tagIncest/TabooFallen Family Ch. 02

Fallen Family Ch. 02


Troy could not believe it. Watching his busty daughter Heather enjoy being raped had turned him on. His erection was quite noticeable to everyone in the room and Luke planned on making an example out of him.

Luke approached Troy with a devious look in his eyes, "Well, well, well. Looks like Daddy enjoyed seeing his daughter's big old boobies. You should be ashamed of yourself, you pig!" Luke laughed hysterically. All Troy could do was look down in shame, all eyes were on him. Aubrey had a look of disgust on her face. How could her husband get off on such a thing?

Luke decided to make Troy pay, "Well Daddy, since you like your girl so much, maybe you should replace Butch."

Troy was terrified. For the past 2 or 3 years, he had secretly lusted after his daughter. Her body drove him crazy. On more than one occasion, Troy had sneaked into her hamper and sniffed her thong underwear. But still, having sex with his daughter in front of everyone was too much. He tried to resist Luke, "Not a chance. Leave my family alone, let us leave!"

Unfortunately for Troy, his words had no effect on Luke. Luke told Butch to go into the backroom and get his special tool. When Butch returned, he was carrying a rifle. Luke took hold of the rifle and once again spoke to Troy, "Listen pal, I am not asking, I am telling you. Go over there and fuck the shit out of your daughter!"

Tears began to roll down Troy's face. He was helpless and worse yet, so was his family. He feared that Luke would shoot him on the spot so he gave into the man. Troy walked over to his daughter Heather, who was also crying.

Troy stood over his naked daughter but he was frozen, he could not move. Luke once again barked out orders, "Are you stupid or something! Take off your damn clothes and let that fat slut suck your cock! DO IT NOW"

Luke's words cut through Troy, he was visibly shaken now and did as he was told. He took off his shorts, shirt and underwear. There he was, completely nude, in front of his own daughter. He blushed when he realized that he still had an erection. Luke only mocked him more, "Wow, looks like Daddy still has a hard-on for his daughter! Well, she's gonna help you with that."

Troy was ashamed, he looked down at his daughter and whispered to her, "I'm so sorry honey, please forgive me."

Heather knew her father had no choice. She tried to comfort him, "It's ok Daddy, do what they say and we can get out of here." With that, Heather took her own father's cock in her mouth and began to suck on it. As she did, her fat tits began to sway back and forth on her stomach. Troy could not believe it. Heather's mouth felt so good on his dick. He tried with all his might to resist enjoying this forced incest but it was nearly impossible.

Heather was initially disgusted at the act but after a few moments, her sucking increased and her head bobbed up and down at a greater speed. She began to lose control over herself. She looked up at her father and saw his head was rolled back and his eyes were closed. He too was enjoying this.

Luke noticed this and taunted the two, "Suck that cock you big-tittied cow! You know you enjoy it! SUCK SUCK SUCK!" For some reason, Luke's words only turned Heather on even more and she sucked harder and faster. She wrapped her hand around her father's balls and gently massaged them. Her tits were now slamming against her plump belly. Troy could not believe it, his daughter was driving him nuts.

Heather continued to suck her father off and then, she grabbed his ass, drew him closer to her and tongued the top of his dick, this sent Troy over the edge. He called out in pleasure, "OH! OH baby, it feels soooo good!" With that, Troy shot his seed down his daughter's throat. Heather caught most of her father's semen in her mouth but some dribbled down on to her massive aereolas and nipples. The pleasure was so intense that Troy became weak and collapsed to the floor. Aubrey watched in horror. Her husband had betrayed her and Heather. She was disgusted.

Luke's plan was working perfectly and it was just beginning. He walked over to Troy, "Damn, you really are a sick pervert. Well, big boobs helped you out, now it's your turn. Suck those cow udders!" Troy knew he had no choice. Deep down, he was delighted to suck on his daughter's massive tits and he was pretty sure everyone knew it.

Heather needed release, she was actually glad when her father took her plump tit and placed it in his mouth. Her body jerked and her fat ass rose off the ground as Troy began to suck on her nipple. It had been years since Troy had fondled a woman's tits so he was not all that good at it. He sucked on his daughter's big aereolas and nipples like a baby breastfeeding. The longer Troy sucked, the more turned on he became. He began to suck Heather's tits faster. His erection was once again bulging. Meanwhile, Heather was unable to take such waves of pleasure. Her nipples were rock hard, she began to arch her chest to meet her father's mouth. Her pussy began to tingle and her juices were flowing. The girl's body completely betrayed her and she gave into the incest, "Oh Daddy! Oh Daddy! Ahhhhhh, don't stop Daddy!" Heather's fat tits were covered in her father's saliva. She collapsed his arms.

Luke was hysterically laughing. He had put this proud family to shame and he was not done. He taunted Troy and his beautiful daughter, "You two sure do like this, don't you? Well, how about you guys keep it up! Daddy, eat that girl's hairy pussy."

