tagIncest/TabooFamily Affairs Ch. 22

Family Affairs Ch. 22


Saturday morning arrived and Paul's house was a hive of activity. Steph and Monica had turned up bright and early to help Lou and Mary prepare the food for the day. The four of them working together in the kitchen completely naked and the younger ladies getting to know Mary as it was the first time they had met her. Steph was impressed that she was shaved like her and when she found out that it was Sarah who encouraged her it all made sense.

Paul and Joe were busy outside setting up a temporary bar by the pool and putting out tables and chairs for everyone. They then put up a long table for all the food. Lou suggested to Paul that perhaps they strip each bed in the house down to just a sheet as she felt they would be getting plenty of use and there was no point getting quilts and everything else dirty.

At midday the six of them paused for a break and Paul opened the first bottle of champagne of the day, and they sat around the pool for a while sipping drinks and talking about the day ahead. Steph told them that Diane and Robert had finally agreed to come, but she did not let on what Diane had said she wanted, she left that for later. As they sat there Sarah arrived with the birthday cake she had made. It was two tiered and on top was a model of a man and woman naked. She explained that originally it was made with them holding hands, but she had managed to separate them and now they were facing opposite directions and their hands were placed on the other genitals. Lou loved it, "Sarah that's beautiful, you have really captured the spirit of this family."

"Thanks sis," Sarah said. "Oh and Monica I have added in the coin to the mix as you asked."

"Great, thanks Sarah."

"Whats that?" Paul asked.

"Just a little surprise for later Dad, one of many hey Steph?" Monica replied with a wink at her sister in law.

"So what time is everyone else arriving?" Sarah asked.

"Around 3," Lou told her.

"Really? So what am I supposed to do for the next three hours?"

"You could help us out you know," her older sister told her.

"Hey I made a cake what more do you want, I rather be here with the men if that's all the same with you,"

"Fine by us Sarah, isn't it Joe?" Paul said.

"Heck yes, I am sure we can keep you entertained for a while Sarah."

"I assume you have your costume in the car?" Lou asked.

"Of course I do, stop fussing woman," Sarah said as she stood up and went and sat on Joe's knee. "So how you going to entertain me then Joe?" She asked him.

"I am sure something will come up Sarah," Mary said smiling.

"Oh it already has it seems," Sarah said putting her hand between her legs and feeling for Joe's cock and pulling it out in front of her so it rested against her smooth mound.

"Some of us have work to do," Lou said standing up. "Come on girls let's leave my tart of a sister and get in with it." They all knew that the two sisters had this relationship of pretending to be annoyed with each other, when in reality they both deeply loved their sister.

Lou lead the way back to the kitchen to do the last few jobs before they all needed to start to get ready themselves, leaving Sarah with Joe and Paul.

"How's the knee then Paul?" Sarah asked whilst she continued to rub her pussy lips on Joe's lap.

"Getting there thanks Sarah, but I don't think I am ready to get on my knees just yet."

"Oh well, looked like that's your job Joe," Sarah said lifting herself of Joe's lap and moving to take up position on Paul's. "Don't think I have had the pleasure of two brothers at the same time."

"You surprise me," Paul said as she dropped onto his lap, her legs spread wide open on either side of his so her lips were spread wide open over him. Paul felt her slide along his cock with her pussy spreading her juices over it, and he felt it start to stiffen.

"Mmm that feels good Paul, you have not lost anything in that department have you" she said.

"I hope not. You want to put it in now?"

"Is the pope catholic?" Sarah said lifting herself up a little and grabbing hold of Paul's cock and then dropping down on it again. "Ahhh yes definitely as good as ever." As she dropped down on to Paul's erection Sarah took Joe's hand and put it on her clitoris and told him that it needs some attention too. Joe began to rub it with his fingers, feeling its hardness and rolling it between them. Sarah lifts herself up off Paul's cock before dropping back down, then repeating the action again and again increasing the speed with each drop.

"Lick it now Joe," Sarah told Joe mid way through her bounce. Joe went to the floor between his brother and Sarah and watched her pussy lips slide up and down Paul's dick, her clitoris now fully on show from under its hood. Poking his tongue out as far as he could he managed to come in to contact with Sarah's tender part and began to lick it as she had instructed. He was conscious of Paul's dick rubbing against his chin and wondering what his brother thought of his beard scratching against him as Sarah rode his cock.

