She was not sure what he had in store for her today. He had told her that he was going to push her hard, but had not explained any further. As she sat in the car, her mind was going over all the possibilities, trying to figure out what he might do. As much as she liked to think she could figure out what he had in mind, in reality she knew that he wasn’t really all that predictable. As she sat there, she became more aware of the fact that she wasn’t wearing a bra or panties. It had started as simply not wearing panties, but then her mouth had made it worse, and he had told her no bra either. As much as it was uncomfortable because the fabric outlined her nipples, the thought that she was doing this because he had told her too had her pussy wet already.

As he talked, he watched her out of the corner of his eye. He saw the slight flush above the neckline of her shirt, and knew she was aroused, although he knew if he tried to get her to admit it, she wouldn’t. He was thinking about what he thought was probably going through her head at the moment. He had brought the collar with him when he had picked her up, and had her holding it in her lap during the ride downtown. He wanted to start the day off with her being very aware of her status at the moment. As they finally got to his house, he parked and they got out, walking to his house.

They walked inside and she started to go upstairs to put her purse down, when she felt his hand on her shoulder.

“Stop” he said as he let of her shoulder “pick up your hair”.

She put her purse down on the floor, and reached up to hold her hair up. He took the collar out of his pocket, where he had put it before they had left the car, and reached up, sliding it onto her neck. She felt a slight pressure as he closed it, and then she let her hair down again. She started to talk away again, but before she took another step, he spoke again.

“Stop, turn around” she sighed and turned to face him, “kneel”.

She shot him a quick dirty look, and then knelt down, crossing her hands behind her back, knowing this position by now. He looked at her for a moment before speaking again

“Who are you?” he asked, knowing he disliked having to answer this question. She gave him another dirty look and refused to answer.

“Who are you?” he asked again, and this time she realized it would a much better idea to answer than deal with any punishment he might com up with, especially since he could now punish her physically.

“You’re slut sir,” she said very quietly.

“What? I did not quite hear you. Who are you?”

“Your slut, sir” she repeated louder.

“Yes you are, aren’t you? Thank you, you can stand up again”

She stood up and waited a second to see if he was going to stop her from going upstairs again, when he did not, she grabbed her purse and went upstairs, while he checked his computer. As she waited a minute for him to come upstairs, she felt the collar on her neck, and various thoughts flooded her mind. She had never seen herself as someone who would enjoy being submissive, and yet her she was being just that, and being very aroused from it. This frustrated her as much as it aroused her, and she was determined not to make it easy for him today. Somehow she had a feeling she would regret it, but she didn’t want to think about that at the moment.

She had just come to this decision as he came up to the living room. He walked over to her and putting a hand on the back of her neck, pulled her towards him, kissing her. She reached up and put her hands on his arms, and he immediately pulled away.

“Keep your arms at your side”

He leaned in to kiss her again, and she again out her hands on his arms. He pulled away again

“You just can’t follow instructions can you?” he asked.

She smirked up at him, put her hands on her hips and replied

“I can I just choose not to” he looked at her for a second, and then suddenly reached up grabbing her hair and pulling her head back.

She gasped slightly in surprise, even as that action increased her arousal.

“You are my slut, and you will follow my instructions today. You can make this easy or difficult on yourself, the more you push me, the more I will push back. Do you understand?”

She let out a small whimper and then mentally berated herself for doing so.

“Yeah, I get it” she snapped at him.

He gripped her hair a little tighter

“Excuse me? Care to rephrase that?”

“Yes, I understand, sir” she correct.

“Good” with that let go of her hair again, and saw her fume a little. He found her resistance rather amusing when he knew she would give in at the end anyway.

“I want you to go upstairs, remove your clothes, and be kneeling on the floor when I come up. I will be up shortly,” he told her.

She didn’t reply, but simply started walking upstairs, putting a little extra swing in her hips, knowing he was watching her ass. She walked into the room and looked around; there weren’t any toys out yet. She removed her skirt and shirt, putting them on the chest. She then knelt down on the floor. She only waiting a minute before he came in, carrying a glass of water. He put the water down on the little table, looked and her but didn’t say a word to her. He walked around her and turned on the CD player, then walked back out of the room. She knelt there wondering what the heck he was doing; he hadn’t even spoken to her when he came in the room. A moment later, he came back into the room, this time carrying several things.

