tagMind ControlFall of The Femme Fatales Ch. 05

Fall of The Femme Fatales Ch. 05


Her name was Sapphire, and she was the leader of The Femme Fatales. James had reserved her conversion for last, wanting her to know his triumph before he made her his slave forever. He had thought long and hard, wanting everything to be perfect. The plan he came up with was truly wicked. He would make her give herself to him, using her friends as bait. She would never realise that when she came, he would her his slut.

James sat in his recliner, going over the details in his mind one last time as he looked for flaws. He could not find any and he could only hope there were none. He groaned softly and smiled, refocusing his attention downward. Ruby looked up at him, her hot mouth sucking on the head of his throbbing cock, her big tits wrapped around his shaft as she bounced up and down. James watched intently, enjoying the sight of his thick cock between the woman's scrumptious boobs.

Ruby swirled her warm wet tongue around the head of her Master's dick, her hands fondling her large tits as she teased his cock with her firm flesh. Her nipples stuck out like bullets from her breasts and she moaned as James reached out a hand to lightly pinch one.


"Climb up onto my lap slut. Time to give you a ride."

"Ooohhhhh yes Master."

Ruby quickly hopped up onto his lap, grasping his cock in her hand. She shifted her body and then settled on top of him, both of them groaning in unison as his hard flesh slid deep inside her velvet walls. He kissed her deeply, his tongue exploring her sweet mouth. His hands moved down her back, then reached lower to cup and squeeze her firm ass.

She moaned as she began rocking back and forth, her Master's big cock moving deep inside her cunt. She kissed him back hungrily, her tits mashed against his chest. James thrust up inside of her harder and faster, leaning her back and moving his face to her breasts. He nibbled and sucked on her swollen nipples, fucking her with hard deep strokes.

"Oooohhhh goddddd!!! Yessss Master ohhhhh fuck meeeee!!"

Ruby bounced up and down wildly, driving her Master's wonderful cock completely inside her aching twat again and again. She smiled as she watched his face, seeing his pleasure and knowing she was the cause.

"Aaahhhh yeahhhh mmmmm ride my cock baby!!"

They rode each other hard and fast, their bodies slick with sweat as they neared climax. Ruby screamed as she came, her shapely body shuddering from the force of her orgasm.

"Aaaahhhhhhh I'm cummminngggggggg!!!"

She groaned in ecstacy, breathing heavily as she continued to bounce up and down. The lovely redhead smiled as she felt her Master spurt his hot thick cream deep inside her cunt as he came.

"Ohhhhhh godddd yessssss ahhhhhhh!!"

They held each other close for several minutes, kissing softly and recovering. She slid off of him and leaned down, gently licking his cock clean and enjoying the mingled taste of their juices. James smiled and ran his fingers through her hair until she was finished. He then led her upstairs to the bathroom, where they took a leisurely shower. This led to a second round of sex, James fucking the sexy redhead in the ass this time. She climaxed quickly and he shot his load deep inside her tight hole. They cleaned up and then went to bed, having it all to themselves as the other 3 women were working a case.

When James awoke the next morning, it was with a feeling of anticipation. At long last, his revenge would be completed and he would have 5 beautiful women to enjoy forever. His 4 sexy slve were waiting for him in the kitchen. They went over the plan one more time and then he had Amber contact Sapphire, inviting her over. The women all kissed him and then headed down to the lab.

Sapphire flew over the city, heading for James' house. She was a lovely woman, with blue eyes and long brown hair. Her body was well muscled and her costume hugged her long legs and firm 34C breasts. Sapphire had great power as well. She was enormously strong, had amazing speed and could fly as well. She was a little uneasy and didn't know why. There was nothing out of the ordinary going on lately. Sapphire grinned to herself and shoook her head. There was no problem that she and her friends couldn't handle. She would soon find out otherwise.

She landed in front of the house and knocked on the door. James opened it and welcomed her in.

"Well hello Sapphire. Come on in."

"Thank you James."

James led her into the kitchen, explaining that Amber would be along shortly. He poured her a glass of water that was laced with his drug. She drank deeply and then James motioned with his hand.

