Becca spent the afternoon getting ready for this. Her outfit was selected with care and attention to detail, from the lacey camisole to the leather jeans, her leather boots and jacket to complete the look. She went a little heavier than normal with her make-up, and made sure her lips stood out with a perfect bright red lipstick. She wanted to make sure his thoughts went straight to having his hard cock buried between her lips. She debated on leaving her hair down or wearing it up. She decided on leaving it down, she loves the effect of how it hangs down her back and comes around to frame her face. Plus, it gives the added benefit of allowing him to grab as much or as little as he wants to make his point.

Finally ready, she heads off to the bar they all spend a lot of time at. She really has no idea if he is there or not, or if he will even show. But she can hope. Pulling into the parking lot she has to grin to herself. The sight of all those beautiful bikes, the thoughts they bring into her head, bringing an instant wetness between her legs along with a tingling to her chest. She thinks to herself this has to work. He has to stop seeing her as the silly little airhead and really look at her as the woman he wants to fuck.

Climbing from her car, she gets the normal cat calls from the bikers hanging out in the parking lot. She waves over to them giggling to herself. Boys and their toys, that will never change. She has another goal in mind at the moment as she heads for the swinging doors leading into the bar. She pauses for just a moment and takes in a deep breath to gather her nerves, and then she pushes the doors open and walks into the bedlam. The sight and sounds are immediate. The DJ spinning the tunes cranked so loud you can't hear yourself think. The people everywhere, sitting at the bar, the tables, and of course on the dance floor. Every color you could think of in clothing, and in some cases hair! And the smells, perfumes mixed with cologne, sweat from active bodies, and leather. Oh the smell from all this leather mixing in her mind, and she swears she can already feel the moisture dripping from herself.

She takes a few moments to let her eyes adjust to the dimmed lighting inside, as she slowly works her way to the bar looking around. She orders her rum and coke from the bartender and leaning her back against the bar begins to really look around seeking him out. She knows he is here, she can feel his presence. She spots him right in the middle of the dance floor. Oh my hell she thinks to herself. He is wearing those worn jeans with the hole just under the back pocket that she wants to slip her finger thru to feel his skin there. He has on those skin tight leather chaps, a mesh shirt if you can call it that, showing off that muscular chest and his leather vest. That glorious black hair almost shining under the lights and that damn necklace winking at her with the reflections as the lights hit.

She finally checks out his surrounding area and notices that little bitch right there dancing beside him. Oh how she hates Dana for the way she treats him. Becca cringes inside every time that bitch opens her mouth to say something knowing it will be something derogatory or embarrassing to him. How the hell can that spoiled little rich bitch treat him that way and claim to be his friend? When is he going to wake up to see that bitch for what she is and tell her what bridge to jump from? Instead, he just stands there laughing, dancing away with her.

Andy, another close friend, finally spots her at the bar and makes his way over to her. "you can't stand there watching them all night, come dance with me" and without waiting for a response, he takes her drink from her hand, sitting it on the bar and grabs her hand to pull her out onto the dance floor. It doesn't take long to get lost in the dance. The music shifts to a slow throbbing number, and all the guys are pulling their partners into their arms. Becca stiffens as she watches Chad pull Dana against that body she so desperately wants to feel against her own. "Stop it brat, you are going to drive yourself nuts wanting him. If he wants you, he will come to you when he's ready honey. Now, pay attention to me and just enjoy the night."

She sighs to herself, knowing he is right, so she gives herself up to the moment just enjoying the dance. Andy loves having her in his arms, and it kills him to watch her watching another and not having a clue what he feels for her. He would love to knock some sense into Chad's head and ask him what the hell he is thinking. What the hell does Chad see in that stupid cunt when he could have this goddess that he has the pleasure of holding against him right now? And what the hell is Becca thinking, wanting Chad so bad it is written all over her for anybody that really knows her to see.

