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Fairy Tale Fantasy: White's Story


I hope you enjoy this second installment of my take on the Fairy Tale secrets mom and dad refused to share with us. Take a look at what really happened with the seven men in the cottage and the Prince that rescued the maiden in distress. Thanks to kendo for the major editing, and the others that read over and offered assistance and suggestions. Thanks everyone, enjoy! ~ Red

"Mirror, mirror, on the stand. Who's the fairest in the land?" Ice spoke the incantation low and quietly.

"Princess White is whom you seek. Her soul is calm, her heart not weak. Her beauty captures every breath. Her body speaks of tenderness. You wish to find the fairest of grace? Look no further then Sophia's face." The green mist disappeared from the mirror, leaving only the reflection of a hate-filled woman.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Richard moved quietly toward the young woman. He knew she did not know he was there. He watched silently as she strolled gracefully through the gardens. Her delicate hands brushed over the soft petals of lilies and roses, while her voice sang a song that pulled at the Prince's heart. His eyes took in the long legs, the round ass and full hips. Her back faced him and he found himself begging to reach out and wrap his hands into the dark mass of curls that cascaded down her back, like ink spilling from a bottle.

Each step she took made her hips sway, and Richard's eyes took in the erotic motion. His body responded and he knew he would have to bury himself in the folds of the delicious seductress before he left that day. He'd come to the Manor weeks ahead of schedule to escort his betrothed back to his castle. Upon approach he'd ordered his entourage ahead to inform the Lady of the Manor he'd arrived, while he scouted out alone. He'd not been expecting the day to produce such a fine woman for his pleasures.

Sophia's feet carried her slowly toward the exit of the gardens. She often came here to enjoy the serenity that was found between the roses and various flowers her recently deceased father, and long dead mother planted years ago. She felt as if they were calling to her, using this place as their way of keeping their memories alive. This place was never invaded by her stepmother Ice, so it quickly became Sophia's sanctuary.

Her father married Ice when he felt it was time for Sophia to have a woman in her life. His heart remained loyal to both Sophia and his dead mate, never giving Ice the love she sought. When he died Sophia learned the true nature of her stepmother, and would often find herself on the receiving end of a slap or the biting end of the whip. This morning Sophia hid out in the gardens once again avoiding a confrontation with her stepmother. Suddenly she heard the snap of a twig and a low grumbled curse.

Richard felt the twig give and he knew the raven haired maid heard the noise. He stopped, and waited for her to turn. When she did, he bowed at the waist, presenting himself to her. "Good morning my dear," his smile reached his eyes, and his fingers came to his lips, blowing a gentle kiss to her in greeting.

Sophia blushed, her white skin glowed a pale pink, she felt the wind caress her cheek as if the man himself pushed it toward her. Her lips rose in a similar smile and she greeted him accordingly with a small curtsy.

Richard enjoyed the view of the lovely lass from behind, but the image he was now enjoying was more delectable then he'd imagined. He advanced slowly on her, wondering if perhaps she were a lady's maid for his wife to be. He secretly hoped she was for his body was becoming more aroused with each step he took. The air he breathed was filled with the aura of the woman; he knew he would have to possess her. Richard's eyes roamed over her features. High cheekbones accented azure blue eyes, and lips the color of the reddest rose hid teeth the color of the finest pearls.

His body reacted violently to the full breasts, and narrow waist. Richard could imagine his hands upon her skin, easily encircling the woman's slim form within his strong grasp. Her hips and legs were just as desirable from the front as they were the back and he wanted nothing more then to feel them wrapped around him, anchoring their bodies together. When his gaze returned to look upon her face, he had already moved close enough to smell her perfumed flesh.

Sophia could feel the flush of her skin, and the heat of the man's studious eyes upon her. She'd never been so openly ogled, and by one someone that was so obvious in their perusal of her. Squaring her shoulders, the young woman stared back at the man. Her own gaze traveled down his form bringing forth a smirk over his aroused state. Her gaze moved back over him noting firm, hard muscles, chiseled features, and eyes that spoke of power through their steely-gray coloring.

