyes, yell out or at the least re-position the costume so that it restored her to respectability but she just lay there with her eyes closed as if fast asleep. Debbie was still laying face down unaware of what was happening and Bill signaled for Graham to take Lisa's left ankle and move it so that Lisa's legs would be wider apart and this time Graham needed so further encouragement as he immediately did as Bill suggested.

Graham almost bit his lip in two in surprise and shock as Lisa reached out, took his hand, placed it on her exposed pussy and began to gently rock her hips so that her now very wet pussy was rubbing against the palm of his hand. He quickly looked up expecting some reaction from Bill but Bill was grinning and still videoing the whole thing.

No-one spoke for several long minutes as Lisa actually brought herself off and then moved Graham's hand away, re-adjusted her costume and sat up. Graham watched her reach over and pick up the bottle of sun tan oil and poured it onto Debbie's naked back and began to rub it in.

'Mmmm that's so nice' Debbie purred as Graham handed the video camera to Bill and then went and sat down on the other side of Debbie. Bill videoed Lisa rubbing the oil into his wife's back moving gradually lower and lower until her hands were inching under the yellow bikini bottom massaging the oil into Debbie's left buttock.

Then Bill was pouring oil on Debbie and began rubbing and massaging the right bottom cheek. The two hands then eased the material until, as if on it's own accord, it disappeared between the ample bottom cheeks. Bill fully expected Debbie to scream the place down but her only reaction was to reach back and attempt to re-position her bikini bottom so that it would once again cover her derriere

Bill's hands shook on the camera as he watched Graham grasp Debbie's hands as Lisa pulled Debbie's bikini top out from underneath her and used it to tie Debbie's wrists together behind her back.

'That's not fair' Debbie giggled. 'Bill, our next door neighbors are being very naughty, aren't you going to rescue me?'

Bill's mouth was so dry he couldn't even speak as he filmed Lisa removing her own top and using it to tie Debbie's ankles together. Then Lisa and Graham returned to their task of rubbing oil into Debbie's almost naked body.

'Oh God that's so fantastic' Debbie moaned 'I'll give you two hours to stop doing that' seemingly unconcerned that her wrists and ankles were tied. 'Bill, why don't you ever tie me up and massage me like this?'

Bill could only continue his filming as he watched Graham take off his swimming trunks, roll them into a thin strand of cloth and tie it over Debbie's eyes as a blindfold.

'O.K. slave' Bill commanded 'turn over we want to oil your front'.

'No way' Debbie chuckled 'unless I get to wear my top I'm staying face down'.

'You are wearing your top you silly slave' Lisa pointed out 'We used it to tie your wrists. I'll count to three and if you haven't turned over like you have been told, I will have Graham pull down your bikini bottom and spank your sexy bum until it glows'.

'Promises, promises' Debbie joked and then, as if realizing for the fist time that Lisa was being serious, 'Come on guys a joke is a joke but if anyone so much as touches my bikini bottom I will scream the house down and our friendship will be over. Bill make them untie me right now'.

'I think Bill that your pretty wife is far to noisy and is hardly in a position to make threats' and so saying Lisa slipped off her own bikini bottom, rolled it into a ball and crammed it into Debbie's mouth ignoring the shrieks of protest.

She then pulled down Bill's costume and he stepped out of it for her and watched as she rolled it into a strip, as Graham had done with his costume earlier, but this time it was tied around Debbie's head as a gag, preventing Debbie from using her tongue to push out Lisa's bikini bottom from her mouth.

Bill felt foolish using the video camera whist standing stark naked with his prick sticking out, and filming Lisa and Graham as they eased Debbie's bikini bottom down around her ankles and took turns spanking her bare ass. 'Jesus Christ' he muttered half to himself but loud enough for all of them to hear 'She isn't even protesting she bloody well likes it'.