With one hand on the small of her back, sliding the other down to cup her ass and pulling her in against him, he just enjoys the moment in time she has given him. Andy has to sigh himself as he feels her slightly stiffen against him before forcing herself to relax and go with it. Becca tries to ignore them and just enjoy herself, she wraps her arms around Andy's neck, and lets him guide her body in this sensual dance. She wishes she could have the same feelings for Andy that she has felt for Chad since meeting, but it just wasn't meant to be. Andy will always be like a big brother to her and that is something she can't change. Finally the dance ends and they move into another fast paced number. Andy knew what was coming up next and had been maneuvering them into position so that at just the right moment, he spins her out of his arms and straight into Chad, taking Dana's hand and quickly moving her out range for her to interfere with Becca and Chad. He can't have her, but he can try to help her have a moment with the one she does want.

Chad knew exactly what was coming, had been waiting to see how Andy would pull it off from the moment he spotted him leading her out to the dance floor. Of course he knew the instant Becca had walked into the bar. He knew that she would go straight to the bar, that she would order the rum and coke before turning to check out her surrondings. Becca was a complete creature of habit is nothing else. Getting his first close up look at her tonight was a bit of a shock though. She never wears her make up this dark, she usually has all that hair pulled back, and FUCK did she pour herself into these jeans or what? There is no way she can be wearing any kind of under clothes without some kind of line showing.

The dance leads into another which leads into another. Andy is making sure he keeps Dana on the opposite side of the dance floor, giving Becca as much time as he can with the one she wants. Chad is having a blast with the group around him and Becca now. Some stranger to them all thought he was going to cut in attempting to pull Becca away from Chad and into a dance with him, it took less than a second and nothing more than a look from Chad to let the stranger know the lay of the land here. As the music moved into another slow song with a nice grinding beat, Chad pulled Becca into his arms holding her so tight against his body you couldn't have slide a sheet of paper between them.

Becca leaned in pressing her check against his chest, loving the way his body feels against hers. As the dance was coming to an end, he found he didn't want to let her go this time. This little dance has been going on between them almost since the first time they meet. He had been doing his best to fight off this lust he feels for her, but it has been getting harder and harder to do. When he released his hold on her, but she stayed pressed up against him he knew that the battle had just been lost.

She finally takes a small step back from him with the last note of the song still vibrating thru the air, but keeps one hand wrapped around his neck, bring the other down to rest against his chest. She looks up into his face, theirs eyes meeting for the first time tonight, catching and holding each others. "oh hell" he whispers even as he is leaning down pressing his lips against hers. She can't help the small sigh that escapes as she just barely parts her lips against his, he immediately takes full advantage of that parting his own lips and sweeping across hers with the tip of his tongue. Almost as if they have a will of their own, her lips part allowing his tongue into her mouth. This little kiss he started quickly turned into a raging inferno, and as he takes full advantage of her mouth, his hands move up from her waist, sliding under her jacket to cup against the sides of her breast.

The DJ had been keeping an eye on them, and immediately went back into another slow, grinding song, grinning to himself thinking it's about damn time. It seems everybody in this bar knows of their lust for each other, except the two of them. This whole little group had been hanging around these parts since they first started forming together. One of the other guys had brought her in one night on a date, and she had been coming back every since. Several of the guys here would love to be the one she had 'that look' for, but for her it's never been for anyone but him.

As the song started he let one hand drift down to her waist to pull her back in against him before continuing its downward journey to rest against her ass. She slides the hand that was around his neck down to rest against his waist, keeping her other hand pressed against his chest. Barely moving their feet, but grinding their bodies against each other, he moves just enough to have one leg coming in between hers. She can't seem to help herself as she grinds her hips in against his leg, a low growl coming from her as the sensations slam thru her body.