Again, he ignored her as he put what he had brought into the room down. She watched him, and she saw that he had brought the cane in. She hoped he didn’t use it on her, but she knew that considering she had every intention of being a pain in the ass, that she would probably wind up feeling its sting before the day was out. She thought she might be able to talk him out of it, but doubted it. He had put everything down and was now just watching her, knowing it would make her nuts. She decided that she has knelt there quietly for long enough and stood up. As he stood up she heard say sharply

“Did I tell you that you could stand up?” she looked at him when he said this

“No, you didn’t, but I was just kneeling there and…” but before she could finish her sentence, he had walked up to her, pulled her towards him and landed a hard blow to her ass.

Before she had a chance to complain he spoke again

“I didn’t tell you to stand up yet. Kneel” she debated whether to do so or not, and then decided it was not a good idea to not do it. She knelt again.

“Now, do you want to stand up?” he asked her.

She shot him a dirty look

“Yes, I want to get up, sir” she added with a bit of sarcasm.

“Ask me for permission”, she looked at him stunned for moment, she couldn’t believe he was asking her to ask permission to stand up.

He watched the thoughts go through her head as though they were written on her forehead, knowing that she hated having to ask permission for anything. She decided there was no way in hell that she was going to ask permission for this. She stood up again, and as she stood, she said

“There is no way in hell I am going to ask permission for something like that, and you should know it”

at that he quickly walked up to her, grabbed her hands behind her back with one hand, pushed her forwards so she was bent over, and proceeded to land several hard blows to her ass. He then let her stand up again, and told her to kneel again. This time she did so without complaint, keeping her head down.

“Now, this time, you wither ask permission, or the next thing I hit you with is the crop. Do you understand slut?” He loved to watch how she went so quickly from resisting to being very compliant.

“Yes sir. May I please stand up?” she asked quietly.

“Yes you may. Now that wasn’t that hard was it?” he asked, only getting a soft growl in response. “Watch it,” he warned her.

“Go stand by at the bed, bend over it, with your hands on the bed”

She went over to the bed and did as he asked, except she didn’t spread her legs. He tapped her legs, telling her to spread them and she still did not. She was not really paying attention to him, so when the first blow of the crop hit her, she let out a surprised yell. Before she could respond, two more blows came down. He then stopped and tapped her legs again, this time she spread them.

“I am not going to put up with your attitude today, any resistance will be met with quick and severe punishment,” he told her firmly. “Stand up and turn around again” she did so, feeling the slight warmth of her ass by now.

He reached up and began to lightly play with and pinch her nipples, getting them very hard. As he did this, she closed her eyes and enjoyed, only to be startled out of it when he placed a clothespin on first one then the other nipple.

She opened her eyes quickly and saw he had picked up the crop again. He brought it up and lightly tapped her left nipple with the tip of it, making her move backwards since her nipple was now very sensitive. He reached out and repeated this with the right nipple, and this time she decided to stop him, so she reached up and grabbed the crop. Only after she did this did she realize just how bad a decision it had been. He simply looked at her for a second before speaking, he spoke very quietly and she realized she had really screwed up

“That is it, I warned you what would happen if you pushed me too hard, and yet you decided to anyway. That was your decision, but now you are going to have to deal with the consequences.”

As he said this, she wanted to see just how far she could push him at the same time that she wanted to apologize profusely and beg him not to be too annoyed with her. He could see her mind was racing, and wondering what she would decide to do.

She quickly let go of the crop, brought her hand back down and lowered her head, trying to look remorseful. He watched her for a second before moving away. He walked out of the room telling her not to move, that he would be right back. He came back in a moment, carrying wrist and ankle restraints and a spreader bar.

“Give me your wrists slut” she bit back a comment and simply held out her wrists for him as he attached the cuffs. “Go back over to the bed and get in the position you were before”

She started to walk over to the bed, when he took one of her hands and kissed it, and she knew that he wasn’t really that mad, but she had put him in a position where he couldn’t back down. She looked up for a second and gave him a small smile.