She swallowed nervously when she inhaled the scent of him, and felt a stirring in her gut. Sophia thought often these days of men and women, and how they reacted to each other. Her mind consumed with the thoughts of her intended, and whisking her away to his home, often led Sophia to dwell on the happenings that would occur once she became a wife. The betrothal was arranged years ago between her father and the man she knew only as Prince Richard of Warwick. They were to be wedded on her 18th birthday, but the unexpected death of her father delayed the wedding.

"Your name lovely?" Richard asked, taking full advantage of the secluded lush surroundings they were in and touched the woman's face with his strong yet gentle hands.

She cocked her head, refusing to answer his question as she stepped back, forcing him to follow forward or lose the touch of her skin under his palm. Sophia could not tell her name to the stranger, in fear that her stepmother would find out she'd been alone with a man during the day. So quickly she gave the name of her lady's maid, "Mary."

"A beautiful name for a beautiful creature," he moved his hand into her silk tresses. He cupped the back of her head, and pulled her back to him. His other arm circled her waist and he brought her tight against him.

Sophia's eyes widen and she gasped in shock. "Unhand me," she ordered. Her anger mixed with surprise and something else. The something else was what Sophia refused to acknowledge at that moment. Her hands pushed at his shoulders as she realized his intent. "Do not . . . "

The words were cut off as Richard descended and captured her open mouth with his lips. His tongue moved quickly inside, and began to work fast strokes against the sides of her mouth, battled the silkiness of her tongue. His fingers massaged her scalp and his hold on her waist tightened as he pulled her closer to him. He felt the stirring in his cock, and the pulse in his veins quicken as she fought off his ministrations.

Sophia struggled, her mouth tried to leave his, but his strength kept their mouths locked together. Her fingers curled into fists, gathering the fine leather tunic in her hands, she twisted it tightly. She felt the sweeping strokes of his tongue inside her mouth and she pushed hers against him as a defense to force him away from her. Much to her chagrin, the movement did nothing to aid her, but added to the growing desire she was trying to avoid. Sophia heard a small groan and realized it came from herself.

Richard heard the same noise and increased his seduction of young Mary. His fingers moved from her head, down to her neck, in hopes that her mouth would willingly stay tethered with his. Once he knew she no longer desired to separate their lips, his fingers began a quiet, and slow assault on her senses. He moved them in lazy circles over her neck, caressing softly as his other hand moved from her waist to the curve of her left breast. He palmed the soft globe and rubbed the hard nipple through the fabric of her gown, bringing another moan from the maid.

Their lips separated, and Sophia moaned her disappointment, then whimpered when she felt his mouth move to her neck, and suck gently. "Oh my . . . " Sophia turned her head to one side, giving him more of her skin to feast on. Her body was alive with new feelings, ones she only wanted to explore. Her heart beat loud in her ears as she felt the tantalizing touch against her nipple as well as the warmth of his mouth upon her skin.

"Lovely my dear, absolutely lovely," Richard whispered against her ear as his hands swept her up. He cradled her to him, his mouth sliding up to nuzzle on her lips, as he looked for a place to lay her down.

"Over there," she whispered against his lips, not realizing what she was offering, but knowing she needed whatever he was willing to take from her.

Richard glanced in the direction her delicate hand pointed him toward, and he smiled against her lips. A gazebo of the richest wood, stood surrounded by tall, thick bushes dotted with pink flowers. He carried her to the secluded area, and found a bench heavily padded with velvet cushions; smiling down at the maid in his arms he felt his cock jerk in anticipation. "A lover's hideaway?" his gray eyes sparkled as he imagined the beauty taking her lovers here often and making them beg for her to satisfy the hunger he himself was now feeling.

Sophia said nothing, lost in the feelings he was wrecking over her body. She tingled everywhere, and begged silently for more with each hungry look her eyes gave him.

Richard lowered her from his body, allowing her to slide down him, until she rested on her feet. He released her long enough to grab the velvet padding off the bench and toss it to the ground. His eyes raked over her again, mentally undressing her, before he began the actual deed. His brow lifted as he watched the young minx refuse him the opportunity of removing her fine gown. For a brief moment, as he drank in her form he wondered how the lady maid faired receiving such expensive garments she now wore, the thought was fleeting as he watched her become more open for his appraisal.