In contrast Sarah did not give a shit how her two men were feeling, all she knew was she had a cock in her cunt and a mouth licking her clitoris and that was all that mattered at that moment. Although the fact that they were brothers was not lost on her and it was that fact that eventually took her over the edge. She had her first orgasm of the day, grinding down on Paul's groin and making sure Joe's mouth was sucking hard on her clitoris by holding his head and pushing it against her.

"That was a good starter boys," she said when she her climax eventually ended. "Now for the main course." With that she lifted herself off Paul and turned round before impaling herself back on his cock. She lifted the arms of the chair and the backrest released so Paul could recline backwards as she followed. Joe watched her ass cheeks open up as she leant forward, "stick your cock in me too Joe!" Sarah told him, I want to feel the two of you in me at the same time.

Joe looked at Sarah's ass and also her pussy with Paul's cock in it. Where did she want him to stick his cock? Finally he chose and started to push his way into her pussy too.

"Hey Joe, this hole is occupied!" Paul called him.

"Shut the fuck up Paul," Sarah said. "You go for it Joe, I bet he never let you play with his toys when you were kids either." Sarah had experienced most things in the last three years but she had never had two dicks in her pussy at the same time. She had expected Joe to fuck her in the ass, but now he was pushing in alongside his brother she wanted this more than anything.

Joe pushed in further feeling Sarah's muscles relax as her vagina opened up to accept him. The deeper he went the more Sarah cried out in a mixture of pain and pleasure. "That's it Joe stretch my cunt as far as it will go," she moaned between cries as he pussy was getting used to being dilated this far.

"That's it Sarah, it won't go in much further," Joe said when he was in about half way, and he could feel his balls against Paul's, and his shaft pulsed against the other one in her. Sarah started to move again now, moving up on Paul so that both cocks slid a little way out of her pussy before she pushed back again against Joe and she felt him enter her deeper alongside Paul.

"Fuck!" She screamed as she felt them both deep in her now. She began to ride Paul once more and Joe soon worked out that he had to move in time with her so that he pushed in deep as she slid off Paul and then pull out when she pushed back down. The two of them set up a rhythm whilst Paul just lay there and bucked his hips at the right time. Both Paul and Joe had their hands on her tits now, Joe from behind whilst Paul stretched up his arms to caress them.

"Yes! I am going to cum boys" Sarah cried out as she felt Paul deep inside her again. The two brothers felt her tighten around their cocks forcing them together more as her orgasm sent shivers through her body. Whilst she was still at the top of her climax Paul and Joe both felt there own orgasms start and almost at the same time their two cocks exploded into her and they felt the hot rush of each other's cum around their dicks. Sarah's orgasm lasted for nearly two minutes as the combined size of the two cocks kept her pussy open, but eventually they were spent and Joe pulled his out from behind her so she could lift herself off Paul. As she did there was a round of applause from the doorway, as Lou, Mary Steph and Monica had all come out to watch after hearing Sarah scream so loudly.

It did not take long for Monica to see an opportunity and she grabbed Mary and Steph and went to the three exhausted bodies. Monica went to her dad and began to lick off the combination of juices from his cock whilst Steph did the same to Joe where he stood. Sarah had laid down on a lounger her legs open and her stretched twat was already starting too ooze when Mary put her face down on it and began to lick out her husband's and brother in laws cum.

When the three of them were satisfied they had cleaned enough they let them go. Sarah finally had her breath back and looked at the other four women and said, "Oh my fucking word. That was amazing I have never felt anything like that before. Girls you have to find a pair of cocks to fuck you at the same time."

"Well there won't be a shortage of them soon enough," Lou told her. "We are all done and its time we began getting ourselves ready. Come on Paul, see you all later when we are in costume," she said as she helped Paul off the chair and they left to go to their room to wash and dress, leaving the others to sort themselves out ready for the party.