She got over to the bed, bent over with her hands apart and her legs spread this time. He came up behind her and she heard him kneel down and attach the cuffs to her ankles. She had to spread her legs another inch so he could attach the spreader bar too. Part of her wanted to say something to him, but she wasn’t sure what exactly. She decided to simply try and break the silence

“Uhm, sir, what are you going to do?” she knew he probably wouldn’t answer, but she hated the silence.

“You will find out soon enough, and if you talk again, other than to use your safeword or to answer a question, I will gag you. Do you understand?”

She swallowed heavily and replied with a quiet “yes sir”

The next thing she felt was his hand running softly down her back and over her ass, down one leg and then the other; goose bumps rose on her skin. His hands came back over her back and then around top her breasts, squeezing them softly at first, then harder, eliciting a soft gasp from her.

“How are your nipples doing?” he asked her, and his fingers played around her nipples.

“They hurt sir”

“Would you like me to take the clothespins off?”

“Yes please sir” she knew how much it hurt when they came off, but usually he used his mouth on them right afterwards so it didn’t hurt too badly.

He grasped both the pins at once and took them off at the same time

“Ahhhh…owwww!” she yelled.

He massaged her nipples now, but it still hurt more than she was used to. Even through it though, she could feel her pussy juices starting to drip down her leg. He stroked and soothed her nipples for another moment before stepping away again. Suddenly she felt his hand on her pussy, letting his finger graze her clit occasionally. He played with her pussy for a little bit, using a finger to play with her g-spot for a minute and then going back to her clit. She was moaning and trembling slightly. He could tell she was getting close to orgasm.

“Sir, please let you slut cum” she hoped that by asked really nicely, he would let her, despite her behavior; she was wrong.

As soon as he heard her ask, he stopped altogether.

“No you may not cum. Do you really think you deserve to after the attitude you pulled?”

She didn’t answer since she guessed, correctly, that is was a rhetorical question. He pulled his hand away and she whimpered slightly in protest.

She desperately wanted him to touch her again, but knew that that wasn’t going to happen yet. The soft touch of leather on her back was the next thing she felt, and she was glad, because, as much as the flogger could hurt a little, it was something she enjoyed. She felt the first blow, and instead of hurting, it seemed like it went straight to her pussy. Each subsequent hit only served to arouse her more, although she knew she would have some bruises the next day. When he finished, she was breathing hard, and was as wet as she had ever been. He gently reached between her legs and played with her for a moment again. She almost said something nasty to him for teasing her so much, but knew it would only get her in more trouble.

She heard him go through a few things and then sensed him behind her again. She didn’t have time to register the sound she recognized as the cane before it hit her squarely on her ass. She yelped and jumped as much as her position allowed. He hit her again and she tried to be a bit quieter, but damn it, it hurt. The third blow hit her almost directly on the juncture between her thighs and ass, and she couldn’t help but yelp loudly again. The fourth and final one came and did hit that juncture, causing her to reflexively start to bring her hands back to shield herself. She stopped herself before her hands got very far though, thankfully.

He stepped away and put the cane down. She heard the sounds of him removing his pants and underwear. She hissed in a breath when she felt his hand on her ass. He stroked it a little, soothing the sting. She knew she would have a couple welts from the cane, she had had one the last time he used it one her. By this point, she was arching into any of his touches, desperate for some kind of stimulation. He knelt down and unattached the spreader bar, letting her being her legs together.

“Up on the bed” he told her.

She quickly obeyed getting on all fours on the bed, hoping he would just fuck her at this point. He didn’t let her down. He grasped her hips and quickly thrust into her. She let out a loud moan and clenched her muscles around him. He pumped in and out quickly several times before slowing down a little. He reached under her and found her clit, manipulating it roughly. She came almost immediately, and clenched very tightly around him as she did so. She leaned down and rested her head on her arms on the bed. He was very close now and his grip on her tightened. Shortly she heard him groan loudly and mumble something unintelligible. After he came they were both breathing very hard as he pulled out of her.

She lay down and rolled over to face him, slowly taking the cuffs off. He cleaned himself off and helped her with the last cuff. He reached up and gently removed the collar, putting it and the cuffs off the bed. He lay down next to her and she put her head on his chest with her arm over him. He kissed the top of her head.

“Thank you” she said quietly. She had wanted this fantasy for a while and he had given it to her.

“You’re welcome,” he said, and she could hear the smile in his voice.

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