He undoes the top button on his jeans, watching her eyes go wide, very slowly and carefully he starts to lower the zipper of his jeans. Outright laughing as she licks her lips again, her eyes never leaving as she watches every move of his hands as he frees the object of her desire. He pushes the jeans down just enough to pull his semi hard cock from its hiding place, and slowly starts to stroke himself. "Is this what you want baby girl?" He asks her laughingly. She doesn't even temper her response "oh hell yeah! May I please, please have it?" He stands there stroking his cock, watching her watch him.

"It's all for you little one, come get it" She moves over in front of him before dropping to her knees. She puts her hands on his hips since he was still holding his cock, looking up into his eyes "Feed me please" and simply opens her mouth wide, waiting for him to let her have it. He doesn't even think as one hand wraps in hair at the back of her head, and the other guides his cock to her waiting open mouth. As soon as the head touch's her lips her tongue darts out to sweep across the tip, causing her to moan as she gets her first sampling of taste from him.

She closes her lips around his cock and starts sucking him in, he uses his hold on the back of her head to pull her in and back using easy tugs on her hair. She flattens out her tongue on the underside of his cock, trying to keep contact with the ridge at the head, sucking and releasing. Totally lost in the feel, taste, texture, smell, she can't seem to get enough of him. He pulls in her in further this time, hitting the gag point at the back of her mouth and holding just a moment before letting her pull back. "Take a breath babe" and she releases the suction, barely opening her lips to draw in a deep breath just as he pulls her back in to his crotch and pushes his cock right past that gag point. She swallows just as he hits the back of her throat taking him in to it. As she starts to try to pull back, he tightens his hold on her hair pushing further into her throat and holding a moment before relaxing to let her pull back.

She gasps for a breath as soon as he was out of her throat before he pulls her back in to push his cock back down her throat, moaning as she gags around him. "oh fuck baby, that's it" He is setting his pace, and forcing her to match it and he keeps pushing his cock in and out of her throat. She can't help the drool coming from the corners of her mouth, the tears causing her makeup to run on her face, and it never entered her mind to complain. This is exactly what she has wanted from him for so long and she intends to enjoy every single second of it. Her hands are gripping at his hips, her mouth is wide open to him, and she can feel her own wetness starting to escape her body as she kneels in front of him while he fucks her throat. This is the stuff her dreams have been made of since she meet him.

He knows he is getting close, and he's not ready for that yet, so after one more push and hold in her throat, he slowly pulls his cock back away from her. Laughing at the little pout and whine she gives at losing her prize. "You can have it back later brat, for now it's my turn." He releases her hair so slid his hands in under her arms and lift her up her to him, she immediately wraps her legs around his waist, sliding her arms around his neck and nuzzling her face into him. "You have way to many clothes on damn it!" she complains as she nibbles on his neck. "Really? We can fix that later" he mumbles back to her as he sets off down the hallway.

He pushes the bedroom door open with her ass and doesn't even pause as he walks to the side of the bed and drops her drawing another series of giggles from her as she bounces. He grabs hold to her ankles, pulling her till her ass in on the edge of the bed, then tucking her feet up beside her, leaving her spread wide open for his viewing pleasure. Among other things...... He slowly traces his hands over her legs, slowly moving toward his target. Using just his fingers, he slowly pulls her lips apart, completely exposing her to him. With the tip of one finger he traces round and round the clit, never actually touching before moving down to trace around her opening causing her to whimper.

As she tries to wiggle her hips toward him, he pulls his finger away from her and smacks right on top of her clit "Don't fucking move or I will tie your ass down" smacking her again just to make sure she understands. The little moaning gasp that comes from her lets him know she is okay with this, actually enjoying it. He smacks her again laughing at her moan just as he shoves 2 fingers inside of her. "Oh fuck" she cries out at the unexpected invasion. Without thought her hips move toward him, and he smacks her again "Do you really just want to be tied down babe?" He asks her on a laugh as he starts working his fingers in and out her. "Oh hell, i'm sorry" she whispers doing her best to remain still.