With his hand under her jacket, nobody else can see when he shifts his hand around to fully cup her breast in his hand. He already knows she is not wearing a bra at all so using his fingers to pinch down on her nipple was a perfectly natural action as far he is concerned. He laughs as she gasps against his lips and grinds her pelvis harder against his thigh. This is the farthest their little teasing play has ever been and yet he already knows that it is not going to end here tonight. He pulls his mouth from hers, trailing little kisses across her jaw line, down to her neck, giving a little bite where the neck meets the shoulder before sucking the little sting away. Her only reaction was grinding her hips even harder against him as little whimpers bubble up from her.

Just before the song ended, he pulls back far enough to look into her face, staring straight into her eyes as if seeking an answer to the unasked question. He saw his answer staring back at him. He released her taking hold of the hand she had laying against his chest. "I can't fight it anymore, let's get the fuck out of here." And with that he turned and practically pulled her from the bar. He didn't even hesitate as he lead her straight to his bike, and handing her a helmet before throwing his leg over the bike to climb on and start it. Becca didn't pause at all as she climbed onto the bike behind him and wrapping her arms around his waist, pressing her chest up against his back. They didn't hear the cheers and claps coming from inside the bar as he revved his bike before pulling out of the parking lot and out onto the road. They also didn't see the pure evil pissed off look Dana shot at them as they were heading out the door.

He didn't set off with any destination in mind, he just knew he had to be alone with her. Riding along the streets, his bike vibrating between their legs, he pressing her body against his back, it was almost too much. He pulled into the parking lot of the park and cut the engine. Just sitting there for a moment, attempting to gather himself together. She released her hold on him, sliding her hands around to rest on hips and pushing herself up from leaning against his back. She knows he is close to the edge of losing his control, and intends to give him all the time he needs.

He moves to get off the bike and they step off almost as one. He reaches back and she places her hand into his without thought as they set off to walk. The park is deserted except for them and as they get to the picnic area, he stops beside the table and turns to face her. He leans down to kiss her, putting his hands on her hips he picks her up, her legs automatically wrap around him he turns and sits her down on the table. She doesn't release him from her legs as he deepens their kiss for a moment before breaking it off. Both of them are already breathing harsh as they look at each other, almost as if really seeing the other for the first time.

"I've tried to fight this but I give up. You have to put a stop to this if it's not what you want." Becca looks him in the eyes and carefully chooses her words "Chad, I have wanted this from the first moment I laid eyes on you. It is not going anywhere, it won't touch our friendship, and I'm not looking for a happily ever after. I want you, it's really that simple. I need you to make me feel again, to remind me it's okay to live again, that it really is worth living again." He is watching her intently, he knew that she had been hurting, but didn't know how far or deep that hurt truly went. He knew that he couldn't give her that happily ever after, it wasn't in him, and that is what she should have. She deserved that and so much more. It's why he tried to stay away. But with her words, he knew if there was a chance he could help her move on, help her truly find that will to move on and live again, he had to do it.

He watches her face as he reaches over and pushes his hands under the collar of her jacket to push it down her arms to her elbows and leaves it there, pinning her arms in place. He leans in and starts kissing her again, holding the back of her head with one hand to keep her where he wants her, and taking a breast into his other hand, kneading into the soft flesh thru the lacey top. His hand closes around her hair, giving a tug to pull her head back as he pulls his mouth from hers and rains little kisses down over her chin, down her throat and around to her shoulder. Moving the other hand to the edge of her top to slide it up her body, she gives a slight shiver as the chill of the night air hits her exposed skin for a moment before his hand covers one as his mouth sucks the other nipple in.

She can't help herself as her back arches toward him, almost as if she is offering herself up for him to devour. She feels little sparks going off all over her body. He pulls her hair a little more, learning her back so can slip his hand down over her stomach and undo the button on her pants and slowly work the zipper down. There is no way his hand is slipping inside the pants to reach his target. He starts to pull her up to remove them when headlights flash across from the parking lot. "Oh hell, this is not going to work." He mumbles more to himself than her. He releases her pulling her top back down and putting her jacket back to rights before kissing her once more. He lifts her off the table and taking her hand walks back to his bike.

