Family Gathering

byMany Feathers©

I laughed, though quietly, still enjoying the feel of Darlene's slick cunt as it caressed my prick, which I slowly continued to slide in and out of her as we slow-fucked together, watching mom and dad, watching Jack and Jessica doing the very same thing.

"I jerked off for mom while she watched me," I told her.

"Nah ah!" Darlene said looking back over her shoulder towards me. "You did?"

"Oh yeah, and not only that, I watched her get herself off while I did, I tell you sis, mom's still got a pretty good looking body too."

"Yeah, I can see that," Darlene said once again looking over towards them. "She really does, I just hope I'll still have the looks she does when I'm her age."

"I think you will," I told her. "It's in the bloodline, but yeah...have to admit, it was pretty erotic standing there watching her, as she stood watching me."

"Sorta like this then?"

"Oh yeah...very much so, except of course, they have no idea that we are."

"Well, they probably will in a minute or two then."

"Oh? Why's that?"

"Because...I'm gonna cum!"

It's funny how sound really can travel over the water as well as through the forest if the conditions are right. And it just so happened that they were. Darlene wasn't kidding when she said she was about to cum either, we were both pretty horny from our long hike together anyway before we'd even gotten here. One of the things we'd always enjoyed doing, was teasing one another as we walked. Sometimes I did so, my cock sticking out of my shorts, which Darlene enjoyed holding onto, stroking it as we walked along, and obviously with her beautiful bare breasts showing, I had taken advantage of several opportunities whenever we'd stopped to look at something, to stand behind her, thumbing and fingering her incredibly hard nipples whenever we did. Even taking it further to occasionally worm my finger up the almost crotch-less covering of her shorts, enjoying the slickness of her wet pussy as we stood their briefly together before moving on.

Darlene's shrill cry of pure unbridled ecstasy filled the air, even a few birds took flight as she came, though my attention wasn't drawn to them so much at the moment, as it was towards where mom and dad were, as like one, they both turned their heads around spotting us, surprised looks on their faces briefly, soon turning into broad smiles as they realized we'd caught them watching Jack and Jessica below them. And looking that way, Jack and Jessica too had now looked up, spotting mom and dad, and then us as we all stood there looking back and forth at one another.

"Well, you certainly brought that all out in the open, I'll give you that," I told my sister as we slowly walked towards where mom and dad were now standing, though it was still a little weird for me as we did so, to see him step back as mom stood up, his prick still angrily hard as he calmly greeted us, mom now laughing as both Jack and Jessica made their way towards them from the beach so that soon the six of us stood in the small little clearing together naked as jay-birds, with the male half of that species, still sporting fairly erect cocks.

"Well, how about we go back and fix some lunch while we talk?" Mom suggested and immediately began heading back towards the cabin. "Obviously, it's probably time we had a family chat."

"Obviously," Jessica said smiling as she walked by our father looking down at his prick as he stood next to Jack just as Darlene joined the other two heading off towards the cabin.

"And of course, we're the one's standing here with our own dick's in hand," dad said, and then slowly sauntered behind the girls with Jack and I soon after following.


We had done it before, but it somehow felt different for some reason. As we all took seats outside around the large patio table, still in the nude as the girls carried out the lunch mom had prepared to eat, there was an air of uncertainty as we sat down.

"So, how long have you known?" Jessica asked bluntly, which didn't surprise anyone.

Mom laughed looking over towards dad. "Not long," she admitted, "to be perfectly honest about it. I mean, we always knew that as kids growing up together that you'd no doubt explore some of your curiosities together, and we certainly never frowned on it as it was a natural and completely normal thing for the four of you to do, especially being twins and all. But as far as either one of us knowing you'd actually decided to take it beyond that? Not until we got here and saw you all out on the lake together. Then we knew!"

"I knew it! Jessica said looking over at the three of us. "Told you!" Then she turned back around to mom and dad, "But just so you know...we hadn't done anything beyond what you already stated, until this very weekend, then we played a game, and it just sort of happened after that."