"Come down to my lab. I have something I want you to see."

They walked down the stairs and stopped by the hidden door. James opened it and Sapphire walked in, and promptly froze in surprise and horror. All four of her friends were standing in the lab. Each one was completely naked and each had a gun pointed at another's head.

"Oh my god!!"

She started to move, but James' voice stopped her in her tracks.

"Don't do anything rash. Stand still and listen."

Sapphire knew real fear as she watched him walk over and slide one hand along Ruby's ass. The redhead did not move, but moaned softly.

"What have you done to them?" she whispered.

He laughed, "I would have thought that was obvious! I have made them my slaves. They will do anything I tell them to."

"Why did you do this? Who are you anyway?!!" she asked angrily.

He raised a hand, "A word of warning first. All 4 of them have been ordered to squeeze the trigger should you attempt to attack me or try to disable them. Onyx is reading your thoughts and even you aren't fast enough to stop all of them before they can fire."

Sapphire cursed softly in defeat, "Alright, no tricks. So, who are you and what do you want?"

"I want revenge of course. You and these other fine ladies destroyed a project of mine several years ago. Now I'm paying you back."

She looked at her friends and then glared at James, "What did you do to them?"

"I brainwashed them. They are still themselves for the most part, but they will obey me completely and are totally under my control."

The lovely heroine scowled at that, then looked at him. "So why let me see all of this? Why didn't you try to trap me, like I'm assuming you did with the others?"

James smiled and gave her a little bow of approval. "An excellent question! The answer is because I wanted you to witness my revenge. As their leader, I wanted you to be aware of the fall of your team."

She ground her teeth in rage, then forced herself to be calm.

"Is there a way to reverse this? To make them free of you?" she asked.

James smiled coldly, "Yes, there is a way." There wasn't, but she didn't need to know that.

He smiled at her mockingly and she silently cursed the bastard.

"Ok, what do you want in exchange?"

Sapphire steeled herself for the answer, but was stunned when he answered, "I want you."


"I will release them, and in exchange you will have sex with me. Once we're finished, I will let them go."

"Never! You sick perverted..."

"Temper temper. I could just as easily decide to never release them, but I want your humiliation more."

"Why should I believe you?"

He chuckled, "I could give you several reasons, but the bottom line is because you have no choice. Please me and your friends go free, or refuse me and know they will be my slaves forever. This is your only chance."

She hesitated, torn between the need to save her friends and her revulsion at what he wanted her to do.

"Clock's tickin Sapphire and my patience is wearing thin."

"Alright!!" she snarled. Her blue eyes flashed as she looked at him, "Keep your wor, or I will dedicate my life to destroying you."

James just smiled at her and nodded, "I'm sure you will anyway. Now undress."

Sapphire shuddered slightly in distaste, then began removing her costume. Her boots came first, followed by her form fitting leotard. She closed her eyes for a moment, then removed her bra and panties.

James leered at her as he looked her up and down, "Very nice. Very nice indeed."

He walked up to her and ran his hand along her side. She clenched her fists as he fondled her ass. He grinned as he squeezed her asscheeks, seeing her blush slightly.

"Get on your knees now."

She blinked, then her eyes widened as she realised what was next, "Oh god! No, don't ask me to do that!!"

James shrugged, "Ok, I'll just keep your friends. They'll be happy to take your place."


She blushed and dropped slowly to her knees. James smiled and moved in front of her, then looked down into her eyes.

"You know what to do now."

Sapphire gritted her teeth, blushing in humiliation as she reached up and unbuckled his belt, then unbuttoned his pants and pulled them down. She lowered his briefs next, his big hard cock brushing against her cheek as she slid them down his legs. Sapphire looked at his throbbing member, then sighed heavily and closed her eyes. She leaned forward and opened her mouth, then slowly began sucking on James' cock.

"Mmmmmmmmm you do that very well." James said as he smiled down into her scowling eyes, enjoying the sight of his cock in her mouth. Sapphire kept reminding herself that she must do this to save the others. The sexy brunette bobbed her head up and down, her cheeks burning with shame as she slowly slurped and sucked on the big dick in her mouth.

