tagNovels and NovellasFamily Affairs Ch. 51

Family Affairs Ch. 51

byD.C. Roi©

Passion In James County XIX: Family Affairs

Chapter fifty-one

When the last dance ended, Matt, Mary, Rick, and Dianna returned to their table. All of them were disappointed that the prom was over, but the two young men, despite their disappointment, were looking forward to what lie ahead. Rick knew what Matt's plans were, because he was part of them. His friend had arranged for something special for all of them after the prom.

They walked out into the hotel lobby.

"Why don't you guys go ahead and leave in the limo?" Matt said. "I brought my camera stuff over in the Mercedes and left it here in the hotel parking garage. Mary and I can take that home after I get my camera stuff in it."

"OK," Rick said. "Come on, Dianna, let's go."

The young couple walked out and climbed into the back of the long, luxurious car. As the car glided silently out of the hotel driveway, Rick turned to Dianna, smiled, and said, "You really looked gorgeous tonight, Dianna. I love you."

Dianna smiled and laid her hand on his. "I love you, too, Rick," she replied. She slid across the seat and snuggled against him. "I've never had a more wonderful time," she said softly. "Tonight was the neatest night I ever had in my life!"

It didn't take long to reach the hotel where Matt had reserved a room for them. The young men had convinced Mary to tell Dianna's parents that she wanted the young woman to stay at the Forrester home after the prom because they'd be getting in late and didn't want to disturb the Hillmans. Mary went along because she thought it sounded like a good idea. Neither she nor Dianna had any idea what the two young men really had planned.

"Rick, why is the chauffeur pulling in here?" Dianna asked when she realized the limo had pulled up in front of a different hotel.

"Matt gave us a present," Rick said. "We're not going back to my house, we're staying here."

"He...here?" Dianna stammered. "God! Other than the place where the prom was, this is the fanciest hotel in town!"

"Yeah, it is," Rick replied. "Wait until you see the room Den got us."

The limo stopped in front of the motel and the doorman opened the door. Rick helped Dianna get out of the limo then led her up to their room. As they rode up in the elevator, he realized his chest seemed a little tight, and his heart was pounding. He also had more than a little start on an erection.

Once they were inside their room, Rick locked the door behind them and stood gazing fondly at Dianna as she looked around the fancy room with a look of amazement on her face.

"Rick...oh, Rick, this is gorgeous," Dianna whispered.

Rick continued to gaze at her and his penis lurch in the slacks of his tux. Damn, she was beautiful! He moved closer to his date and put his arms around her from the rear. He cupped her breasts and pulling her against him.

Passion rushed through Dianna when Rick pulled her into his arms. She pressed against him and felt his erection prodding her bottom. He was hard already! She moaned with delight as he gently fondled her breasts, stirring her.

Rick continued to press against his lovely companion for a few minutes, enjoying the feel of her taut body against his, then he turned her around and covered her lips with his. Dianna's arms locked around him and her tongue sought his, sending shock-waves of excitement sweeping through him. He scooped her up in his arms and began moving toward the bed.

Dianna was thrilled. She had no idea anything like this would follow the prom. Their night wasn't over yet, far from it!

Rick laid Dianna on the bed. Then, with trembling hands, he slipped her dress off, leaving her nude, save for a filmy bra and panty hose. He managed to remove the bra, then Dianna stripped her panty-hose off while he scrambled out of his tux. They fell onto the bed and into each other's arms.

"Annhh!" Dianna groaned when Rick captured one of her straining, swollen nipples between his lips and began sucking on it. His hands were moving all over her, and it was driving her wild! His penis, which felt hard as a rock, was poking her leg.

Rick needed Dianna! He needed her now! He rolled atop her, reached between their twisting bodies, grasped his erection and, with a quick movement of his hips, buried it in her.

"Gahh!" Dianna groaned when Rick's swollen organ slid into her. Her back arched and she lifted her hips, grinding her pubic arch against his.

Even though Rick was incredibly aroused, he discovered he did have some control. Harder and harder he jabbed his erection into Dianna and she respond passionately. He heard her groans of excitement and felt her hands pulling at him as she thrust against him. He kissed her bared chest, licking and sucking, bending his head far enough to take one of her turgid nipples in his mouth.

"Oh! Oh, Rick! I'm-I'm-I'm gonna come! Oh, God, Rick! I'm gonna come! Oh! Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh, God! God! Aahh! Aahh" Dianna shrieked. She went wild, her arms and legs flailing, as incredible sensations of joy overwhelmed her.

"Unhh!" Rick cried when his body unleashed powerful torrents of come into his lover's spasming, straining body. Spent, he collapsed atop her.

