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Family Consequences


Mickey walked along Main Street grasping his iPad to his chest. He looked like a choirboy holding his bible. This was partly due to the respectful way he was walking for fear of dropping the iPad, but was also due to his golden blonde hair, inherited from his mother, and due to his angelic innocent look. His small frame, that was stronger than it appeared, enhanced the choirboy appearance.

His iPad was an eighteenth birthday present from his Uncle Tony. It was in fact a month late as the shop had not had the iPad in stock on the day of his birthday. However, good old Uncle Tony had lent him his own iPad until one had become available. Mickey had spent the whole of that month watching videos on porn sites, but hadn't dared to download any files on his Uncle's iPad. Now he would be able to download to his own iPad to his heart's content.

Mickey had messed up on his university applications, delaying until it was too late. The result was that he had now been offered a place for the course he wanted, but he would not be able to start it for another academic year. His mom would be happy though, having her adorable little boy at home with her for an additional year. So he now had a year to while away at home, in which he would keep occupied by doing some part-time jobs and spending his leisure time watching porn.

The online porn had been a revelation to Mickey. Living in a small town, he had never got up the courage to buy any porn magazines from the local shops. His dad, Monty, had made a computer available to him for homework but by using the parental controls Monty had locked the adult content accessible. Therefore masturbation for Mickey to the day of his eighteenth birthday had had to be based on his fantasies. These fantasies were firstly his mom, Martha, who had extremely large breasts; secondly his sister, Maisie, who was two years his senior with a busty cheerleader body and thirdly his Auntie Tina who had big breasts and a big ass.

All three women were attractive and in his mind's eye Mickey had enjoyed them all in various imaginary sexual situations. His mom and sister had his own thick blonde hair. Maisie's young full breasts were clearly inherited from her mom, whose jiggling extra-large breasts were a constant source of erection problems for Mickey. Auntie Tina, who was married to his mom's brother Tony, had long dark hair and a slightly Latino coloring, inherited from a long forgotten Mexican ancestry.

Both his mom and Auntie Tina, who were forty two and thirty six respectively, kept their bodies tight by using the gym which Uncle Tony had installed in his basement eighteen months previously. The result was that both their waists were slim, but their curves were unaffected. In fact Auntie Tina's ass, which had always been big, had become rounder, like two basketballs atop legs that were strong and shapely without being too muscular.

The basement gym was easy for Martha to use as her brother and his wife lived next door. Years before, Mickey's grandpa had left the two houses in his Will to his two children and neither family had ever moved.

Mickey was planning his porn downloads as he walked along Main Street passing the new building that housed the town's recently established Drama Academy. The creation of the Drama Academy had hit the national news channels as it was sponsored by the town's most successful actor, Brad Ganst.

Mickey hurried his steps, turning up the road that led to his drive. He reckoned he would start on downloading videos from the Mature Big Tits channel first followed by the Busty Teens channel. The list carried on, but all channels involved large breasts. Mickey didn't know how his love of big breasts had developed. The three main women in his life all had fine sets of juggs. He assumed that his dad and uncle were in sexual paradise, but didn't really know about his sister's experiences. In fact things were a lot more sexually complicated for his mom and dad and aunt and uncle than he thought, though more straightforward for his sister.

His sister had wanted to keep herself a virgin until she got engaged. However, being enamored with the cinema, she had succumbed about a month previously to a young man who worked at the Drama Academy and reckoned he knew Brad Ganst. It turned out that any possibility she had for meeting Brad Ganst was as low as the sexual performance of her young man. Although she didn't know it, his cock was on the small side and while afterwards she knew her virginity was gone, she wasn't at all sure that she had really been fucked.

The sexual lives of the two older women were a lot more complicated. Over the last couple of years Mickey's dad, Monty, had become more and more obsessed with the thought of anal sex. He had tried to persuade Martha to let him penetrate her anus, but she had resolutely refused him. Things had gone from bad to worse, so much so that they had stopped having sex altogether. At first Martha was not too fussed. Monty had never been a sexual athlete with her and rarely was able to carry on after his first climax. However, it had now been a long time since she had been sexually satisfied and she found herself thinking about it.

