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Fantasy Forest Fun


The girl had been wandering around with Elisse for the last half hour, trying to find the perfect creature to pump her belly full of spunk and blow her up like a balloon, so they could show her off to Ren. When they finally found this wierd snake like creature with tons of legs hiding in a tree, it lashed out and forced its way into Elisse's mouth whilst still half in the tree. Alarmed, the wide-eyed sorceress began tugging at the thing, and Rachie began noticing lumps rushing up the creature's body. She pursed her lips and watched as Elisse's throat bulged as the creature began releasing a huge stream of cum in her mouth. The girl held her swelling belly as it expanded outwards, pushing her dress forward and rounding out like a balloon. The creature pulled out, letting Elisse clutch her heavy belly and lean forward, throwing up tons of cum all over the dirt.

"Uhg...this is the one. Take off your panties and bend over for it."

Rachie raised her skirt queitly whilst pouting, and Elisse pulled her panties half down to reveal her tight pink butthole. The creature looked at Rachie for the moment as the plump girl bent over towards it, holding onto Elisse. With a quick leap, the creature had its head shoved between Rachie's asscheeks, and the girl squeeled loudly whilst clutching Elisse's still swollen belly. The creature began contracting, pumping huge torrents of cum up Rachie's bowels.

"Good girl, now breathe." Elisse cooed to Rachie as the younger women held onto her, groaning as her bowels were flooded. Her stomach became rounder and rounder, slowly swelling outwards as the creature pulsated between her plump asscheeks. A sphere like a beach-ball had formed at the front of Rachie's dress at this point, and the creature was still pumping its fluids up her ass. Elisse ran her hands through Rachie's long, smooth hair, her other hand massaging the girls back as her belly grew heavier and heavier. When Rachie looked like she had swallowed a beachball, and was moaning in agony, the creature pulled out

Elisse pushed her hand along Rachie's stretched out belly, her other hand massaging the girl's creamy thighs as Rachie released a huge torrent of cum from her glistening ass that poured all over the grass. When Rachie's belly was empty, Elisse turned the girl to face the creature and moved her hands gently over the girl's stomach.

"Okay Rachie, now lets let it pump your mouth like it did to me."

Rachie pouted again, puffing her cheeks a little bit. She could still feel Elisse's heavily swollen belly pressed against her back. She turned and put a hand on the round bulge at the front of the woman's dress. "Does it hurt? Your stomach is still swollen."

"It doesn't hurt as much as when I was pregnant with larvae."

"Ewww, that sounds really painful."

Elisse smiled and turned the girl around ,'Yeah, it was really messy and I was in labour for hours. Now relax and be thankful you can just throw this stuff up afterwards and don't have to carry some monster in your belly and give birth to it later."

Rachie pouted again as the monster shot forward, stuffing itself between her plump blue lips and bulging out her cheeks. She stared at the thing, watching as it began pulsing and then felt a rush of hot cream pump down her throat. Elisse watched the thick bulges rushing down Rachie's throat, her plump belly slowly ballooning outwards as she gently held it. Rachie reached up and held the lower part of her belly, her stomach stretching out and becoming rounder and rounder. After about a minute, Rachie's belly was a full foot out in front of her, perfectly rounded and filled with cream. The creature spasmed and blasted another torrent of cum in Rachies mouth, and the moaning girl's cheeks puffed out as cream poured past her full lips and dripped down to her bulging bosom. Her glistening breasts bulged her top, resting above a huge rounded belly which Elisse and Rachie both gently rubbed.

"Good girl, its almost over."

The creature pulled out of Rachie and the girl started throwing up cum all over the forest floor, rubbing her huge belly.

"Uuuggh...oh god, I've never drank so much in my life."

Elisse rubbed the girl's bloated belly, helping her to sit down near a tree.

"Okay, my turn."

Elisse slid her panties off her glistening pale butt, and bent over to hold onto a tree.

Rachie held her heavy belly as she struggled to stand up, "Elisse, want me to hold up your dress so the thing can get in you?"

The girl nodded, blushing and smiling a little as Rachie raised up the back of her dress to reveal to her tight butthole. Elisse began throwing up the rest of the cum to make room for the new load that was about to get pumped up her bowels. Sure enough, the creature shot forward and rammed its head up Elisse's pink butthole, eliciting a sharp yelp from the elven woman. She groaned as the creature spasmed, shooting a torrent of cream up her ass and slowly swelling her wet belly till it was round as a watermelon. Elisse's stomach strained against her dress, the girl holding it in both hands as cum continued to gush up her tight back entrance. Finally, after a few minutes, the creature pulled out and Elisse was left to lay on her side, holding her cum inflated belly and massaging it gently.

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