Rick rolled back, pulled Dianna into his arms, and began to kiss her and run his hands over her lithe body once more. When his hand slid onto her breast, he felt her tremble and heard her sigh softly. Before long, he was lying between her legs, making her squirm and squeal with ecstasy as he licked her vagina.

"Oh! Oh, God, Rick! Oh, God! Oh!" Dianna whimpered as his tongue and finger teased her clit and probed into her. She locked her legs behind his head and strained off the bed. "Ah! Ah!" she wailed. "Oh, Rick, you're gonna make me come again! It feels so good! Rick! Oh, Rick! Ahh!"

Rick was unable to hear Dianna's cries of delight because her lovely legs were clamped around his ears, but he knew from her frantic movements that she was coming. He licked and kissed her a little longer, until her legs dropped limply onto the bed.

Almost the minute they finished, Dianna sat up, pushed Rick onto his back, rolled on top of him and began kissing him. He quivered as her hands moved over his naked flesh, arousing him once again.

Dianna could feel Rick's penis, which was trapped between their bellies, beginning to swell and push against her. She slid down and began kissing his belly while she took his thickening penis in her soft hands. The she heard his loud groan of ecstasy when she took him into her mouth. She enjoyed licking and sucking Rick, but she decided she didn't want him to come in her mouth this time, she wanted him in her again.

She slid up, placed the tip of his swollen rod between her dewy lips, then she began lowering herself onto it. A sigh gushed from her as her lover's enormous organ filled her. "Oh, yeah, Rick!" she murmured, starting to rock her hips. "I need you! I need you so much!"

Rick grabbed her hips and began pushing up off the bed, feeling her the walls of her snug passage grasping him as he drove into her. This was fantastic!

"Oh! Oh! Oh!" Dianna groaned as Rick's sizable wand pistoned into her. "Rick! Rick! Oh, God, Rick! Take me!"

Rick did just that, his hands holding her, watching her breasts bob and jiggle as a result of the frantic movements her body made as she rode him. Then he felt her vaginal walls begin to ripple and knew she was coming again.

"Gahh! Oh, God! Oh, God! Oh, God!" Dianna cried as her body went into spasms of delight. "This feels so good! So good! Oh, God! Oh, God! Don't ever stop! Don't ever, ever stop! Ah! Ahh! Aahh!"

"Yeah! Take it, Dianna! Take it!" Rick shouted as he, too, erupted, lost in an oblivion of overwhelming passion. "Oh, God, baby, I love you!"

When she was finally spent, Dianna collapsed atop him and lay there. Rick wrapped his arms around her slim torso, but other than that, he didn't move. He couldn't. He was too used up. Eventually he fell sleep with his lovely companion lying on top of him.

Rick woke up before Dianna, who was lying next to him in bed in the hotel room. He looked at her. Most of her fine body was uncovered, and as the young man gazed at the sleeping blonde, he felt passion stirring inside him. He began sucking one of her nipples, and felt it rise into his mouth.

Dianna moaned softly, awakened by enchanting feelings evoked by what Rick was doing. She opened her eyes, realized she was in a strange bed, and remembered the delights and Rick had shared the night before. And he was giving her more thrills this morning! He was making her crazy, sucking her nipple!

Rick's hand roamed over Dianna's body and he could feel her writhe as it glided over her silky skin. He plunged his hand between her lithe legs and began playing with her vagina, which he found, was already damp with the effluent of arousal. It grew even wetter as his fingers probed, stroked, then entered it. Dianna's back arched, hoisting her hips off the bed.

"Ahh!" Dianna groaned when Rick 's finger slid into her. He was making her crazy with need for him again!

Rick had a raging hard-on. After bringing his lovely partner to a high state of arousal, he rolled on top of her and plunged his cock into her. God, it felt good! Fantastic sensations rushed through him as he began plumbing Dianna's clasping opening with his rigid organ.

"Oh! Yes, Rick! Oh, Rick! Rick! Oh!" Dianna moaned, her body coming alive as his erection plunged into her. She clutched him with her hands and her hips pounded up against his. "Ah! Oh, God! Oh, God! I'm gonna come! Ah! Ahh! I'm gonna come! Now, Rick! Oh, God, now! Ahhh! Ahh! I'm coming! Ahh! Ahhh!"

Rick felt his partner erupting into bliss and joined her, bathing her insides with his juices. He kept pounding into her, then, finally spent, collapsed atop her. When his cock began to soften and slip from her, he rolled onto his back.

Dianna lay there, electrified by what had just happened. "God, Rick!" she exclaimed, "You do know how to wake a girl up!" She sat up. "What time is it?"

Rick looked at his watch. "Six-thirty," he said.

"Oh, good," Dianna relaxed. "I was afraid it was later than that."

"We have plenty of time," Rick said. "Checkout isn't until noon." He pulled her into his arms and kissed her.

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