Within an hour most of them had returned downstairs and were now in party mode, complete with costumes. Paul was dressed as Gomez Addams with pencilled on moustache and wig. He was carrying a cane in case he needed it after the knee surgery, and it kept him in character. With him was Lou as Morticia, although Paul had commented that the dress she was wearing was more like Elvira than Morticia. It was a long black dress with a slit right up the side to her hip, the neck line was deeply cut and was supporting her large breasts in such a way that they were pushed out and up giving her a deep cleavage. The long black wig she wore was a stark contrast to her makeup which she had layered on and was pale with bright red lipstick and dark eyeliner. Her shoes were the highest stilettos she had worn for years and she felt good wearing them, Paul knew she was naked under the dress and was looking forward to it coming off and seeing her in just the heels.

Steph was wearing a sexy nurses outfit, which made Paul and Lou smile as they knew that Ann was coming and was a real sexy nurse. Steph had gone for the stockings and suspended look along with the short nurses dress and apron, around her neck was a stethoscope to complete the look. Mary had chosen a similar classic sexy outfit of the French maid, but with her own twist. She wore only a fish net body stocking with white lace trim, covered with a small apron over her front tied at the waist with a small maids hat on her head. It was clear that she was naked under the stocking and her tits and ass were presented perfectly under it.

"You look fabulous Mary," Lou said when Mary came downstairs. "Where's Joe?"

"He will be a little longer he is doing his make up and struggling," Mary replied. "I offered to help but he said no he would do it."

"Make up?" Paul asked.

"Oh yes, you are not going to believe your eyes when you see your brother Paul."

Sarah entered the room just then and Paul's head swung round to look at her. She was wearing a black short skirt that looked like it had once been longer as it had been cut down with ragged edges. To go with this she was wearing a red off the shoulder top with black spots. The top was a very tight fit and it made her boobs look bigger and firmer than they normally would. The strange this was she was barefoot.

"Looking ravishing Sarah," Paul said. "But did you forget your shoes?"

"No silly," Mary said. "It's all part of the look isn't it Sarah? Or should I say Daisy Mae?"

"Got it in one Mary! Trust an American to know who I am."

"Sorry Sarah, not heard of her, but I like the look," Paul said.

"Yes it's completely accurate," Sarah said lifting her skirt to show she had nothing on under it just as Daisy Mae is often depicted. "So where is Monica?" She asked.

"Oh she said she had to wait for Pete to arrive before she could come down, something about being a pair."

"What's she wearing?" Lou asked.

"No idea, she wouldn't even get it out of her case whilst I was getting ready."

"Well it looks like we won't have to wait too long that's Pete's car now," Paul said.

"Ok, here we go then," Lou said. "Paul go and sort out drinks and put some music on outside, Steph would you help me uncover the food on the tables, I think everyone will arrive soon and they will all want to eat first.

Pete had stopped off at Steve's on the way and picked him up, along with Robert and Diane, who left their car at Steve's to keep as much space on Paul's drive. When the four of them came indoors it was obvious that Peter was not in costume and he went straight upstairs to find his wife. Steve was wearing surgeons scrubs which accompanied Steph's nurse outfit. Diane was wearing a grass skirt and a coconut shell bra, when Paul welcomed her and put his hand through the grass he found that like so many of the other ladies she had forgone knickers today too. Robert's costume was totally different as he was dressed as a court jester. Complete with belled hat and shoes, in his hand instead of the usual jester stick he was waving a rubber dildo which he was using to thrust into anyones face or up skirts as he was introduced to everyone.

It was evident that both Diane and Robert had been drinking already today, and they had no intention of slowing down as they headed for Paul's bar and took a beer and a wine. "Did you speak to Diane?" Steph asked Steve.

"Yes she is still wanting to do it, I guess that's why they are drinking so much, we better make sure she slows down soon."

"I'll keep an eye on her, but you know you have to spread the word around all the guys that they will be needed later, I will let the girls know too."

"Ok love, oh and by the way, you look fucking sexy in the nurses outfit, fancy a dance?"

"Anytime," she replied and flung her arms around his neck and they headed to the poolside and began dancing to the music. It was not long till his hand were caressing her bum under her short dress and she could feel his hard cock through the material of his scrubs.

At the end of their first dance, Steph felt a tap on her shoulder and turned to see Lou there, "mind if I cut in Steph, I wouldn't mind a dance with my son."