"That still doesn't surprise us," mom said speaking for them both. "We've kind of been half expecting it anyway, as close as the four of you all are, and with all the changes that will soon be taking place within this family before long. Was just a matter of time before it did happen, and like your father and I discussed, as far as we're concerned, you're all adults and free to make up your own minds about yourselves and one another, just as we have."

"Meaning what?" Jack asked. "Sounds to me like there's more behind that comment than you're telling us."

Once again mom turned towards dad, but he merely smiled and shook his head in acknowledgement of that, giving her the "go ahead" to whatever she was eluding to. "Well, since we're obviously all coming clean here, might as well fill you in on the rest of the story," she stated as she quickly took a sip of her wine. The four of us sat expectantly waiting, wondering as we did what else was about to be revealed to us that we didn't know about.

"You might as well know, especially now, that your aunt Jackie and I have enjoyed a similar on-going experience over the years now, just as you have."

Jack had in fact been named after our aunt, mom's younger sister, who we hadn't seen in nearly three years now as she lived out on the East coast, and didn't come to visit as often as any of us would have liked, especially as we now discovered, including mom. We all loved Aunt Jackie, always looked forward to her visits whenever we did see her, but had never in a million years ever considered or thought that the two of them had enjoyed an even more intimate relationship together than that.

"So maybe that will explain to some degree, why your father and I aren't too terribly surprised, or certainly upset or worried about the fact that the four of you finally came together."

"So...tell us," Darlene urged, obviously you've managed to keep it a pretty good secret, even with her living so far away."

Mom then explained how when Aunt Jackie would use to come for her annual visits, it was usually during the time just before school let out for the summer, which we all clearly recalled. And the reason she did that, was to ensure that she would still have time, especially over the weekends to spend with us, but that during the day when we were all off to school, she and mother would have some special private time alone to themselves. Obviously dad was well aware of all this too, and as mom continued, she also informed everyone that once in a while, he would take off from work, come home earlier than usual, and join the two of them for a nice erotic little threesome together.

"Holy shit! Aunt Jackie!" I said aloud not even realizing that I had, producing more than a few amused chuckles in the process. "Who'd have thought?"

It wasn't that our Aunt Jackie was any sort of a prude, or even dressed like one. She didn't, and certainly wasn't. She would often joke with us, even tell dirty stories or jokes on occasion with us individually, dependent upon our maturity level at the time. But something we had all known for a long time, and had come to embrace and accept about her, was that Aunt Jackie was a lesbian, and had always been one as far as we knew, and as far as mom had explained to us. So to hear that she and mom had fooled around, wasn't nearly as big a surprise as to discover that the three of them had fooled around together.

"The one thing about your Aunt Jackie was, she hated being labeled, though she certainly lived with another woman at the time, and preferred a woman's company as opposed to a man's, didn't mean she didn't occasionally enjoy having sex with a man either. But she likewise didn't wear the label of being considered bi-sexual either. Anyway, shortly before your father and I decided to get married, your Aunt Jackie and I sat down and talked about it, talked about everything the two of us had done and shared together over the years, and made a promise to one another that just because I was getting married, and because she was herself then living with her companion at the time, that neither of which would keep the two of us from periodically enjoying one another just as we've always done. But...part of that agreement, was that I needed to tell your father about it before hand, before we were married, so that he'd know, as well as willingly accept that fact so there wouldn't be any surprises when we did. And the last thing I wanted to do was run around behind his back, even if it was my very own sister. And, to sweeten the pot so to speak, it was your Aunt Jackie that actually suggested that we occasionally included him whenever she came for a visit, which obviously...he agreed to."

"Obviously," Dad said grinning, the first word he had even spoken since mom began telling the story.

" make a long story short, now you know why we weren't really all that surprised. If anything, I think we're more surprised to discover that at least some of you, if not all of you, hadn't done something like this together before now!"