Monty now slept in a separate room across the upstairs landing, telling Maisie and Mickey that it was because he snored. He had his computer in his room so he could access his favorite websites, Teen Butts and Mature Asses, to his heart's content. When not looking at porn he was fantasizing about his sister-in-law's ass. Tina's butt was a continual picture in his mind which he had handled for real about a month previously.

They had all been at the local church social when the power was cut. The fire alarms were then automatically triggered and the people gathered then had a nightmare scenario of trying to leave in pitch darkness. There was a crush as people made for the exit and Tina suddenly found her ass being groped and squeezed. The bodies were packed together too tightly for her to turn round and see who her assailant was, but she strongly suspected Monty. Her cotton dress was quite loose and at one point she could feel fingers pushing roughly down the crack of her buttocks. By the time the crowd had found themselves outside there was nobody behind her to identify.

She didn't tackle Monty as she wasn't sure. She also said nothing to Martha about her husband as, although she sensed that they had lost sexual interest in each other, for some reason they both got very jealous at any suggestion of the other showing amorous interest in anybody else.

Tina and Tony's sex life was even more complicated. Tony, who was thirty six, had always loved big breasts. He enjoyed Tina's big handfuls but what he was most fixated on was his older sister, Martha's, extra-large tits. All the time they had lived next door to each other, the sight of his sister's big jiggling juggs had caused him extreme erection anguish. However, two years before he had got a chance to see what they really felt like. He had been with Tina downstairs in his sister's house, when they had both heard Martha crying out in a muffled tone. As she hadn't sounded as if she was in great peril, Tina continued to put some things away in the kitchen, while Tony had walked ahead of her upstairs to Martha's bedroom. There he had found Martha trapped with a dress halfway over her head. She could neither pull it on nor pull it off. Her breasts were hanging, encased in her brassiere and Tony saw his chance. He leapt forward saying, "I can help you," and proceeded to grope her breasts, squeezing them through the bra's material. By the time Tina had arrived, he was innocently easing the dress over Martha's head.

Tony said a quick goodbye and left Martha to complain loudly to Tina about his wandering hands. Tina told her not to be so silly and that she'd imagined it.

The next day Tony had been driving down Main Street when a construction lorry came out of the Drama Academy site and hit his car side on. The lorry was not going that fast and normally Tony would have noticed it and braked, however that day he was distracted. In his mind he was reliving groping his sister's breasts and was slowly jacking off his boner with his right hand. When the lorry hit, the driver's airbag had inflated trapping Tony underneath it. It was then that Tony accomplished the greatest feat of his life when, despite being in great pain from a broken leg, he was able to insert his penis back in his pants and zip himself up before any help had arrived.

Tony was awarded damages of two million dollars, but was left with a slight permanent limp. Unfortunately, he was also left temporarily impotent, unable to gain an erection. The consultants couldn't understand it and it was Tony's family doctor, Doctor Shaw, who was also a local lay preacher, who said that there was no reason for it and he believed it would eventually solve itself. Tony was naturally not going to volunteer to anyone what he knew to be the reason behind his psychological problem, so nothing was done. The problem was, as Tina complained to Martha, Doctor Shaw's wife was also his receptionist and everybody suspected she had a peek at the patient files. Sure enough, rumors soon began being passed around about Tony's little problem.

Notwithstanding the rumors, Tina was very pleased about the money and at first was not concerned at Tony's inability to have sex, but as time went on she did become frustrated. Up to the point of the accident, they had enjoyed a good sex life. Tony had large erections, which he believed he'd inherited from his father. Furthermore, he could often keep the sex going until he was cumming a second time.

When the accident happened, Tina and Tony were getting on well with Martha and Monty, and they discussed Tony's problem with them. Martha did worry a bit about her brother, she didn't want his marriage to suffer, although she noticed that his eyes still followed her breasts when she walked passed him. However, her sympathy waned. Initially Tony had been quite generous with his money but as he got more bad tempered he was not so financially forthcoming. A recent storm had wrecked the jointly owned fence between their two properties. The cost would be ten thousand dollars to rebuild it but Tony said he was only paying half. Martha didn't know where they were going to get the money for their share of the cost and it worried her.

As Tony got more ill-tempered, Tina got fed up with him so that, like Monty, he had moved bedrooms. When Tina complained about his loud music, Tony had the bedroom walls and door soundproofed.