She stood there, her heart in her throat, knowing she should take this opportunity to flee, but Sophia seemed lost in a trance, held in place by the knowledge that this stranger was going to claim her for his own, before her betrothed ever got the chance. With her mind made up that she would take what she could before committing herself to a man she never met, she began to free the ties of her bodice. As she worked the loops and knots, she watched the man before her remove his own bindings.

Soon the two strangers, betrothed to each other, but not knowing it stood openly exposed to each other. The air touched their heated flesh, doing nothing to curb their hunger for each other. Richard took the first step toward the woman, and his hand moved to her hip, while the other went to her neck. "I must have you," he growled out as he lowered his mouth to hers, and again drank from her warmth.

Sophia moaned in pleasure as she took the kiss, welcomed it, and moved her tongue with his. She swept it back and forth, over and under, dancing with the hot muscle that seemed to be trying to taste every part of her mouth.

The kiss itself was overpowering to both of them, but it was nothing compared to the heated flesh that now seemed to burn as their bodies pressed tightly together. Richard felt the warmth of her sex against him, as well as her hard nipples pressed into his chest. He could smell her aroused state and he wished to feast on it. Pulling his mouth from hers, he gathered a deep breath, before diving back into her mouth and raping it with hard licks and forceful strokes.

When he left her mouth, Sophia felt as if she were drowning from the loss of his lips. She whimpered for his return, and sighed when he came back to her. Her fingers moved to his hair, then his shoulders. She stepped closer, trying desperately to find what it was her body was searching for. Their mouths separated again, but this time the loss was quickly forgotten when she felt the entrance of her sex being taken by his fingers. "My Lord," she gasped, driving her hips against him. Sophia bit her lip, only to taste the blood her painful bite brought forth.

Richard saw the wound, his tongue moved back and he cleaned the rusty taste from her lips. He growled against her, while his fingers moved deeper inside her slick sex. His nails grazed the sides of her pussy, forcing a gasp of want to rise from her lips. Going further he began a steady rhythm against her cunt. The moisture thickened and flowed heavily as he penetrated her.

Sophia shook as he forced her to welcome his invasion. She trembled as he rubbed the inside of her moistness, and her body's muscles tightened on his fingers. "Please," she gasped not knowing what she needed, but realizing he could help her.

Richard moved his fingers from deep inside her. They were slick with her juices. He covered her nipples with the moisture, then dipped his head down and cleaned each hard bud with long laps, and hard sucks. His body was on fire with lust and he knew he would have to take the maid soon.

The scorching touches of his tongue upon her flesh drove Sophia to cry out her passion. Her fingers dived into his hair, and she pushed him against her nipple, refusing to give him a chance to leave her breast. He continued to suck and pull on the rosy bud, rolling its mate between his thumb and finger. Her sex throbbed and she once again felt the syrup of her sex leave her to slide down her slim legs.

Richard could no longer stand the heat of the woman and her passion, he gave in to the fire that raged inside him. Lowering her to the velvet cushion he stood above her and drank in her lust filled body. Her breasts lifted with each gasp of air she sought, "My Mary . . . " he whispered, before lowering his body to hers. He wanted more of her, more kisses, touches, strokes, caresses, taste. Richard wanted all of her, and knew that his Mary would leave with him and his betrothed whether his wife to be agreed or not.

Sophia heard the name of her maid fall from his lips and she cursed silently at her lie. She longed to hear her name, but she would not tell him for fear he would know her and end his touches upon her skin. "Yes . . . your Mary," she whispered, as she felt his mouth move over her skin. His teeth nipped at her breasts, then up to her jaw, where he covered her mouth with kisses and bites.

With great knowledge, and practiced skill, Richard guided his cock to the opening of the maid's sex. He teased her swollen lips, running the tip up and down the slit of her pussy, making her throat hoarse and dry from her begging. He pushed the head into her slickness, then moved his hand away. "My God woman, you're tight, oh fuck," he groaned as his hand moved to her hips and he drove himself into her.

The cry of pain ripped through Sophia and Richard felt the barrier tear, his face filled with shock. Quickly he covered her mouth with his, and forced the painful sobs to become absorbed in his kisses. He lapped at her tongue while moving his cock in and out of her, trying to rid her of the pain, and introduce her to the pleasure. His mind swam around the knowledge that the maid was a virgin until this moment. Richard's body drove him to continue, and thoughts of right and wrong no longer existed, as he felt her tension ease and her sex respond.