"Well, things certainly make a lot more sense now," Jessica stated, as it really did to all of us, though it was still a bit of a surprise to imagine Aunt Jackie and dad getting it on. Not that Aunt Jackie looked like a lesbian really either, or at least not a stereotypical one that most people often thought of in the real sense of the word. Jackie wore her hair long, which she usually kept in a ponytail, and still did. She wore makeup, though not a lot of it, and even dressed in very feminine attire on occasion, though she preferred the natural more comfortable fit of a good pair of jeans and a blouse or sweater more than anything else. Even most of her previous lovers, especially her last companion, looked anything BUT like a lesbian might be expected to look.

"Anyway," mom continued. "The other reason why I thought it was best to bring this all out into the open now, is because she decided to tie this year's visit into this week we're spending up here together, especially after the small little scare regarding your father. So...she'll be here tomorrow. Dad and I are driving down to the city to pick her up, so we'll probably be gone all day, and won't be arriving back until later on in the evening."

"Way cool!" We all announced excitedly together upon hearing the news.

"Um mom?"

"Yes David?" she asked.

"Um, gonna tell her about us?"

"Why of course!" Mom said simply. "I've never kept a secret from your Aunt Jackie, and I'm certainly not about to keep one from her now. And just so you know, she's the one that told me that she thought the four of you would eventually end up getting together, only sooner rather than later. That's the only area she sort of missed, as she thought you'd have been doing something together far earlier than now."

"Well then, that's a relief!" Jack said feeling a lot more comfortable about everything. "So in other words, we don't have to run around behind anyone's back now...not ever again in fact!"

"Not as far as your father or I are concerned no, nor your Aunt Jackie either I can safely say. But, I will say this...I think that while we're here up at the cabin that whatever we do, whatever we experience or enjoy with one another, needs to stay here. Outside of that, it could cause a great deal of problems for everyone, especially for your father and I, and even your Aunt Jackie. So...can we all agree on that?"

We did, unequivocally, which in a way, we'd already agreed to even before now.

"Well, now that that's all settled, anyone in the mood for a game? Because I certainly am!" Jessica said.

"Ah oh..." Darlene mused. "She has that look in her eye once again."

"What look?" Dad asked looking over towards her.

"You'll see," Darlene warned him, but then dad suddenly had the same look on his face that Jessica did.

"Now I know where she got that from!" Jack stated looking back and forth between the two of them as they sat with the same silly grin on their faces.


Long ago, mom and dad had made it a point of keeping the modern conveniences down to a minimum, which was the main reason we still didn't have a TV at the cabin, not even for watching movies on. They did have a couple of radios, though those were primarily used for emergency purposes, though later on, as kids, we were allowed to occasionally listen to music, though only then as long as we kept it down and to a minimum. So it was, we'd collected a rather extensive amount of board games that we often played together as a family. One of the reasons perhaps that Jessica still had such a pension for playing games, and seemed to delight in it, whenever we still did, especially lately, when it came to playing the more adult versions she'd soon got the rest of us involved in.

For as late in the summer as it was, the days were still warm though the night had begun to get cooler. Jessica had gone in, coming back out a short time later with an all too familiar game in her hands.

"Twister?" Mom said raising her eyebrows? "God Jessica, I'm not sure I'm agile enough to play something like that...and naked?" she asked secondly.

"Nonsense!" Jessica stated already unfolding the multicolored plastic mat laying it out on the ground. "And besides, I think you and dad might actually enjoy this version of the game."

Even dad had frowned, starting to wave Jessica's idea off until he'd heard her say what she had. Suddenly, he had that same silly grin on his face he'd been wearing only moments ago.

"Which is?" He then asked interestedly.

We all quickly gathered around to listen to whatever "rules" Jessica had obviously come up with, which was something she was famous for doing, and we'd all learned to simply accept whatever it was once we'd decided to go along with it. And under the circumstances, playing twister in the nude suddenly sounded really interesting.

"For the most part, we play normal rules, the difference being in this x-rated version, we all score additional points for managing to accomplish different things."