He knows it's not going to take long or much to make her explode. She is so fucking wet, he didn't encounter any resistance at all, even though she is so tight he was glad he went with 2 fingers, wondering if his cock was going to fit in her without hurting her! He keeps working his fingers in and out of her, using his thumb to massage against the clit. From the panting sounds she is making, she is so close to the edge, he knows it's not going to take much to finish pushing her over. He picks up the speed and at just the right moment he whispers to her "cum now baby"

That is all it took to shove her off that cliff into a flying dive as her body shudders from the force of release. He feels her body grabbing at him, trying to hold his fingers within her depths in a contracting rhythm that is so unique to a woman's body in the midst of passion. This is a reaction that can't be faked. She cries out to him, reaching out just needing to touch him for reassurance as her world flies apart. He slows his motions allowing her to come back down easy, but just as her breathing returns to normal he sends her off again with his whispered command "cum" sending her flying again.

She has a grip on his arm, not turning him loose as her body shivers from the impact of his single word. She knew it was going to be out of this world with him, but she didn't expect it to be this out there so quick. He keeps working his fingers in and out of her, adding a 3rd to help prepare her for his size but he has to get a taste of the juices flowing from her. He leans in and swipes over her clit with his tongue before attempting to lick all the delicious juices his fingers are slinging all over her on each out stroke. Fuck, he can't get over how much is coming from her and the taste is so fucking sweet. He reaches up with his free hand and grabs hold to a nipple, giving it a hard pinch before pulling out drawing a growl from her as she releases him arm only to grab both hands full of his hair.

He pulls his mouth from her long enough to order her "Cum now! Give it to me baby" She can't stop herself from pulling his hair as she screams out, her entire body has turned into one huge spasm from such a strong orgasm she wonders if she will survive it. His returns his mouth to working on her, slapping her clit back and forth with his tongue, working his fingers in and out as fast as his arm will allow. Holy fuck he's thinking to himself as he laps up all she is giving him. He has to get inside her now, with no warning, he removes his mouth and fingers from her and standing up, looking down at her as she tries her damndest to remain still when her entire body is shaking, he pulls his shirt over his head with one hand and he is pushing his jeans off with the other.

Stepping out of his jeans, tossing the shirt across the room, he moves into position, lines his cock up, and taking hold of her hips to hold her still, he slams into her body. She screams out, both from the shock of finally being penetrated by his cock, and at slight pain from the sheer size of him buried inside of her. She feels like he is splitting her in two and doesn't even care. She starts to babble "oh my fucking GOD! Hell yes! Fuck me please! Fuck me hard, fuck me fast, oh God please just fuck me!" He is beyond even a chuckling laugh at this point, trying to hold still to let her body adjust to him, but with her impassioned plea, he starts moving. Pulling all the way out until just the tip of his cock is left in her, then slamming back in until he is buried inside of her in one smooth motion.

She is so unbelievably tight, he feels like he is sinking his cock into a vise but fuck it feels so damn good, he couldn't stop himself from pounding into her if somebody held a gun to his head. He slams down into her and stops, watching her until she looks up to find his eyes. Once he knows she is with him he barely whispers "cum now" and yet again, she flies apart but this time with him buried inside of her. The intense heat, the drowning moisture, and the contractions coming from her are about to undo him and it's taking all his power to stay in control of the situation. She is doing her best to hold his eyes, simply sensing this is something he needs from her at this moment. They ride her orgasm out together, with him gritting his teeth to maintain his own control.

As she finally starts coming back down he pulls his cock from her, groaning himself at the loss of her heat and a whimper from her. She suddenly feels very empty without him filling her. He climbs onto the bed, straddling her chest, pinning her hands above her head with his own. He doesn't have to say a word as she automatically responds by opening wide, ready to take his cock back into her mouth. He laughs at her "wow, you really are my own little cock slut, aren't you.... Don't worry, it's all yours for the night" And he slowly, teasing her, puts his cock to her lips, so very slowly feeding it to her, making her work to get it back into her mouth.

