tagNovels and NovellasFamily Affairs Ch. 49

Family Affairs Ch. 49

byD.C. Roi©

Passion In James County XIX

Family Affairs

By D.C. Roi

Chapter forty-nine

Things went extremely well for the new family group in the weeks following Rick's learning about his mother's relationship with Matt. The family more and more came to include Dianna, too. Rick's team won the state championship and he got a full basketball scholarship to State.

The relationship between Rick and Dianna continued to blossom. Lately there had been some talk of marriage, and Dianna approached Mary with the idea of a double wedding. Mary told the girl she'd think about it. She still wasn't convinced that the idea of her getting married to Matt was a good one, but she was having more and more difficulty coming up with reasons why she shouldn't marry him.

Matt moved into the master bedroom. He also purchased the building in which he hoped to open his photography business. When he became a legal adult, he sold the house his folks left him for more than he expected, and that money, plus his substantial inheritance, assured him he only would have to work if he wanted to.

One of the first things he did with his money was arrange it so Dianna could go to State U. with Rick. He wanted to buy them a house, but Mary said she thought that was a little excessive.

She was in the kitchen, getting dinner ready one afternoon in May when Matt came in after school, smiling broadly.

"I think I figured out a way you can be my date for the prom," he said.

"How?" Mary asked. She still had guilt feelings about the things she believed their relationship was depriving him of.

"I have to take pictures of the dance for the yearbook, right?" he said.

"Yes," Mary replied.

"Wouldn't it be better if I had an assistant to help me?" he said. "And who'd think it was odd if we got in a few dances?"

Mary began to protest, then as she thought about it, realized it just might work.

"If you're going, we have to get you a gown and all," Matt continued, clearly excited at the prospect of having her as his date for the prom.

"I'm sure I have something at home," Mary said.

"Hey, come on, I want to get you something spectacular," Matt told her.

Mary didn't argue. She knew how much Matt liked giving her things, and he certainly could afford it.

Two weeks later, she was in her bedroom, getting ready to accompany Matt to the prom. She was a little nervous, but mostly she was excited. She was going to the prom at last, and with someone she really loved! She put the finishing touches on her hair, then she stood up and examined herself in the floor-length mirror on the back of her closet door.

The dress Matt bought her for the prom was a long red sheath that clung to her curvaceous body. Except for how snug it fit, it looked fairly conservative from the front, like a high-necked, sleeveless sheath. However, there was a deep cut in the back, dipping almost to the cleft between her buttocks, and it was also slit from the hem up quite high in the back, too. Matt had to talk long and hard to convince her to buy it.

"I told you it would look good, didn't I?" the young man said. He'd entered her bedroom from the bathroom and stood there in his tux, grinning. "I think it looks fabulous."

Mary felt herself blushing. "Are...are you sure?" she said.

"Positive," Matt said. "Come on, let's go. The limo is waiting."

Meanwhile, at Dianna's home, Rick gazed lovingly at his date. Dianna looked stunning in a black satin dress that clung to her lithe body and had a lot of gathers and a deep cut in the back. She had her hair pulled back into a simple pony tail and was wearing understated makeup. Rick thought she looked so lovely that looking at her made it hard for the him to breathe.

Dianna's parents, who had finally met Rick and seemed to like him, were taking pictures of them. Rick, too, had rented a tux for the evening and the formal outfit was a little uncomfortable. A horn sounded from outside the house.

"Hey, there's one of them stretch limo's out front," Dianna's father said.

"That's Matt, he's picking us up," Dianna told her father. She looked at Rick who had a kind of goofy look on his face and gave him a puzzled look. "What's the matter?" she asked. "You look funny."

"You're so gorgeous!" he whispered.

She flushed and exclaimed, "Rick!"

"Hey, we don't want to keep Mom and Den waiting, come on," Rick said. "Let's go." He held the door and she walked by him. He followed her out to the car and held the car door for her.

Dianna smiled at him before she got into the car. "You're really being a gentleman tonight, Rick, aren't you?" she said.

"Mom said she'd break my arm if I wasn't," Rick replied. "Right, Mom?"

"That's right, Rick," his mother replied from inside the limo.

Once Dianna was in the long, luxurious car, Rick climbed in too. He sank into the soft, plush seat and off they went.

"Your gown is lovely, Dianna," Mary commented. "You look very nice tonight."

"Ah...thank you," Dianna replied. "You look pretty, too."

"Hey, what about us?" Matt asked.

"You look pretty, too, both of you," Mary said.

"Thanks, Mom," Rick replied. "I don't think anyone ever told me I was pretty before. I hope the guys on the team don't find out." He took hold of Dianna's hand.

Matt had made fairly elaborate plans for prom night. Their evening began at a very fancy restaurant where Matt reserved a small room just for them.

Mary and Dianna both loved the restaurant. Rick and Matt both noticed that most of the male customers were giving their dates admiring glances as the maitre de, being very attentive, led them through the main dining room to the small anteroom that was theirs alone. The two young men understood why the other men were looking and didn't blame them. It was hard for them to take their eyes off their companions, too.

"We're pretty lucky to have two gorgeous women with us, aren't we Rick?" Matt said softly as the followed the women and the maitre de to their room.

"You better believe it," Rick replied.

Mary and Dianna heard the comments their men made and blushed attractively.

Dinner was fantastic. Matt had ordered Filet Mignon for all of them and they finished their meal with the house special dessert, a delicious concoction that appeared to be cheesecake doused liberally with shaved chocolate, chocolate sauce, cherries and covered with whipped cream.

"I feel like I'm gonna bust," Dianna said when she finally finished eating. "I can't remember the last time I ate so much! And it was really good, too! Thanks a lot, Matt!"

"Yes, Matt," Mary said. "The meal was fabulous."

"I wanted to spoil all of you tonight," he said. "I'm in an uncommonly good mood."

"I am, too," Mary replied softly. She smiled at him.

"And the night's just beginning," Rick said.

They left the restaurant, piled into the limo, and were whisked off to the hotel where the prom was being held.

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