Fem Dom Rectal Temperature Taking Ch. 03


Pointing to hubby I mentioned that his doctor was a woman and that I enjoyed sitting in when she examined him. I went on to say it will be great having a doctor in the family, and that hopefully she will set up her practice in a location that makes it possible for her to be his primary physician. At this juncture she leaned over, pulled out the thermometer, and after reading it and showing it to me, told him she was done so he could pull up his shorts. As he got himself together he couldn't look either of us in the face. She was going to make a great doctor!

By far the most memorable experience with him having his temperature taken rectally by others occurred even though I was not present to witness it. And, as I will explain below, a much cherished added benefit was a permanent record of one of the episodes.

I was enrolled in a statistics course for women executives. We were given an assignment to conduct an experiment to determine the mean, median and mode of a set of data that we generated. I decided to use hubby's temperature as my data input. The plan was that every day in the early evening for a week I would take his temperature and record the result. As it happened, on the fifth day it was necessary for me to go out of town on an emergency business trip. What to do, what to do.

It didn't take long to decide. I would ask Samantha to stop over the next three evenings to perform the task. Luckily when I phoned her she said she would be around and willing to assist. When I informed hubby of what was going on it was hysterical how almost immediately his face turned red....he must have been remembering his earlier experience with Samantha. He sheepishly suggested it was not necessary for Samantha to have to take the time to do it. He could do it himself. I chuckled at the suggestion simply saying to him, "I don't think so." Rubbing it in I added, "Come on, she has already seen your bare backside plus more and taken your temperature down there. And as I recall she did a very good job of it too." When he kept mumbling about it I told him if he didn't want Samantha to do it I could ask my secretary if she was available. He was trapped. My threat brought the discussion to a quick conclusion.

Since I wouldn't be there I wanted a detailed record of what took place. I asked Samantha to keep a chronicle of each episode. When I returned from the trip I found an envelope from her. It contained a log and a small package wrapped in newspaper with a note attached to it telling me not to open it until told to in the log. I immediately started reading the log.

Tuesday- Arrived at your house at 6:15. He was waiting for me at the door and even before I was in the house started pleading with me to let him take his own temperature. I said you were quite clear about it. He persisted in trying to convince me that he could take care of it himself. I was losing my patience and finally having had enough told him in no uncertain terms that if he didn't stop acting like a baby I would start treating him like one. I told him to go get the thermometer and to make sure he also brought lubricant. When he hesitated I took a deep breath and shouted, "Go!" He stared at me for a moment and then turned and stomped off toward the bathroom like a child who did not get his way.

I really did not look forward to arguing with him for three consecutive evenings when it was time to take his temperature. I had to get him in line. When he arrived back after taking the items from him I ordered him to lower his garments and come across my knee. As I expected, he started protesting saying why can't we do it with him laying down. I simply reached out, yanked his pants and underpants down in one motion, and pushed him over my knee in another. He thrashed about kicking his legs and squirming. I told him to settle down and just accept it. He continued in a futile attempt to get up off of me. I finally got him to calm down by threatening him with a bare-assed spanking.

I decided he needed a good dose of humiliation for what he put me through. As I was getting things ready I remembered you telling me about the irritation around his opening. Treating him like the child he was acting like, I told him I was going to lube him real good around his butt hole so I would not exacerbate the irritation down there. I went on to say that before lubing him I was going to look to see where the sore area was located. With that I spread his cheeks. His whole body went stiff. I told him I could not get a good look at him down there while he kept his body stiff. When he didn't relax, I told him he would remain in position until he allowed me to continue. He finally relaxed.

After having a nice long look, I sought to increase his embarrassment by making sure he could see me lubing my finger. Without warning I thrust my lubed finger deep into his waiting bottom passage. With him good and lubricated I withdrew my finger, followed closely by very slowly inserting the thermometer as far as it would go up his rectum. As I put the glass tube in I told him to let me know if he felt any discomfort. Once the instrument was at its full depth I simply sat there and admired the view and the absurdity of the situation. I attempted to make small talk with him. He could hardly speak he was so humiliated. All he could do was mumble some sheepish replies to my inquiries. I must admit, I was enjoying every minute of it.

When I finally pulled the thermometer out I made him remain in position while I read the instrument and recorded his temperature. Only after that did I allow him to get up. I was amused watching as he tried to hide himself from me as he pulled on his clothing. In almost a motherly tone I said, "Now that wasn't too bad, was it?" And as one last jab I jokingly said, "Just think, we'll do it again tomorrow." With that I departed with the biggest grin on my face.