She growls at him even as she takes up the challenge, pushing up the best she can to get as much of his cock as possible into her mouth. He laughs at her efforts, "not enough? Want more?" She shakes her head yes, and mumbles around his cock, not willing to give up the small amount that she has. Carefully, he starts pushing his hips forward, pushing her head back down onto the bed as he pushes more into her mouth. She arches her back tilting her head upwards to give him full access to bury his cock in her throat, which he doesn't hesitate to do. Going in and out, moving faster with each stroke, being very careful not to hurt her, but maintaining full control the entire time.

He is close to brink as he pulls away from her rolling over onto his back. "Ride me baby" She is still breathing very hard, still trying to get her breath back having his cock down her throat. She sits up and carefully climbs on him, and slowly lowers herself until every glorious inch of his cock is buried inside of her. He is the one groaning now as she very slowly starts to rock back and forth on him making her giggle at him. "oh you damn little tease, fuck me now" He reaches up to pinch and pull her nipples out in a punishing move drawing a sharp gasp of pain from her, pushing and pulling her body by breasts until she stops playing and starts to move up and down, taking him on a ride, fucking him like her very life depended on it. She is watching his face for reactions and can tell he is getting close but she feels herself rapidly reaching yet another peak.

He knows it too, he has already learned the look she gets, the way her eyes glaze over, the little sounds she makes. "Hold it baby, hold it. Not yet" She is starting to become frantic in her movements, needing to bring him to the peak. He catches her off guard as he flips her back flat onto her back, coming up over her, never leaving her body. He starts a hard and fast fuck, slamming down into her. Just as he reaches the point of no return, he looks down into her eyes "NOW Cum now!" And together, they fly apart as he slams into her one final time and holding there he shoots his own cum deep inside of her as her body works to milk every last bit of cum possible from him. She is crying out for him and reaches out to hold his arms as she sees stars from the power behind this ultimate mutual release. He leans down to her, stealing the scream along with her breath in a kiss filled with his power over her.

Finally, he withdraws from her and rolls over onto his back, laying there trying to catch his own breath even as she is regaining control of hers. She rolls over onto her side, and leaning over him, starts to lick along the length of his cock, avoiding the sensitized head for the moment, but cleaning their combined cum from his cock. Licking in long strokes running the full length of his cock she can't help but moan over their joined taste. He groans as she finally with very light strokes of her tongue cleans the head of his cock, then slowly she starts to gently suck his cock back into her mouth, bringing him back to full hardness in record time.

He lays there just enjoying what her mouth is doing to him, finally reaching down to wrap a hand into her hair. She moans as he gives her hair a tug, but keeps right on sucking his cock not willing to give it up. "mm such a good little cock slut you are" she practically purrs as he speaks to her and still will not give up her prize. He gives a harder tug on her hair making her whimper and she still doesn't want to give up until he pulls a bit harder. She gives a last suck and sweep of her tongue over his cock, getting every last bit of flavor before she follows his unspoken command pulling her mouth away. He gives another gentle tug and she slides up his body. He rolls over onto his side and captures her lips in a smoking hot, dueling tongues, fog the windows, burn the place down kiss. The way they can communicate without the use of words should be a warning to both of them, but they are so caught in what is happening in this moment that no thought is given to that.

His hand starts to travel over her body, starting at her shoulder, down the side over her breast, slipping over her waist, follow the curve of her hip, coming rest on hip. He pulls his mouth from hers as his hand pushes her hip forcing her back onto her back. Using just the tip of one finger, drawing light little lines over her body causing goose bumps up everywhere he touches. His finger glides around and over her breast, never touching the nipple itself, just going round. Back down over her stomach, circling around the belly button, pausing a moment then dipping inside, only to continue the tracing path down and then out around her hips. Getting closer to her center but not touching.