Shock, pain and now bliss touched the heart of the woman inside Sophia. Her fingers dug into the man's back, her hips started grinding softly against his pelvis, and her pussy tightened even more around the hard cock that was traveling inside her. She bit at his shoulder, sucked on his skin, tasted his flesh, and burned for more of him. "Please . . . oh God, don't . . . oh . . . " she whimpered, as she begged with her body for him to continue teaching her.

Richard pushed deep only to withdraw and tease before giving in and thrusting into her juices once more. Each drive became harder and faster, soon he was rocking her hips with each thrust of his cock. He felt the release of his seed, buried deep within her sex and he shuddered as it flowed hot from him. His mouth moved over her neck, then up to her ear and he whispered words of pleasure and desire, promising her that she would always be his.

Sophia comprehended nothing but the emotional roller coaster that was running through her. She felt the hot liquid splash against her, and she erupted deep inside. A wave of colors slammed through her and Sophia cried out as she covered the man with the nectar of her sex. "I can't . . . ," she gasped out.

He smiled down at her. "Can't what?" he laughed.

"Can't breathe," she muttered, closing her eyes and enjoying the shivers that ran through her.

Richard chuckled, and kissed the tip of her nose. "You my Mary will be an excellent addition to my home."

Sophia said nothing, only cocking a brow and running her fingers down his jaw, and over his lips. She felt him leave her, and watched him move away from her. Sophia shivered over the loss of his heat and sighed as she watched him dress. She moved to rise, and accepted his hand in assistance.

"Mary," he addressed her, as they both got dressed. "I'll have my betrothed agree to take you with her when we leave."

Fingers that were retying the stays of her bodice suddenly stopped and Sophia looked at the man, her eyes wide and knowing. "Your betrothed?" she squeaked.

Richard grinned, "Yes, Princess White will allow you to attend her. I will see to it, for I will not wish to leave such a fine specimen of a woman behind."

"You would take me, Princess White's maid, as your lover, while married to her?" Sophia asked, her fingers now clenched in fists at her side. They both were now fully dressed and looking at each other.

Richard turned his head to one side. "Mary, my love . . . you are my responsibility. You were a virgin, I will not lie, I was surprised, but I am also very happy to know that I will be your only lover."

"You should go seek out your Bride to be and discuss this with her," Sophia said turning quickly and leaving the man, who she now knew to be her betrothed alone in the gardens.

While Richard made his way out of the gardens and toward the keep, he felt anxious to gather up his intended and her maid and leave for home. Once he arrived at the palace gates, he was immediately allowed inside and greeted by Lady Ice of Lincolnshire and his own Captain of the Guard. He greeted Ice calmly and looked over her noting her beauty, but found himself comparing it to the woman's in the garden.

Ice stared at the handsome man, then glanced as she noted his eyes being pulled from her and off to another direction. She too noted the arrival of Sophia, and her face curled in disgust and aggravation. "Girl," she called to her stepdaughter. "Come here."

Sophia stopped and turned toward her stepmother and the group she knew to be her betrothed and her escorts to his keep. "Yes?" she asked innocently as if she were not aware of the identity of the man in front of Ice.

Richard grinned, "I have met Mary."

Ice looked at Sophia then Richard, her eyes marked the flush of Sophia's cheeks and she noted the hungry look in Richard's eyes. "Have you? How fortunate for Mary," Ice sneered and felt the familiar jealousy creep into her soul.

"Mary was Sophia's most trusted maid and it has hurt her to be without her ladyship," Ice told the Prince keeping her face expressionless as both Sophia and Richard looked at her with confusion. "I'm sorry you arrived early Your Highness . . . for Sophia was buried but a few weeks ago. She was thrown from her horse and found dead."

Sophia's jaw dropped and she moved toward her stepmother, but stopped short. The icy glare that slammed into her, spoke of punishment, so Sophia said nothing as she heard the lies spring from her stepmother's lips. "It was a shock to us all, and I immediately sent a messenger to you, but you have obviously not heard from him. I do hope he is okay. I really..." Ice gasped in mocked sorrow and pretended to sway.

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