Mickey knew nothing about the problems of the older family members as he made his way up to his room. Leaving his new iPad on his desk, he picked up his old one to return it to Uncle Tony. He looked in on his mom en route. She was in her workout pants and sports bra and was still looking flushed having been to the gym with Auntie Tina. Mickey thought she looked beautiful. Her sports bra struggled to contain her huge breasts and her tight pants displayed her strong ass cheeks.

"I'm just taking Uncle's iPad back to him," he explained, trying not to look at her packed body.

Martha smiled indulgently at her son. She thought he looked beautiful with his curly blonde hair and blue eyes, which she knew he'd inherited from her. His lips even had traits of her side of the family, though not the full sensuous pouty lips that she now used to blow him a kiss.

Mickey went out via the garden to see Uncle Tony. With the fence down, he was able to walk across it near the house and enter his uncle's by the back door. As he walked through the house, he suddenly heard his aunt screaming. He ran towards the sound up the stairs and into his aunt's bedroom.

Auntie Tina had got herself into a mess. She had decided the week before that she ought to do something to resurrect her sex life with her husband. Persuading Martha to go with her, she had caught the train to the nearest City and purchased a number of lingerie items in the Agent Provocateur shop, along with a pair of stilettos. Despite Martha's protests, she had bought her a number of items as well, including the high heeled shoes, although Martha didn't think she could be bothered to dress up for Monty.

Now, having showered, with a towel around her waist, Tina was trying on a brassiere that she had suspected would be too tight and now she knew for certain. In her determination to hook it up at the back, she had trapped a piece of skin. She was in real pain, but because the brassiere was so tight she could not undo it. Furthermore, her breathing felt constricted and she was starting to panic, hence the screaming.

Seeing her problem, Mickey rushed across the room and yanked the hook away from the material. The bra tore and Mickey and Tina both fell on the bed. The bra that had caused the problem was on the floor. In their physical confusion, Mickey had ended up on top of Tina staring at her big breasts. Her towel had come loose and her pubic hair was exposed.

Expecting him to move, Tina was surprised when he just whispered, "You're so beautiful," and continued to stare at her chest.

Like everyone else, Tina was very fond of her nephew. She looked at his wide-eyed innocent stare and felt a maternal love for him. "Have you never seen a woman's breasts before Mickey?" she queried softly.

Mickey thought of the thousands of porn tits he'd been jacking off to over the last month but, trying to look as truthful as he could, he shook his head slowly as if in awe of what he was seeing.

Then in a rush of love and sympathy, Tina whispered, "You can touch them if you like."

With trembling hands, Mickey gently stroked the sides of her breasts. After a minute of this his fingers began to trace down her stomach and Tina didn't object as she could see the look of wonder and awe in his eyes.

When his fingers reached her pubic hair, he lightly stroked it. If he had tried to touch her sex she would have stopped him immediately, but instead his fingers traced either side down her groin. She lay back sighing as his fingers continued stroking her groin, but also managing to push at her labia from the side.

She closed her eyes. She said to herself that as her legs were together he couldn't touch anything he shouldn't, so she relaxed and enjoyed it, pleased that she had been able to give her nephew his first, albeit fairly chaste, look and feel of the female body.

Meanwhile Mickey was thinking hard. With her light tan and black hair, Auntie Tina was looking like one of the beautiful Latina Mommas he'd watched on his porn channels. He knew that if he touched her on her pussy she would call a halt immediately so he concentrated on pushing her labia lips inward a little more each time. He knew that by doing this indirect massage he would be exciting her tender sex organs underneath. And exciting her he was. Tina was feeling her juices flowing in a way that hadn't happened since Tony's accident. She was beginning to go into a daze and so was unaware when Mickey pulled a hand away to undo his pants and slip them off.

He returned his fingers to the gentle massage but then abruptly used his hands to push her legs open. Tina came round with a bang saying "OK, this is where it stops young man."

But she was too late as Mickey had aimed his teenage boner straight at her pussy opening and had thrust hard. At the same time he had thrown himself forward, burying his face in the sheet beside her shoulder and wrapping his arms around her like a young child clinging to his mother.

Tina let out a cry of anguish. What had she done? Her innocent nephew clearly couldn't help himself. "NO Mickey, NO!" she cried, "You must stop immediately darling, Oooooh!"

