tagIncest/TabooFamily Matters Ch. 03

Family Matters Ch. 03


This story of a involves the need of the women of the family needing that special cock to satisfy them and began with Family Matters Ch 1 & 2. You may want to read them first to understand how we got to this chapter. Lucky Gary had been making his Aunt happy by fucking the shit out of her for over two weeks before they were caught by her daughter Jess. One thing led to another and Jess found she loved going down on Gary's cock even though it was much larger than any she had ever tried blowing before. She begged her mom to let her watch as Gary fucked the shit out of her, then joined in by getting her mouth and stomach's fill of his shaft every day. Thus far Jess hadn't gone all the way by losing her cherry to Gary's immense shaft.


Ronnie was happy when Jessica joined in the activities of adoring my rock hard cock. Jess loved sucking my shaft and swallowing my hot cum. However, I was only fucking my aunt even after another week and a half. We were all eating breakfast one morning when mom announced, "I will be very late tonight, I have a ton of work to do for a big client that dumped it on me yesterday. It also involves some travel and I might be so tired that I just get a motel room. I'll let you know about that."

"Just make sure you behave yourself in that motel room, mom!" I chided.

"Yeah, like THAT could ever happen, you brat."

"Perhaps you are looking too far away," Ronnie offered.

"Hey, this is WORK! I'm not doing anything nasty!"

"Too bad, mom, my guess is it's been a very long time for you!" I said.

"That is enough out of you, you naughty boy!"

Mom then left the table her breakfast not even half eaten, her face flushed. Jess giggled at mom's state eliciting more pleas from mom for all of us to grow up. As soon as mom left for work Jessica looked at me and then at her mom before saying, "Mom, I want to take the next step with Gary today!" I grinned at that statement. "I don't want it to be rushed the first time with Gary. Mom, I can't go to school today, I need your blessings to ditch it and fuck our man here!"

Ronnie grabbed her daughter and hugged her tightly as she said, "Oh honey, you will never regret this decision! Your cousin will make you feel so good! Oooooo, I am getting wet just thinking about it!"

"Good! I want you on the bed with us, mom!"

Ronnie lost color and stammered and stuttered trying to grasp this idea. I nodded to her and said "It's how she wants it! Jess wants to share the event with you and I am all for it."

Shaking her head in amazement Ronnie stepped to the phone and called her school, advising them of Jessica's absence. I stepped up to Jess and kissed her passionately before turning to her mother and kissing her with equal desire. Then we retired to Ronnie's bedroom and her king sized bed. Stepping into her room we all kissed again, then Ronnie and Jess both reached to their blouse buttons and I said, "No! Let me do all of that!" Both ladies looked at each other and smiled while their hands dropped to their sides.

I stepped to Ronnie and unbuttoned her top all the way down before lightly kissing her lips. Then I stepped to Jess and repeated my steps. Moving from one lovely woman to the other, I slowly removed every piece of clothing. Each time I removed something I lavished the exposed area with gobs of kisses, bringing groans of pleasure, goose bumps and shivers from both of them. Finally they were both completely naked and horny as hell.

Ronnie moved towards the bed but Jess said, "Mom wait! We need to do Gary now!" They slowly removed my clothing, each piece removed with fanfare and kissing and licking of the exposed area. When I was down to just my boxers left they dropped to their knees giggling together as they both entwined their fingers in my waist band. Jess leaned over and kissed her mother hard before they slowly pulled my boxers down and over my rock hard cock. When my shaft snapped back up Jess immediately took me deep into her mouth and sucked for all she was worth. After a minute or so she released my cock and her mother took her turn bobbing her head fully down my nine inches.

They were taking this way beyond a 'kiss' after baring an area as my cock was constantly being deep throated before being passed on to the other for another good suck. "Oh my god, girls, I thought you wanted to fuck me, Jess." I said as she really began milking my cock with her throat.

Jess pulled off of me and pointed my tip at her mother who gladly sucked my shaft fully into her mouth again. After watching her mother work my cock Jess smiled at me and said, "Oh my sweet cousin, we will! We most assuredly will, but first mom and I just want to enjoy the feeling of your cock in our mouths. In case you hadn't guessed by now, we both love sucking you off!"

Her mother pulled off of me and handed my shaft back to her daughter who greedily gobbled me up and bobbed hungrily on my full length. Ronnie leaned up and kissed me as I leaned down to her, the she said, "My daughter is right! I love the way you fuck me and make me cum, but I really love making you cum in my mouth! You are soooooooooo yummy!"