James smiled slightly, noticing that the woman's nipples were slowly hardening. His drug was already beginning to take effect. He ran his fingers through her hair and grinned as she shuddered slightly at his touch. Soon they would be shudders of pleasure instead of disgust. He decided it was time to give her something else to focus on before her arousal made her suspicious.. He groaned softly and slid his cock swollen cock out of Sapphire's mouth, hiding a smile as she unconsciously licked her lips.

"Get on all fours."

Sapphire sighed in resignation and dropped down onto her hands and knees. She expected him to just ram into her, so she was very surprised when he rubbed the head of his dick slowly against her slit and then gently eased it inside of her. The doomed woman groaned in surprise and pleasure as the tight walls of her cunt were slowly stretched by the thick hard shaft. It did feel rather good and as the drug continued to work on her, she told herself there was no harm in enjoying it a little bit. It was small payment for putting up with this kind of humiliation, but it was better than nothing.

Sapphire refused to move very much, not wanting to give James the satisfaction. James grinned as he slowly fucker her, feeling the velvet folds growing warm and wet. He knew his drug was working on her, making her more and more aroused as time went by. It was only a matter of time now.

Sapphire closed her eyes, her body relaxing as the pleasure began to slowly build. She had a vague thought that she shouldn't be enjoying this at all, but the big cock pumping in and out of her cunt drove the thought quickly out of her mind. The lovely woman began to thrust back against James, the drug increasing her lust to the point that it started to overwhelm her reason and she started moaning with pleasure.

"Ohhhhhhh yessssss ahhhhhhh!!"

James plunged into her with hard deep strokes, his cock sliding completely inside her dripping cunt as he thoroughly fucked her. He slid his hands around her body, cupping her firm tits and rolling her hard nipples between his fingers.

"Ohhhh goddddd!!"

Sapphire groaned as she thrust back harder, no longer caring about anything beyond the needs of her body. her breasts felt swollen and her juices flowed out her pussy and down her thighs. Her mind was almost a complete blank, focused only on the pleasure the throbbing cock in her cunt was giving her.

"Aaaahhhhh yesssss!! Oh god fuck meeee!!"

James groaned deeply, feeling his aching cock beginning to swell as he neared climax. He could feel Sapphire's body tensing as her own orgasm approached. He reached into his shirt pocket and pulled out a small vibe, then turned it on.

He leaned close and whispered, "You're mine slut," then pushed the vibe into her asshole.

Sapphire had an instant to realise how completely she had been tricked, how doomed she was, then the vibe in her ass drove her over the edge.

"Ohhhhh godddd I'm cumminggggggg!! Aaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!"

The defeated heroine collapsed beneath her conqueror, breathing heavily.

James leaned over her and said, "Can you hear me Sapphire?"

"Mmmm hmmmmm"

"You are now my slut. You love and worship me and you will obey my every command. Your mouth, your cunt and your asshole are to be used for my pleasure. You will love my other slaves and enjoy making love to them. Your mind is your own in all other ways, but from now on I am your Master. Do you understand?"

Sapphire groaned softly, then leaned back and kissed him, "Mmmmm yes Master, I do."

James slid his deflated cock out of her well-fucked pussy and spoke to the other women.

"Sluts! Put those guns down and come welcome your new sister!"

He smiled as they quickly set the weapons down and came over to welcome Sapphire. Ruby kissed her first, then walked over to her Master. She smiled and kissed him, then dropped to her knees and took his cock in her mouth. She gently sucked and licked, enjoy the combined flavors of her Master's cum and her new sister's essense.

James smiled down at her, then looked over at his other sluts. Amber had straddled Sapphire's face, getting a good licking from her. Onyx and Jade were lying between Sapphire's legs, taking turns as they licked and slurped her cunt, licking their new sister's sweet pussy clean. The Pharmacist grinned, well pleased with himself. He had his revenge, and now he had 5 beautiful women to serve him forever. He would have them continue their work, but the world would never know who owned them body and soul.

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