He pulls his hand away from her sitting up, and without words, rolls her over onto her stomach and moving her into the center of the bed. He runs his hands up her sides, moving her arms straight up over her head, and slipping her wrist into the cuffs she hadn't even noticed before. She turns her head to look at him knowing she is safe with him, it never occurred to her to be nervous or question this. He runs his hands back down her sides and moves to one leg to move it over and places the cuff around her ankle. He slowly traces his hands back up her leg to the top and moving to the other, tracing down and slowly sliding it over to the last cuff securing her in place. He stands up beside the bed, looking down at her, she is watching him with curiosity, but he sees no fear in her eyes.

He turns and reaches, taking a short flogger down from the wall. Her eyes follow his movement, widening as she sees what is now in his hand. It has a black leather handle, but silken strands with beads held in place by tiny little knots up and down the strands and simple star beads knotted to the end of each strand. "Say the word and I will stop. Are you sure this is really what you want?" He holds his own breath waiting for her response. He has imagined exactly like this since he first saw her, but was never sure if it was what she wanted.

With nothing but adoration shinning back from her she responds to his asked and unasked question "This is what I want, what I need, what I crave from only you. I have dreamed of this moment for far too long now, and need you to make it a reality. Please, I NEED you to give this to me, all the way, no holding back, just use me as you want to and that will give me what I need. Make me yours, body mind and soul, for this one night I belong to you alone."

The pure trust and longing he reads in her face is almost overwhelming to him. He would hand her the moon and stars at this moment if it were possible, and this is all she is asking for, all she wants and needs. Slowly he lifts the little flogger into the air, and watching her face he brings it down lightly across her ass, repeating it over and over, he glances down and sees the little dimples made in her skin from the beading. Damn what a sight that is, the little areas of redden raised flesh with little white dimpling scattered about. If he wasn't already hard again from her ministrations with that totally talented mouth, this sight alone would have accomplished it. She hasn't said a single word, but the sighs, gasps, and animalistic moans have spoken volumes.

All of the different sensations hitting her at once are thrilling. The cool softness of the silk brushing across her skin, the biting sting from the beading, the slight rush of the air as the strands swing down. She can feel the moisture beginning to leak out of her, the heat on her skin that is building within her. He keeps moving where the strikes land, over her back and ass, down onto her thighs. Every so often one of the beaded ends swings thru her spread legs to make contact with that delicate skin normally hidden between the folds drawing a gasp from her. That slight edge of pain there, but never fully coming out, instead a simple pleasurable feeling is enveloping her.

He lays the flogger off to the side, and sitting down beside her on the bed, reaches out to rub over her back, down over her ass, to the insides of her thighs, moving closer and closer to the real heat coming from her. There is no hiding the moisture almost pouring from her as a sign of the pleasure she is experiencing. He leans over to nip at her neck and with no warning he pushes two fingers as far inside of her as he can get them whispering in her ear at the same moment "cum baby, cum right now! Give me all you have". She can't stop herself as she cries out from both shock and pleasure as her world rocks from under her at that one simple word. He doesn't even move his fingers inside, just holding them still, enjoying the feeling of her body gripping them like they are never going to let him go.

He laughs at her little sigh as she starts to come back down from that high peak only he can bring her to. Finally he pulls his fingers from her and brings his hand up to her mouth. She doesn't even think about it as she raises her head opening her mouth to suck his fingers clean, mumbling incoherent words around them, and using her tongue to make sure she gets every delicious bit off his fingers. "oh how I just adore a good little cum slut" he whispers to her before moving down to unlatch her legs. Instead of releasing her arms as she expected he simply flips her body over, the cuffs on her wrist turning with her. He pulls her body down as far as he can, leaving her arms stretched taut over her head before once again pushing her legs apart. Starting on the side he is standing on, grasping her ankle and pulling over as far as he can without hurting her before securing it back to the bed frame and walking around the bed to repeat on the other side, being careful not to pull to much and hurt her, but leaving her as wide open as possible.

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