Conversation ended then as both gorgeous women really went to work on my shaft. They got into a rhythm where the moment one mouth slid off of me the other immediately inhaled me to the root. I marveled at the differences in methods they employed. Ronnie used much more suction as she bobbed on me, while her daughter possessed a magical tongue that seemed to be able to reach everywhere on my deeply imbedded cock.

Fittingly Jess was vigorously attacking my shaft when I grabbed both their heads as I cried out, "Oh fuck, Jess, I'm cumming! Oh god yes, you do it so good!" Jess took two hard blasts of man juice then squeezed her hands around my base cutting off my lava flow and passed my shaft to Ronnie who greedily took me deep and massaged out another three shots of my cum, making me groan out "Ronnie, oh god you two are driving me crazy! Fuuuccccckkkk!" Then she pulled off of me and they pressed their mouths together and flicked their tongues around my tip as I flooded their combined mouths with another two huge ropes of my cum. When I was done spurting they took turns slipping my crown into their mouth to suck and lick in search of any remaining drops. Each time one of them coaxed out another drop she turned to the other and kissed passionately as they passed my seed from mouth to mouth.

Eventually satisfied they had drained me both of them rose up and kissed me then each other before we tumbled onto the bed. Ronnie leaned over me and kissed me with more passion than ever before, before whispering to me, "Now you make my daughter feel REAL good, lover." I started to turn over and move between Jess' legs when Jess pushed me gently onto my back again.

"Gary, my wonderful cousin, I want to fuck you, but you are not going to take my virginity!" She lightly kissed my lips before continuing, "I want you to lay back with your glorious cock proudly rising its head, then I am going to GIVE you my virginity! I have known for several years that I would let no man take it, that instead I would choose the man to whom I would give it to. I have chosen you, my love!"

I marveled in near disbelief at her gift as Jess carefully straddled my hips and guided my shaft to her special place! "I love you Gary," she said as she slipped just my tip into her slit with a groan. She reached out and pulled her mother to her saying, "I love you mom," as she slowly sunk onto my shaft. I felt my tip bump into her maidenhead as she softly moaned, "Oh Gary that feels so good." Again she kissed her mother while raising her hips up high. Ronnie gripped tightly her daughter's shoulders and while in the midst of their kiss Jess slammed her pussy down onto me, her scream muffled by her mother's mouth tightly clamped to her own.

Never had I expected Jess to impale herself on me in one hard thrust! The circumference of my cock was so huge that no girl had been able to handle me without several pauses to adjust to me. Jess did it, but at what cost I wondered. Her mother broke off their kiss and leaned down to kiss me saying, "Love my daughter with your marvelous cock, my lover!"

Jess was shaking gently on my deeply imbedded cock as a soft moan escaped her lips. Finally she opened her eyes and smiled at me. "You feel so good in me! Oh god, I nearly came when I took you inside!" After leaning down and kissing me her hips started rising up and almost pulling off of me before slowly pressing back onto me. "Oooooooh, you feel so good! Oh god, I love having your cock inside of me." She slowly moved her pussy on me as she pumped 99 percent of my cock in and out of her cunt. I marveled that a girl fucking for the first time could so accurately stop with just the least bit of my cock still in her slit, only to fully impale herself again.

After a couple minutes Jess dropped her hips onto me and began rocking her hips on my fully impaled cock. Sometimes she was rocking front to back, sometimes side to side, sometimes in a circular move. I knew I was really enjoying the wonderful sensations she was causing and soon she proved I was not alone. Jess had her arms straight, her hands resting on my chest when the speed of her hip movements increased greatly although erratically. "Ohhhhh, fucckkk, I'mmmmmmm, ohhhhh, I'mmmmmmmm cummmmmmmmingggggggggg! Fuckkkkk I'mmmmmm cummmminnggg onnnnn yourrrrrr cockkkkkkkkk Gaaaaarrrrrrrrryyyyyy!" Jess gripped my chest with her finger nails as her hips rocked in a blur on me, her pussy grabbing tightly. I lifted my hips about four inches and held like that as her eyes bulged as she looked into my face. "OOOOOooooooohhh myyyyyyy goddddd, it's soooooo gooooooood Gary, so goooooood!" Just then she shook again and my crotch was flooded as her pussy poured out its juices!

Once her climax was over she hugged me to her and kissed me hard before sitting back upright and resuming her movements. Soon her hips were again moving over my full length, just barely keeping me inside of her before pounding her cunt viciously back onto me. "Oh fuck, oh yes, oh god mom it's so good! Shit Gary, I'm going to cum again, oh my god, yes, yes, yes, yes, oh fuck!" and her body convulsed above me in her second climax of the day.