"How can I refuse you on your birthday mum? Although I wouldn't ever refuse you," Steph replied as she broke off from Steve with a quick kiss and letting him wrap his arms round his mum's shoulders and began dancing. Lou was soon kissing Steve as his hands dropped down to feel her bum through the tight material of her dress, whilst pressing his groin against hers so she could feel his cock.

The two of them were pulled from their embrace by a wolf whistle and a round of applause. Joe had finally made it downstairs, and he looked completely different to how he had looked when he went upstairs. He had gone for a full Rocky Horror costume. He was wearing high heels, stocking and a basque, with a pair of satin panties holding in his cock. But more amazing was the change in his face, gone was his beard and moustache and now he was fully made up with bright red lipstick, eye liner and shadow and big false eye lashes. On his head was a black wig, he looked like a new person, a very sexy new person.

Paul went to his brother, "hell Joe, I don't know whether to shake your hand or kiss you."

"A hug is just fine Paul," Joe said and the two brothers embraced. As Paul was pouring Joe a drink and introducing him to Diane and Robert, Joe felt arms around his waist from behind and heard Sarah's voice. "Just a warning darling, I am the best slut here and don't you think of taking my position."

Joe turned around to see Sarah smiling at him, "but you do look fantastic," she said a warmth back in her voice now. I could get used to you like this."

"Thanks Sarah I could too."

"Sounds like more guests love," Paul called to Lou when he heard a car pull up on the drive out front.

"I wonder who this is?" Lou said as her dance with Steve ended. They did not have to wait long to discover who it was as the side gate opened and in walked Jenny and Kev along with her other grandparents Bill and Patti.

The older couple had chosen to wear togas. Patti's was longer than Bill's but she wore it in such a way that one breast was left exposed. Bill's was the same style but far shorter so that it only just covered his ass making it easy for Sarah, and everyone else, to hold his balls when they greeted him.

Jenny looked stunning in a white Marilyn Monroe dress, her blonde hair styled to mimic as close as possible the stars style. Next to her Kev was wearing a pair of red shorts and yellow t shirt with lifeguard written across it. As soon as he entered the garden he saw his parents by the bar and went straight to them.

"Hi mum, hi dad," he said giving them both a hug. He was shocked in a good way when as he hugged his mum she put her hand on his cock through the thin material of his shorts and gave it a little squeeze.

"Hello sweetheart," she said, "I have been waiting for you to arrive."

Steve had told Kev that things had gone well with his parents but he was still unsure just how far they were prepared to be involved, but this was a great start. Feeling buoyed up by her hand on his cock he put his own hand down and worked through the grass of her skirt and felt his mum's pussy for the first time.

"Mmm well worth the wait Kevin," she said. "Dance with me like Lou is with her son please."

"Of course mum," Kev said as he lead her to the patio and they began to dance together.

"I hear that you want to fuck your old mum, is that right?"

"Oh mum, I have wanted to for years," Kev replied.

"Well today's the day," she told him before she kissed him and their mouths opened to receive each other's tongues and their hands worked over each overs body.

Jenny looked at her father and law, and said, "shall we join them?"

"If you like," Robert replied, and they joined the other couples on the makeshift dance floor and began dancing, as she spun round her dress flew up and everyone could see her ass was bare beneath.

"Grandma where's mum and Dad?" She said as she danced near Lou.

"Lou looked over to the house and said, "right there Jenny, they have been getting ready for ages, I can see why now."

Monica and Peter were just walking though the French doors onto the patio. Or at least Monica did first then was followed by her husband. The reason why he was behind her was plain to see. Monica was dressed as a dominatrix. Fully in black she wore thigh high boots over black fishnet stockings held up by the PVC straps from her basque made of the same material, her panties matched the basque also. Monica's blonde hair contrasted with the black outfit and was tied back pulling it away from her face tightly.

Monica was holding a chain which was attached to a leather collar around Peter's neck. The collar had a strap running down to the leather pouch that was the only piece of clothing he had on.

Steven looked at the two of them and said, "Mon, I always knew you were a control freak, but never knew you were this much of one." Which caused everyone there to laugh as they all knew she was indeed a controlling woman and firmly wore the trousers in her and peter's marriage.

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