Her last exclamation had resulted from a particularly hard thrust. Mickey was punching his cock into her as hard as he could. Her vagina was tight because of the length of time since she had last been penetrated, but with each thrust he entered her a bit further.

Mickey was in heaven. He'd never realized that fucking would feel so much better than jacking off. His whole hard penis felt like it was being gripped by a warm lubricated velvet glove. The intense sensation in his glans as it moved in and out was ecstasy.

Tina was getting frantic. Mickey was ignoring her cries completely. With his small frame, she'd never realized he'd become so strong. What was more, his penis seemed even larger than her husband's, clearly an inherited gene from her husband's family. She could feel him penetrating her deeper and deeper, assisted, as she had to admit to herself, by her vaginal juices welcoming him in. In her desperation she grabbed his golden curly hair and yanked hard to try to tear him off her, but he was attached to her like a leech.

Finally she gave up the struggle. Against her wishes she knew that her legs had actually opened up a little wider to give him full access and she could only hope that he would climax soon and finish the ordeal.

A final thrust of his hips took Mickey's boner right in to the hilt. He paused for breath and then pushed himself upright facing her. Tina was astonished to see the expression on his face. The angelic look of an innocent child had gone to be replaced by a smirk and a hard look in his eyes. He licked his lips as he gazed down at her and said, "Fucking hell. Just look at the size of these juggs!"

His crudeness shocked her as did his sudden groping and mauling of her breasts. Whereas in his apparent innocence he had avoided touching her nipple areas, now he was squeezing the areolae and nipples making them swell and harden. As he squeezed them, he restarted pumping his penis in and out. Tina realized with horror that not only were her juices flowing freely to ease the penetration, but that she seemed to be thrusting back at him, her vagina sucking in his hot teenage man meat.

"YOU FUCKING LITTLE BASTARD!" she screamed as she couldn't stop herself using her powerful haunches to increase her thrusting back.

"Auntie you love it." sneered Mickey, and indeed she knew he had caught her at a perfect time when she was desperate for sex. Having been denied for two years, her vagina was eagerly lubricating the passage for her nephew's hard salami.

Continuing to grasp and play with her big melons, Mickey leaned forward and pushed his tongue into her open mouth. This was another shock. Mickey's lips had previously only ever given her a peck on the cheek, now nephew and auntie began tongue wrestling as they fucked even harder.

Her orgasm came upon her quite quickly. Tina grasped Mickey's ass pulling the tight buttocks towards her and clasped his penis in a vaginal vice. Mickey began cumming inside a woman for the first time. The fiery jizz spurts up his boner were indescribable as Tina's contractions milked his young love pole.

They lay there still for a few seconds before Mickey started moving his penis again. This time there were no complaints from Tina as she too began to move her hips. After so long without, one orgasm was not enough for her.

Mickey rolled her over so that she was on top. He wanted to try all the positions he'd seen on his porn channels, but knew he had to just stick to the few he wanted to try the most.

Tina was hunched over him, pushing herself back on his boner, when suddenly Mickey said, "Sit up straight."

Tina was surprised by the commanding tone in his voice, but obeyed him, pushing herself slowly up, her breasts in front.

"Put your hands behind your head," yet another Mickey command.

This time she obeyed him instantly. "You bully!" she breathed as she clasped her hands behind her head.

"Bully." The word made Mickey feel a flush of extra excitement. He felt that his boner had further expanded as if it was injected with a shot of Viagra.

Tina also felt the increased pressure in her pussy. Her exposed position on top of him with her big tits now pushed forward, protruding out in front, gave her a thrill of extra excitement. She began pumping her hips, grinding his penis backwards and forwards. She was using her powerful haunches to thrust, her big buttocks straining as she propelled her loins back and forth. Mickey was looking upwards at those wonderful swaying melons. It reminded him of a Cassandra Calogera POV video when she was riding cowgirl. He was aware of the weight of his Auntie's big ass sitting astride him and of her muscular thighs squeezing him as she thrust backwards and forwards. He could soon feel his genitals preparing for his next orgasm, but he held himself back wanting his Auntie to fuck him forever. He succeeded for a good few minutes before, with a groan; he threw himself forward and began sucking on the tender areolae and nipples. With his Auntie Tina's teats in his mouth and the weighty thrusts of her fucking him, he stood no chance and began cumming for a second time.

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