I rolled us over saying, "Jess, honey, I want to fuck YOU now!" She just nodded in agreement as she wrapped her legs around me. My hips slowly began thrusting into her in long and deep impalements. Jess began moaning in time with my thrusts and I changed the pace from long and slow to shallow but fast as my hips flew above her. Jess bit her lip slightly as I pumped my cock rapidly into her over and over. My cock had been buried deep within her as my hips flew into her then I pulled out until I was just fucking her with the first three or so inches of my shaft. I never missed a beat as I changed depth and Jess began shaking beneath me, her head flailing side to side.

Once again I changed my thrusts into full length, hard and fast. Each time I bottomed out I crushed her clit between us and ground my hips against her quickly before pulling back only to do it again. My balls were filling rapidly and Jess was almost there when I bent my head down taking one nipple between my teeth and sucking hard and biting lightly on it. That was all it took and Jess screamed in joyous rapture "Oh my god I'm cumming! Cum with me Gary, cum inside me and fill me with your spunk! Oh fuckkkkkkkkk!"

Just then my balls exploded shooting cum through my cock and deep into her quaking cunt. Both of us groaned in bliss as my shaft pumped shot after shot of white goo into her tightly clutching pussy. "MAMA! Oh god, mama, I'm cumming so hard on Gary's cock. He's so good, oh mama, so good!" I switched nipples to attend to as I slid one hand between us and found her clit, pinching it between my thumb and index finger. Jess arched her back as she began shaking again before crying out, "O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-OH MAMA! I'm cumming againnnn, oh shit, oh fuck, oh god, mama!" Jess gave out a blood curdling scream as her climax peaked before she grabbed me tight and shook hard while her orgasm subsided.

When Jess had recovered we kissed ardently before she started to push me off of her. "Mama's got to be so horny now. Oh Gary, please fuck my mom and make her feel as good as you made me feel."

"But today should be your day! This is about you enjoying your first day of real fucking," I protested.

"But I will enjoy this! Please, Gary, mama, I want to watch you two fuck each other senseless." Ronnie and I looked at each other then at Jessica before we both kissed Jess as we got into position beside Jess.

"Okay sexy man, quit teasing and stuff that sausage deep inside of me!" I must have been a bit too slow as Ronnie grabbed my hips hard as she pulled my hips forcefully into her honey pot, a loud gasp escaping her lips as I slid all the way in. "Oh Jess, I love how your cousin feels inside of me! Gary you fill me to the brim!"

Jess leaned in and kissed her mother again as one hand played with her mother's tits. Then she slid her hand down Ronnie's stomach until she found my shaft slicing in and out of her mother's pussy. "Oh mommmmmm," she groaned as her fingers tried to wrap around my shaft as I pumped my cock into her mother's wet cunt. Jess and Ronnie were both soon moaning so much I couldn't tell which moan was whose. Ronnie's pussy was soon clamping onto me tightly as my cock pumped in and out of her as her moans overpowered those of her daughter.

Finally Jess sat back on her feet and watched intently as her mother and I fucked, Ronnie frantically seeking her release. She reached out and grabbed her daughter's hand as she cried out "Fuck me harder Gary, I'm almost there! That's it! Oh god, right there, RIGHT THERE! OH...OH...OH...SHIIIIT! YES, oh my god, YES I'm cummmmmming! Oh fuck! Oh Gary! Oh Jess, it's so good! He's fucking me so good, FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKK!" Ronnie's hips were lifting up to meet my thrusts forcing me even deeper as her body was racked with countless seismic quality convulsions.

Even though I had just pumped Jessica's pussy full of cum, the way her mother was fucking back at me with her super tight cunt, I knew she too would soon be filled with my cream. "Oh Ronnie, you're going to make me cum! Oh shit, here...here it comes! Oh fuck!"

Ronnie had been on the down slope of her climax when my first blast bored into her cunt wall. Every muscle in her body tensed as she cried out, "Give it to me! Give me all your cum! Oh god yes, I'm going to cum again! Oh...oh...oh...GOD DAMNNNNNNN SHIT FUCK! UHNG I'm cummmmming!" And then her body shook harder than before as she nearly bucked me off as she thrashed beneath me. I pumped my last shot of cum into her hole and she froze under me softly groaning, "Holy fuck, holy fuck, holy fuck, oh my god, oh shit Gary that was so goooooood! I love the way you fuck me; the way you make me feel so damn good!" Then she pulled me down to her and kissed me hard and long while she tightly wrapped her legs around my waist and pulled our sex tightly together.