Wednesday- Arrived at your house a few minutes before 6:30. He was waiting in the kitchen. It was such a beautiful day and because I had been cooped up in the office all day I told him I would do the temperature taking outside on the patio. He looked shocked and in a panic stammered, "Outside, we can't do that. What if someone sees us? It would be terribly embarrassing." I looked quizzically at him and asked, "Are you saying you never had your temperature taken out on the patio before." Stuttering he offered that that was different. I concluded the discussion by telling him, "Sorry, but you are going to have your temperature taken outside on the patio, so deal with it." With that I picked up the thermometer and KY Jelly and headed for the patio. He very reluctantly followed.

When we on the patio I cleared off a small table and sat on it. I motioned for him to stand in front of me. He must have known what was coming because the look on his face was sheer anguish. After making him turn around I said in as commanding a voice I could muster, "Take down your pants and underpants for me" Even after all we had been through he still tried to maintain some level of dignity by only slightly uncovering his hind quarters. Without hesitation I took hold of his garments and in one swipe re-positioned them to around his ankles. "There, now that is much better," I said sarcastically. I next had him bend over, and after appreciating the poor fellow's predicament proceeded to examine his sore spot this time spreading his checks to the point he flinched in pain. I asked him if he was hurting. Looking quite uncomfortable he meekly responded that I had hurt him when I spread his backside. Smiling, I said I needed to get a good look at him down there to check his irritation.

I next stuck my finger up his ass which also caused him to jump. Upon extracting my finger I next plunged the thermometer into in. I can only imagine how awkward and distressing the situation was for him, I was thoroughly enjoying every moment. As I sat there eying his backside I had to stifle a laugh when your next door neighbor's two teenage daughters came out on their patio talking and giggling. If they only knew what was happening on the other side of the wall. Right before I was going to take the instrument out, I thought you would enjoy a record of the scene so I quietly got my mobile out and snapped a couple of pictures.

Thursday- I was running late. I called him and told him I was going to swing by the house at close to 6:30 on my way to meet a client. I told him in the interest of time he was to have the thermometer and lube ready and that I wanted him to be lying on the couch waiting for me with his pants and underpants pulled down.

For the rest of what happened open the package I left in the envelope.

My interest piqued, I quickly opened the package. It was a video. There was a note on it from Samantha. It read, I hope you are not going to be too upset with me after viewing this.

I wondered what Samantha meant. I quickly found a player and popped in the video. It began with a view of the interior of my house as the person making the video entered. As the video begins to show the interior of the den all of a sudden you hear hubby shrieking and in a panic saying, "Celeste, what are you doing here?"

Celeste, I don't believe it, Samantha sent her 18-year old daughter to take his temperature. Oh boy was this going to be entertaining.

The next thing on the video is hubby frantically attempting to pull up his pants while leaping from the couch and hastily moving away from the video camera with his pants only partly covering his backside. Celeste can be heard saying, "My mom sent me over to take your temperature because she is tied up at the office so I don't know where you are going."

He can then be heard but not seen saying in an exasperated voice, "You're here to do what? You have got to be kidding me." Celeste then says, "You better come back in here. My mom said if you don't cooperate I am suppose to call your wife and tell her. She also said I was to call her and that she would come over and make sure you cooperated."

Again he can be heard but not seen. He asks her, "What is the video camera for and who is the other girl with you and why is she here?" Celeste, sounding like she is losing her patience, responded, "Come out here and I'll tell you." Nothing happens on the video for a period of time and then Celeste can be heard saying, "That's it, I'm calling your wife and my mom." Almost immediately you hear him saying frantically, "No, don't do that." He then appears in the video emerging from the next room. He stops as soon as he enters the den.

Celeste in a forceful no-nonsense manner states, "Here's the deal. The video, simply put, is blackmail. My friend Michelle is here to video everything so that if you don't do exactly as I say I'm going to show the part with you running out of the room to your wife and my mom when I explain to them why I didn't take your temperature like I was told to do. How do you think that is going to go over? The other reason for the video is if you piss me off it may find its way to You Tube and other social media. The video certainly caught you in a rather undignified and exposed condition." Both girls can be heard giggling.

Crushed, he sheepishly mumbled, "I can't believe this is happening. Please turn off the video camera, I'll obey. I'll go lay down on the couch so we can get this over with."