As if aware of him for the first time Lisa left the spanking to Graham and crawled over in front of Bill and began to suck and lick his extremely erect cock. In all his even wildest fantasies nothing had ever come close to the reality of videoing his neighbor spank his naked, bound, blindfolded, gagged totally helpless wife, whilst Lisa was giving a blow job the like of which he had never experienced before.

He came and Lisa swallowed his seed as Graham stopped spanking Debbie and turned her over on to her back so that her beautiful breasts and pussy were on show for the camera. Graham crawled around so that he was kneeling on the towel behind Debbie with his knees on either side of her head, and then leaning over her he took a breast in each hand and began to stroke and tease the firm flesh and the erect nipples.

Lisa left Bill and walked over and untied Debbie's ankles. Standing at Debbie's feet she used her foot to spread Debbie's legs wide apart and then placed her right foot on Debbie's crotch and began to rub it.

Bill watched in awe and amazement as Debbie lay on her bound wrists and humped her wet and swollen pussy against Lisa's foot. Within a matter of only seconds Bill recognized the familiar sounds of his wife cumming.

Realizing what was happening Graham undid the gag and pulled the soggy bikini bottom from Debbie's mouth.

'Do you want me to stop, slave' Lisa asked.

'No, no please don't stop I'm cumming I'm cumming'.

'Turn back over and get up on your knees Graham wants to fuck you while you eat my pussy'.

Bill couldn't believe how quickly Debbie did exactly as she was told and he watched as Graham moved to kneel behind her and Lisa sat in front of Debbie and eased her pussy under Debbie's head.

'Lick it slave' Lisa commanded her voice husky with sexual excitement.

Then as Graham pushed his prick deep inside Debbie from behind Debbie began to lick and suck on the Lisa's pussy in front of her.

'Have you ever fucked her ass?' Graham asked Bill as cool as you like.

'Never' Bill replied aware that this was the first thing he had said since it all started.

'No please Bill don't let him do that to me' Debbie pleaded stopping her licking and sucking.

In response Graham delivered a hard and vicious slap to Debbie's raised bottom. 'Who told you to speak, get back to Lisa's pussy right now. You are just a slave and have absolutely no say in the matter. Bill tell me to fuck this slave's ass and I will'.

'Do it' Bill replied 'She is a slut and a slave and she obviously loves it, do it.'

'Ahhhh!!!' Bill licked his lips as Graham pushed inside Debbie's ass and her cry of pain and pure lust made him hard once again.

'Your turn' Graham said as he stood up having completed the task on hand. 'I'll go get us all some drinks.

Bill got onto his knees and pushed himself into his wife's ass for the very first time and as he reached around her and grabbed her breasts he felt her cumming beneath him and he rode her until she actually screamed with pure pleasure,

For several minutes they all lay quietly and then Graham came back with a tray of drinks and several coils of white rope. Lisa took a drink from the tray and Bill took one for himself and one for Debbie.

They watched as Graham took a long swig of his own drink and then put it down and began to tie Debbie up with the rope. He replaced the bikini top binding her wrists with several tight coils of rope and then tied her upper arms so that her elbows were almost touching. He wound more rope around her ankles and thighs and finally he tied a rope that pulled her bound ankles closer and closer to her bound wrists.

Apart from a few grunts and groans Debbie did not say a word or protest in any way.

'There all done' Graham proudly announced.

'What happens now?' Bill asked still not quite believing all that had transpired. 'Now' Lisa replied 'you and I go back to your place and fuck the night away and we leave Debbie here with Graham to undergo her first evening of slave training'.

'And tomorrow what happens then' Bill asked excited at spending the night alone with Lisa and accepting that he was really going to leave Debbie trussed up and naked in the hands of his neighbor.

'Tomorrow Bill is another day. Come back over around lunch time and we'll talk about a few ideas I have. Perhaps we could swap wives for a month or two. I think it would be a fair exchange don't you?'

Bill looked at Lisa and remembering the earlier blow job he smiled. 'And fair exchange is no robbery'. He then took one last look at his wife and was glad that the blindfold meant he could not see her expression and that she could not see he and Lisa as they walked away.

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