"Oh mama, that was simply beautiful!" Jess gushed happily beside us. "Gary you fucked her so good, I love you for making my mama feels so good! Mom, it's my turn when you are able to move!"

And that's the way the day went, I'd fuck one until I washed her insides with my white sauce, then I would fuck the other until she too had a freshly coated insides. After a short rest they would switch again and again and again. Twice we stopped for a shower to clean off the copious residue from great sex, although I somehow ended up getting a double mouth blow job each time we cleaned up. After one of the showers we took time to eat a high protein lunch to fortify us for our continued fun.

Jess swallowed a bite of her food and said, "So, tell me Gary, how is it you don't have twenty girlfriends pounding on the door wanting you to fuck them like you do us?"

Ronnie giggled as I choked on my Coke, then I managed to finally answer her. "This may sound crazy, but with other girls, I was good for no more than two rather quick fucks, you know, maybe fifteen minutes each, and then I was done for awhile......well, more like a few hours. But with your mom, and now with you as well, it's...um...I.......this may sound strange but my cock and balls feel like we are just getting started! Think about it, we have fucked the shit out of each other for at least five hours, and my balls feel like they are full to the brim! And damn, each time I peek at your tits, which are really beautiful, my dick gets hard all over again. Which reminds me, is anyone ready for more?" They both were and off we went once more.

Somehow none of us heard the phone ring nor did we ever see the light on the answering machine trying to alert us. So we too never heard the door open as my mom walked in the front door at her usual time, as her late night was averted by great work on her part.

Even though both women were screaming their heads off, I could barely hear them as Jess had her legs clamped onto my ears while she rode my face, my tongue pushing her nearer and nearer to the brink of climax. Her mother was equally occupied by riding my cock furiously trying to catch up with her daughter while her hands mauled her daughter's tits.

My hips were high in the air when both bodies above me froze in mid stroke; what the hell, I could tell neither was cumming. Slowly I lowered my hips as I tried to see or hear what was going on. Luckily I could still breathe as Jess was making it impossible to see or hear anything. Several times I tried to move her but she held fast to her position. Then I sadly felt Ronnie slowly slide off of me, my throbbing purple monster proudly waving at the ceiling. Jess started twitching above me and I again stepped up my tonguing of her pussy. Suddenly my cock was gently probed by a tongue and then two lips that took a few inches into its mouth.

I thought I could hear the muffled sounds of Ronnie and Jess talking before it felt like Jess laughed above me. Again the lips took me into their mouth and sucked harder this time as her tongue swirled and wrapped around me. Although I wondered why Ronnie had stopped fucking me, she started putting a lot of effort into loving the first four or so inches of my shaft and I knew I would soon be filling her mouth. Jess started lifting slightly off of me, delaying her climax without allowing me to see the blow job I was receiving; god how I love to watch that!

My cock head grew precipitously moments before I spewed out six hard and long ropes of cum into the unseen hungry mouth surrounding me. I felt it each time she swallowed to make room for my next spurt, just barely making it in time before I again flooded her mouth with spunk. When I finished cumming her hungry mouth continued slurping at my cock and I wondered what Ronnie was up to as well as why Jess didn't want to let me make her cum.

Then slowly the mouth and lips left me as her body adjusted on the bed. My tongue was delving as deep into Jess' pussy as I could reach, all to no avail as her tightly clamped legs held her just beyond the reach of most of my tongue. As my jaws strained to get to Jess a leg slowly straddled me and I felt a tight pussy slowly settle a few inches onto me. More mumbling around me, then another probable laugh from Jess before the hips lifted up before dropping onto me deeper this time. I wondered how Ronnie got her pussy so tight all of a sudden as I enjoyed the sensations she was giving me.

After she dropped onto my shaft four times I timed her fifth and thrust my hips up into her hard forcing my entire shaft deep within her. Her body half froze and half fought to escape my shaft before she slowly settled down onto me. My hips remained still as I wondered what Ronnie was going to do next. It felt like forever before her hips resumed slowly lifting off of me a few inches before settling back onto my shaft. Several times I thought Jess had turned her torso to kiss her mother behind her and soon both women were thoroughly into getting their rocks off on me. Jess was crushing her pussy onto me now and my hips were pumping up into the energetically fucking pussy that surrounded it.

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