Celeste continues in an especially authoritative voice, "Don't tell me what to do. We'll do this my way, understand? And the video camera is staying on." Celeste can be seen pulling the coffee table over to in front of the couch and than sitting on the couch. She next tells him to stand on the table. When he says he is not going to do that she almost in a shout blurts out, "Do it!" He seems speechless and although very hesitantly, complies. "Now strip down to your underpants," she commanded. He looks dumbfounded and sheepishly replies, "You're kidding!" I said strip," she repeats. The video focuses on him and after fidgeting and looking dazed he quickly undresses. When he is standing in only underpants she tells him to turn around. When he is facing in the opposite direction she orders him to lower his underpants to his knees, bend over, and spread his ass cheeks for them.

Although he deserved what he was being put through for being uncooperative and difficult, you had to feel for him given the utter shame she was causing him. Celeste breaks the silence by telling him she wants him to lube himself with the KY Jelly. At this point it appeared he was completely broken by and totally submissive to her. Without so much as a peep he picked up the lube and after squirting a good amount on his finger stuck his finger in his hind quarters and smeared the stuff on. When he was through Celeste told him to pull up his underpants and get off the table.

The video next shows Celeste rising from the couch and motioning for him to approach it. She tells him it is time to get him ready to have his temperature taken. With that she tells him to get naked and lay on the couch on his back. When he asks, "On my back?" she snaps back, "Yes, I think it would be instructive for you to be in the same position a woman has to be in at the gynecologist." Despair was written all over his face. He clearly was in way over his head. He attempted to cover his front area as he slipping off and stepped out of his only source of dignity. He stood there with his hands in front of his genitals. It was at that point I realized because of the way he had been positioned on the table and the location of the camera the girls had not yet had a view of his front. That certainly changed abruptly when Celeste ordered him to take his hands away so they could get a look at his manhood.

After a long pause when I assume the girls were studying his equipment Celeste breaks the silence by telling him, "O.k., lay down on your back and raise your legs up and bend them back toward your chest. When the video zoomed in on his middle it was incredible how exposed he was. The way she positioned him you could see a few inches up his rectum, and his testicles and penis were just inches away from the eyes of the girls.

I started laughing when Celeste's next comment was she needed to call her mom to give her instructions on how to take a temperature in the backside. I laughed because it was clear this girl didn't need any instruction at all. Both girls laughed loudly at this pronouncement. Celeste pushed a button on her cell and soon can be heard saying, "Hi mom. Yes, when we arrived he was lying on the couch and his pants and underpants were pulled down like you said they would be. Yes I see the tube of lube and the thermometer." Both girls can be heard trying to stifle giggles.

"You want me to do what," Celeste can be heard saying. Celeste can be seen on the video turning to Michelle and saying, "My mom told me I need to put some of this stuff on my finger and stick my finger up his ass to lubricant him. That is too weird." About this time the video pans to hubby who is lying on his back with his legs high in the air and his face buried in his hands. The video then pans back to Celeste who is in the process of smearing the KY Jelly on her finger while Michelle continues to giggle. With the video showing Celeste putting her arm toward his waiting hole she says to her mother, "Mom, I have my finger up his ass and I'm spreading the lubricant. Yes, I understand. I need to insert the thermometer and leave it in about four minutes to give it a chance to register. It went in very easily, possibly because I used a lot of lubricant." Michelle can be heard giggling again.

Michelle used the time Celeste was taking his temperature to pan around his body zooming in on the thermometer sticking out of ass, his penis and his face covered by both his hands. Celeste finally withdrew the rod and noted the temperature, and relayed the information to her mom who thanked her and said she had to hang up. He can be heard meekly asking Celeste if he could get up now. Looking at him she asked, "Had enough for one day? Now you know what a woman goes through." Not waiting for a response she informed him he could get off the couch up but was to remain nude while they collected their stuff and prepared to leave. After a few minutes of little activity the video shows him walking nude with Celeste to the front door. As he opens the door Celeste reaches out and pats him on the bare backside as she departs.

I had just finished viewing the video when my phone rang. It was Samantha. She wanted to know if I went through the material in the envelope. When I said I did, she simply asked, "And." "How did you get the video," I asked. Samantha said it was a long story that she would tell me about when we were together. She then asked, "Are you pissed?" Short answer, "No, he had it coming to him for the way he behaved. Celeste handled the situation like and adult. I just think we need to make sure there are no other copies of the video." Samantha agreed saying she would speak with Celeste. We decided to have coffee the next morning to go over the events of the past three days in much more detail.

I certainly was enjoying way beyond my expectations watching other females take hubby's temperature in his backside. I was amazed at how creative these women...and girls were. And all of them readily took control of the situation and quickly showed hubby who was the boss.

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