"Like what?" Jack asked impatiently.

"I was just getting to that," she said staring him down. "After you've spun the wheel and placed whatever body part it's told you to place on whatever color comes up, when anyone can then either manage to connect up," she said grinning making it clearly obvious as to what she meant by that, "They both get five points. Anyone who's in a position to perform an oral sex act on someone else scores three points. And anyone who can at the very least touch someone else in a sexual way, scores two points. Now then, anyone falling over, or unable to position themselves according to the way the game is normally played in the meantime, is then out for that round. We'll play a few rounds, see how it goes, and keep track of everyone's individual points, how's that sound?"

It sounded deliciously wicked, especially as we'd now be including our own parents in our newfound intimate adventures.

"Ok David, looks like your first!" Jessica stated as I spun the wheel and placed my right foot on a blue circle.

Eventually everyone including Jessica had done so, the mix-mash of positions already getting interesting as we began the second spin of the wheel. We decided that there had to be at least two turns before anyone could start claiming points, but I immediately did so, having to place my right hand on a yellow circle, still keeping my right foot on a blue one. This put me directly in front of mom, so since I was in the position to do so, I placed my mouth right next to her pussy and licked her.

"Oh my!" Mom exclaimed, half jumping after I had, not entirely expecting it, much to the surprise and delight of everyone else, including dad who laughed uproariously. "Leave it to David to be the first one to lick someone's split!" he stated.

"Which scores three points by the way," Jessica grinned as Darlene was next to take a turn, though the best she could come away with was a cock grab as she found herself standing, spread legs apart and just managed to reach over and grab Jack's. "And that's only good for one point," Jessica noted.

It probably would have been a fun game under normal circumstances, but this wasn't, not really. No one had said or mentioned anything about not doing what was begun. And as I continued to kneel there, I continued licking mom's cunt. Pretty soon, she threw away all pretense to what I was doing, and simply sat down in front of me laying back, likewise, I gave up as well, and began to seriously suck her clit like there was no tomorrow.

"Well, so much for that idea!" Jack exclaimed laughing, seeing the surprised look on Jessica's face as she stood there holding her neatly arranged clipboard with our scores on it. Seconds later, she was laughing too, and tossed it over her head behind her.

"Well, don't just stand there watching the two of them going at it!" She exclaimed. "Someone better get their ass over here and start eating me too!"

I've never seen my father move so fast before.


It was probably a damn good thing we were in such a remote spot and that it was such a nice warm day. Everywhere you looked, there seemed to be someone doing something to somebody. The fact that I had gotten my own mother off with my mouth didn't really dawn on me until afterwards. And even then, it didn't feel strange or weird in anyway. Maybe the fact that we'd all come to accept that "up here" was something that transcended normal value, morals or rules. I don't know, but the incredible closeness we all felt while being here now included our own parents. I had watched both Jessica as well as Darlene eventually fondling or sucking off our father, with each eventually fucking him until they'd exhausted him thoroughly. I had also watched mom lovingly pleasure Jack while she sat on my prick, facing away from me, Jack standing over the two of us as she held him in her mouth, Jessica and Darlene at the time in a very similar position over dad.

The following morning mom and dad left to pick up our Aunt Jackie from the airport. The four of us spent the better part of the day recuperating from the past couple of days, wondering while we did what our Aunt might do or say once she'd been told everything. And though we had all learned much about her own relationship with mom and dad, it didn't necessarily mean, nor had any of us given thought to the fact that she'd willingly accept that, or have any desires whatsoever to include any of us should she even wish to continue on her own intimacies either with mom, or dad let alone any of us.

So it was that we just spent the day together out on the lake, sunbathing, napping and doing a little swimming without any sort of sexual activities whatsoever. We had just finished preparing a light easy dinner, something that could be served shortly after their return when we heard dad's car pulling up on the gravel driveway next to the cabin. The four of us scurried outside to greet my Aunt, somewhat nervously as we did.

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