Troy was no longer pretending to hate this. He was horny as hell and he was getting a chance to have sex with one of the prettiest women he had ever seen, he did not care if it was his daughter. Heather's pussy ached, she needed someone inside her, she did not care if it was her own father. Heather laid on her back and spread her legs and wide thighs apart, exposing her fat, hairy pussy. Troy took little time in diving in. He tongued his own daughter's pussy, thrashing his head around and tonguing her clit. Heather was shocked at the way her father made her feel. After only a few moments, Heather began to lift her plump, cellulite-filled ass off the ground to meet her father's tonuge. She began to face fuck her dad, slamming her belly into his face. Her sloppy tits with the massive aereolas began to flop on her chest. This made Troy eat her out even faster and harder. Heather's body had reached it's breaking point. She completely raised her wide ass off the ground and thrust her chest backward. Her large tits jutted out and she let out hideous words, "OH FUCK, DADDY! OHHHHH! DADDY, YEAH!" Heather's pussy juices exploded out on to her father's face. Heather and Troy were both exhausted, they laid on the ground, covered in their own sweat and cum.

Luke was not done, he walked up to the two, "You guys aren't done yet. Tell me Dad, you like your daughter, right?"

Troy had lost all pride. He did not care. He looked Luke in the eye and answered him, "Yes, I do."

Luke laughed out loud and asked Troy what he had been waiting to hear, "You want to fuck that fat bitch, don't you? And how about you girl, you want Daddy to pork that fat pussy?"

Troy answered immediately, "Yes, please, let me fuck her, oh god, please!"

Heather called out as well, "Oh Daddy, fuck me, fuck me hard!"

Aubrey was horrified, "What's wrong with you two! This is wrong! Stop it!"

Luke gave Aubrey a menacing look and the woman was instantly scared into silence. He looked at Troy and gave him the order, "Go ahead, fuck the fat little whore."

Troy laid on his back and his plump daughter got ready to slide his dick into her sopping wet, fat pussy. Heather's tits hung low and her wide ass and hips lowered over Troy's dick. The sensation drove Troy wild. He could not believe how hairy his daughter's pussy was, he thought for sure she would have shaved it but he was glad she did not. The feel of her moist pubics on his cock forced him to call out in pleasure, "Oh baby, that's right, make Daddy feel good."

Heather slid on to her dad's cock, her fat ass slamming on his knees. Heather began to ride up and down on her father. Her ass jiggled as she came down each time. You could literally hear Troy's dick sloshing around in his daughter's cunt. Heather brought her massive, hanging tit up to her mouth and sucked on it. She was no match for this feeling, she tossed her head back, her eyes rolled to the back of her head and her mouth was wide open. Her father felt great inside of her. She grabbed on to his shoulders for leverage and rode even faster. Her saggy tits were now slamming against her fat belly. Her juices flowed from her pussy and on her father's dick. She called out, "OH DADDY! Oh, Oh, Oh, fuck me, fuck me, that's it Daddy!"

Heather collapsed on to her father, her saggy tits exploding out as she landed on his hairy chest. Luke continued to mock Troy, "How was it Dad? I bet your girl is a good fuck. Was she good?"

Troy answered him without thinking, "Oh god yes! She was incredible!"

Luke smiled and spoke again, "Well Daddy, how about you go on top this time!"

Troy and Heather did not even have to be threatened. Heather laid on her back, her sloppy tits sagging down. She spread her legs wide and waited for her dad's dick. As Troy slid into his daughter's mass of pubic hair, Heather closed her eyes and moaned loudly. Troy began to slowly fuck his daughter but after a few seconds, he fucked her quite hard. Heather's head thrashed on the floor. Her eyes were completely rolled back in her head. She grabbed hold of her tits and pinched her massive nipples. Her fat ass slammed against the floor as her own father thrust his penis in and out of her. Heather called out in passion, "OH!!!! DADDY! Give it to me, fuck me, hard!" Heather's pussy exploded. Her juices flowed from her cunt.

Troy continued to fuck his daughter. The way her belly shook drove him wild, her hanging tits bounced off her stomach. Troy could not take it anymore. He shot load after load into his daughter and rolled his head back. He yelled out in bliss, "Oh Heather, oh god, oh baby!"

Troy was exhausted. He fell on to his daughter and laid on her fat tits. He brought his mouth to hers and the two passionately kissed.

Luke had broken them. They gave in and let their most intimate and most forbidden passions come to the surface. He scanned the room for his next victims.

Aubrey was devastated. She sat with her head down, sobbing. Her fat tits heaved on her chest. Shaun sat in a corner, in absolute shock. Luke walked to the center of the room and laughed out loud before speaking to the mother and son, "Why are you guys so sad? Don't feel left out! You will get your chance too!"

UP NEXT - Aubrey is taken by her son and enjoys it!

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