DAMN IT she is screaming in her head! To get 'that' close to finally having him take her only to have it stopped by a damn set of headlights. She feels like she is going to explode from the frustration of it all, never mind the fact she feels like there is a river in her pants! She simply puts the helmet back on and climbs back on to his bike. He knows she is expecting him to take her back to her car at the bar, but he has no intention at all of giving her up yet. He starts his bike and heads back out on the highway. Instead of making the left to head back to her car, he turns right surprising her. She presses her chest against his back, holding onto his hips, enjoying the freeing feeling of the wind rushing by them. She simply closes her eyes and enjoys all of the sensations rushing thru her.

He comes back into town and slows down, making a few turns. He loves how her body moves with him and the bike making them all one unit. But he has a whole different kind of ride in mind at the moment. He pulls up in front of his place and eases the bike into its parking spot, cutting the engine. She sits up looking around, not yet willing to let go of his hips, fully expecting to be back in the bars parking lot, surprised when she sees his place instead. He gets up off the bike, but keeps her sitting there with a hand on her thigh. He looks at her with an intensity she has never seen from him before. "Be very sure this is what you want. Once you walk thru that door there is no turning back, you are mine. Your body will be mine for the night, to use as I choose in whatever manner I want. Is this really what you want?"

She doesn't even hesitate as she climbs off the bike, takes him by the hand, and walks straight up to the door. She waits for him to unlock and open the door in front of her, but she pauses for a moment before crossing the doorway. She turns inside his arms, wraps hers around his neck and standing on her tip toes she tugs to pull him the rest of the way down to give him a kiss so hot it could have fried an egg. She whispers to him "that was for me. Now it's all about you" and she turns back to walk thru the door with him right behind her.

They no sooner cross the doorway than he reaches out grabbing her arm spinning her back around and pulling her up flush against his body. He leans down kissing her hard and fast as he kicks the door shut with one foot while he is pulling her jacket off her body. No sooner had he tossed the jacket he was pulling her little top over her head, as he pulled his lips from hers. He scooped her right off the floor, lifting her so that her nipple was in perfect line with his mouth so he simply pulled her into his mouth sucking her in before giving closing his teeth giving her a little bite right in behind the nipple.

She can't help the gasp that escapes as her legs tighten around him and her body jerks from him at the unexpected shock of slight pain. He was ready for that reaction though and held her tighter as he released the nipple from his teeth and gave a little laugh as he maneuvered her into position to suck the other nipple into his mouth for a repeat performance. She was ready for it this time though if the moan coming from her was any indication. He pulled his mouth away from her and slowly slid her back down his body until her feet were back on the floor. His hands went straight for the button and zipper of her jeans. There was going to be no interruptions, no stopping this time.

He peels the pants over her hips, laughing when he sees he was right about no underwear, slowly pulling them over her hips. He pushes her jeans down as far as he can before bending over to keep peeling them down her legs. "Damn baby, who poured you into these?" She giggles as she bends over the hold his shoulder, lifting one foot and then the other as he pulls off her shoes and takes the jeans off with them. "I just wanted to make sure I got your attention" she replies. "Brat, you have always had my attention. I tried to stay away to protect you from me. You couldn't understand that, so now you pay for it."

He stands back up in front of her and just looks. She is standing before him with nothing but a necklace around her neck and a chain around her waist. Her loose hair hangs down her back, over her shoulders, partially covering her chest. She is watching him, waiting to see what comes next before her gaze starts to roam traveling over his body. As her gaze lands on his crotch region, she can't seem to pull it away. How that zipper is restraining that bulge she doesn't know, but Oh my God is her thought. She has to get to that, to see, feel, and taste it finally after all this time of wanting it. He watches as she unconsciously licks her lips and has to chuckle at the almost wanton lust simmering in her eyes.

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